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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 14 April 2014
This is one of the weirdest, unexpected sequels since Halloween 3. The film opens with a quick flashback and picks up exactly where the last one leaves off. The police, along with some vigilantes torch the Sawyer house with the murdering cannibals inside. A little girl is saved and raised by one of the vigilantes. Now that she is grown, (Alexandra Daddario) Heather discovers she is adopted and the sole heir to the Sawyer plantation in Texas.

She travels there with 3 college mates and picks up a person along the way, because the unwritten code of a Texas Chainsaw movie is the hitchhiker/rider. As it turns out, she is not the only heir left and you come to sympathize with the cannibal with a chainsaw.

The film has its share of severed bodies, blood, and gore. The 3D action is climaxed with a chainsaw tossed at the camera. Remember this is a sequel. Keep the expectations low.

Parental Guide: F-bombs. Implied sex. No nudity. Tania Raymonde bra/panties. Alexandra Daddario open shirt cleavage...and how did her shirt become buttoned shut once it was ripped open?
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on 27 May 2013
I bought the blu ray and after all the negative reviews I've read online I was expecting to hate this. However I ended up being pleasanty surprised as there were quite a few moments in the film that made me jump and especially in the first half of the film the build up to some of the kills were quite suspenseful. The film wasnt overly gory and I liked the attempt of trying to approach the franchise from a different angle (leatherface as an anti-hero). The downsides to the movie though was the lack of character development for Heathers friends and the questionable timeline.
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"Who's the more foolish? The fool, or the fool who follows him?"

That's how I feel. I wonder who's more to blame - the film-makers, for making this awful movie, or me for being stupid enough to expect it to be okay.

Now, anyone who chooses to watch a film with words like `chainsaw' and `massacre' is its title should, hopefully, know what they're getting. We know it's never going to be high-art with deep, high-brow, Oscar-worthy performances. However, what we do hope is that it will at least be an entertaining entry into the `slasher' genre. The Texas Chainsaw 3D isn't.

First of all, actually quite liked Michael Bay's 2003 remake and even found something strangely enjoyable about the prequel `The Beginning' so my hopes were reasonably high for this. It's worth noting that it totally disregards both recent outings and goes straight back to the beginning, i.e. it's a direct sequel to the 1973 original. We see the aftermath of the first film, where angry locals destroy the cannibals' house, all but a young girl, who's saved. Now, this is where it gets confusing... the story picks up 20-odd years later when the girl is (clearly) in her early twenties, which, by my calculations, sets the film in about 1995. Yet the exact year (and we know this by the gravestones) is 2012, complete with iphones etc to prove it. Anyway, glossing over that plot inconsistency, we're treated to more of the same... only worse.

Considering this is based on the movie that some might argue `spawned' the entire slasher genre, it plays into every single cliché going. Seriously... in this day and age, where the premise of a couple having sex then dying horribly has been so widely lampooned, i.e. Scream and Cabin in the Woods, why are film-makers still using it?

Again, the clichés could be forgiven if you cared for the characters. You won't. But there could be some decent gore for us to enjoy? There isn't. The `gore' looks totally fake and completely CGI (you'll find better special effects on a made-for-TV movie). What about the story, does it add anything to the genre? Yes and No. It tries. However, everything `new' it comes up with is completely unbelievable and stupid. I won't spoil it for you as there are some things you may not expect to find in a movie like this. Sadly, they're all too far-fetched to be believable.

What could have been a decent attempt to make a sequel to a classic has fallen well short, due to bad special effects, no likeably characters and a completely idiotic story.

As they say in Scream 4 "Never mess with the original."
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on 2 April 2016
A rather mediocre affair. Heather Miller is our lead character and she's as bland as they come. Together with a group of 20 somethings they set off to a take a look at a mansion she's just inherited. What nobody told her though was that Leatherface was living in the basement, this might sound like a joke but this is actually the premise of the film. The movie follows the same tired slasher formula which hasn't changed since the 70s, the gang our picked off one by one until only the lead girl is left. The film was meant to be seen in 3-D so there's an added emphasis on things being thrown across the screen, blood gushing out of people and sudden jump scares.

Though Leatherface murders all Heather's friends and her boyfriend the two wind up as friends at the end. Could somebody please explain that to me? At points too they use CGI gore and blood which just looks dreadful.

The film has lots of continuity problems and also lacks some of that low budget charm and the originality of the first film. Why has the baby girl at the start aged just 20 years or so in the space of about 40 years? Also wouldn't Leatherface been in his 70s or 80s by now?
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on 28 July 2015
This film is actually really good, and definitely the best of the trio of modern Texas Chainsaw movies. I won't get into the details of the plot, as many people have outlined it in detail already, but suffice it to say, the characters, scenic location and pleasingly different storyline make for an enjoyable experience.

The film impressed me with the extra bits of story and scenery that took a while to build up. The cinematography is excellent, and you really get a feel that the film-makers enjoyed the environment they were shooting in. Alexandra Daddario in the lead role is incredibly easy on the eyes, and she proves to be a cool, calm, and collected young woman who cuts a stunningly beautiful figure in her crop top and low-rise jeans.

Overall i overwhelmingly recommend this film, especially if you thought the movie from 2003 with Jessica Biel was good, this one is much better.
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on 28 May 2013
Youd think inheriting a house in whatever circumstances would be a nice thing, however if leatherface lives in the basement you may reconsider. That is the situation the young lady in this movie finds herself in, however she doesnt realise this until all her friends and those close to her are brutalised. This movie is a direct sequel to the seventies original, i agree not has scary or gory or even wierd has the original but has a strong script and is well acted
Big fans of the franchise may not like the lack of kills and the odd smatter of sentimentality and sorrow you feel for leatherface near the movies end. However it creates a new angle on the character and gives him milage, I for one enjoyed it more than many other leatherface movies of recent times but does not by any means top the originalThe Texas Chain Saw Massacre - The Seriously Ultimate Edition (3 disc limited steelbook) (1974)
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on 9 June 2013
The only thing I liked about this film (and why I give it 2 out of 5) is the girl who plays Leatherface's cousin. She is hot. As for the film it is awful. They even manage to turn Leatherface into the films hero. In a he rescues the girl and kills the bad guys type of way,heck just give him a vest and a catch-phrase for the next movie if this is the direction the series is going. Utter trash.
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on 4 June 2013
i wasnt to sure what to expect after all the texas chainsaw films that have been done in recent years being below average.but this film is bloody awesome.yes it does have some minor flaws but what film these days doesnt.the cast of unknowns do a very good job and director john lussenhop who i have never heard of keeps you on the edge of your seats.the special make up effects by kurtzman/berger are brilliant as usual.the film itself starts of with series of flashbacks from the original and it sort of lets you know what to expect.i wont give to much away but for me this is the best texas chainsaw since number 3.i have no doubt there are going to be some who wont agree with me but you entitled to your own opinion and this is mine.
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on 13 March 2013
At last we saw a great chainsaw sequel after all these years.
This is simply the best since the 1974 original came out almost 40 years ago.
The sawyers are BACK and that's a good thing.
Great gore. acceptable story and a direct continuation on from the 1974 original events.
A very violent film which is exactly as it should have been.
The new leatherface was awesome and scarry and the cast was OK.
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on 22 October 2013
Just to set the record straight, 'Texas Chainsaw' is intended as a sequel to the 1970's original and I quite liked the way this was established at the start of the film (by means of a montage of clips). From then on though, the whole thing feels a bit forced and VERY silly.

If you try and forget comparing it to the original by taking 'Texas Chainsaw' on it's own merits you basically have the usual Hollywood fodder of good looking teenagers, bad decision making, plot holes a plenty and some gore. Some examples of the dumbness follow...

Spoiler Alert!

- You've just realised you're adopted? calmly did she take that!
- You've just realised you're adopted?....let's have a road trip/party!
- You meet a stranger on route?....why not leave him in your newly inherited house all on his own!
- You're interviewing a victim of a horrific attack?....why not leave a box full of photos/newspaper clippings of the victims dead family with her to really lighten the mood?

As you can imagine 'Texas Chainsaw' is as deep as a puddle and easy to dislike. That said, I was in the mood for cheese and cheese is what I got! Despite plenty of head shaking, I have to say it held my attention and delivered some decent gore!

If you approach 'Texas Chainsaw' to pick holes you'll simply hate it and have plenty of ammo for a Hollywood rant, should you so wish. My advice is don't....but hey, if it's a tongue-in-cheek bloodbath you're after (as I was on this particular evening), you could do a lot worse. Worth a look....just don't stare!


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