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on 25 May 2013
This is a brief and mainly technical review of Doctor Who - Daleks Limited Collector's Edition (2-Film Set) [Blu-ray].

Firstly, this set contains both Dalek films: DR. WHO AND THE DALEKS and DALEKS' INVASION EARTH 2150 A.D. Rather than packaging the two separate releases together in a slipcase, Studiocanal has chosen to include each film in a single double-disc Blu-ray case with unique sleeve (as pictured) and matching cardboard O-ring.

Both films have been restored and look lovely. Don't expect 21st-century-looking quality. Colours are vibrant. A nice level of film grain is evident. And the soundtracks for each film are the original mono theatrical versions in PCM format; there is no pseudo 5.1 upmix here.

One of the bigger questions for fans will be whether the original pre-credits section of DALEKS' INVASION EARTH 2150 A.D. is in the correct place. A number of releases and TV broadcasts have shifted it, thus beginning the film with the opening credits, often with an ugly jarring sound edit. I'm pleased to confirm that the pre-credits "smash-and-grab" sequence is in the correct place before the opening titles and the soundtrack is nice and intact.

Oh, and it goes without saying that both films are presented in their original Techniscope format. I haven't done a comparison with the original DVD release, but this set is definitely a worthy upgrade. The Dalekmania documentary is available on the first film's disc, and there are short interviews and restoration featurettes for each film.

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on 29 June 2014
Gorgeous remastering of the two movies. They have never looked better. All the bonus content from the DVD releases plus some new extra features. Peter Cushing is wonderful as the Doctor.
This double Blu-ray deserves a place in every Doctor Who fans collection.
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on 22 June 2013
There's been a lot of discussion about the transfer of these two films onto Blu-ray. Certainly, they are not as colourful and saturated as previous television transmissions or VHS and DVD releases.

They are rather different in appearance to what we've seen before. However, the level of detail, and overall picture quality is quite remarkable!
I can whole heartedly recommend the upgrade to the Blu-ray.

If you are uncomfortable with the colour palette, just turn up the colour on your monitor or TV screen. Also, the occasional light flare at the top and bottom of the film frame was apparently a drawback of the particular filming process used. I should imagine not too much could have been done about that for this release; unless the film image was zoomed in and cropped - and that's to be avoided at all costs!
Instead just think J.J. Abrams!

Yes, it is a shame about missed opportunities regarding interviews and extras.
Yes, a pity about the wrong Tardis and Daleks on the main Menu.
However, all things considered, if you love these two wonderful old movies do not hesitate to upgrade!
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on 29 May 2013
I have looked forward to seeing the Daleks in pin-sharp high definition for some time so this release has been eagerly awaited. Sadly the pin-sharp picture is the only positive thing I can say about this Blu Ray. It's a huge let-down and a real insult to fans. When you load up the disk and see the menu features a TARDIS from 2005 and a mirror-image of a 1970s Dalek from the TV series, it immediately makes you ask yourself who is putting this together, and do they know anything about Doctor Who - or care?

The presentation is a mixture of laziness and incompetence. I'm not sure which of these the menu graphics falls under, but an example of the latter is an interview on the "Daleks Invasion Earth 2150AD" disk on which the audio is so quiet you have to turn up the sound - only to be deafened when it returns to the menu music. This is just amateurish.

The content of the extras is extremely low quality. For example: a feature on the restoration work talks about Techniscope without actually explaining what it is, or how it differs to its rival formats. An engineer rattles off information about film types as if we're all familiar with the intricacies of celluloid and despite the fact I'm interested in this behind-the-scenes stuff I found it generally incomprehensible.

An interview on the "Dr Who and the Daleks" disk is so packed with errors, it beggars belief. The subject which he's discussing is well documented however Gareth Owen spouts his own version of events which is incorrect in every aspect. He states numerous things which many fans will know are wrong off the top of their heads, and it completely undermines his inclusion, and also his title of "expert". A few errors include the number of Daleks built, the name of the person who built them, and the manner of their construction. It's embarrassing to listen to if you know anything about this film already. If you don't, you're being given a work of fiction!

The commentary for the first film is simply the same one used on previous releases and worse, there is no commentary for the second film at all. This is even more of crime given the people who are still around who could have contributed - most notably the much-loved Bernard Cribbins who has now battled the Daleks alongside David Tennant and whose anecdotes would have been fantastic to hear. The stills gallery is padded out with promotional posters and clippings, rather than actual photos from the production, and there is a very little which feels special about this release. It seems as if they went with the cheapest option at every turn.

As to the image quality of the film itself, the print is very sharp and has been treated to remove dust and scratches. This is obviously the least we should expect from a Blu Ray. The colours, however, are the palest of any version of these films I've seen. It is repeatedly stated that the restoration has returned the film to its original appearance and, whilst this may be the case, it is less vibrant than we're used to. Perhaps this "natural" look is the most technically accurate, but is the least enjoyable to look at.

The sound has been given no treatment except a clean-up. That is to say, it has not been mastered with a surround sound option - in fact, not even stereo! It is left in the original mono form. Once again the easiest (cheapest) option.

The absent audio options, the dirth of good extras, the lackluster colours and the inaccurate graphics make for a really poor-quality release.

If your sole concern is the sharpness of the film prints then turn up the colour on your TV and there you have your heart's desire. If you're hoping for more than the bare minimum, then this release is something of an insult. The impression I'm left with is that many decisions were made using the phrase, "Who cares? The fans will buy it anyway..."

It really goes to show what a tremendous job is done on a monthly basis by the team responsible for the classic TV series DVD releases, the worst of which puts these Blu Rays to shame.
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on 12 November 2013
It's a pity that these 2 "cult classic" style Doctor Who films don't mesh with current Doc Who canon. The late great Sir Peter Cushing would have made a great addition to the regular pantheon of Baker, Baker, Troughton et all. As it is he does an amiable job of portraying "Doctor Who" to quote the given name to his version of the character in both films.
Though neither film can be considered as a great show due to the lack of any real pace and what action there is is limited to 'a bit of a scrap' with the Daleks in both shows. It's just the novelty of seeing such a great actor playing a role that these days is such an iconic part of not just science-fiction but television history that makes watching them a must for fans of the show.
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on 30 May 2013
The image quality of each film is as good as it's ever going to be but not up to modern film standards, as you might expect. In each case a big step up from any previous release and in glorious HD too.

"2150" is a much better film than the first one and actually quite enjoyable. It's a shame they never got to make any more of these and ironic that the better movie fared less well at the box office than the first.

The extras are pretty lousy. Across the two disks some of the interview comments are repeated. The audio levels vary shockingly from one extra to another and the interview with Bernard Cribbens sounds like a background, ambient mike was used.

Still, overall, good value for Doctor Who fans and better value than getting the discs separately.

(I see a few sellers are chancing their arms, trying to sell this limited edition for £99! I wouldn't pay that for this. Buy them separately instead.)
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on 30 July 2014
i love these movies,classic 60s and in colour! a good souvenir of when Dr.Who was great!
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on 10 March 2015
Beautiful bluray amazingly restored to perfect he quality for the ages of both films. Artwork on front cover is great a perfect addition to any whovians collection
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on 29 April 2013
Just got this through the post today, and the packaging is beautiful, just stunning. I feel sorry for anyone who has the 2 individual versions raver than this, because this is just great. Not only is the packaging awesome, so is the content! All in glories HD! Just awesome! 5/5
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on 23 October 2013
according to my husband it's the best doctor who? the dvd's quality is good. he loves it. do recommend this dvd.
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