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on 25 March 2013
This is a quality unit, perfect for Pi owners (and for normal PC use too of course). I bought this after doing research on the best powered hub for my Pi. It will power your Pi, as well as extending its USB slots, using only one mains plug.

It comes with a micro USB lead and a 2.5v mains power supply (UK and EU plugs included). For Pi use you will need to get yourself a second micro USB cable if you don't already have one lying around.

Use the provided micro USB cable to connect your Pi's USB slot to the hub's micro USB input. Then connect one of the hub's four USB slots into your Pi's micro USB power input, using your second cable (not provided). Connect the power supply to the hub, and you're all set up. Your Pi is powered, and now has 3 USB slots available on the hub ready to accept devices. And you've only used a single mains plug.
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on 20 May 2014
I hoped for this device to be the holy grail for connecting my iOS devices to my Mac for syncing (software development actually) and charging, but I still get 'iPad Not Charging' popups on my Mac once in a while. Sometimes the charging icon appears on the iOS device, sometimes not. If it's not appearing it can help to unplug the usb from the Mac and plug it in again. In both cases it is charging but slowly when the 'iPad Not Charging' popup appeared.

Addendum 1: nope. Mac couldn't find the devices (iPad 4 and iPad 2 to be exactly). Needed to unplug it and replug in again, error message is back (the message is regarding the iPad 4)

Addendum 2: did some more testing of Sam of Plugable Support contacted me. The message is showing on the Mac for both the iPad 2 (A1395) and iPad 4 (A1485). The iPad 2 shows 'No Charging' in the status bar, but the iPad 4 seems to charge anyway.
A tip from Sam, quoted: "Make sure you plug in the hub's power adapter before you plug in it's USB cable. This can put it in to bus-powered mode, which would make your iPad 4 not charge"
A tip from me: you can prevent these charging messages popping op on your mac (see [...]) by typing in a terminal:

sudo defaults write com.apple.usbd NoiPadNotifications -bool YES
sudo killall usbd

I updated my rating by giving it 4 instead of 3 stars.
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on 5 February 2014
After having had various USB-Hubs in various price categories I was pleasantly surprised about this one.

I'll add some more detail for the RasPi-fraction (I also belong to):
- it's really small
- it also works with Beaglebone Black (which is more picky than the PasPi with USB), provided you have a cable connecting usb-A and barrel Type M
- the 5v-2.5A power-supply is an added plus
- any of the data-ports can be used for powering (most other devices only allow powering on a dedicated port)
- one might see missing USB-3 as weakness - but there sometimes are compatibility issues with usb-3 hubs and usb-2 masters, so for me this was a plus
- it's not really cheap, but I would call it a fair price for all it offers
- I really like the honest product description - this is not a one-shot for all product, but really works in places where other fail miserably
If I were asked how to enhance it: power-button would be nice, the blue light-strip is a bit too flashy and bright for me, and if the logo was a bit more modest, I'd prefer that too, but I consider these minor issues in view of the advantages.
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on 16 December 2013
I was looking for a powered USB hub fit for charging my iOS devices regardless of whether my PC is running and this is perfect. It can charge my iPhone 5s, iPad mini retina and iPad 3 all at the same time.

The hub itself seems well made and is very light. It's small enough to be portable but also fits nicely under my desk. Both the power and USB data cables have plenty of length and seem to be of good quality. There is plenty of space between the ports (2 on each side) and they look like they'll be fine for various types of USB plugs and sticks.

I've only had the hub for a few hours so far but I'm very happy with the purchase and would strongly recommend picking one up.
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on 15 December 2014
Delivery was amazing, ordered in afternoon, received next morning. This USB Hub is a nice, compact and solid little item with no disappointing quirks that I can detect. It has a nice blue strip light across front, it is easy to insert cables and quite unobtrusive on the desk. Have tested all ports individually, including a backup of my laptop - without adaptor! - on an external HD, with no problems; I have not done heavy data transfers on ports simultaneously, yet. Some folk have a problem with this hub being light and moving all over the place with cables attached; This is easily overcome by fixing the cables in place using self-adhesive cable clips at suitable points under your computer desk; my hub is situated near the desk corner, all cables are secured underneath out of view, with just a couple of inches showing on the desktop where they plug into the hub; this prevents the hub moving and the finishing touch is a little Blue Tack to hold hub on desk - it doesn't budge and looks good. I am well pleased, so far, with this hub!.
review image
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on 11 April 2013
Bought this hub in the hope it would power the blue yeti pro into the ipad 4 retina, and it
Worked, use camera 30 pin to lightning connector cable and the USB cable the comes with
Hub, connect mic hub and all cables power up open mic input in GarageBand then connect
Lightning cable to ipad, if it doesn't work pull out lightning cable and reinsert, I assume it
Will work with other apps as well but have not had time to try yet, ps the quality of this hub
Is very good, speedy amazon delivery, good luck.
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on 8 April 2017
Very impressed with this, tested outputs whilst using high drain devices. Found it provided a consistent unaffected output on other ports.
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on 23 December 2015
just what I needed... a powered usb hub that isn't a huge waste of space, this thing is literally TINY, smaller than a credit card. And it's right now managing to power my USB harddrive and charge an ipod, power my sound card and charge my keyboard. Just what the doctor ordered.
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on 25 February 2015
Works great, just like the first one.

I love the fact that it comes with two types of mains socket (EU/UK plug) that can be changed very easily.

It's powered, it's got 4 USB 2.0 ports, high build quality and it works.

What more can you ask for?
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on 21 June 2013
The item is a genuine Plugable USB2-HUB4BC shipped in its retail box.
USB 2.0 / 1.1, really tiny and light: 65mm X 40mm X 17mm about 30 grams.
The power adapter is an APD WA-13A05R 5v 2.5 Amp, for both EU and UK mains.

I was searching for a Powered USB Hub compatible with the Raspberry Pi Model B 512MB RAM, I found a list here: http://elinux.org/RPi_VerifiedPeripherals

The Plugable USB2-HUB4BC doesn't backfeed the mini USB port, which I used to safely power a Raspberry Pi Model B 512MB RAM, plus one power hungry WiFi dongle, and one 2.5-inch HDD, then I connected the free USB port of the Raspberry Pi to a desktop PC for a ssh connection through a USB Net link cable (ALi M5632).
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