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on 24 July 2013
For around £200 - £220 SIM free this is the best phone you can get for your money. Build quality is amazing. I was worried about the screen resolution, because every review mentions that the screen could be better. That's all nonsense. The screen is amazing and the automatic brightness works fantastically (adjusts fast). Battery life is amazing (2-3 days easy). The charger design is super cool for travelling. Wireless charging fantastic (I put the phone on the DT-910 stand and use it like a night clock on my bedtime table). I had only one weird problem with both of our 720's. I couldn't connect them to a hidden WiFi out of the box. The solution was to reset the phone to factory defaults and since then both of them work fine. 520 has a slippery design (difficult to press hardware buttons for me), pla-sticky & small screen and is missing a lot of features (camera back and front, flash, nfc, wireless charging...) 620 is great, but has a very small screen (not good for typing and reading), worse both cameras & battery life and no wireless charging + fm as well. Lumia 720 is a golden product because it has amazing camera, 4.3 screen is just right, it's slim, light and has all the features I needed / missed on 520/620. Bezel around the screen could be smaller though. Here Drive is amazing - I love the new interface and now it shows live traffic as well. Can't even compare it to my old phone. Very happy and I do recommend it to everyone. Disregard that ballast about screen not being sharp, because you won't notice a thing. Also that nonsense about missing apps. It's just nonsense. Everything for 90% of people is there and new apps are coming fast. The last thing is about the processor and ram - don't worry it's ultra fast. You won't notice any difference between SamGS4 and this one for normal everyday tasks. I played with my friend's SamGS4 and the subjective feeling is that this phone is faster for everyday tasks. And SamGS4 is a flagship so it shouldn't even be compared to 720. But the camera on 720 will smoke both iPhone 5 and SamGS4. Unbelievable low light results considering the price :) Nokia is back on track - finally after years of sleeping...
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on 19 June 2013
Having previously owned an Android phone, I much prefer this Windows 8 operating system. As for the Nokia Lumia 720 it's self, I am pleased with most aspects of it's operation. It has great battery life and the screen operates very smoothly. I don't get the inadvertent selection of items as I did with my previous (HTC) phone. It's not perfect though. (What is?). The on off button is on the side of the phone in the middle and care has to be taken not to switch it off accidently. I would have preferred the on/off button on the top of the phone. The same problem exists with the dedicated camera button, which is also in the side of the phone. The camera button on the side is hand, but again it's easy to inadvertently select it. I guess I will get used to the problem side buttons and would in general recommend this phone.
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on 29 July 2013
I am absolutely in love with this phone. I looked at an 820, but was completely put off by its weight, then I ordered this one because it weighs only 128 grams. I am not disappointed, it weighs so little you hardly notice it in your back pocket and the battery life is astonishing - I am getting almost 5 days out of it. i was worried about the lower spec chip, but I haven't noticed any drag or delay, it all works pretty smoothly. I have taken some great indoor snaps too which were great and I was really impressed that it worked in relatively low light conditions. I had to pay a bit extra for the global license for Here Drive, but its great to have it in your phone - I hook it up to a generic cradle in my car and it's superb.

In summary, pound for pound this must be one of the best phones in the market. Its better than my old iphone 4, and I just think that anyone who signs up to a 24 month contract these days for a top of the range phone is a mug.
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on 2 November 2013
Decided on a change having owned IPhone's 3 & 4 and a Samsung S2 so opted for the Nokia Lumia 720 which has favorable reviews. It all started well and to be honest I was very impressed. Great quality feel to it and Windows was easy to use and fast; but then it decided to develop a mind of its own and hop uncontrollably between apps regardless of my intervention! The only way I could access the phone was to action a factory reset. Unfortunately this made no difference, a one off perhaps, but 'googleing' the problem showed that other owners had the same issues. So I had little option but to return it. A great shame.
I now have a Motorola Razr HD - so far so good.
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on 21 August 2013
I bought this for my 14 yr old daughter as her Blackberry was constantly breaking and having to be replaced. She was desperate for an iPhone because that's the "cool" phone at school but no way was I prepared to fork out the best part of £600 for a phone. We had seen this in the o2 shop and she really liked it, but it was £260 there and again it was a big fat no - but when I saw it on Amazon, sim free for just over £200 I thought I'd go for it - and I'm so glad I did. The Windows 8 tile system is surprisingly easy to use and and youtube, facebook, tumblr etc all load really quickly. The camera is good for the price and has an assortment of lens' and filters to jazz up photos. Windows doesn't have as many apps as iTunes and Android but the main ones are there and for ones that aren't (like instagram) there are third party apps that allow you to upload pictures to your account etc. It may not have all the bells and whistles that an iPhone has, but how many people actually use their phones to their full functionality - most people I know who have an iPhone have it for the kudos, only using it for calls, messaging and social media. For the price I am extremely pleased, my fussy fashion victim teenager is over the moon with it (it hasn't left her hand for nearly a fortnight!) and best of all her mates with the iPhone think it is cooler than theirs!!
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on 8 July 2013
I have had this for a couple of months now and have not had any problems so far it was easy to set up and is so easy to use it synced with my windows 8 laptop immediately so all files are easily shared. I have gone straight from an old type phone to this without any problems. One of the reasons I went for this one was because of the incredibly sensitive touch screen, I have raynauds disease which means my hands are cold all the time and in winter can not take gloves off outside, some of the other touchscreen phones do not work with gloved or cold fingers this one does. I have tried with my normal cold hands and also with various gloves on including leather and latex and it works fine. Also now got the wireless charging shell and plate another brilliant idea means I no longer have to fiddle trying to get the micro usb into phone.
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on 20 September 2013
I am delighted with this phone. I have only one comment about the positioning of the on/off button. It is on the side exactly where you hold a mobile phone - right in the middle! I avoid pressing that button but when I hand it to someone or ask them to take a picture they quite often press on/off by mistake. Would prefer the on/off to be on the top. Sure Nokia will resolve this error on new models.
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on 4 August 2013
Being a previous appleite and dipped my toe into android waters I wanted something that was a) cheaper than an iphone but b) wasnt as glitchy as android. So I went for a Nokia Lumia 720 because it runs on windows.

In respect to the phone: its a nice size though not "small", buttons seem secure and easy to operate, nice bright screen, call quality good, comfortable to use, excellent battery (I get a couple of days before charger), sound quality on the music player is good and seems to match the iphone, and is a great price.
In respect to windows, as its a closed operating system like iOS it works seamlessly with lots of integration between social network sites and the phone, I love the live tiles- its ice to have photo contacts on the home page but e.g. next calendar appointments also show on the live tile, set up with emails and facebook is very simple, nice looking phone at great price for what you get.

To be fair I'll also mention slight negatives: there arent millions of apps like with iphones but this is improving all the time. But there are apps for most things (though not Sky Go which is disappointing), You can also get a cheaper Lumia phone such as the 520 or 620; smaller screens but great value. Apps take a millisecond longer to load than with an iphone but nothing drastic.

I would thoroughly recommend getting this phone on sim free - over the next 24 months comparing it to an iphone contract I will be paying around a third to a half of the cost.

Great phone, love the operating system and great value for money.
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on 25 April 2017
This must be the best phone ever. Had no problems with it, has lasted for years, still updates all new apps. Looks great and windows still going strong on it. Wouldn't buy a new phone if I had the money!... This one is great
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on 3 August 2013
Let's cut straight to the chase...I love this phone. I have spent the last 4 years struggling with the absolutely awful Nokia N8 and swore (literally) never to buy another Nokia EVER again. So, how come I've got another one?

Well, I'm not technically savvy. I don't want to spend forever wading through an on-line instruction book that resembles War & Peace and I don't want to break my phone when I can't work out how to down load/up load or otherwise load anything!! This phone doesn't make me do any of that - it is simple, it used Windows and it has a flow about it that makes making it do whatever you want it to do very easy.

Nokia have done themselves proud with this range of phones and have regained their top spot in my heart. Thank you Nokia.
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