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on 7 November 2013
It could be because I am feeling exceptionally sloppy but for younger sisters, haven't we all had an amazing crush on our brothers best mates? They on the other hand only ever viewed us as the annoying younger sister - or did they - that hope lives with many younger sisters. Archer & Ivy are no different, except that Ivy holds an enigma for Archer that no woman has ever harnessed until that fateful wedding reception when the heat, passion & curiosity heightens to their first encounter Incredibly strong characters. Three males best friends as well as the kid sister. Steamy & emotionally charged - the type where reason doesn't always come forth, this is a great romance, love story, page turner. Very close to 5* but ever so slightly lacked a little girl 1-2-1, or sub-plots however slight to run along side the main action. A superb book nevertheless
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on 24 October 2013
Five stars+ I loved this book from the start would recommend anyone to read it I would read it again fell in love with it.........
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on 21 November 2013
Billionaire best friends Archer, Gage and Matthew have a bet; whoever settles down last gets a million dollars. Each of them feel they're sure to win. Crave gives the story of Archer, who doesn't do relationships. He's never let a woman close to him emotionally and he doesn't intend to start now. Archer comes from a rich, dysfunctional family - his mother is a distant alcoholic and his father runs a successful chain of hotels but has a bad relationship with Archer. He gave Archer a hotel to run fully believing he'd fall flat on his face but instead Archer threw himself into the hotelier business and his hotel, Hush is incredibly successful. Archer has neither the time or the inclination to let a woman disrupt his life.

There is one secret exception to this, and that is Gage's sister Ivy. Archer met Gage and Ivy when they were younger, the boys 16 and Ivy just 12. By the time she was 17 Archer was attracted to Ivy, but being that bit older than her, and being her brother's closest friend Archer has never let Ivy suspect his feelings for her and they've always have a bit of a hostile, prickly relationship.

Ivy has terrible taste in men, and is looking for one she can fix. She wants to settle down but she accepts that Archer is too much of a player and letting herself get involved with him is just setting herself up for heartbreak. It's a shame then that they are suddenly so attracted to one another.

This book is written alternating between Archer and Ivy's points of view, which I like, as you know where each character is coming from. Ivy's thoughts in particular are pretty funny at times. Archer is a bit more tiresome. Ivy seems incapable of saying no to him, which I think would have done him some good, he's often pretty selfish. There were a few instances of behaviour that didn't quite seem likely to me, and I'd have liked a bit more character development but I still enjoyed the book and I plan to give the next book, 'Torn' a read and find out Gage's story.
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on 6 August 2013
I enjoyed this story a lot. The reason it was 3.5 stars instead of 5...? Well it seemed there was a big build up to Ivy and Archers "relationship" getting started.....70% of the book if I recall, and then it seemed to skip right over 11 days of the proposed 2 week agreement....? I wanted a bit more to be honest.

The writing is very good, flows well, and I always enjoy when a book gives us both the leads POV's alternately. The characters are ok, I liked them both, but would have preferred to have known a little bit more about them, background, friends, ect. The sex scenes are pretty hot, there is not that much of it, but what you get is pretty well written.

As I say, it was an enjoyable book, but it was lacking a little something for me. And also....it ends at 89%!!! And then goes on go give you bits out of other books that you might be interested in, including a snippet from torn, the next book in the series. I would have loved it to be a bit longer. The good thing is though, Ivy and Archers story begins and ends in this book, there is no cliffhanger :)
I will definitely read torn, infact, I went right on over to amazon and 1-clicked the pre-order of that baby, because I do like the writers style and I want to know more about Gage!

Overall, yes I do recommend this book, but for the price, I wanted a bit more.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 7 August 2013
Archer Bancroft playboy millionaire and his two friends Matt and Gage are determined that they are never getting married. Women only want them for their money. But they all make a bet that the last man standing will get a million dollars.

Archer knows he's never going to allow himself to get caught by any woman. Well all except for one. Gage's sister Ivy. Friends since they were young Ivy had grown into a beautiful woman, Archer had always been drawn to her. But his friend Gage would kill him if he went near Ivy.

I like this authors books, and this story is no exception. Told from alternating points of view, I really enjoyed it. The writing flows and is descriptive and draws the reader in. The love scenes are hot, and there's plenty of sexual tension and chemistry between the H/h.
A really romantic and sensuous read.
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on 28 April 2014
Archer Bancroft playboy millionaire and his mates Matt and Gage make a bet to never get married - while they are at a friends wedding! The last man standing will get a million dollars.

Archer though knows that he will never get married and will win the million dollars. Archer has always had a thing for Gage's sister Ivy - they have been friends since they were children. But also if Archer went anywhere near Ivy her brother would kill him.

Really good story - yes you know what's going to happen but this book is told from both points of view and it works so well. Great read.
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You've heard me say it before and I'm pretty sure you'll hear me say it again - this is an adult fairy-tale :) Sweeping you away into a world of millionaires and a privileged lifestyle. Saying that, this book shows that no matter how much money men have they can act like totally immature boys.

Archer and his 2 best friends, Gage and Matt, come up with an outrageous bet while attending another friends wedding. If any of them get engaged/married within the next year they will have to give the others a million dollars. What they don't realize is that fate has something else in store for them.

The first book concentrates on Archer, he has always has a secret crush on Ivy, the only problem is she's Gage's sister and as such off-limits in Archers mind. The thing is Ivy feels exactly the same way about Archer, although she doesn't feel as if she is Archer's type while Archer doesn't think he is good enough for her.

I loved the both Archer's and Ivy's inner monologues and how at odds their thoughts were with their actions. As an outside observer, it is blatantly obvious that Archer and Ivy are perfect together. In fact it makes you want to bang their heads together to knock some sense into them :) The tension between them is so tight it draws you in to their orbit and doesn't let you go even after the last page. Monica Murphy has a way of making her characters so real you feel as if they are part of your `real' life and as such you never want to lose touch with what happens to them. I can't articulate fully just how deeply Monica's characters come to mean to me. I guess you need to read it for yourselves ;)

The whole `will they' `won't they' aspect of the story adds to the tension within the plot. Monica creates the perfect balance of sweet and spicy. Believe me your tastebuds will love you forever if you read this ;)
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on 22 August 2013
I really wanted to like Crave and although I got all the way through it I didn't really like it at all. I had some issues with the characters and writing but did enjoy some parts of it in the end.

My first issue with this is that it felt a little bare and cold. I would have loved a lot more description, instead it read like constant inner monologues of the characters feelings which is fine for some readers but I like a little more.

My second issue was the character voices. If you are going to write a book with two characters Point of views their voices should sound different. The writing pattern for both characters was too alike and I felt they spoke and thought in the same way. If you handed me a page from each of the characters POV's and blanked out the names I wouldn't have been able to tell the different. This doesn't affect the story so much but it took away from the world building and feel of the book.

The characters were the nail in the coffin for me. Archer was ok I didn't mind him and actually found him quite sweet at times but I couldn't stand Ivy. She was horrible and I just couldn't keep up with her mind changes and inconsistencies. Here is an example: Ivy and Archer do the bad and she kicks him out of her room minutes later claiming it was a mistake. The next morning he agrees with her and she gets all upset and heartbroken about it. Then she mopes about for a few weeks because he hasn't called her. I wouldn't call the woman either to be honest. She says he `fooled' her into bed but he knocked on her door to give her some thing and she literally stripped off in front of him and offered herself to him, not really sure that can be considered him fooling her. Later when he asks for her help professionally she tells him nothing intimate will happen between them moments latter propositions him. She drove me mad and I just couldn't relate to her or deal with her.

The romance itself was ok and was one of the stronger parts of the book. The characters had chemistry and the sex scenes were good. This wasn't for me but I think other fans of the genre will enjoy it more than I did. I may have not been in love with this but I will check out the other books in this series when they come out and hope that I will prefer the characters next time round.

The publisher provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review
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on 6 August 2013
Since i read One week girlfriend and Second chance boyfriend i just could not wait to read more of monica murphy!!

Crave - Is one beautiful sexy love story, between two people that should not work together but do. Right from the second page in i was captured and could not put the book down until it was finished.
Archer is an arrogant rich bachelor who does not deserve Ivy, Ivy the sweet girl with the overbearing brother (best friend of Archer).
A lot of sexual scenes in the book but it just makes you full in love the arrogant Archer even more.

I can not wait till november for the second part of A Billionaire Bachelor Club Novel

Monica murphy is a easy read author yet so captivating that you can not put her books down until it is completely finished..

Must Read!!!!
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on 8 September 2013
Ivy stole his heart from an early age, I liked their banter, they loved to rile each other up, whilst the storyline was predictable, it was fun to read and hot and steamy in between, definitely a good read that I recommend. Looking forward to Gage' s story next
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