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on 7 November 2015
A petite keyboard, very light, quiet, and comfortable to use provided you don't have fingers like cucumbers. I bought this keyboard mainly because my full-size Anker keyboard was a bit too big for me desk. And with all my books and paperwork spread all over the desk, the old keyboard was too dominating.

The feel is similar to that of a Mac keyboard, but the size of the Anker Ultra-Slim A7709 is a bit smaller, and perhaps not everybody's cup of tea. Like I mentioned above, If you've got big hands, it'll probably be difficult for you to use it comfortably. I'll make sure I'll keep my weight as it is now, or otherwise I'll end it having to go back to the old full-size Anker keyboard.

The build and design are particularly appealing. The keyboard feels like a quality item, with aluminium back and laptop like multi-media functionalities.

the only downside, at least for me, is the fact that this keyboard probably needs to be slightly higher on the back and tilted forward, which will give the user a more natural typing position. The 'transparent' mini rubber legs that come with the keyboard are well thought of to prevent slipping and keep the keyboard stuck to the desk, but I had to use a pair of much bigger rubber legs which allowed the keyboard to tilt forward for a more comfortable hands position.

All in all, I'm happy with this purchase.

Please note that if your PC doesn't have bluetooth (which is the case for most desktop computers), you'll need to purchase a bluetooth dongle. I bought mine off Amazon for £4.99, and it connected to the keyboard almost effortlessly.
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on 20 October 2016
I bought this as I'm traveling a lot at the moment, don't always need a full blown laptop but really struggle writing longer emails on the iPad's screen keyboard. So far I'm very happy with the keyboard- it's the same length as a standard iPad, really quite thin and very light. Typing is easy enough and gets easier the more you use it. My partner did find that she kept hitting the PgUp button, which sent to cursor back to the start of the text she was typing. I don't have this problem and I'm sure she won't once she's used it some more. What I didn't appreciate when I bought it was how well integrated the controls are to iOS, with the buttons on the top row all performing useful functions that really limit the amount of times you have to touch the screen while using the keyboard. What would be great is if Anker included (or sold seperately) a thin case or pouch for it- less for protection, more for keeping it clean and tidy.
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on 20 September 2014
I wanted a keyboard that I could use with my iPad Air as I am a touch typist, capable of 90 words per minute. The tablet is capable of accepting inputs at that speed, but after a frustrating two hours, noticing this keyboard dropping letters all over the place, I finally gave up on it as I could easily out-pace it and found with the prediction on the iPad could type faster using two fingers and the prediction rather than this keyboard, so it wasn't of much use for its intended purpose, to enable me to type fast on my Tablet through the use of an external keyboard rather than using the prediction built in.

The Caps Lock light didn't even work for me when I pressed the caps lock button, nor did the power light come on when the switch was in the "On" position, so not sure what the point was of having one. The Charging light didn't come on either when I had it charging, only when the power in its internal batteries was getting low.

On the plus side, it has internal batteries, and charges from a USB power cord enclosed with the product. However, due to the flaws of the Caps Lock light, and power light, I wrote to the manufacturers whom sent me a replacement, which did the same thing, so in the end they refunded me. Their customer service was first rate hence my two stars. Shame the keyboard is slower to type on for me than using the iPad Air's prediction built in to it's on-screen keyboard.
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on 5 May 2016
I bought one of these about a year ago and found it easy to pair and use. Like most bluetooth devices it can occasionally lose contact and just needs to be flipped on and off to re-announce its presence.

For some reason the b and n keys stopped working a few weeks ago. I contacted Anker about it. They responded immediately with some things to try (charge it completely and repair completely) and an assurance that if this did not work that they would offer a refund or a replacement The troubleshooting did not work so I opted for the replacement because it is a nice piece of kit for what I wanted. The replacement arrived this morning and works perfectly. I have got to say that the customer support here was exemplary - they got in touch and stayed in touch until I was happy. It is refreshing and inspires confidence that this company stands over its products like this. .
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on 7 December 2016
I bought this intending to use it with a Windows laptop for work and play, as an external keyboard with the computer on a laptop stand.

Size: it's tiny! Very portable, but with my big hands I struggle to type accurately even after practice. I've attached a photo to illustrate.

Layout: It seems primarily intended for Mac users, with the positions of the keys (Win/Cmd to the left of the space bar, then Alt/Option to the left of that, " and @ switched around, etc.). The Fn key is also at the far left, rather than after Ctrl like on many laptops. Switching between this and a standard PC keyboard caused me confusion. With the default layout, the Esc and F keys are media rather than function keys. Switching to the Windows preset (Fn+E) resolves this, but between that not being the default and the fact that it periodically resets to the Mac mode (even without being switched off or going on standby), there can be nasty surprises like Esc taking you to the browser homepage instead of closing a video. This is obviously a pro for those used to the Apple layout but a con for me.

Like similar models, it has no Insert key, which is a headache for certain applications like Guitar Pro.

Double characters: As other reviews have mentioned, I often find myself typing ddoublee ccharacters.

The build quality seems decent, the Bluetooth setup is a breeze, and not requiring batteries is nice. It would be great for someone with small hands or who wants a portable keyboard to use with a tablet or phone, but in my case it's not the right tool for the job. I've decided to order another portable keyboard with full-size keys and a PC-style layout instead.
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on 20 December 2014
The Goods
Excellent product. Incredibly light, thin and with perfect dimensions for travel.
Good quality material and feeling, altough it shows a bit the finger marks on the black surrounding area which are difficult to clean completely
Excellent typing experience.
It pairs very easily and reliably (at least with Linux and Android - I did not try it with Windows and Apple OSx).

Two minor issues
1. It goes in sleep mode after a few minutes if left unused. Not an big deal in itself for me, but I wished it waited longer or that the sleep time was configurable.
It does weak up and connect automatically and reliably by pressing any key and waiting 3 sec.

2. It does not remember multiple pairings. Only the last paired device reconnects automatically at boot up, contrary my Apple keyboard and mice for instance.
On previously paired PCs or tablets, one must un-pair and re-pair the keyboard again.

Important - Layout
It has a US rather than UK layout.
All tablets and PC can be easily set to the corresponding layout, but I actually prefer to just remember the location of the '£' and '@' keys (Shift 3 for the £ and in some configurations the @ and " keys may swap positions)
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on 16 December 2014
High quality - low cost is a formula that is universally appreciated but rarely delivered .And brands that deliver on this promise tend to let standards slip on one of these product pillars - or, disappointingly, both.

Not so Anker and their impressive keyboards. Especially, this svelte little gem. I paired mine with my Galaxy Note Pro 12" tablet and it never fails to deliver on performance - first base for any product. Second, it exudes quality; from its finely engineered aluminium construction to its neatly nuanced keys. Third, it is extremely compact without being tricky to type on. And it is so thin and light it comfortably fits in my tablet travel pouch. AND it's available in black ( - Apple take note; a white keyboard and a black ipad just look wrong!)

The Note Pro is probably the best android tablet on the market but, even with its substantial real estate, the on-screen keyboard eats into too much space. The Anker keyboard frees up much more of my high end glass so it actually enhances the Samsung experience. Very 1 + 1 = 3!

The fact that all this quality can be had for a fraction of the cost of its inferior Apple equivalent is the icing on the keyboard cake. When I ordered this product, my hopes were high but my expectations were not. It turns out this Anker keyboard is probably my best buy of the year and it definitely earns my highest recommendation.
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on 27 September 2014
Writing this review on the Ankey Ultrathin. Despite its lighness and thinness, it feels robust - with its aluminium back - and looks classy. The keys are small but have a reliable action with a perfect 'feel'. The inbuilt battery is easy to charge via a USB charger that everyone has these days and it offers long intervals between charges. The Bluetooth connection is reliable and it's easy to connect. The keyboard talks to my Google Nexus 7 and and Windows 8.1 laptop with an easy connection procedure. It even works at a distance of several metres. No interference with wi-fi either. As other reviewers have said, the keyboard follows American layout so there is no pound sign, but that isn't a deal-breaker for me. I could always use copy/paste to get round that if I needed to, I suppose, or just type GBP after the figure. Some other keys need a bit of searching, such as quote marks. I haven't found a Number Lock either so I can't see a way to enter ASCII characters, by holding ALT and typing the appropriate code. However, if you type in English and don't need foreign characters and you aren't intending to type pound signs all day, I'd say this is a great little item to have.
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This is the second keyboard I've had for my Galaxy 3 8 inch tablet (the first was a cheapo £10 one from Currys) and it is a big improvement.

It's slightly smaller, but I seem to have adjusted to it pretty quickly. It looks very smart (with a stylish metallic back). For me, though, the main improvement is that it seems to stay connected to my tablet far better. With my old one, I had to re-"pair" them nearly every time I switched it on (and often when it had gone to sleep). It was a real pain. With this, though, it stays connected when you switch it off and re-connects automatically when you switch it back on (at least 90% of the time).

I was slightly worried, that the delete key locks my screen (in Android mode) and soon became a huge hassle when writing. I found, though, by putting the keyboard in windows mode it works as expected (and the volume/play keys etc. Still all work also).

At first, I also thought it was too slippy--sliding all over my lap-tray as I typed (due to the sleek metallic back)--but then realized it came with some 4 rubber feet to stick onto the backside and stop this (though I'd question how long they'll stay on, especially if you travel a lot with it).

Overall, though, for price this is excellent value. Note, it has modes for Android, Mac and Windows (you simply hold the fn key and press the relevant button to switch).
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on 1 March 2017
Not happy with you Mr Anker. This product looks great. Feels great and has had some great reviews. But it has also had some poor reviews too. It seems to me that you have a 'quality' issue as not all keyboards seem to work the same. I ordered one a few weeks ago and after week 4 the main keys stopped working. I don't type like an elephant or drink coffee like a whale, yet this keyboard stopped working for no reason one day. It's gone back and amazon were great with the refund, very fast and slick. Thank you amazon.
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