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on 1 January 2018
Short story: Got a fitbit for Christmas so I was enjoying the 'new world' of fitness trackers / apps / etc.. (never used anything similar before so I didn't even have any myfitnesspal or any similar accounts).. So I decided why not stick with the fitbit app and see what it has to offer.. Needless to say I saw that they have support for smart scales.. in fact they have their own scale, the aria 2, which I was going to buy, but it was out of stock on amazon at the moment so I googled alternatives that are still supported by the app.
I found this one and it was actually praised to be even better than the aria 2 by lots of people and you could still link it to the fitbit app.. I didn't really think twice about it and ordered it :)

It arrived fast (expedited delivery) without any issues.. it was easy to set up, though quite annoying that even after you set it up you have to press the connect button on the bottom side every single time you want to use your phone to change settings / update firmware etc just to wake it up and have your phone find it (usually it's not needed for daily use as it remembers the wifi settings and works completely independent of your phone, so bluetooth here isn't an operational technology, just required for setup).
The health mate application is actually decent.. I never saw what the Whitings one looked like before, but I read many complaints about the new nokia app... In my case it's working perfectly and does what it's supposed to do so I can't complain about the app at all.
I also managed to link it with my fitbit account really fast... however they do not have a 'place' on the website where you can find that as neither withings nor nokia are in the supported apps section for some weird reason... but if you simply google 'link withings smart body analyzer with fitbit account' a fitbit hosted page comes up with a simple wizard that gets the job done in a couple of seconds. (No trace of that shows up afterwards either.. so I couldn't see any information about the 2 being linked either in fitbit or the nokia account, but it works flawlessly so that's good enough for me)

Now for the actual product and the flaws it has imo.
I'm not going to be the one who complains that 'Oooh the bodyfat measurement is not accurate' like many people do, without understanding the implications. Bodyfat is an estimate, regardless of which method you use, be it DXA, hydrostatic... calipers.. or in this case BIA it's always just an estimate. Of course if you have a ripped 6pack and the thing says you're at 35% then yes, you should have a nice laugh about it then try to troubleshoot it, but in my case the bodyfat percentage is actually a surprisingly accurate estimate as it's giving me values around 16%. I'm 182cm tall, about 74kg with decent sized muscles little to no fat on the shoulders (individual muscle strands visible there) and the top 2 rows of my abs visible with slight overhead lighting and yes.. that is roughly in the 15-17% range. (this should also serve as a reality check to those who have no visible muscles, but complain that they get over 20% and try to turn on athlete mode to get less, because some other random machine said they were 14% - just a random example I made up based on typical internet complaints, nothing concrete)
However.. this is where the problems start, it actually feels like the bodyfat estimate is more precise than the actual scale.. which is silly, since that shouldn't be a 'guess', weight can be measured properly and quite accurately with digital scales, even the cheapest ones. As a former athlete (10+ years of judo as a teen way back) I'm quite used to weigh-ins and all sorts of scales and their shortcomings. I believe they failed on this one when designing the feet of the scale as they're hard plastic and slide too easily (you can use it as a skateboard on a hardwood floor). I understand that soft materials affect the reading, but adding the slightest rubber coating on those feet wouldn't have hurt anything. So how accurate it is?.. It gives me anything from 73.5 to 75 and rarely gives the same reading twice in a row.. if you move it (thinking that the feet might not be level) it can be a couple of kilos off even if you wait those 10 seconds listed in the online manual. As a comparison my previous scale was a simple cheap zelmer (~10 pounds).. that one had rubberized feet so it didn't move while the feet were also fixed (this one allows for play in case your floor is slightly uneven) so you had to place it in a completely flat spot and check that it doesn't wobble even the slightest before measuring. That one gave me the exact same reading no matter how many times I stepped on it in succession, furthermore it was located in the exact spot this one is atm so I know that portion of the floor is completely level. Now the other thing is that the cheap zelmer had the same increments as this one.. 100g, I was kind of hoping for a more precise 50g increment on a premium scale like this, but obviously that's being nit-picky and not actually needed for everyday use.
I am going to do more experiments with the weighing... maybe even try sticking on the carpet feet it comes with, but given that I use it on a hardwood floor it shouldn't be installed.
Bottom line, the reason for my 3 star review is the mere fact that this one makes me doubt the actual weight measurement, even though it's in there in the proper range so it would be more than fine for most people.. it just gives you that feeling of uncertainty which I never had with a cheap 10 pound scale.. I would overall give it a 4 star as it is quite useful and does what it's supposed to do for the most part... even the room air quality function can be useful (for example I learned that I need to open my windows more often lol), but the sliding feet and all... and given that it's a premium product and isn't actually cheap, yet these issues could've been so easily avoided.. I think the minus 1 star is pretty warranted..
Don't let my review put you off though, overall it's a nice product and I do like it. Also sorry for the long review, but I really wanted to include everything :)
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on 24 June 2017
I bought these scales in Sept 2015 and they were superb and worked flawlessly with the iOS Withings Health app which integrated well with Apple Health. Nokia has taken over Withings and in their wisdom decided to completely re-write the Health Mate app an have ruined it and broken the Apple Health integration. As a result the functionality of these scales is very limited until the app is sorted out, a quick look at the app review in Apple App Store will show the level of dissatisfaction from the current user community. I would not recommend buying any of the Nokia rebranded hardware until they have sorted out the serious app issues
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on 31 May 2017
I’m giving this such a low rating basically due to the fact its failed so quickly, although of course out of warranty!

Bathroom scales generally last until you get bored of them. Spend £150 on these, and I got just over 2 years of usage.

Break that usage down, and it’s pretty ugly reading:

Two people in my house, we probably weigh in on average about 10 times a week total, let’s say that takes 30 seconds per weighing, so in actual fact as its now completely dead after less than 10 hours of usage! The product has just lived in the bathroom, and hasn’t a mark on it. It’s just failed.

Being slightly more objective about things, and frankly having had this for just over 2 years, the ownership process has been interesting. Early on the app was prone to crashes, but they have ironed that out. The app is now nice, but nothing special – but its functional. The scales, worked fine for about a year, then the screen stopped working, but we still got measurements, and before I complained it started working again, and of course now it’s completely dead. The scales also quite often lost the kg/lb setting – easy enough to rectify, but I’m not quite sure why it would lose it so often – probably once every 4 to 6 weeks I would be resetting it.

What we do like is the graphics and user history. We also have the blood pressure gauge, so you do start to have some history. I can look at a graph and say ‘that peak there – that was Thailand!’.

Concept is great, and possibly I’ve just been unlucky, but it does show the cost of tech when it goes wrong quite starkly.

Off to write to Withings next and see their take on this.
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on 14 November 2017
Easy to use, easy to set up. Clean interface and the app is great too. Seems very reliable and syncs very quickly with no issues.
Only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars was the heart rate sensor often not managing to detect a heart beat. After ascertaining that I am not a member of the living dead this is a problem. The air quality sensor also doesn’t sync its data with the app unless you weigh yourself it seems, so you don’t find out the air quality until the next day. Minor issue though as you can always step on it quickly then delete the measurement.
Battery seems to last a while, and it looks quite clean and doesn’t look out of place or overly techy.
Worth buying.
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on 15 April 2016
I was worried about the reliability of this product after reading some of the reviews but I have not had any problems. Set up was very easy - just a few mins. If all you want is a bathroom scale - this is way too expensive. If you 'need' a bathroom scale that takes your weight, fat percentage, heart rate and tells you the CO2 in the air and weather forecast and sends your weight / fat data directly to your iPhone ... Then this product is excellent. If you have 2 people in the house with similar weight, just set them up one after another. When you weigh the second person, it will tell you it does not recognise you. It allows you to set up another person (each person identified by max 3 letters). When you each step on the scale, you identify yourself by lifting up your right or left foot (follow instructions on scale)
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on 1 March 2017
I'm mainly very pleased. I love the way it syncs (painlessly) with the Withings Health Mate app on my Android phone. I also have a Withings Steel HR watch and a Withings wireless blood pressure monitor.

The scales seem very accurate for weight (main purpose after all). However, I am sceptical about the body fat % monitor which fluctuates too wildly to be credible. I'm also a bit sceptical about the heart rate measurement for similar reasons. The air quality monitor is fairly meaningless and if you think I will take seriously a weather forecast from my scales, provided by an anonymous partner... Really? To get honest, I love the scales (and they look awesome). But then I have more money than sense...
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 11 August 2015
As a keen amateur runner to marathon distance I keep an eye on my weight and have two sets of scales I have purchased recently for this task. The first was the Tanita Composition Monitor which sort of worked OK in combination with my Garmin Forerunner watch but was a real faff having to link it to the watch (or to buy the expensive monitor). Another pain was the fact the rest of the family couldn't use it as there was no display so I opted to give the Withings a go.

A little more to do for the setup perhaps with a link to your wifi and registration but nothing too difficult and off you go. I have linked mine to rubiTrack Pro (running app for Mac) and understand there are ways to get the data in to Garmin Connect if you wish (just search for D C Rainmaker). For the rest of the family it can be used as a basic weighing scale and works fine.

Of course the other option is to use the iOS or Android App as this is where the scale comes in to its own in terms of being able to track your weight over a period of time. I use the app to set a weight target and the app will then show progress with a link to the scale so that each time you take a reading it will then, wirelessly, send the data to your phone. Trouble is with the app is that it shows the other kit you could have and I have already been swayed by this with the blood pressure monitor and feel I should, perhaps, also get the activity tracker!

The scale also gives the usual, other, readings such as heart rate and body fat.

Of note is the fact Withings put out firmware releases with one enabling a weather forecast! After your weight comes up you get the weather symbols as to what you can expect before you head out!

A few cons to this though that have stopped me giving the full 5 x stars:

Mine occasionally looses wifi connection (may be the AAA batteries are getting low)
Annoyingly it seems to forget the weight type (Kg's, stones etc.,) every now and again meaning you need to change the setting via the touch sensitive button which is often not that touch-sensitive
I use mine of a tiled bathroom floor but, on occasion, you find the scale weighs heavy when you first get on. If you jump off the 4-5lbs can be seen on the scale display so you need to get on carefully and it returns the weight you expected. Perhaps this is me standing on it off centre or something...

Overall it is highly recommended and the weighing scale I turn to every time I feel brave enough to jump on!
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on 17 November 2016
It measures weight, tracking the weight is harder because if another user is within 5kg of your weight it won't recognize you.

The heartbeat sensor is a joke, it's nowhere near the actual heartbeat (I measured it with proper equipment).

The fat % is also a joke, it doesn't distinguish fat from water in your body. If you drink too much water the fat % will be way up.

The oxygen monitor does work well, I get completely different readings if I close the door in my room over night, or if no one sleeps in the room, or even after a few minutes with the windows open. I wish it would give you the PPM number after you weigh yourself (only shows the chart) so you have to step off the scale and press it with your toe, which is not very easy.
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on 9 March 2016
the trend weight options to connect with both the app, and fitness apps such as My Fitness Pal and TrendWeight are great to have Is extremely precise with users even with minimal weight differences (2/3 lbs).
The temperature outdoors and Co2 levels indoors are pretty useful to find out too especially since you usually weight in the morning undressed just before figuring out your outfie, which knowing the temperature outside can be very useful to plan for.

How ever, body fat % and heart rate are not worth the extra money from the previous model as they are not accurate in the least. I lost 13lbs since I got the scale yet my body fat varies every day from 38 to 32% still, depending on the scale's mood. Same goes for heart rate: my boyfriend always measured over 120bpm to the point, on the basics of the scale reading, he booked a doctor's appointmnet as an healthy heart rate is around 80-90. Turned out measured at the doctor's his heart rate was 70 so not even close to the consistent 120 reading the scale kept on giving, hence the entra money for this does't seem justified.
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on 9 June 2015
Beautiful styling, but very temporamental. Have tried it with Wifi and had major problems synching. Now have it on bluetooth synching to my mobile. Worked well for two weeks, but inexplicably refuses to synch again. The only solution offered (although not yet proven) seems to be a factory reset, but then all data is lost. Not worth buying until Withings can sort out these major issues. A pity, as they are a lovely pair of scales, but they definitely do not do what it says on the tin, at least not consistently.
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