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on 30 June 2013
Firstly the colours on this monitor are amazing. They are rich and vibrant, the AH-IPS panel on this monitor is truly stunning. Yes, AH-IPS, not e-IPS. This monitor has the better IPS technology despite the remarkably low price. The bezel is very thin, around 1cm. There is no frame around the monitor which bulges out like on most monitors. On these monitors the frame is the bezel. On the LG 23EA63V however, there is just a 1cm border around the screen where the nothing is displayed. I am a gamer and the responsiveness is far better than satisfactory. The is no need for concerns about input lag even when playing fast paced games like Planetside. The backlight is very evenly distributed too and there isn't even the slightest hint of backlight bleed. This monitor also had local dimming which turns off the LEDs in areas of the screen to make blacks deeper than 99% of the monitors on the market. This is extremely good for watching videos and movies which are in the 21:9 aspect ratio. As I mentioned earlier there is no frame around the edges of the screen and the letterboxing on the video blends in with the bezel extremely well. The stand is very easy to setup but it is rather wobbly, however once it is in place you won't encounter any issues. If you try to plug in the connectors though it does wobble a fair bit. But this is a minor issue which won't bother you unless you touch the monitor often. The screen is a gorgeous matte finish and is very anti-reflective. Every other part of the monitor, except the strip under the screen, is glossy and reflective. The glossy part is a fingerprint magnet but it shouldn't really matter because the fingerprints will be unseeable. The matte screen picks up fingerprints just as easily. Cleaning the fingerprints is not easy. I touched the screen and had to use a microfibre cloth to clean it. If you do keep the screen clean though the monitor does look quite beautiful from an aesthetics point if view. You start to appreciate how dramatically the lack of a frame bezel affects the look. The only complaints which I have are that the LED under the LG logo bulges out of the bottom a little and that the stand is glossy. The monitor uses touch sensitive button for power, menu etc. They are a lot easier to use than most touch sensitive monitor buttons. There is a small red LED on the monitor which pulses in standby and turns off during use. The monitor doesn't have speakers either, this may bother a few people but I myself am a headphone guy. If you wish to connect with DVI, like I have with my PC, you need to plug speakers or headphones into your system. If you use HDMI, like I have done with my PS3, you need to plug speakers or headphones into the monitor. The monitor has DVI, HDMI and VGA input. The monitor only comes with a VGA cable. VGA is not capable of outputting 1080p. You MUST use DVI or HDMI which are both adequate for 1080p at 60hz. I use both my PC and PS3 on this monitor and switching between PS3 audio and PC audio is a bit of a hassle because I have to change where the headphone is plugged in. You may need an audio switch box or an audio mixer if you want to connect more than two devices to this monitor. Overall this monitor is probably a 9.9 out of 10. 0.05 is lost for the stand and 0.05 for the gloss which I dislike. The headphone thing isn't really a problem because a lot of monitors don't have speakers. Anyway... the point is, this monitor is an absolute bargain for £109 and is a must buy. NOTHING in this price range compares to it.

UPDATE 19/07/2013

I've been using this monitor for a while now and I have to say I'm absolutely loving it. I have noticed that the glossy surfaces pick up dust quite easily, but not too much dust. I clean it with a vacuum cleaner because I don't like touching this monitor. I've also come to REALLY appreciate the matte finish on the screen. My TV, the LG LM760T, is very good which is to be expected from a 1.3 grand TV but the screen is glossy. The two light bulbs in my living room reflect off the screen a LOT when on. My monitor is right next to the window in my study and has no issues whatsoever in direct sunlight.

UPDATE 2 02/12/2013

It's been a while since I first bought the monitor and I can gladly say that it's just as stunning as it was on day 1. People have been reporting an issue where the sharpness setting resets to 5 every time the monitor turns off. I can report this is true. HOWEVER! Personally I find that if the sharpness is beyond 5 which is the default setting, the screen exhibits noticeable aliasing also known as 'jaggies' or 'the staircase effect'. 5 is the best setting anyway to do not fear.
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on 30 September 2013
I took delivery of 2 of these yesterday, and I am amazingly impressed. It's great to have full HD at last. They look great, the power lights switch off after a bit (so no obtrusive LEDs) and I haven't found a dead pixel on either of them.

I won't go into setting up a dual screen display except to say I advise against using the LG dual screen utility - use windows instead, much simpler.

People have had problems with the size of the display on the screen. This is, admittedly, partly due to LG being naughty with their advertising (more later). The problem I had was different sizes for HDMI vs DVI-D. Most graphics cards don't have duplicate outputs, but 3 different ones. The solution is to go into your graphics settings (in my case AMD's Catalyst Control Centre) and find the 'GPU Scaling' option. Enable that and all's good.

Also, the brightness adjusts itself depending on what the monitor perceives the load as. Suddenly dimming full screen video in a very annoying way. I went into the actual monitor's options and disabled the 'Super Energy Saving' feature. That sorted it out, and I turn off unused displays by hand anyway.

Finally, if you use HDMI for one display, it will automatically switch to 'AV Mode' rather than 'PC Mode'. This applies slightly different brightness, colour and contrast profiles, so 2 displays calibrated the same on the same graphics card look quite different side by side. Again, there's a setting on the monitor to switch between the 2 modes.

As far as the monitor controls go, the touch buttons take some getting used to, but play around with it for a while. There's a convenient 'Reset' option to restore to factory defaults. Once you've got it/them how you like you'll probably never need to use the monitor controls again.

Now for LG. Naughty, naughty LG! Their advertising clearly boasts of a display that goes right up to the frame of the monitor. THIS IS NOT THE CASE! There is about 8mm of bezel hidden under the front panel. I've measured the screen dimensions very carefully and what displays is the full 23" that I paid for, though. To be honest, I suspect that most flat panels have this sort of border, but it's usually hidden behind plastic frame. The plus side is that, without a bulky frame, these monitors look very much slicker than others whether switched on or off, and you really would think they're much more expensive than they are.

So to sum up:

1. They look great and work very well. Amazing at the price.
2. A bit fiddly to set up unless you're happy with the defaults (which are fine, really, just different for different inputs
3. Use the GPU Scaling on your Graphics Card
4. Naughty, naughty LG!! No, really, bad LG! Dirty LG! In your bed!
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on 9 January 2014
After spending weeks comparing monitors and jumping between various features, refresh rates and panels I finally settled on this monitor. I'm currently building a PC and I'm currently testing this monitor connected to a laptop, Its certainly looks huge compared to the 15.6 inch screen I was previously using, loads more screen space, sharper text, better colours everything is a massive improvement. Below are a few of the things I wanted to share regarding this particular monitor.

Bezel: The Bezel itself is very thin and looks slick when the monitor is off. However once powered up roughly 1cm of what you think it the screen is left black, this is not a major issue since your still seeing a 23 inch display. But I can understand how it bothers some, for me though its not a big deal. IMO its still fine for a multi-monitor set-up. There is also some false information on some places stating that the bezel reduces the screen to 21 inch. It does not, the display is still 23 inch and the total diagonal measure with bezel is over 24 inch.

Lightbleed: Viewed a black screen and saw no lightbleed at all , which after reading some reviews is quite amazing. This makes me think that a) I'm just lucky or b) The lightbleed issue is very small. I think its b but I could be wrong.

Stand: Oh yes it wobbles, if you have a sturdy desk this shouldn't be an issue. I don't think its too bad, It only wobbles when you try to move it or on the rare occasions you will actually use on the menu controls. Which leads me to....

Touch buttons: Touch buttons are rarely great, in fact I'de have preferred physical buttons. The touch buttons are functional..... most of the time. On the few occasions I've used the controls today it has on occasion not responded. Not a massive issue, just slightly annoying.

Conclusion: Ok its not the most sturdy monitor and the controls are a bit meh plus the bezel is a bit deceptive, but all those are very nit-picky things and don't affect the actual performance of the monitor at all. the price, the screen quality and features are still well worth the £120 (which surprisingly is a "high" price). I would recommend this monitor any day and don't see any reason to give it less than 5 stars, after all you buy a monitor as a thing to look at.

Thank you. I hope you found my thoughts useful
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on 2 November 2013
Let me just start by saying that the picture quality is fantastic when displaying in 1080p. Its sharp and crisp, and the screen itself looks great.
I dont know how it compares to other monitors for picture quality, since ive never owned another 1080p IPS monitor, however i cant fault in for the picture quality.
However, there are a few major issues i will list below, starting with the most annoying.

1. The light bleed is terrible. If you don't know what i mean i will explain. First of all i thought this was a defective monitor so i sent it back for a replacement ( also there was a little bug under the screen)
When displaying blacks, it will ALWAYS display grey areas in the bottom left and right of the screen. It becomes worse on one side if you view it from a different angle.
Its called light bleed ive just found out, it looks like sunlight is constantly on the screen. The replacement i was sent is exactly the same. Its very irritating.

2. Theres some sort of inbuilt setting which AUTOMATICALLY adjusts the brightness. I dont know how to stop it, and theres nothing in the settings that i can see to stop it.
When watching films, if there is more dark on the screen it will dim the brightness, if theres is more white on the screen it will up the brightness. I dont know why, maybe they think it makes the blacks look deeper, but its really annoying.

3. Flimsy stand makes pressing the touch buttons and navigating really awkward. You press a button and the whole screen moves. The buttons are under the screen and its just not very intuitive.

Overall it just feels a bit cheap. The monitor looks expensive when its switched off, the bezel free edge looks good, although i must point out the screen doesn't extend all the way to the edge like it shows in some of the pictures.
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on 19 August 2013
I am quite happy with the monitor as it has only a little light bleed in the bottom left corner, I have had to return other IPS monitors for terrible light bleed but I can live with this small amount. Also the anti-glare coating is not as distracting as it is on some IPS monitors, ie. the Dell U2312HM (other than I found the anti-glare coating too grainy and distracting the Dell is an excellent monitor).

But this monitor has an annoying bug in the firmware, every time the monitor is turned off and back on it resets the sharpness value to it's default (even though the osd says it hasn't, it has)and I find the default too sharp, so each time I have to set it back to the value I had already set it to. It is a bit of a pain to do because the menu is a little fiddly. Google "LG 23EA63V sharpness bug" and you will see other people have found this too, it also seems to apply to some other LG IPS models.

I would say because of this it might be better to get the LG IPS234V, which is around the same price, but that is the one I had to send back for terrible light bleed, though I am sure they vary from unit to unit and you might be lucky and get one with no bleed.

So, right now I am debating whether to keep this inspite of it's bug because the picture quality is nice and I am sick of trying to find an IPS monitor I can live with.

But can I live with this bug? If it wasn't for that I would give this monitor 5 stars and be very happy with it.
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on 31 August 2013
I needed two large monitors for my work environment and was drawn to this model because of it's size, IPS and thin bezel however I was originally put off by the apparent "Sharpness Bug".
Finding no other model that I liked the look of as much as these I ultimately chose to buy them thinking that if the sharpness is really that poor I could return them as not fit for purpose. However when I received the monitors and powered them up I was instantly impressed by the default configuration - including the sharpness of the picture - and I can't imagine why anyone could want to tinker with the default sharpness setting.

I have noticed that in common with most every other device I have ever bought of this nature, these monitors come with built-in presets one of which bumps up the sharpness level so I would suggest that anyone encountering the "Bug" in the sharpness control try this approach first and then the optician next.

There's no excuse for LG to not fix an issue like the "Sharpness Bug" (If it still persists), however I think in this instance it wont affect your enjoyment of the product.
The only downsides to this monitor is that although the bezel is indeed tiny the picture does not stretch to the very edge of the screen and you are left with a 1cm border and also I notice that the connections poke out at 90 degrees to the back of the monitor which some people may find inconvenient.

Finally each monitor came with a test sheet detailing the testing that had been done by the manufacturers QA before shipping.
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on 19 July 2013
I didn't buy the first one on Amazon, but the second one has been purchased only a fortnight after the first. They're very good monitors. Very crisp and clear display. It has an array of ports on the back, including VGA, DVI and HDMI. I would recommend getting a HDMI lead for ultimate quality.
Having looked through a number of different monitors; I can happily recommend this one for price, quality and overall geekness!

The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is that the stand is really flimsy, and the monitor wobbles at the slightest touch; ie when switching it on and off. For this reason I would recommend buying a sturdy desk monitor arm.
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on 2 September 2013
Been a fantastic buy so far. IPS, so great viewing angles. Stand is much better then other budget monitors I've bought, no wobbles.

Only slight downside is the screen is a bit reflective from a few feet away, it seems to have some sort of grainy coating. So to watch a blu-ray from the couch I had to get the room lighting adjusted.

But great for working in front of it. Personally I like being able to see the pixels clearly and sharply defined. Only downside is it the huge 27" screen reminds me of how a 20" screen used to look to my eyes 10 years younger...
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on 12 November 2013
This monitor is simply amazing. There is nothing I can fault about it.

I primarily got it to play my Xbox 360 on seems as my TV broke, However I found myself using my PC on it as well.

My PC is connected via VGA (you get one VGA cable supplied though) and the display is beautiful, crisp and sharp.

My console is connected via HDMI (you don't get on supplied unfortunately) and I can say its just breathtaking.

The stand is nothing like concrete but it's sturdy.

What I was surprised about what there is a 3.5mm audio out/in jack on the back so I connected my speakers smoothly and hassle free which was amazing! (I use them for my Xbox 360) For PC you would have to connect them via your PC tower.

I recommend it for a TV replacement for your consoles, It's simply stunning.

For the price it is amazing, I don't think you can beat it. It's wafer thin with a carbon fiber finish on the back. Beautiful!

(All the bad reviews on this product seem to be one off things) I have had no dead pixels or scratches!
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on 16 December 2013
I have had this monitor for a couple of months and i'm very pleased with my choice.
It comes with a certificate bearing the serial number and stating that it has been factory colour calibrated which means its perfect straight out of the box and all you need to do is choose your own preferences for brightness, contrast etc.
There are a number of options for you to choose if you want a custom set up or you can use the presets available. I adjusted the brightness and contrast also setting the colour to cool which i think gives truer flesh tones but it is a matter of choice, i also turned off the red indicator light although it still comes on when in standbye mode but it is only a very faint blinking light.
I personally think it looks very stylish in an understated way it looks expensive when off and awesome when on.
The rear has a nice very fine dimple effect also all the connections come in horizontal so it would be no good for wall mounting.
The base has to be firmly homed which requires a bit of force, so the way i did it was to place the screen face down on the edge of a bed attach the base and then you can apply pressure to seat it firmly home without damaging the screen. Some people have complained about the base not being strong enough, but you have to remember that it is a slim lightweight design, having the power transformer brick outside the monitor similar to a laptop charger. So without that weight inside the monitor if you have on a desk where there is heavy footfall then it will wobble. I have it in my living room which has a springy wooden floor and it never moves.
HD tv and dvds look fantastic and the screen is truly non refective perfect for watching tv i have a usb hd tuner connected to my pc.
Gaming is great this model has apparently a input lag time of only 10ms (leo bodnar lag test) not to be confused with response time which is grey to grey lag time is the response to keys or mouse commands. Which is the same lag time as the asus vs278q which is marketed as gaming monitor.You have to choose from the options i think it is, 1 or fastest, for this to be enabled, which is what i have it set at.
Once i had set the options to what i wanted and saved the custom set up,i found the switches too sensitive so rather than switch the monitor off using the touch sensitive switch, i just shut down my pc and turn off at the mains which is more sensible anyway.
With my old samsung monitor if i played a intensive game like borderlands 2 after about an hour my eyes became dry and sore and i would have to stop for a while but with this screen i can play for hours before any getting strain on my eyes i don't know if this is due to the way the screen is refreshed or not but being better on my eyes is a big bonus.

Check out Amazon USA for more reviews
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