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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 19 September 2013
So far I've played 7 Hours of this game, and every second has been an nostalgic joy.
Admittedly I hadn't completed the game before, so there's a lot more than cheerful nostalgia going here. Why so?

1) Everything from the music to the gameplay and cutscene visuals are gorgeously luscious and sharp. (Absolutely loved the cutscene at the beginning +the music is crystal clear)

2) It's Intimate story personally keeps you engaged with Sora's story. RPG elements are fun, untedious and different worlds are detailed and diverse.

3) Gameplay overall is simple, yet addictive and fun. Playing it on proud mode though is quite a challenge, though putting through the effort is gratifying.

Criticisms: Most of these can be overlooked. People complain about the camera, I can see why, - instead of problematic I would class it as a challenge being unable to look behind you in the middle of a fight in a first person kind of way. Some World environments can look outdated and the Gummi ship definitley is. I hardly care, I'm appreciating everything else too much not too. They are minor and very easy to ignore.

Overall I rate this game as outstanding, reason why I bought it over GTA 5 was for the story. If your new to the series, I suggest you get on the ride to see what it's all about, you won't regret it. Be prepared for an emotional journey. For those familiar, this is a definite must buy! I'd say it's worth the price, but if you wish to wait do so, as long as you buy it ( It's gonna be a long wait till KH3). I'm urgently waiting for 2.5 to come out and I hope It come out much more crisper and surprising than it's predecessor. Personally I hope they put in Dream drop distance in there, I dont care for coded, cut scenes shall suffice for it. Otherwise we ps3 users will always be missing that KH3 prequel.
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on 20 September 2014
As a huge fan of the series since the first game, I picked this up on release. These three aren't the best games in the series, but that's all relative in a game series that is so consistently good.

Firstly, Kingdom Hearts Final Mix. This has so much nostalgic value for me, but is still a great game in its own right, beginning the journey of Sora through the worlds of Disney. The HD looks brilliant when compared to the original, including new face models for Sora and Ansem to match their later appearances, while the Final Mix features are fairly modest - mainly two new cutscenes featuring Riku and a secret boss battle against (SPOILERS) Kingdom Hearts II's villain Xemnas. A must play for fans of the series or people who want to try it for the first time.

Next we have Re:Chain of Memories, which takes place immediately after the first game (including the fastest puberty in gaming history). It is the worst game in the series due to its card based combat, but that's just my opinion - I know many people who love it because it adds more strategy to the boss fights. Nevertheless, the story is great and sets up Kingdom Hearts II nicely, although it only features two new worlds, with the game mostly being set in illusions of previously seen worlds. Still, great game, just not as good as the rest of the series.

Finally, 358/2 Days, also set between the first two main games, tells the story of Roxas, who works for Organisation 13? However, this is only cutscenes that don't really tell the whole story.We get no battles and don't see any of the smaller things that set up the second game. However, we get the basics of the best character driven story in the series, which is genuinely heartbreaking at the end, and it also gives more meaning to the prologue of Kingdom Hearts 2. Still definitely worth a watch.

I believe that 2.5 will be better, it has a better selection of games for starters, but this is still a must buy for those who want to get into the series or older fans - like myself - who want to see our most beloved games brought into the 7th generation
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on 4 November 2013
Years ago when I first saw the adverts I had mixed feelings about the first Kingdom Hearts. The reason? This is Disney working with Square Enix! That's the only reason is this weird mix of companies, well known for different kinds of games and working together and this combo creates a unbeatable series!

You travel the worlds with your friends (most of the worlds being Disney based such as Tarzan world, Wonderland, Halloween town and so on) to defeat the Heartless, creatures that are born of the darkness and seek out those who are tempted by evil and feed on those still with hearts. This game also had many of the cast from the different films of the worlds you visit and with the writing from the Square Enix crew, you know this is going to be a blast.

However, all that is the first game, I have played chain of memories on the DS (this one has been re-done into HD, same game mechanic though and there's another game on there I've never tried. I can't say what I feel about those two yet as I haven't completed them, but they were lead ups to the sequel and I hope KH 2.5 is released on the PS3 too as I don't see myself getting a PS4 unless I come across a source of oil or a cave lined with gold on my land.

They did one or two tweeks to the origonal one. Adding the triangle ability that only appeared in KH2, giving you missions to be completed for rewards and achievements for piloting from one area to another in the gummi ship and adding a few extra abilities that weren't in the first game from what I can tell.
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on 25 February 2016
This game was bought as I couldn't play my PS2 versions anymore.

Unfortunately, it has no real added extras and some of the cutscenes don't look as sharp as they did on the old console.

Nevertheless, if you are a fan of KH, you will still love it.
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on 19 September 2013
Its hard to believe this series is 10+ years old but Kingdom Hearts is showing to be one of those timeless games that will continue to entertain the masses for eons to come. The HD rendering really showcases the beauty of the Disney worlds and the gameplay, although significantly untouched, can still be relevant in 2013.

Considering the price of the game, and added additional content of COM and Days, its absolute BARGAIN. Anyone who hasn't played the series will definitely be getting the bang for their buck.

Hopefully this set's up nicely for a release of 2.5 next year and Kingdom Hearts 3 in 2015 ( I presume ).
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on 17 February 2014
I've always wanted to replay the kingdom hearts series but my ps2 broke time ago. now I can first of all you get kingdom hearts 1 final mix which never came out in Europe I've always wanted to play this one as there are more secret cut scenes which weren't in the original and extra features that was in the final mix version only. 1080p quality makes this game look perfect any KH fan would agree. second game you get with this is Kingdom hearts 358/2 days which you can not play rather its just cut scenes lots of them more like a movie even doh you cant play it I would suggest you watch them as its a vital an fun part of the kingdom hearts storyline. and lastly you get Kingdom hearts Re:Chain of memories which originally came out on the Gameboy advance, the gameplay style is very different to the first game harder to get use to but if you master it you wont find much challenge its the way you fight requires thinking. in the end its 2 games plus a short movie in one you really cant be disappointed.
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on 30 March 2014
Having not played Kingdom Hearts in something like 5 years, I was delighted to see it had been rereleased in HD for PS3. The second I began playing it, it felt just right again. The game has a silly premise, mixing final fantasy characters with Disney characters, and the story and main characters are also suitably juvenile, but there's something very heartwarming and fun about this game.

The first time I played it, I hadn't watched a Disney movie in years, and seeing all the great characters come back in an interactive way gave me a great connection to my childhood, that link still remains some 7 years later. It also helps that this game is a really good game as well, the gameplay is fun, if sometimes repetitive, the abilities and magic and summons all work very well and provide room for tactical gameplay. The production values are also high, there are, to my knowledge, no glitches in this game. Not even rendering or clipping issues, everything just works as it should.

The pitfalls have also been removed from the first one, so if you missed one of the collectibles, you can always go back and get it. It's also a pleasure to see more enemies and abilities introduced, providing more activities in the game, and different tactics to use, all of these were welcome additions. And finally the timing of the game is pretty much perfect, it doesn't drag on too long, but doesn't feel too short either. There are plenty of extra missions and bosses to complete, but not so many that completing side activities becomes a drag, or distraction from the main game.

All in all this is a very well made game, that contains all your favourite disney and final fantasy characters in a simple, but overall very enjoyable game. Recommended.
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on 7 July 2016
I played this to bits on the original PS 2 so I could not pass up on the opportunity to get this game in 'HD' specs. My kids love it with all the Disney characters that they love.

The game comes with all the known games (up to that point at least) but now in HD quality. It is a beauty to behold and the game play that you know and love. I am not too sure about the (3)DS ports to the big screen though as it feels like it is not finished. But apart from that; I have spend nearly 60+ hours per title on this and whilst writing this I am ramping up to do another play through. Just to see all those places from the Disney world
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on 17 June 2014
It has a very refined feel to it. The main playable game is the origional Kingdom of Hearts on ps1, however the mechanics have been improved upon and the game play feels more like Kingdom of Hearts 2. By this I mean for any die hard KoH fans out there, when playing the second game, the improvements you noticed from the origional that made gameplay in battles more fluid have been added to this version. Great to reminise, and better graphics!
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on 19 October 2013
Easily one of the best HD remakes on the market in terms of graphical updates! Everything is easily defined by clear lines, no pixilation (as there was when playing on PS2 with a modern tv) and the level of detail seems completely new!

Audio too is improved, Destiny Islands and Traverse Town themes spring to mind as tracks that have been given a face-lift.

Heartless have been re-coloured, cutscenes have been added, making Final Mix the most comprehensive KH ever released in Europe and HD the best way to play it!

Even trawling for Synthesis ingredients feels like an adventure when you know that trophies are at the end of it!

10/10 - Perfect for any RPG fan; an essential for any KH player and a joy of a game!
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