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on 12 October 2014
This has been a godsend. Have used this in lots of situations, on a boat in the car travellng to recharge the kids various devices. Charges up really easily and then you can use to charge items or just plug it in to use them. Just needed to add a new shape ipad connector to charge as this included the old style.
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on 28 April 2014
I read all the reviews before purchasing this item and although a lot of people find it bulky. I keep it in the car and have found it a lifesaver when my Samsung is running low as my cigarette socket takes soooooo long to charge. Especially good on long journeys when the sat nav drains my phone. I have no complaints so far. Thanks.
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on 13 July 2014
Worked great for 5 months of very light use. Now it refuses to recharge even with the supplied lead.
Waste of money
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on 7 April 2014
The build quality is really good. Its not metal, but a hard durable plastic which doesn't scratch easily. Battery life has been excellent and charges my LG Opimus 4XHD 4 times.
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on 6 January 2015
very handy for festivals & weekends away!
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on 27 January 2015
thank you
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on 27 January 2014
Very good but unless you viewed the whole product did not mention that a charger needs to be also purchase, it wasn't until it turned up we were aware. Suggest make this more visible in being of body of text and not at the very button where is says more product description.
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on 1 July 2014
I couldn't recommend this battery charger any more! I needed an extra power supply for my phone battery as I go on long day trips walking and stay at campsites over night meaning there is no accessible phone charging supply and this is where this comes in. I did a little experiment of charging my phone for a few days from the battery pack being fully charged all the way until the battery pack had totally died and the results were as follows:

0%-99% (phone unused)
0%-76% (phone unused)
32%-100% (phone unused)
18%-100% (slightly used)
39%-100% (phone unused)
6%-100% (phone used)
Overall Percentage = 480% extra

As you can see you get an extra 4/5 full charges out of an iPhone 5s which I have. I was astonished by the battery packs power and although the power rating will vary with different products it will still have a great charge time. I couldn't recommend this product more!
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on 2 January 2014
I bought this as a replacement for the EasyAcc 5600 as the 5600 didn't suit my needs.

EasyAcc 10000 Pros:
Light weight
Compact (a little larger than my iPhone 5s)
Charges my iPhone almost 4x (from around 15% charge to 100%)
It's easy to see how much charge it has left
It charges at 5v 1amps and 5v 2amps so I can on occasion charge my iPad as well.

EasyAcc 10000 Cons:
It takes a while to charge, but as long as you plan ahead, this isn't an issue.
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on 15 December 2014
Works really well, will charge several devices on a single charge. Top-up charges are quick. Option of an 1A or 2A output, useful for charging a wide variety of devices with a Daffodil USB lead or similar.

Will you really use it? Really? If you don’t charge it regularly it could lose the ability to take the charge, just like any other rechargeable battery. Recharging the device from a fully discharged state can be slow.

I initially bought this with an eye to recharging digital devices while on the go. In practice, a car charger running from the cigarette lighter can do that job perfectly well without being organised enough to remember to charge the EasyAcc device.
However, still a useful device if you spend a long time away from home and the car on day trips or if you go camping. While I’m sure it will be useful at some point, I was unsure whether it would still work when I needed it. Like any rechargeable device, if you don’t charge it regularly and let it completely discharge over time then you may find that it doesn’t take a charge when you finally come to use it.

BUT I now use the device for a different purpose...

I bought a car camera over the summer which is good but imperfect - it needs a lead to the cigarette lighter all the time, it can be susceptible to damage from the ignition going on and off if you forget to switch off the camera before the engine, because of the power surge. But the biggest downside is that when you switch the engine off the camera switches off, which may not be the best thing in the event of an accident. I now use the EasyAcc device to run the car camera, which it does perfectly with very little of the charge used over the course of an hour’s driving. It sits in the glove compartment and I charge it every couple of days.

The added advantage is that the device is sure to work when I need it for other uses – eg for when we visit relatives and someone forgets to bring their charger with them for their favourite device! Also means we don’t have to be rude and use others electricity.

I have charged a range of devices – various smart phones, Kindles, mp3 players, a PSP (which you can charge and play at the same time) – old fashioned, I know – and various others but have not used on iPhones or iPads. The initial charge of the EasyAcc device took quite a while and I did then invest in the EasyAcc 2A charger to speed up the process a little. However, if you don’t deplete the device too much before topping up the charge it can be quite quick. I also bought a Daffodil USB cable so that I can get away with carrying one cable to charge lots of different devices.

Quick Summary
Now that I have a regular use for the device I’m really pleased I bought it. It works well and will no doubt be useful for those ‘emergency’ situations. If you have a specific purpose in mind for the device then I have no hesitation in recommending it. If you are more in the ‘it might be useful to have’ camp, then I would think seriously about it before buying.

A USB utility cable such as those by Daffodil and the 2A charger are useful add-ons. Remember you need to be organised enough to not forget to charge it!
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