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Evil Dead [DVD] [2013]
Format: DVD|Change
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on 27 January 2016
Arrived in top condition
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on 8 October 2015
To say this is a rewrite of a classic is hit and miss... Yeah they took the name, they took the main story line (a few possessed people staggering around killing their friends saying "I'm going to eat your soul" and a cabin in the woods with a basement...) which as I recall was the entire story... They changed a few of the bells and whistles that beefed up the threads of the story and turned it into a hack and slash blood fest. To be fair the threads of this story don't make a fine tapestry... you would be lucky to get a hair net.

To sum up, a base rewrite, hack and slash blood fest with no real story to follow.
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on 27 September 2013
I like this film no bad but the old ones are much better evil dead is bruce Campbell evil dead 2 is so much fun 3 ok we will see were the new evil dead gos a good watch
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on 17 April 2017
Good remake of a horror film. There is never ending gore and shocks in this film - when you think its all over it just starts again. It lets you catch your breath for seconds between a limb being sawed off with a meat carver and a nail gun being fired into somebodies arm,leg, torso, head. The violence for a horror is superb but not unnecessary, everything that happens has a reason. A horror story with a good, workable plot. Its starts of stereotypically with teenagers in a cabin in the woods - this comfort; that brings on thoughts of boredom is quickly proved wrong and when that happens the horror never stops.
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on 19 October 2016
Rubbish, tedious, cliched doggy doos
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 20 February 2016

Evil Dead arrives on blu-ray with MPEG-4 AVC @ 25 Mpbs 1080p 2.35:1 encode. The picture was photographed with Sony’s CineAlta F65 digital camera system. The visual imagery is intensely frightening and utilizes a stylized colour palette to dramatic effect, aided by cinematic lighting that highlights shadow details. Blacks are deep and solid. Image clarity is impeccable, with natural sharpness defining each and every element. This movie is a powerful and horrific visual experience that is exemplary of the genre. (4.5/5)


The DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 soundtrack is intense as well with aggressive atmospherics and sound effects coupled with deep bass impact. The orchestral and choral music score is haunting and dynamic. Dialogue is intelligible. The enveloping sonic experience is engaging throughout and delivers a visceral emotional reaction. This is truly a scary soundtrack. (5/5)


Unfortunately, Evil Dead only contains the R-rated theatrical version of the movie, not the much-hoped-for unrated cut that was handed an NC-17 rating. A relentless, ghastly, and jubilant phantasmagoria of nightmares, the Evil Dead remake is a boisterous, outing that lives up to the cartoonish spirit of the Sam Raimi cult classic. From Uruguayan filmmaker Fede Alvarez, making his big-screen American debut, the film comes with a clever plot that feels fresh and new, but doesn't shy away from being seen as a reimagining/reboot/continuation of the beloved original while also drenching the whole affair with buckets of gory, blood-spattered gruesomeness. The blu-ray arrives with an excellent video transfer and a reference-quality audio presentation. Evil Dead is an enjoyable, scary movie, and is highly recommended.
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on 13 March 2017
Nothing nice happens in this movie. It is raw and cold. If you like horror then it is an absolute classic. In my opinion it is better than all the following movies and spin offs.
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on 18 August 2017
Evil Dead is probably one of the goriest films I've ever seen. I can only assume that the film makers supplied several swimming pools filled with fake blood...because there is so much of it. Blood on the floor, blood on clothes, blood on faces, raining blood, blood on...wait a minute, raining blood!? Yes, it goes to that extreme. So Evil Dead is a remake of the original of the same name, we follow a group of teens in a cabin in a remote location who try to help their friend to stop taking drugs. They find the book of the dead and what ensues is a heck load of blood and gore! Oh, and all of the following: tree rape, slicing tongue and snogging someone, car crushing a girl's hand and her pulling it out...and my favourite, absolutely decimating someone with a chainsaw. I'm talking ripped to shreds! Total annihilation! Ohhhh so satisfying to watch...in a sick weird way. As you can probably tell, I enjoyed the hell out of this and have done for several viewings. It knows exactly what it is, a fun gory flick that does not take itself too seriously. Yes the characters are bland and expendable and yes the acting is mediocre, except Jane Levy who was actually really good. But you didn't watch this for an Oscar nominated performance. No no no you wanted to see a girl slice her mouth open with a shard of glass! I mean the enhanced use of makeup, prosthetics, costumes etc. just made the experience all the more enjoyable and authentic. I appreciated the dark comedic undertone, particularly from the possessed Mia, that definitely harked back to the original. Director Fede Alvarez did a good job, lots of creepy camerawork and I adored the opening bird's eye view shot where the teenagers are driving along the road. His usage of visual exposition, such as flashbacks to the opening scene, were pointless and unfortunately spoon fed us everything. You'll guess the whole plot in the first 10 minutes, which is its downfall. However, I wanted to see gore and it delivered...massively. My advice: don't read a book made of skin and wrapped in barbed wire. Just don't.
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on 23 July 2017
'Evil Dead' is about a group of teenage friends who go to stay in a remote cabin with friend Mia (who suffers from a drug addiction). But one of them finds a very mysterious book and in the basement, and once it is opened then evil comes to find them. This 2013 film is a remake of the 1981 original and the special effects and production designs are much more better and look super realistic. However, I did find this film to be lacking for me because I thought the pacing was too slow during the first half, the storyline didn't make much sense as to what was going on, and I did not like most of the characters who are made to act stupid. The final 30 minutes are brilliant though as the pacing does become faster I started to feel empathy for Mia. The directing, editing and music score was fantastic too, but overall I thought this film had a few issues which could have made it much better.
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on 28 June 2016
Wow another horror movie about teens running into trouble while staying in some old cabin in the middle of the woods! I have seen horror movies I genuinely like, I love the Silent hill movies but it would be great if I could see a horror movie that isn't about young people fighting of evil while being trapped somewhere, it's been done to many times. I want to see something like Hellraiser, I want a horror movie that is actually creepy as well as original. American Werewolf in london, there are so many great classic horror movies and I want to see more of it nowadays. True horror to me is something that's chilling, plays with the mind, some what disturbing in a way that really makes it interesting to watch, I get tired of these sorts of films that just have pointless gore and therefore it's a horror film. this movie didn't do anything for me, it's just blood thirsty. Movies like Saw don't count because they are meant to be like that and the storyline for Saw works perfectly making it a very interesting movie series. This film isn't terrifying or unsettling, it's just kinda boring with lots of blood. The silent hill movies are pretty nightmarish and psychological, they are how horror movies should be and I actually really like movies like that but it honestly seems most horror films lately do this sort of thing. It would be really nice to see some original horror, this wasn't really original and I know it was a remake but it's still not original. There are some great horror films around, but it's becoming almost impossible for film makers to hit on something really good. Dissapointing.
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