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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 5 July 2013
There seems to be a lot of prejudice against "action films" among film critics and regular cinema-goers alike. I am studying film at university, and I regularly sit in a room full of people from around the world who I know for a fact would laugh in my face if I told them I'd just bought a Jason Statham film on DVD. For example, I said to several people this week: "Have you seen Hummingbird, the new Jason Statham film?", to which the reply was, basically every time, something like "I'm not really an action movie person". It's understandable where people get the idea from that 'the new Jason Statham film' will be more in the same vain as some of his previous action outings such as The Transporter or Crank - he's got that kind of following, I suppose. However, as I find with many films, if you are prepared to set aside any preconceptions and give it a chance, Hummingbird will not disappoint.

Before I'd even seen the film, I saw a 2 star review on a website. Frankly, I think whoever is writing these 2 star reviews needs to pull their head out of their arse. I'm sure they would instantly change it to a 4 or star 5 review if the lead role was played by a more fashionable actor, rather than that guy from The Expendables.

The story is rich, without being over complicated. It fits together perfectly. It filled me with love, hate, hope and despair. It will break your heart, but in such a poetic way that you want it to keep going. Whether you like it or not Jason Statham is perfect for the job. Hummingbird is a Jason Statham film, but that doesn't mean it's a pedal to the metal, blood splattered explosion.

Agata Buzek who plays Cristina had previously flown under my radar, but having seen Hummingbird, I will certainly be investigating her previous and looking forward to her future work. Her character, a Catholic nun, is the perfect partner to Statham's Joey Jones, as unlikely as it seems. A small but perfectly performed role from Vicky McClure (best known as Lol from This Is England) adds another piece to the story, and another tear to your eye.

If the reason you might buy this film is because you like other films that Jason Statham has been in - buy it - you won't be disappointed. My DVD collection contains everything from Lock Stock to Death Race. Personally, though I really enjoy watching him in the more action packed, stunt based films, I really liked seeing Statham in a film that was based around and driven by a more complex character. In my opinion, he absolutely nails the performance, is perfect for the role and there is nobody who could have done it better.

If the reason you might buy this film is not because you're a Jason Statham fan, but maybe enjoyed previous films written by Steven Knight (Dirty Pretty things, Eastern Promises) - buy it - you won't be disappointed either. The feeling I had as I sat watching the credits of this film in the cinema was the same feeling you get when you've just finished a long book with the perfect ending. It is a truly brilliant story.

If the reason you might buy this film is because you saw the trailer and it looks beautiful, intriguing and you want to know what happens - buy it - you will certainly not be disappointed. Whatever kind of films you enjoy, you would have to be pretty thick skinned not to appreciate Hummingbird and the performances in it. I go to the cinema around once a week, and this was without a doubt my favourite cinema experience of the last 12 months, and the only film I went back to see for a second time.

In short, I very, very highly reccommend Hummingbird. On every level. To everyone.
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on 6 March 2014
A fine film with Jason Statham in the role of Joey the Afghan war veteran suffering from PTSD on the run and wanted by the establishment. Statham's Joey has been reduced to a street living underdog hiding and trying to forget his past. He is joined by Agata Buzek as Christina the nun who bumps into Joey while running a soup kitchen.

Joey eventually picks himself out of the gutter and tries to put himself right but fate intervenes. Alcohol on Joey has a calming effect. When he is sober and fit he tends to solve problems directly the only way a trained soldier can do - with plenty of violence - before hitting the bottle again.

A film that is deeper than your average Statham movie and has some subtle performences from the actors. The film has many generous and well filmed views of central London which adds to the atmosphere of the film.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 4 August 2014
A grittier and more serious outing for Mr Statham who shows that he can seriously act. The film is not void of the typical fight scenes which are well choreographed, numerous and graphic. Cinematography is spot on as is picture quality on DVD and it's great seeing it based in London.
Agata Buzek gives a well rounded performance, complimenting and perhaps enhancing that of Jason's and this pair do go well together in the context of the moving storyline.
The end result, in my opinion, is a well deserved five stars for a film which will stand a repeat performance.
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on 10 August 2015
A very good contemporary urban noir. Jason is an old style hero, like a western one: silent yet troubled, pragmatic but intelligent and inspired by a superior sense of justice and revenge. Here is a sacrifical hero, and the story os not just a mere chance to see him fighting and kicking ass. There is an undergoing drama and an unspoken emotional and even sentimental reason that links him to an unlikely partner. But do not expect any hollywood development of the story: he's british, after all
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on 13 November 2013
I was immersed in this story straight away and felt fully involved all the way through. You might question some of the actions of the Nun but hey I don't have any experience of the underbelly of London, nor the pressures of keeping a faith - and wouldn't want to! Glad the final act was fulfilling and just deserts we're delivered! I'm not sure this film has been given the credit it deserves, it shows that Jason can deliver both action and pathos in one believable story, including pretending to be gay - for plot reasons!!
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on 3 June 2016
When you watch Jason Statham films you pretty much know what you are going to get and to a large degree this is no different. There is plenty of hand to hand fighting, a lot of dashing around and in this case an unusual female love figure. The story is basically a soldier suffering post traumatic stress disorder ends up living on the streets where an event places him in the position where he can get his life together and help those who have helped him. It's quite a clever film and enough content to keep you watching and interested in how it's all going to end. I quite enjoyed it although I couldn't say it's his best film. Only paid £3 so it was a good value action film for the money paid
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on 24 May 2015
OK so we generally love Mr Statham films, but this one just didn't do it for us. Not enough proper kick ass action which is what his movies should be all about. It's an ok way to spend a couple of hours, but nowhere near as good as the Mechanic or Transporter or the remake of the Italian Job.
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on 29 October 2013
Jason Statham is usually in all out action movies that are very brilliant indeed. Statham is in a lot of good films eg. "The Mechanic", "Killer Elite", "Blitz", "The Expendables" etc. But this is different from any other film he has done. It's a powerhouse thriller that is going to be on your mind for ages after you watch. It really is a powerful film with an absolutely brilliant performance by Statham.

Statham plays the role of Joey Jones an ex-special forces officer on the run. He is homeless and lost in a deadly haze of drugs and drink. He attempts to piece his life back together with the help of Sister Christina, a nun helping the poor. Joey gets employed as a collector by the local mob boss. He soon learns the identity of a friends murderer and bent on revenge he finds himself sinking deeper into a dark world of violence and brutality.

The film has positive reviews about it which list this film as the performance of Statham's career. You can see why. It's definitely one of the best films he has ever done. It is a thriller so if you are expecting all out action then this film is not for you. However if your a proper film fan or your into more of a complex variety of films then this is definitely worth a watch. The film has everything, a great story, great acting, great characters & dialogue. It's an AMAZING journey.

In my opinion I think it is an absolute masterpiece that I have already watched multiple times after buying it from Amazon the day of it's release and am going to watch many more times. This is truly one those great films that raises the bar as a landmark in film making. There really are no words that sum up the brilliant performance by Statham. Absolutely outstanding film. Loved every bit of it.
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on 3 January 2016
the elements of other statham films are present and correct. But this film goes well beyond his more usual fare. Steven Knight has written and directed a terrific story of redemption. What makes this film transcend the usual statham outings is the presence of Agata Buzek, who is not even mentioned in the Amazon list of characters even though she occupies the other key role (apart from statham). She plays the part of a Nun, working with the homeless in London. It is there that she intersects with Statham's drunk homeless , washed up soldier.
Her goodness, and selfless devotion to the needy somehow break through his miasma of drunken self pity. And a great story ensues, as Statham reconnects with himself, his ex-wife, his abandoned child daughter while travelling a path of criminality. Agata tries desperately to help him find the goodness in himself, and gradually he does, seeking to make amends for his past. The back story of how Agata became a Nun came as a total shock- a story she eventually confides to him in an incredible scene of top notch acting. He is the first person she has ever confided in on this topic. It turns out that they are both broken by events that happened to them, and yet they have helped each other in spite of everything.Statham is determined to provide the solution to the murder of a homeless girl that takes place early in the film.
And this determination drives the film to its conclusion.
Well done Steven Knight, and what a discovery Agata buzek is.
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Considering Jason Statham's last foray into British cinema was the abysmal 'Blitz' I wasn't really expecting much from this film but what a surprise. Yes it is at its heart an action movie but there is a good story here and yes Statham can act. He is like Michael Caine in some ways because he acts as himself rather than pretending to be someone else but here he demonstrates that he can portray emotion as well as kick the shit out of people. Of course there is plenty of that, his legion of fans would be disappointed if there wasn't but here it is all relative to the story and not gratuitous.
He plays a severely traumatised ex-special forces soldier who has escaped from hospital and lives on the streets of Soho. After breaking into a flat to escape some thugs he discovers that the owner will be away for eight months and moves in. He cleans himself up and gets a job in a Chinese restaurant until his obvious talents are recognised and he goes to work for the boss. This gives him the chance to deal a little payback to those who prey on the vulnerable. Alongside this runs a rather touching story about his relationship with a nun who runs the soup kitchen he used to frequent.
London at night; and especially Soho, looks a lot cleaner than when I worked nights up there but it all comes across as fairly realistic and several recognisable shots of Covent Garden are used.
Considering he is lined up for 'Fast and Furious 7' and 'Expendables 3' this is an enjoyable break from the norm for Mr Statham and his friends and a very watchable contribution to British cinema.
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