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Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
Size: Samsung Galaxy S4|Style Name: Tough|Colour: Black|Change
Price:£0.25 - £87.62
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Not bad at all for a protective case. Used for a couple of months now for S3 mini.

Tricky to put phone into case but even trickier to get the thing out! Typically one ends up accidentally removing the back cover of the phone bc of trying to ease off the protective (rubber/plastic) case, but this is probably better than the opposite of having too loose a case. Case actually composed of 2 parts - rubber flexible inner and hard rubber/plastic outer. Allegedly this provides the best protection if dropped etc.

Holes are accurately located and the two side buttons have special areas that you press through to activate the buttons. You need quite a strong press (grip?) to do this though, but again maybe this is a positive, so that they're not activated accidentally.

Have dropped phone (in case) a couple of times and so far, no damage. Impossible to say how effective it'll be if drop from height onto concrete & so on, & I'm sorry, but I'm not prepared to test it for the purposes of this review!

Sufficiently smooth to allow relatively easy placement into/extraction from my trouser pocket as well as being not very obtrusive above screen (abt 1mm lip).

Would be 5 stars but for the price - I paid around £21 + postage in early March '13, which compared to this case for other phone models, is certainly more.

UPDATE - 19th July 2013

Okay - so now I've tested it after dropping the phone onto a concrete path. It was an accident, but given that it happened and the phone appears intact, I thought I'd use this opportunity to update this review in a more positive light!

Hope this helps!
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on 31 October 2011

There is a story to tell about using protective cases with the Samsung Galaxy S2 (SGS2)... the story of the dreaded SGS2 Echo Problem. This review is intended for people who are looking at buying the Case-Mate Tough Case but are concerned about this echo problem. For those unaffected by the echo issue, sorry for the rambling and please just skip to my conclusion below.


There is a serious issue with the Samsung Galaxy S2 that needs to be brought to light, namely the "echo" problem when the phone is used with a protective case such as the Case-Mate Tough Case, or any other case for that matter. This fault has affected a number of SGS2 users. Just Google "galaxy s2 echo problem" and you'll see what I'm talking about. Unfortunately, if your phone is affected then you're one of the unlucky ones because, as I found out, it is a hardware fault with the phone!

I bought my SGS2 a few weeks ago, and started looking into which case to get. This Case-Mate Tough Case sounded ideal for my needs, but I was concerned about a few reported "echo" issues (you'll see this mentioned in some reviews on this page). So I looked at reviews for other SGS2 cases from other manufacturers and I found similar reports. Then I found lots of reports on forums of people getting this problem with various cases. Confused and concerned, I decided to order one of the cheap cases made from TPU that you'll find everywhere for a few quid, and my plan was to use this while I decided on which high-quality case to buy.

When the cheap temporary case arrived I popped it on the phone and my first caller, without prompting, complained about their own voice being echoed back to them. To say that I was gutted is an understatement, especially after spending all that money on the phone and committing to a two year contract if I couldn't even protect the phone with a case!

After a bit more experimentation, I found what others had found: that the echo disappeared if I (a) switched off noise reduction every time a call was established, or (b) just used the speakerphone feature, or (c) removed the case from the phone. Updating the phone's firmware to the latest version made no difference at all.

To cut a long story short, I eventually called Samsung UK. Their response was shockingly dismissive, and you could tell they had been pre-programmed to completely deny that this issue existed. They told me that unless I was using the official Samsung case then they couldn't help me. As you may know, the official Samsung case is a thin piece of mesh plastic that clips to the back of the phone and offers virtually no protection at all! I'll talk more about Samsung's appalling cover-up in my review of the SGS2 (don't get me wrong, I love the phone!), but it is interesting to note that Samsung were going to sell an official case similar to Case-Mate's Tough Case but then withdrew it from sale. Google "samsung galaxy s2 d30 dual shell case"... this is now shown on just a couple of websites as "discontinued". I believe it was withdrawn because it highlighted a widespread problem with their own product, the SGS2.

I eventually took my SGS2 back to my mobile provider, and demonstrated the problem. Luckily they offered to exchange it, and I was amazed to find that the echo problem disappeared completely! I tried my cheap TPU case - no echo. I bit the bullet and ordered the Case-Mate Tough Case - it arrived, I fitted it... still no echo! :- The problem had been isolated to the phone itself. There is nothing wrong with the Tough Case, and there is nothing wrong with the cheap TPU cases or any of the other cases that have "echo" complaints against them.

If your SGS2 is affected by the echo problem, then ANY protective case that you put on your phone will cause the other party in the call to hear their own voice a fraction of a second after they speak, making a conversation a complete nightmare. Some cases might make the echo louder than others, but if your phone is affected then any case will cause you grief.


The Case-Mate Tough Case is an awesome case, and gets 4 out of 5 stars for perfect fit, protection of the phone and rugged good looks. This is the one that will probably stay on my phone for as long as I own it, just because I know it will extend the life of the phone and allow me to sell it on in a couple of years time in "mint condition". The case does add to the weight and thickness to the phone, but I think this is a small sacrifice for the extra grip and protection it provides (the naked phone is slim & slippery and wouldn't do well in a confrontation with concrete or tarmac). Note that the hard outer shell of the case is a slighly rubberised plastic, which is grippy in the hand but still slips in and out of the pocket easily. I've deducted one star because the case came without a screen protector, which is quite surprising for the price.
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on 10 September 2011
For the price tag, I can see how some people may avoid this and opt for the cheaper options. Well, let me tell you, DON'T. You can't go wrong here, it literally snaps onto your precious S II, with minimal effort and maximum protection.

All the holes and grooves are in the right place, and it's hard to believe that something so light can be so strong, but it is. In fact, you would hardly know it's there, and it adds a very slight increase in thickness, but for an already sleek phone, you hardly notice this.

I haven't dropped it yet, but just from reviews, videos and simply holding it, I can be safe in the knowledge that my phone would be fully protected if I did.

I give this product a solid 5/5.
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on 31 August 2011
I bought this case as soon as I had my new phone. The galaxy s2 is very thin and I didn't want any damage done to it if it was dropped etc.
This case is brilliant! very tough, feels nice and is great quality. I have dropped my phone a few of times since having it and it just bounces with the case on, no damage was done at all.
Comes with two layers, a soft rubber innner case and the thicker and more solid outer case. It also protects the front by the small rubber lip being higher than the front screen, if it lands face down the screen isnt touching the floor.
I would highly recomend the case mate brand and this particular case especially.
I have also got the clear screen protector that you stick on to avoid any scratches to the screen, worth buying to protect the front as well just in case.
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on 14 September 2010
The Case Mate Barely There case for Samsung Galaxy S is made of a hard plastic, but with a soft feel to it's surface. It fits the handset perfectly, and is simple to fit and to remove. The cut outs are there for the power button, camera lens, speaker and volume buttons, and are in exactly the right places, in fact it's much easier to find the power button with the case on, for when you want to switch the screen off.

The back of the phone is well protected, but I'm not as sure about the corners. I've tried not to drop the phone, and not sure how well it would fare in that situation.
The case comes with a screen protector too. The screen protector is a bit fiddly to apply, but it fits the screen well when you get it positioned right.

Overall I would give this product 9/10 losing a mark for the amount of protection offered to the phone corners in a drop to the floor situation. I noticed that there is also "heavy duty" version by Case Mate which could be better if you're prone to dropping your phone on the floor or whatever.

For me though, the "Barely There" case does exactly what I need, and far better than the cheaper silicone type cases.
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on 27 April 2013
Well done casemate for making another good tough case, the design since the htc desire has slowly improved, The last tough case I had was for the s3 and is abit of a fiddle to get into the outer shell, but power button first and the volume buttons second and you'd be done.

This one however is totally open, you can see the power and volume button holes are clear at the top, instead, the two parts join via a tongue and groove type affair, this means no resetting the phone when the power button gets stuck when trying to fit the outer shell, the jury's still out on whether this new design is as usable as past designs but it's definitely easier to fit to the phone.

The edges on the screen face are less pronounced compared to the s3 version and although providing adequate protection by protruding about 2mm , give the case slightly thinner feel than the s3, this is a good thing.

Large bodied jacks plug in without the need to remove the silicone jacket unlike the s3 version, there's more space around that area finally.

Because the silicon jacket doesn't sit tight into the outer shell's cut outs there isn't any sticky buttons holding the volume down or restarting your phone

All in all, for the first day, I'm quite pleased with this case, it seems its the usual build quality that I've come to expect from case mate's tough cases, nothing seems to wear out, no coatings flake off, I'm confident that this is of the same materials and as such, will last the life of my phone contract (fingers crossed).

This case combined with the terrapin 6x screen protectors and I reckon my phone should be looking good for some time.

Will amend if anything changes.

To explain the title,
Some company has been falsely advertising using the amazon review system to gain an advantage over decent reputable companies like casemate.

I've had this case for over a week now but have only written a review on it tonight, why??
Because I only got the phone today to check how it fits.
Be aware that the galaxy S4 came out 26/04/2013 and no earlier, any "glowing", 5 star reviews before this date are false and are just an underhand selling technique.

I won't say their name on this review but I'm sure if you're looking for a case, you'll find them.
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VINE VOICEon 3 July 2012
I previously had an aluminium metal case on a Galaxy S (mark-1), and it kept the phone in very good condition. Hopefully this will do the same; the Tough Case is in two parts - a silicone inner "glove" with a harder plastic shell aorund the outside. It's actually such a close fit that trying to fit the two parts seperately makes it almost impossible to get the phone inside, so you're better off just pushing the phone inside and to hell with it. Partly this is due to the large rubber pads that fit over the power and volume rocker buttons - you can't actually touch the buttons themselves anymore once the inner sleeve is in place - just the rubber covering them - but it doesn't interfere with the operations.

Once installed, the silicone seals around the top and bottom (with cutouts for the headphone jack, USB socket and camera etc.), while the rigid plastic fits around the sides. It also provides a small lip on the top so that if left face-down, the screen won't be touching any flat surfaces - although the Gorilla Glass in use on all the Galaxy models is extremely resistant to scratching anyway.
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on 11 January 2012
I have been looking for a case like this for my Galaxy S2, even before my phone arrived, having had a similiar case, in acrylic, for my Cowon S9 mp3 player. The Case-Mate Barely There Case is simple, subtle - it fits so well, and is so light that you won't notice it's even there, and tough enough to take the impact from the occassional fall onto a pavement. The case simply snaps onto the phone in one easy and satisfying click, and once on seems to fuse seamlessly with the handset. It's design means that the case does not impinge on the Galaxy S2's stunning 4.3-inch screen which, being made from extremely durable Gorilla Glass, needs no additional protection itself. All of the cutouts in the case align perfectly with the buttons and ports on the handset, and the case can be left on the phone at all times except when you need to change the SIM, SD-card, or battery. Knowing how easily scuffed the corners of my phone are, and unwilling to put the durability of the battery case to the test, this is a must have purchase for anyone who wants to protect their Galaxy S2 without compromising on it's sleek and razor thin design.

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on 30 November 2010
It's about a week since I got this. There are no words to describe how happy I am with the case: it fits perfectly, it looks like it's part of the phone.
Before buying this I used a gel case; with that, pressing the side keys (volume/power). With this case the problem doesn't exist anymore.
Basically, the case consists of 2 parts: one silicone part that comes directly over the phone and has some protuberances where the buttons are, and one hard plastic part that comes over the rubber one. So the phone is protected by the silicone layer, without the "wobbly" feeling: the outer case has a good grip and looks quite nice.
The kit comes with a screen protector too, but since I already bought one about 2 months ago, I didn't used this one yet.
One issue with this case is that it makes the phone bulkier. I was aware of this from the beginning, but as I have 2 cats and they are very curious about everything, I preferred to have a bulkier but functional phone (they dropped the phone at least 3 times until now). Another issue is that the case is quite hard to remove, so if you change the SIM card or SD card frequently, this might be an inconvenient.
So, the bottom line: if you want a very good protection for this phone and don't mind the bulky-ness factor, this is the best solution I was able to find.
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on 5 June 2011
The Samsung Galaxy S 2 is arguably, the greatest Android handset to date. Packed full of features, dual core processor, super AMOLED plus display... it's got it all.

So we need to protect all this good stuff right? Something that doesn't add too much bulk, with perfect cutouts for camera, charging etc. Something that doesn't collect dust like some gel cases do (I owned one of these but the dust collecting got.really.irritating -_-). And how about a nice design? Well... you've come to the right place. Owners of the old Galaxy S I9000 might tell you that the original Casemate tough case was easily the best protection for the phone. History has repeated itself once again. In every aspect.

An easy case to apply, the Galaxy S 2 fits first into a silicone layer. Then you apply the hard plastic shell as a second level of protection, which also improves grip thanks to the rugged back. One of the best features of the case is the raised front (to protect the screen) and raised back (to protect the protruding camera); I'm always skeptical about protruding cameras, but this case puts my mind at ease. It truly is the ultimate case, covering the whole phone, you even get a good quality screen protector thrown in.

Now. My major qualm with this case is the price which was also my issue with the I9000 Casemate tough case. It seems too much for essentially a piece of silicone and some plastic. But this is a five star case and we are protecting our 500+ quid investment so... *forks over money to salesperson*

I must add this case has been field tested by myself. Before you ask no it wasn't intentional. Walking with friends. Try to pull phone out. Hand clips something. Watch phone fall to unforgiving pavement. Waits with stupid expression for sound confirming breakage. No sound. Picks phone up. Unscathed! Hoorah! Exultations aside, if it is in your budget I strongly recommend this case. You will be able to geek out safe in the knowledge your phone is safe.

Thanks for reading.
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