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on 27 February 2013
Firstly, let me start off by saying I have NEVER known delivery speeds like this. TTSims were amazing, I ordered the handset at roughly 3am on the 21/02 and it was in my hand before 11am on the 22nd with the standard delivery option. Amazing turnaround times from TTsims.

Now for the phone itself, if you're looking for a part for part replica of the Galaxy Note then you're in the wrong place. What you do get is a fast, responsive android phone that easily runs every app I've thrown at it so far without so much as blinking.
Physically, it has much the same styling as the Note so it looks very good in the hand, although with a (confirmed by tape measure) 5.08" screen if you're used to smaller phones it can seem enormous.

The screen is very clear and easy to see, even looking at it from an angle first thing in the morning it's still easily visible and the 5 point touch works perfectly, though if you're moving from an older screen style, be aware, you don't need more than a light touch with this phone.

The built in keyboard can be a bit of a pest, although there are apps that can sort that out and give you swype style typing until you get used to it.

The other bug bear for this type of phone is GPS, mine was hit and miss at first, but began working perfectly when I entered engineer mode and ran the GPS diagnostics, now it locks on within 60 seconds of starting maps, in 99% of cases.

I'd read some bad reviews on other N9770 phones saying that the cameras are terrible, this isn't the case here, it's clear enough to make out the old coffee stain on my sofa from across the room in low light. If you're not relying on it as an avid photographer then it will more than suffice.

It also has wireless hotspot, tethering (USB and Bluetooth) and works well with BBC iPlayer and the like out of the box so it's great for work and play on the move when it's HSPA+ functions are used.
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on 14 March 2013
First a word about the delivery, astonishing! ordered yesterday and received less than 24 hrs later! box was a little squished due to travelling at such high speed no doubt, but contents all fine. I needed a dual sim phone and this fitted the bill perfectly, the eyes not so good now so the big display is a big plus, ok I suppose its a cheap copy of the galaxy note, but it does all I need and more, you can get these a bit cheaper, but only from China, not so good if you have any problems, been there, done that! So if you ask me, I'd say don't hesitate, buy one!
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on 2 March 2013
Firstly, hats of to the seller, I emailed them on wednesday before purchasing the phone, and the responded within 5 minutes.

Sencondly, the phone arrived the next day and within the time scale they said it would

And now to the phone - Well what can i say, except that this phone is truely amazing, and really easy to set up.

I was at first a bit optimistic about the phone, but decided to take the chance, and I`m really pleased with the outcome, although i did have to change my sim as my original sim was a micro sim and my adapter didn`t fit but don`t let that put you off, as i contacted my local network shop and they give me a swap on my sim card.

I think this phone is great for the price and would recommend it to anyone considering buying one, after playing with the phone trying to get used to it I found that there was so many features including face detection so if you lock the phone and use this feature to unlock it cool eh!!.

Overall if yo0ur in two minds about this phone then don`t be I was at first, but I1m so proud of it so don`t think about it just do it and enjoy it when it comes good luck to everyone that buys this phone as you will love it
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on 20 March 2013
Firstly, big thank you to TTsims. Great service from an independent seller is what makes shopping on Amazon worthwhile. FREE next day delivery by Interlink with a couple of helpful texts to advise me of delivery date and then my hour slot to be at home to accept delivery. The seller also included a free UK three pin mains adaptor too (the charger supplied with the phone is 2 pin - the phone is imported from China).

Have just ordered the same phone for my girlfriend and she can't wait.

So, the phone. This is my first smart phone. I have spent several weeks searching and researching on the internet and could only come up with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (currently £440 to £540 SIM free) that had a big enough screen and good enough camera for me to use for my work. Google maps was essential but without a big screen pointless trying to use it! Web browsing for e-mail again essential, accessing and updating Word, Excel and reading Adobe documents also important, as well as taking close up photos of plant/insect/fungi species for ID purposes. I need to be in constant telephone contact in case of emergencies.

At only £129 this phone is perfect and relatively easy for me to get to grips with in a day. Have had to order a memory card though as the phone only had room for about 15 free apps and a couple of photos and one short test video. However, I was easily able to download the photos/video to my laptop to free up space again. The phone seems to be without annoying 'bloatware' I have read about in other smartphone reviews. The phone comes unlocked and SIM free (dual SIM slots too). It has two batteries. The manufacturing quality is excellent and it comes well packaged with a small user guide in English. The screen colour and contrast is excellent, web browsing whether via SIM network or my wireless broadband connection is good with little or no lag. I am using a new Virgin SIM (Orange/T-Mobile networks) at £12 per month, 30 day rolling contract, 1200 mins, 5000 texts, 1GB data per month (although I may have to switch to unlimited data, but will see how I get on with 1 gig).

Why pay more? This is a great phone, with great service from a UK seller. No fuss, no contract. I know people who are tied into 24 month contracts and paying £30-£40 per month. That's nearly £1000 over 2 years! MAD!

UPDATE 23/3/2013:

Just a word about charging/battery. I have played with the phone constantly for a couple of days whilst off work and have needed to charge the phone each evening (takes about 2-3 hours from and almost empty battery). When back at work and the phone was used less often the battery has lasted 2 days and possibly will last 3 days. It helps not to have any unnecessary Apps running in the background (I just have GPS/Google Maps and weather updates from Met Office on).

UPDATE 06/4/2012:

Have found that larger APPS like 'London 2012' and 'Daily Yoga (All-in-One)' will slow and then crash when using them (the APP stops and you are returned to the 'home' screen of the phone). This may be due to small RAM/internal memory of the N9770. Anyway have uninstalled these and the phone now runs fine so no harm done. Will stick to smaller APPS for games in future.
review image review image
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on 14 April 2013
Like I said it's now day two and I'm finding my way around the giant home screens quite well. It is larger than imagined and the case makes it very hard to pick up, answer and talk as one has to fold the case behind phone to hold it. The "INSTRUCTIONS" are completely useless, but I have managed to get a proper ringtone and message notification tone working after much playing about with it. It is NOT intuitive and the menus a bit confusing.

The basic setup was amazingly easy apart from, MAKE SURE THAT YOU GO TO WIRELESS SETTINGS AND LINK/SIGN IN TO YOUR ROUTER !! I downloaded several APPS from Play store thinking that it was using WI-FI but it wasn't so it uses 3G connection pretty well !!!!
It showed wireless on, but had not connected to my network and doesn't ask for password or show network detected on main screens, apart from when in WI-FI setup screen.

I still haven't worked out how to add contacts to "FAVORITES" and that screen remains empty, so if anyone has worked out how to do this could you PLEASE tell me as it is annoying to have to go through phone book to find a number.!!!!

Sound from headphones is acceptable but, you're stuffed about plugging in your own unless they happen to have a 4 pole 3.5mm connection(standard headphones use 2 or 3 poles).

We shall see but to date it seems to be pretty good. I shall update if that changes !!!!
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on 1 June 2013
I bought this because the screen on my Vodafone contract mobile seemed to be getting smaller and smaller, if you know what I mean. This phone and this company was getting consistently good reviews on Amazon so I thought I would take the plunge and get one. I was not disappointed. And I can vouch for the speed of delivery that others have mentioned in their reviews. I live in the north of Scotland but it still got here next day (and at no extra cost). Okay, it is clearly a knock-off but it is none the worse for that. The screen is clear and just like other mobiles it sends texts, makes calls and accesses the internet. The difference is that it costs a third or a quarter of other brands. It doesn't come bloated with apps you might never use, leaving you instead to make the intelligent choice about what apps are important to you.

It has to be said that the documentation is next to useless but if you know Android or have half a brain you can suss it all out. You might also like to note (no pun intended) that this phone is dual SIM so needs a bit of setting up, especially if you are putting a contract SIM in one of the slots. There is a discussion forum on Amazon for this phone under the heading of STAR 9770, so you might wish to have a look at that before buying but don't be put off, it's easy really. A gentleman called Nicholas Wright (I think, from memory) has given clear instructions if you have problems and has recommended a free app that does the job for you.

The phone is not particularly heavy on the battery and comes with a spare anyway so you could keep the one you're not using in a drawer fully charged ready to swap out when the other runs down.

Al in all, most excellent.
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on 14 May 2013
I bought this device primarily development and hopefully to pass on my iphone to my son, unfortunately some of the phones limited features have made that impossible.

DEVELOPMENT: Yes it works very well as a development phone for me, as it reports having all the hardware required to test my applications functionality.

GPS: One of my main requirements for both development of my software and out in the field is GPS, this is why I went for this model. Sadly, the GPS is very unreliable and getting a fix (if you can get a fix), can take up to five minutes. If it loses a fix for a moment, being warm or hot doesn't seem to help and the fix process starts all over again!

BUTTON: The function button in the middle scratched on the first day when I removed the plastic protector. That was quite annoying really. But I think gives you an indication on the quality of the plastic being used. So be careful!

SIMM: Go to a shop for a mini SIM to normal size convertor, not all of them seem to fit.

SCREEN: It's okay and pretty clear, but it actually feels like a hard plastic more than it does glass. Not sure which it is though. I'm guessing it's good quality plastic? Maybe someone else knows this.

EAR PIECE: The recess on the outer cases means the ear piece only just fits into the phone, so if you have your favourite headphones you may have a problem.

PERFORMANCE: It's very good given the price of the phone. It runs all my applications well and I haven't found a problem with any of the commonly used android apps at this point.

PRICE: Well a great price if you're after a large "mini-pad" type phone. Though if you want a serious device for using in the field with locational services, or to use as an in-car sat-nav or walking GPS, this phone is not for you.

p.s. While I started typing this over 15 minutes ago, I left the phone on the window ledge next to my iphone which is running the GPS analysis software. The iPhone reported an excellent fix from 9 satellites and giving 5M accuracy within 20 seconds. I'm still waiting for the TTSims N9770 to find a satellite. Which confirms for me, that the "GPS" hardware is present, though useable? I would say definitely no.
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on 2 June 2013
Wowsers.. I ordered the phone on Wednesday 2pm, and had in my hands at 1.30pm Friday. Just under 48 hours. Good start! =)

Now, I've been used to Android for some time, and was a tad sceptical about what this phone would do. But after playing with the phone for 2 days now, I'm seriously impressed. Android 4.1.1 has some differences that I'm not so keen on. see below..

The Plus points - The box says it's a 5 mp rear cam, but it seems to be 8! I've already installed a fair amount of apps to see how it runs, and in all honesty, it's been absolutely spot on. Everything has ran without issue. Wi-fi connection has been brilliant, after I'd installed Chrome (didn't like the built in browser) internet browsing is a doddle, messaging is a bit different, but again, that the O/S. Screen clarity is brilliant. The build quality is also really high. Using myphoneexplorer, connection to a PC is a breeze, and it all works without a hitch. The only thing I haven't really tried is the GPS, which I will be doing this coming week.
EDIT - Have used the GPS without any fuss at all. Took a few minutes to locate the GPS signal, but apart from that, spot on.

The Minus points - App menu not alphabetised. (ADW app sorted that) The drip sound for key presses (means rooting the phone, which I'm having some issues getting the right one before I do root), the 4 pole headphone jack (I'll buy an adaptor so I can use proper headphones, as the one supplied are uncomfortable).

The only real thing I need to overcome is the inner workings of Jelly Bean!!

Overall, if you want a large screen phone, and don't want to pay a fortune, this bit of kit is the way forward!
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on 5 August 2013
I ordered this phone as I wanted to replace an old GPS I use for walking and an old phone, thinking it would be ideal. As a phone It worked as expected. I could download apps using my wifi and I downloaded an app I had previously used to plan walking routes on my PC.

When it came to using the GPS function on the phone I struggled to get it to work with the app I had previously used. I checked the GPS satellite status and was unable to see any satellites. I contacted the supplier with this information and it was suggested that I return it for checking with the offer of repair, replacement or a refund. It was returned stating that I wanted to use its GPS satellite function and I quickly received a refund. I leave you to draw your own conclusion. I have to thank the supplier for promptly resolving the situation.

Further investigation of GPS on mobile phones suggests that many get location information from the internet, not satellites. This is OK if you are in a built up area with phone coverage or wifi but not a lot of good in more remote areas. Be wary of phones claiming to have GPS if you want to use it to guide you off road.

I am sure there are phones that have fully functional satellite GPS but how can you tell? Could you be caught out when by a phone that only tells you approximately where you are when you have no wifi or phone service?
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on 22 April 2013
First of all I just want to address Teletape and Interlink in this review. I've seen a lot of reviews that mention them and thought to myself that maybe they exaggerated the service that was provided.

I was wrong.

I ordered my phone on the Sunday, and it was delivered on the Tuesday. They gave me a text to say what slot it should be delivered in. It arrived to the EXACT minute of the day. I love the fact that even if they got there early that they wouldn't even knock on my door until the very moment they said it would be delivered out of politeness.

The phone is utterly gorgeous and brilliant value for money. I am properly impressed with it. I've never had a smartphone before but this thing seems to be super value for money. Great battery life, lovely spare battery, can't knock the product at all, works fast and smoothly. I call it the 'samsnug' to my friends as, lets be honest, it is meant to look like a clone of a galaxy note... but it's superbly good value and works phenomenally. I can't recommend this device highly enough.
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