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on 24 October 2014
Outstanding little light. Had looked for a long time for a good wind up torch and then found this and the Re-Wind Eco Friendly Camping Lantern on the same day. Needed to upgrade all my old camp/festival stuff as it had become just too damn heavy and bulky. I couldn't decide which i thought was best so actually bought both, I'd also give the Eco light 5 stars. That one's a solid piece of kit and possibly more mobile whilst the Duronic is the better all rounder.
The fact that they charge via USB is great. I very seldom need to do the wind up part as it lasts so long on the USB charge. I get a good few days out of it so unless your away for a week they'll probably be no need to even wind it up.
This one is a great little lantern for hanging in the tent or just having as a table light when sitting out late with a glass of wine or during BBQ's. It's also a fiver cheaper than I paid at the moment which i think is a bargain (even though some customers still manage to whinge & think it's too dear).
I've had a lot of pony and usually heavy torches over the years and this is neither. Highly recommended.
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on 9 September 2017
This is such a brilliant little lamp, it's so handy that it folds down to a really compact size. It is also very sturdy, so you can pack it and not worry about it being squashed. It's very bright, with two options for brightness, and lasts for 5.5 hours on one charge. Very useful to have a lamp that does not need batteries. I bought it for my sons to take to the festivals they go to all summer, but it will also be used sitting outside in the garden, and will come in handy if there is a power cut. Fantastic value for money. Arrived very quickly too.
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on 21 October 2017
I haven't had this very long, so in all honesty this is an initial review. I was looking, in the first place for a wind up radio, then spotted this, with the extra energy options. It will take a long time in my part of the world for the sun to come back, so I don't know about the solar option. So far, the usb connection and the wind up work well. I'm especially pleased that the winding up is quite easy because I'm rather feeble. I fully expect to be making good use of the radio.
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on 26 August 2014
Arrived, feels very sturdy, great sound, but I have some reservations about it doing the job I purchased it for.

Basically it keeps going out of tune, if left on the window sill I have to twiddle the tuner after 10 hours or so.

No big deal but something I have never had to do on any radio before. I need a radio on 24 hours a day, I need it to be working 24 hours without being touched. This is not doing its job.

Also my kitchen windowsill faces North East, and when this radio is on the sill facing inwards it does not charge.

However, if I lean the radio over it does charge or if I twist it around so the speaker and solar panel is facing the window it does charge, but the sound is then directed at the glass....

I am unsure what the technical reason is that the solar panel is made angled downwards to the front? I am not an expert but I would have thought having it flat would have made more sense so it could receive the sun from all angles of light or low-ish light?

Anyway, it charges if I move it around during the day or have it outside. Luckily it is quite bright today as it rained heavily yesterday so my windowsill radio did not charge at all and was completely flat this morning, even though it was sunny outside today (no sun getting to the solar panel until the radio was tilted backwards)

All in all, it looks good, sounds good, but I can not fully like it due to having to regularly retune it, and turn it around on the windowsill so it charges.

I will update when I have fully tested it in another property that I want one for, so I could be buying another, whether I buy the same make of radio, or a different make of radio remains to be seen.

If you want an update, stay tuned, which is more than can be said for this thing.........
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on 26 September 2013
I currently have a new Dispatch van for work (thats on a tracker) which every movement or ignition switch turn is monitored.. They say its a "business tool" but we all know different..

Anyway, These vans are notorious for giving you a very small time to listen to the radio at dinner time. Citroen claims its calculated on the amount of time the engine is running. I get on average 10-15 mins at dinner for a hrs driving in the morning. If i use the lights in the back.. it halves easy..

So my idea was to keep this in the van for "emergency uses"

I leave the radio in the front cubby hole on the dash with a rag around the sides/back with just the solar panel showing and leave it charging throughout the day.. The light is on from the first thing in the morning till later on in the night which is perfect. Yes the radio speaker doesnt sound as good as a car/van radio but that really doesnt bother me.. I have a product that I dont have to charge and I can happily listen to the radio through the day on the job or just through my dinner half hour.

I have struggled to get signal the odd occasion but more often then not it needs a quick tweek and its tuned into a radio show no probs. I normally listen to Radio 2 with Jeremy Vine anyway which is mostly discussions etc

No Idea how long it will last if im honest but it does the trick for the time being!

Id like to add that I did give it a charge from a USB source for a good full day just to make sure it was fully charged before putting in the van to use on solar.

Recently had a blackout last week which we used wind up torches and the radio came in handy just to pass the time with music. Brings home just how much we rely on electricity!

Highly recommend it.

One point which is understandable.. It doesnt charge very well in double glazed conservatories. I think the double glazing kills the solar completely where as the van front windscreen is probably not as good as pure sunlight.. but it still charges enough.. just like in greenhouses which seems to be the primary use people are using them for!
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on 3 September 2015
this is a very good light flashlight, bulbs are clear and bright, I bought it for my car to help with flat tyres or mechanical problems, and it does that perfectly well.
this is a good flashlight so don't get me wrong I like it but just a few draw back, 1, charge cables thin and don't fit well in the handle as you have to bend over the ends which over time will twist or snap to get the handle to close. 2. hand winder on the small flimsy side for me. 3. red led flasher? not bright or big enough to be seen if required to be. but all of this isn't enough to put me off the great torch. for me one of the better ones out there at the moment, it does both electric charge and wind up charge, what more could you ask for on a cold rainy night and you hear a bang from your tyre on a desolated road late at night, get one and keep it in the car.
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on 27 August 2017
The Duronic Hybrid radio was highly recommended by a friend who bought it for her mum. I went ahead and bought it as a gift for my mum. She loves it and uses it everyday in the kitchen when cooking. She lives in the tropics so gets plenty of sun but on the days she doesn't, the crank handle comes handy. Despite the small size, the volume and overall performance is excellent! I recently bought a second one for my mum's brother, who was so impressed with it's performance and cost effectiveness that he requested one for himself. I can't recommend this product enough. Absolutely love it!
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on 19 October 2016
I love this one. Bough this after many searches for a long time to find the right one to use it and buy more for to use it other country where my parents live. Light is bright and steady. Didn't had a chance to use the wind up yet. Very light and easy to carry around as the size small. I am going to buy another 3 of them to send to my parents and in-laws.

The only down side I find is that it want come with a plug, only come with the USB cord. Need to get a USB port plug separately. If they could keep that one, it would be wonderful. Lucky enough as I had a old digital camera plug which having USB port in it.
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on 14 November 2017
This is an excellent torch. It works well, it's bright and the rubberised handles are pleasant to hold. It's a very practical thing.

The one design flaw is the mini USB charging socket. Who or what actually uses mini USB these days? Everything's micro USB. This means you have to keep a lead in your car (or wherever) just for this torch... not the worst thing in the world, but not ideal, particularly when micro USB is so ubiquitous these days.
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on 25 January 2015
Well was I surprised when receiving this Radio, it is so Cute - fits in my hand. it is sturdy, and picks up all the FM stations I like - so that is great. Read on one of the comments on one just like this that it is Tinny - hmmmmmmmmmmm - well if you Want Great sound - then this is not going to give it to you - you should look for a surround sound stereo....LOL. I mean - after all - what do you expect from something so small? It sounds fine for when am listening to it while showering, the sound is very clear.
I did not attempt to turn this on - I decided to Charge it right away with the USB - have had it about 2 weeks and it has not needed charging again - it sits on my Bathroom windowsill, and as it also has solar - it charges while sitting there, that way it has not needed recharging via the USB - you can see it is charging as a little blue light shows while it is sitting on the windowsill [same as when it is charging via the USB] All in all - so far - I Love this little Dinky Radio, so darn CUTE!
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