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on 3 February 2014
After looking online at many reviews, Which? reviews and countless forums for advise aswell as purchasing a few Tv/ audio magazines I decided on this TV. There is so many to choose from nowadays so after a couple of options I decided to bite the bullet and go for this one.
I purchased this TV after viewing the model in my local Panasonic store and was blown away by the clarity, crispness of picture and the array of features this tv has !! Only recently set up as I was moving house and didnt see the point until finally settled. The set up process was so easy I plugged the tv in and followed the simple on screen instructions, setting up the Wifi for internet firstly and then the TV automatically set up all the channels within 5-10 mins we werre good to go!!
The tv itself is very sturdy and robust, has plenty of connections for dvd player, Sky etc and any gaming consoles if needed. Th stand is sturdy without being too obtrusive as decided if i ever wished to move the room around it be easier instead of placing on the wall. The remote control has large clear buttons, easy to use and feels a good size in the hand and takes 2 AA batterys (included) which are easy to source and replace.
Surrounded by a very fine silver frame the TV will be a welcome addition to any home - I have purchased an optical cable to attach to a Roth Sub Zero Soundbar via the TV and although the sound is good through the Tv - by using the soundbar it has gone up another level altogether ....... movies and especially music now come to life !!
I would have no hesitation in recommending this tv to anyone - my brother has an old lcd flat screen about 7 years old and he is going to purchase one now after seeing this one in action at the weekend.
I purchased the Tv in the Black Friday sale late 2013 and got it a great price saved £200 , can't recommend enough whether its to replace a tv or purchase a new one altogether - go for it , you won't be disspapointed !!
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on 20 May 2014
I was lucky enough to get this on the Black Friday deals at about £400.

I had always used plasma panels for my larger screen TVs, and had some apprehension with buying a LCD based panel to fulfil this role, especially after having seen some other TVs in action (e.g. a Sony product which had hideous black levels and motion). I really shouldn't have been worried. The 42" model comes with a VA panel which provides excellent deep blacks which looks wonderful in movies. Motion isn't just as good as what it is on a plasma, but it is still excellent for a LCD display. I don't use the smart functions on a daily basis (it's hooked up to a computer), but I had a go on them to see what they're like and I was actually very impressed. This TV will stream Netflix itself, which is actually really very handy, and it does so very well too!

Another benefit is the size. I bought this to put into an Ikea unit that stated it couldn't take a TV larger than 37", but with a bezel so thin, I got this 42" one in along with a Panasonic SC-HTE80EB-K speakerboard and still had some extra room!

The only issue I had was the sound... it's really not that great, but I bought a Panasonic SC-HTE80EB-K for the audio in this setup. But realistically, if you're buying a 42" TV like this for movies, you're probably not going to be silly enough to expect the built in sound to be adequate.

A highly recommended product if you're looking for a TV on which you'll be able to watch movies without getting distracted by how hideous the backlight is or the blurry motion, and that's coming from someone who paid £2,000 for a plasma TV a few years ago because they couldn't stand movies on a LCD screen!
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on 31 December 2013
If you have not bought a TV in a while then this one really shows how TVs have moved on in the last couple of years.
Because of the thin silver edge being to slim, the TV looks like a picture on the wall.
The picture quality is superb with some very nice blacks. The apps are great and function really smooth, with a flawless BBCi player.

I got this TV on a black Friday deal and paid just £399 - wow, you could never pick up a TV of this quality for that price usually.....

Well Chuffed!
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on 17 March 2014
All the other reviews have it right. This is a great TV - especially on one of the HD channels included with the built in Freeview. The picture is stunning with more adjustments than you'll ever need if you're not happy with the default settings. I-player and YouTube work well even on HD mode but you'll need to be close to the router - although a laptop worked fine on WiFi in my living room, the TV wasn't happy and I had to buy a range extender. All now works well but you need to be aware that it needs a strong signal. The only real downside is the sound which is clear but very thin and lacking in bass - if, like me you run it through a soundbar or home cinema system that's not a problem. Definitely worth buying.
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on 28 April 2016
Very good quality TV for the price! I've had this for 3 years nearly now and can't complain. Great picture quality. The sounds is amazing on it's own and we often just forget to turn on our separate sound bar and don't notice. Easy to setup with a simple menu system but comes with a range of feature like the different views and home screens to use WiFi to look on the internet while still watching the TV. Good range of apps as well available to use.
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on 1 March 2014
We bought this TV to replace the smaller Sony for our bedroom.
It really was a great buy. The picture quality is absolutely superb and in surround mode the sound is great. We have a fairly small bedroom but the Sony Bravia 19" was just not big enough and suffered with poor brightness. Not so with the Panasonic - even in the brightest lit rooms it is easy and clear to watch. We've used none of the features like wi=fi yet so we have this to look forward to. The built in I Player is a great feature.
We've found that the silver surround is also much easier on the eye than black or dark surround TVs.
All in all a great TV that is easy to set up and operate.
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on 19 December 2013
Very nice looking TV which hangs on my lounge wall nicely. I previously had a 47" tv on the wall and this Panasonic's dimensions are actually smaller than my previous tele and a lot slimmer.. Great picture, very quick remote control and good wi fi. Sound is reasonably good for such a slim television and I have it hooked up to my hi fi amplifier. When I require really enhanced audio - films etc - I switch on the hi fi speakers. I would say though, that the speakers on the tv are pretty good and, in my opinion, the fact that I also use ancillary speakers on occasions should not be a put-off for anyone thinking of purchasing this tv.
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on 1 September 2015
I do not know quite how to rate this. The 42" feels less superior than the family 50" Sony. Haven read many professional reviews, it is exactly as I expected. I still believe that Smart TV have a long way to go. The YouTube is very good, as is BBC iPlayer. Signing out of Netflix on this is a b****. I am not an expert, but for me it has good colour (especially in the dark) and decent viewing angles. Home-made movies look great on here too.
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on 1 January 2014
Compared with my 5 year old Sony 40" LCD (which was 5 star in its day) the picture is even better but the sound is "tinnier" though still acceptable. On first impression the overwhelming reaction is that the screen looks smaller (although actually 2" bigger) and I had to actually measure both sets to prove it. This must be down to the minimal bezel so my first tip would be to consider the larger (47"?) model if funds permit.
I'm not a big user of the "smart" functions but the i player is great (though I can access it through my Tivo) and the internet rescued us when the PC was on the blink, the remote control is however an excruciating input device. I tried to use the android app on my tablet but this was not very successful causing the tablet to freeze. I'd like to see the app available for Windows Phone 8.
Overall a good TV without having to pay to big a premium for features which I either don't want or can access more easily elsewhere.
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on 18 February 2014
A great TV with vibrant true colours and really deep solid black levels and lots of detail in dark scenes. Its packed with easy to use smart features such as Netflix. The big downer for me with the E6 is that there is a very annoying motion blur which cannot be tweeked in the settings.
For some reason Panasonic did not include in the picture settings ''INTELLIGENT FRAME CREATION'' as they have done in the past.. This is a setting that evens out motion blur and gives a soft clear image to movements or motion flow on the screen. Its pretty noticeable when your watching football. My advice would be to see this model in the flesh before buying.
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