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on 29 September 2006
At last.....the wait is over for Rock Fans everywhere, and especially Rainbow fans. The definitive Rainbow line-up of Blackmore-Dio-Powell captured live in concert in '77. This DVD represents the long awaited release of a concert that was filmed for a European TV broadcast in the seventies. The footage captures the band at their raw best, featuring many of the early Rainbow classics (with the exception of Stargazer). Ritchie just proves what a great guitar maestro he is, and coupled with the powerful vocals of Dio, and the hard-hitting drum work of Powell, this makes for a superb musical experience. Bob Daisley and David Stone also contribute in a major way to what must be one of the greatest Hard Rock Band ever. Catch the Rainbow!!
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on 13 May 2017
it is okay but some of the songs go on for to long
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on 10 July 2017
Very pleased
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on 23 August 2006
I have been eagerly awaiting this DVD for some time and it has been worth the wait in every regard. The sound and vision quality of this DVD alone are outstanding. The performance is exceptional and really does show Rainbow at its very very best. The entire band rock through an incredible set and each member stands out as exceptional. This is a great addition to the Rainbow back catalogue and a DVD I would very highly recommend.
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Mini tour programme and a great DVD with the full concert plus interviews with Bob Daisley and Colin Hart and a slide show. There is a verse or two of "Starstruck" in the middle of "Man on the Silver Mountain" that isn't listed on the sleeve. Sadly no "Blues" or "Stargazer" but there is an early version of "Difficult to Cure" during one of Ritchie's improvisations.

There is a great story about the circumstances around this performance that is revealed in the interviews so I won't spoil it. Fantastic performance especially in the circumstances. Best buy of the year.
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on 8 October 2006
For fans of Blackmore/Dio, this live DVD is the Holy Grail - the only complete concert filmed while Ronnie James Dio was in the band is this show, shot in Munich on 20 October 1977 for the German television show 'Rockpalast'. Bootlegs of the concert have circulated for many years (I had an extremely poor quality VHS copy of it myself) and, unless you had access to German satellite TV and were lucky enough to catch it when it was repeated, that was the only way to see it. Until now that is, with the complete show being issued on this DVD, at long last.

I've seen some disparaging comments elsewhere regarding the quality of the footage used; frankly that astounds me, given that the show is almost 30 years old. The technology then is understandably much more primitive than that available today, and you do see some 'microphony' effects in the picture (lines across the image when the sound gets loud). That is something that affected almost every live video however, until the advent of modern digital technology, so basically do not expect the picture to be as sharp as, say, the Dio 'Holy Diver Live' DVD. It is still perfectly acceptable, and even if you have this concert as a good quality VHS taped from television (I have), I would still say this DVD is a cleaner picture.

The show itself demonstrates Blackmore's band (this is the line-up which went on to record the album 'Long Live Rock 'n' Roll' with Bob Daisley on bass, David Stone on keyboards and the late Cozy Powell on drums) in full flow, with both the Man In Black and the Man on the Silver Mountain both at the height of their powers. Many songs took on extended forms, with plenty of room for Ritchie and co. to improvise freely. If nothing else, it proves the Punk ethos was not as all-pervasive in 1977 as the NME would have you believe!

You even get to see the much-vaunted 'electric rainbow' which dominated the stage set; lighting up in stages during 'Catch the Rainbow', this must have been extremely impressive for those in the audience. For good measure, the show concludes with a guitar smash-up; having seen Blackmore do that in 'California Jam' and on the later Rainbow video 'Live Between The Eyes, one might be forgiven for thinking he did that at every gig, not so - he only did it on rare occasions.

The bonus features include promo videos for 'Long Live Rock 'n' roll', 'Gates of Babylon' and 'LA Connection'. Ritchie Blackmore was known for his hatred of making videos, so these are crude at best (you see stray cameramen and sound mikes appear), but are of interest due to the re-recorded Dio vocals. In addition, Bob Daisley (bassist for Rainbow in 1977/78) and tour manager Colin Hart give exclusive interviews, plus there is a photo gallery and slide show included. Also provided is a faithful reproduction of the 1977 tour programme (although reduced in size to fit the DVD case), even including the adverts of the time.

All in all then, an essential item for Blackmore or Dio fans, and those recently discovering either guitarist or singer should investigate this also. At the price offered, it is a steal. Buy it today!
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on 12 December 2007
Rainbow on DVD. This is as good as it gets. Live Between The Eyes is a good snapshot of the later, pop-rock Rainbow, but this... THIS is what it's really all about.

The circumstances surrounding this gig are legendary, and detailed to some extent in the extras and accompanying booklet. The upshot of it all is that the band is absolutely on fire throughout the performance. If Blackmore didn't always smash his guitar at the end of the show he certainly had a bit of frustration to vent on this night. Most of that energy is channelled into his playing, which is probably beyond description. At the start of Catch The Rainbow Ritchie is slightly out of tune. He retunes quietly while Dio takes centre stage and is ready to come forward for his solo at the right moment; meanwhile Dio, aware of Ritchie tuning, is prepared to improvise over the first instrumental passage if need be. Their commitment to the music is absolute. Cozy Powell's drum solo is a joy to see, and his 1812 Overture is nothing less than classic, bombastic rock'n'roll. (Incidentally, I'm probably not the only guitarist who wanted to play rock'n'roll not because of some guitar hero, but because of Cozy Powell: you just want to be up there in front of that glorious noise!)

The destructive climax of the gig sees Blackmore completely destroying his guitar. It should be noted that, unlike on Live Between The Eyes, this sacrificial guitar is not a cheap copy brought out simply to be smashed. This is a genuine, brand-spanking-new Fender Stratocaster. He's clearly vexed by his time in jail: the violence he treats that guitar with is pretty ferocious. One criticism of this "MKIII" Rainbow is that the sound was heavier, more "metal" than MKII. I suspect that this gig would've sounded like that anyway.

Amongst the extras we get promo videos and interviews with Bob Daisley (bass) and Colin Hart (tour manager), which are excellent. The DVD also comes with a booklet and a facsimile of the original tour program, making for an excellent package. I can't recommend it highly enough.
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on 22 June 2006
For most of us ageing Rainbow fans 1991's " Rainbow Live in Germany 1976" and the heavily edited 1978 album " On Stage" looked like they were the only true examples of the awesome latent power of the definitive Rainbow line-up. However, here we now have finally the official audio release of the " Rockpalast" TV recording, and once again Messers Blackmore, Dio and Powell show why their version of Rainbow was , for a gloriously brief time in the mid 1970's, THE best live act in the world (Led Zep included!!)

Compared to the forthcoming European release of the concert DVD we do get an edited " Do you close your eyes" but all else is intact- drum solo and all!!. The highlight remains " Catch the Rainbow" ; simply breathtaking in its emotive dynamics. Thoroughly recommended for those who remember the gigs at the time and for those too young a chance to appreciate what the fuss was all about.
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on 3 September 2006
In my most humble opinion, leaving this amazing concert recording to lie gathering dust in the vaults for the best part of three decades was tantamount to a crime against music.

Good as they are, "On Stage" and "Rainbow Live In Germany 1976" pale by comparison to this release.

Put simply, this album has to be a serious contender for the title of best live hard rock album of all time.

Everything about it exudes excellence - Ronnie James Dio's vocals are flawless, the rhythm axis of Cozy Powell and Bob Daisley are solid throughout without being overpowering (which Cozy had a tendency towards being on occasion), keyboardist David Stone (on this showing at least) proves that is every bit as good as his more celebrated predecessor Tony Carey, and guitarist Ritchie Blackmore is on fire.

And added to all that, great attention has obviously been paid here to getting the best possible sound quality. The sound is as clear as a bell, with none of the poor mixing and muddy sound that plague some live releases.

The version of "Catch The Rainbow" included here will blow your mind - I get a lump in my throat and goosebumps every time I listen to it. The price of the album is worth it for that one track alone. But the rest of it is sheer excellence too and an absolute must-have for any fan of the "real" Rainbow (before the Man In Black sold out to commercialism, hired a bunch of pretty Americans and started churning out Foreigner soundalike hit singles).
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on 17 November 2006
quite simply this is the best music dvd release ive ever heard, the DTS sound is without equal on anything else ive ever heard, blew me away. The concert itself is equally as good, this a highly charged performance from a band at their peak, Ritchies playing is without equal, its almost as if he is demonically possessed the speed he plays that guitar at, Dio's vocals are the best ive ever heard him sing and the whole band come together to deliver amazing white knuckle versions of the man on the silver mountain, long live rock and roll, kill the king, 16th century greensleeves etc. my only criticism is that they dont perform stargazer, why? even so this is still the best tenner you'll ever spend on a concert dvd, a big well done to eagle for releasing this and on such an excellent presentation with that DTS sound. All we need now is a full unedited release of rainbow headlining at Monsters of Rock 1980 with Graham 'bring the mushy peas out' Bonnet, that show was filmed by the bbc and aired on tv in a 30min edit missing out classics such as since you been gone ( recorded that night and released on the final vinyl album) and an extremely good live rendition of stargazer ( released on the old Monsters of Rock LP). The footage exists so hopefully Eagle can restore that show to dvd the way they did with this concert, that would really make my day. Long live rock and roll!
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