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on 28 November 2013
I enjoyed Elle and Connor's story, they overcame a lot of lows, had some great highs, there were some funny moments but on the whole it was fairly sombre.

We first meet Elle after her long term term boyfriend Kyle left her, we didn't know why at the time, but it was the best thing that happened. I thought how odd it was at the time but he had got in touch with Peyton, who I loved to bits, to keep an eye on Elle.

Peyton was a breath of fresh air, crazy chick. but had a huge heart of gold. She really loved Elle, and would do anything to help her friend.

Elle had had a really hard 23 years, loosing her mom aged 6, then her dad aged 18! and needed some luck in her life, but she was always there to help people out, she was a good samaratian had a beautiful heart.

So when she meets Connor in the club, being thrown out drunk, she helped him back to his apartment, got him inside and put him to bed. He meets her in the morning after giving her the rules speak, I giggled at this, she came back with a great answer she was really ballsy. She didn't take any of his CEO demanding nonsense.

Elle gets some bad news and has to go back to her home town, she goes to a family funeral which brings back memories, when she's had enough of hearing stories she stands up for herself, with Connor for support they get away from thge funeral, only for Kyle to show up and throw their lives in turmoil. The secrets start to unravel, Connor finds out Elle has been harbouring a big secret, she is sick really sick. He runs leaving her to get herself home. They spend time apart, but make their way back to each other, he has lived with a secret of his own, and won't let anyone in, has meaningless sex with women, not wanting a relationship until he meets Elle.

She runs again, but this time she goes out of state, to get treatment, he finds her again and goes with her whilst she has treatment, they really do love each other and begin to work on their future. A really tough storyline, but written with compasdion , alright there might be some typo's but that didn't detract from the heartfelt storyline.
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on 7 April 2014
Another tortured billionaire redeemed by love story.
This also featured a sassy, independent female with her own issues.
From the blurb I was expecting to love this but I'm afraid I didn't connect with the characters and the writing style jarred with me - it felt kind of stilted and awkward.
I see from the reviews that I'm in the minority and plenty of people loved this, but it just didn't work for me.
Abigail Barnette's The Girlfriend deals with this topic more sensitively and plausibly I think - perhaps if I hadn't read that first I'd have a different view, but I couldn't help comparing the two books as I was reading and this fell short in every way.
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Was looking for a book to fill the void after reading Fifty Shades and Bared to You, I gave this a go and absolutely loved it, got engrossed straight away with Ellery and Connor, the story was so sweet and sad, so glad that I read this and gave it a chance, its different, loved the writing style and have another favourite author on my kindle list, story flowed easily and chapters just flew by, I couldn't put the book down! Can't wait to read Forever Us.
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on 30 June 2013
Enjoyed this book very much. To be honest, I was expecting this book to have more sizzling sex but it turned out for me to be more of a tearjerker, emotional read. The relationship of the two leads drove me nuts in most parts but hey, this is just a book, escapism at its best so for that, I don't mind the craziness of what they have! I will still read the second (and perhaps, the third?) book.
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on 6 June 2015
I wanted so much from this book. It had been recommended to me. It's choppy, badly written and hard going at times as the characters were not very believable or likeable.
It felt very fan fiction like and amateur. I'm sorry I bought the 2nd book. Doubt I'll read it.
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on 26 February 2013
I bought this on impulse and am so glad I did! I read it in one sitting and I have to say that I really enjoyed it. Ellary is strong and fiercely independent and Conner is the classic gazzilionaire with commitment issues. Throw them in to a mix with cancer and you have a lovely love story. I really felt for both characters who I fell in love with. Brill escapism!
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on 21 April 2017
I thought it was awesome? Couldn't put it down and finished it in a day. I read some of the negative reviews and agree that there was a lot going on but that just added to the story. I, for one, will definitely be reading the rest of this series and more from Sandi Lynn.
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on 23 March 2013
This is my first ever book review, and the reason I felt compelled to write it was not because I did not enjoy the book, however I felt there was a great deal of 'borrowing' from other books that I have recently read; like Gabriel's Inferno which creeps in within chapters 4 - 6 and there are echoes of the Edge of Never. I was disappointed that the potential dominant male character turns out to be a damp squib. Having said this I felt compelled to read to the end, and being sentimental shed a tear along the way, but really a reversed vasectomy and cancer treatment that works in an epilogue need I say more.....
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on 24 April 2017
This book was amazing and so heartfelt it proves you can find love in all circumstances a true love story you can't put down.
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on 26 September 2016
Really enjoyed Conner & Eller's story as I had read book 2 first and had to go back to the first book I in the series. Starting book 3 Now !!
Thanks Sandi.
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