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on 19 October 2013
I like this lamp. I have tried 6 different G9 LED bulbs and this is one of my preferred two for several reasons.

The light produced is a clear white without any blue or green tinge, not a stark "cool" white and not a candle yellow either. I usually prefer an off-white iradescent clour but these lamps produce a a nice bright light without being too intense.

The size is suitable for smaller lamp styles and fits easily inside the small glass shades found on many multi-lamp units.
Don't be put off by the number of small yellow squares while turned off as these produce a nice decorative affect when lit which would suit decorative lamps that use exposed bulbs.
Whilst LED bulbs should not be looked at directly, these are not as intense on the eyes as others and it is possible to admire the lamps without being un-intentionally blinded.

The bulb does not have any opaque covering and when lit appears to be a multi-facted lamp in a clear glass. The end of the bulb has five LED's which I find works well in a small glass shade cover that it also fits inside due to its smaller size.

I shall be buying more of these. Too early at this stage to say how well they last.
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on 7 February 2015
Okay for small fittings but not really equivalent to a 30W halogen.

I needed a small bulb to replace a very small, bright, but hot, 40W capsule type, halogen G9 in a desk lamp and selected this bulb based on its small dimensions and suggested light output. It also suggests it uses latest SMD LEDs so thought I'd try it.

The head of the lamp is quite small and this bulb (53mm x18mm) just fits with a bit to spare.The description of the LED bulb is rates it as equivalent to 30W and as you might expect it isn't particularly bright. The halogen was too bright so I didn't mind taking trying this. It's a lot cooler of course but it certainly isn't bright, I'd say more like 15-20W equivalent.

I usually work on the ratio of 1:10 comparing halogen to LED. ie. 3.5W LED = 35w halogen, so at 1.6W this would be about right (16W equivalent)

I'm not really satisfied with this one. I have now found other bulbs of similar dimensions, without the glass enclosure or which seem to be set in resin. They have a slightly higher wattage, with more diodes and may be brighter. May try one of those ... or pack of 10x if cheap.

Unfortunately, like most LEDs, it's try it and see yet again.........but it can get a bit expensive with LED bulbs as we all seem to find out to our cost!
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on 27 February 2014
These are the best led lamps I have found so far, the light output is as good as specified, easily replace 25w halogen. Very good for decorative lamps and when you want a gentle light to light up adark corner of a room.
No glare. Perfect colour.
Dont expect them to floodlight a room, they are only 1.6W each.
I have a decorative lamp with 5 in and another with 2 in.
The energy saving over a 20W halogen is very good, especially if you have several of them in a light fitting. They are not as wide as a lot of them on the market, if you need to get a glass lamp shade over them you really need a 20mm diameter hole.
As for their longevity, time will only tell.
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on 11 September 2013
I wanted to reduce the power consumption of the 8 bulb G9 light fitting in our front room. G9 LED replacements are much bigger than the halogen bulbs and this one was the smallest I could find which still had a reasonable level of brightness (in terms of lumens). It fits my glass fittings well in terms of width & only slightly protrudes (make sure you carefully measure and assess your glass fittings first!). I really like the fact that most of the individual diodes are arranged along the length of the bulb, rather than at the tip which is the case with some LEDs. It means that the light goes through the glass fitting like it was meant to do. However, it is still not bright enough for me to replace all the halogens in the fitting, so I now have a 50/50 mix of these and the lower power 20W halogens.... but that still saves me almost 50% power consumption compared with only halogens. I only wish the lumens output of these was a bit higher, then I could replace all the remaining halogen bulbs. Hopefully the technology will move on quickly and that will soon become possible.
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on 31 July 2014
i ordered 2 of these last year in the effort to change as many bulbs in the house to LED. they were a touch dimmer then the bulbs they were replacing, but still very usable. and the light was great once you get used to the difference. i did however have one bulb go on me about six months later. i contacted the company via amazon, and even thought they did not respond to my message, they did get a new bulb out in the post to me which i am now using to replace the faulty unit. so top marks to them for that. above all happy at this point, and for the time i have had them.
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on 2 March 2014
These bulbs are to replace 6 G9 bulbs that did not last . The SMD LED bulbs are a perfect replacement,that do not blow at the slightest cold draught on them :) >

The colour of the light is pleasing on the eye,and the running cost is very very low compared to the bulbs they replaced . And can be handled when lit if need be

As a update on the bulbs,it is 11 months since i bought the bulbs and all 6 are still going strong,well pleased with them
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on 9 April 2015
Bit disappointed with this. It fits, and it works OK, but the light is rather dim compared to the 18w halogen it replaces, and why they call it warm white I cannot imagine, as it is far from a warm colour - rather grey and chilly I think. Having spent nearly 6 quid on the strength of some glowing (sorry) reviews I suppose I shall just have to try and get used to it. I have got some other LED bulbs (from a well known Swedish retailer) which I'm quite pleased with and which are plenty bright enough, so it's not just that I don't like LEDs. The light from this reminds me more of those ghastly long-life things they were trying to get us to use a few years ago.
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on 13 November 2014
What an amazing product this is.

We have a Selenite lamp on our longe hearth and the bulb in it went last week after about two years of occasional use. I discovered it was lit by a Halogen G9 bulb with no wattage printed on it and it looked like whoever installed it may not have covered their fingers as the glass had collapsed on both sides of the bulb. I'm no fan of Halogen bulbs, I find they are wasteful compared to Compact Flourescents, they get too hot and never last as long as we're told they do.

We'd just replaced three Halogen 28W bulbs with three LED 4W bulbs in our lounge standard lamp, the bulbs were lasting around three-four months each, so I thought I'd see if an LED G9 was available to replace the blown G9 Halogen bulb. I Could not believe the technology that must go into making this product at such a reasonable price.

When it arrived today I just had to see how the lamp looked with it installed - only one word - Amazing. I cannot still get my head round the fact that our lamp is looking as lovely as ever and only consuming 1.6W.
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A near-perfect replacement for the original, using a fraction of the electricity. I haven't had them long enough yet to say if they are likely to become faulty, but going on other reviews, these are significantly better than the cheap and cheerful ones. I currently have four of these and one of the original bulbs that takes around 10 times the power, and they are visually indistinguishable in brightness.

I have these bulbs in very narrow glass shades. They do fit, but because they are a little bigger than the original bulbs, I can't unscrew/screw on the shade with the bulb in, as I could with the originals. They are still usable, but this makes them fiddly, If you have G9 bulbs with very narrow shades where the bulb only just fits in, it's worth getting just one bulb first to make sure it's practical before going for a full replacement.
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on 26 July 2015
G9 SMD LED - Excellent - All 30 are still working after 6 months. Read other reviews about being larger. Equivalent to 25W. Very happy. 5 stars
Other bulbs I have had from same manufacturer and supplier are:-
E14 Candle 5w dimmable - Excellent - All 9 still working well. Dims to half brightness. 5 Stars
BC 10W LED - Excellent - All 10 give good light and still working well after 6 months.
E14 Golf Ball - 4W. - All 6 bulbs I had worked fine on fitting and gave a great light. After only a few weeks 5 of the 6 failed which is a great shame. I contacted the seller who has supplied replacements straight away free of charge which is to their credit. We will have to see if these last any longer. 2 Stars
GU10 4W - Good light but 1 out of the 10 I had failed in 1 month. Seller has supplied replacement. 3 stars
GU10 6W - Good light but 5 out of the 30 I had failed over 6 months. Seller has supplied replacements. 3 stars
My electricity bill for lighting has reduced by 80%. Overall this is a 15% reduction in my annual electricity bill so happy with that. Its just a matter of how long the bulbs last in general.
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