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on 21 May 2017
I love the bottle and the taste of the water is much better. But after some months (I have mine since October 2016) it got moldy on the rubber, exactly where we suck the water, which I didn't manage to remove with bleach or vinegar. That doesn't make much sense considering that I wash it every day.
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on 14 August 2017
I bought this in August 2016, and wanted to give it a decent trial of a couple of months before committing to a review. Then I forgot. However, a problem has come to light recently which is definitely worth a mention, and is why I've finally sat down to write this long-overdue review..

The reason I bought this bottle was the result of needing to increase my hydration during the day at work (I'm prone to bladder infections, aaarghh!), but knew that a standard sports bottle wouldn't be suitable. I live in a part of the UK which has rock-hard, but otherwise great, tap water; however, the water that comes out of the tap at work is, frankly, gopping. Potable it might be, but my workplace is based on a Cold War-era, ex- MoD site which is equipped with many miles of hidden pipework, most of which is probably still lead. The water stinks, and tastes pretty nasty, so the Brita FillandGo was duly bought.

As for filtering out the rancid taste, the bottle scored perfectly and I have been happily guzzling my way through 0.6 litre per day of completely taint-free water, alongside my usual mugs of fruit teas. However, now comes the reason that I haven't given it 5 stars: a couple of months ago, mouldy spots started to form round the inside and outside of the mouthpiece. At the end of every day, I've always washed and dried the lid/mouthpiece section thoroughly as I can with the disc in place, and more so when I take the disc out at the end of the week, so I'm puzzled as to why this has happened. I've been bringing it home every few weeks and soaking it in sterilising fluid as well, but this hasn't stopped the mould forming, and doesn't do much to reduce them now they're here!

I'm not a fussy, squeamish person by any stretch of the imagination, but the mould looks pretty gruesome now, and a sign that Brita didn't use the correct type of material for the mouthpiece in the first place.

All in all, a great bit of kit, let down by a shoddy design spec!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 22 December 2017
This is the second water bottle my family has ordered in the last year. First we ordered one for my partner and then one for my daughter.
However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that we were extremely happy with it – but simply that we couldn’t find a better alternative.

So, the positives first. It is a convenient bottle, as you can have filtered water anywhere. You can use it for travelling, for school, for the gym, you name it. It is a convenient size too, easy to carry, easy to use. You only need to replace the filter once a week. Not bad in theory.

On the not so positive side, the way water is drawn out is not ideal – the suction is a bit weird. Also, you need to thoroughly clean the bottle on a very regular and consistent basis – something which both my partner and my daughter didn’t particularly enjoy, so both bottles ended up being thrown away after a few weeks. Scum very easily accumulates and ruins it, especially around the drinking area. The plastic is not especially easy to clean either.
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on 30 September 2016
Great for people on the go. The instructions state that the filter should be changed weekly - however in the Q&A above, one person has explained that they contacted Brita who said the filter disc should last 35 fillings - which is significantly more than a week's worth, unless this bottle is to be your only source of water! So this makes this much better value than buying bottled water.

The only thing I don't like is that the filter makes a hissing noise when I'm drinking - which is a bit irritating. I'm still on my first filter however, so it might just be an issue with this particular disc; I'll update this review when I've changed it.

I don't know whether the design has been updated, but I have not experienced the leaking problems that some reviewers have referenced. I'm very pleased with the Brita bottle so far, it's become my new companion; it comes to work with me and also sits on my bedside table at night - much safer than having a glass of water there when you've got two cats in the house!
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on 20 July 2017
Brought this filter hoping to save money from constantly purchasing bottled water for my gym sessions. I've had it for several months and here my PROs and CONs.

- looks fancy..... an attractive replacement for a regular water bottle and that's about it.
- Doesn't leak any water
- Large size therefore can hold a generous amount of water, approx 500ml.

- Unfortunately I couldn't actually taste the difference between the tap water straight from the sink and the filtered water.
- Dropped the filter accidentally at the gym and the white lid cracked. The lid is very fragile.
- The rubber component grew mould. The rubber nozzle from which you suction the water also grew mould and turned black. I wash the flask everyday so was surprised and grossed out by it.
- Am use to just tipping a water bottle and drinking from it so took a while to get use to sucking the water through the straw
- Over priced gimmick that doesn't deliver

- In my honest opinion I felt as though it made no difference to the taste of water. It was an overpriced gimmick and I ouldn't recommend.
It's a shame as I have the Beira elemaris water filter jug at home which I love.
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on 23 January 2018
I’ve had this water bottle about a year now and I use it everyday. I would say i’ve only changed the filter about 2/3 times.. i don’t think you have to change it as often as they say - only when you feel the taste of the water is different. Remember to rinse your filter disks thoroughly on both sides before using it. One problem i have with the bottle is that when i sometimes go to drink it, it leaks a little in the front and then drips down onto me.. i don’t know why this happens or what’s causing it and it doesn’t happen every time. So each time before i drink it, i tilt it a little first to see if water leaks out. if it does then i let it drip to the floor, then go ahead and drink it. if no water leaks out, that’s fine obviously and i drink. it’s a small problem but can be annoying but i’m used to it now. All in all would recommend, as i use it everyday and the pros outweigh the cons.
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on 19 August 2017
This bottle was great for a few months until I dropped it one day and the part that clicks into the lid snapped off - after that broke off, it was completely unusable as the lid wouldn't stay closed! This was of course my fault, as I dropped it, but I definitely expect more durability from a water bottle, as I'd only dropped it from a short height. I will likely go back to one of my other bottles that are much more durable - have dropped them many times with no damage done! This will likely be fine for you if you're keeping it at a desk or something, but if there's any chance you will drop it, I'd be a bit careful about buying. Otherwise it was great - the pink is pretty and the spout is easy to drink from, no issues with spilling or leakage.
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on 8 August 2017
I purchased 4-5 bottles for my family last year. I'm loving the water bottle and I no longer buying bottled water from the shop. I've seen people commenting bad smells and mould around the mouth piece. The quick tip I can give is use Milton sterilising fluid once a week, which is for baby bottles and you can get it from the supermarket to give a nice clean. Mine is mould free despite everyday use for a year now.
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on 22 May 2016
I'd been considering one of these for ages in a bid to try and up my water intake each day at work, so when it was reduced recently, I immediately purchased it and haven't regretted it for a moment. Easy to follow instructions as you would expect from Brita, and you can most definitely taste the difference when you drink. The water is clean and clear and the result is exactly the same as our Brita filter jug - previously I was using this to fill a cheap bottle which was ok initially but not so great once I then had to use tap water to top up in the office. This is an investment, but I think it is well worth it. Also a nice design that fits snugly in to my work bag, or alternatively, that I can carry around easily. Love it!
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on 19 December 2016
I have purchased 2 Brita Fill and Go bottles for my boys to use at school. Only after less then 2 months of use they started to cover with mold.
There are no special instructions for cleaning this bottles and I do clean them with a dish washer liquid EVERY SINGLE DAY! First my youngest sons' bottle stared to cover with mold from the outside of the drinking sprout, now and my oldest sons' bottle. It doesn't matter that I clean them daily it's spreading every where.
I did contact Brita BG today and they have tried to convince me that that is something from the filter BUT it is NOT. I have been using Brita Marella jug from years now and I know that it does not cover with any stains!
And not last from the inside just where you place the filter there are NO stains at all, I find only microscopic particles from the filter but this is something that I'm aware of and I'm used to with my Marella jug.
The only solution I was offered from Brita BG was to BUY some new lids for 650 EUR/each. No way!
These were advertised to be cheaper from the regular spring water but when you buy the filters and you change the lid every couple of months I found them quite expensive! Just don't waist your money!
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