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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 22 February 2014
This is a much larger book than my other one (Microsoft Office 2013 Explained) which I've also reviewed, and covers every aspect of the new Microsoft Office 2013 in a great deal of detail, which I find very helpful when I want to know more than the basics. I really love the way it is presented in a reassuring, informative and often amusing way which helps dispel the panic and worry when facing a new system. All the Dummy books are excellent, I have found over the years and I can recommend this one too.
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on 5 February 2014
Arguably, of all the various written guides to Office 2013, the most user-friendly, in that it really is written in a manner which, while not being remotely patronising, is comprehensible to those who either have limited computer experience, little or no experience of Office 2013, or - especially if no longer young and so perhaps rather 'phased' by things technological- lack confidence or self-belief in trying to get to grips with this extensive and powerful programme.
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on 11 June 2013
Very helpful, everything explained in detail and in plain English and so easy to follow even for a 78 year old.
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on 26 September 2013
If you have used a recent version of Office before then you really don't need this book. Most of what it provided was a staement of the obvious and there was little added value.
If you are new to Office then it would be invaluable.
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As a long-term buyer and reader of the 'For Dummies' series of titles, the efforts of their respective authors are much appreciated. Curiously, although there are now far fewer Editions of Windows, there are now twelve possible Editions of Office although not all are available as a retail or downloadable product or in all countries and some are only available pre-installed on certain computers and others are only available to Enterprise customers.

Microsoft Office has existed in various forms and for many years, during which time various additions and changes have been made to the component programs and no less so than with this current version. The most evident changes are those to the ribbon interface which replaces the menus of older versions - a different version of the ribbon was used with Office 2010 - it now is cloud-based, a means by which your documents can be remotely stored and accessed on any compatible device with suitable software installed and there are numerous templates to assist choice of file or document you wish to create. Its files may even be shared with others without needing any other form of publication or distribution. It should be noted that Office 2013 is closely matched to and works best with Windows 8. Some elements of some component programs that may have been previously available have either been removed or the feature has been modified although the book does not provide a detailed list of these changes.

The book, which is directed mostly at users of the Professional Edition, concentrates on its core components although Access and Outlook are not available in the Home and Student Edition but the remaining three, Word, Excel and PowerPoint, are. There are six main chapters, an introduction to the packages, followed by one each on Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Access with the usual closing chapter for most 'For Dummies' books, The Part of Tens. This is generally a list of tips, hints and other useful advice which is what you will get with this. Other Editions of the package include further packages and it is possible to separately license others, Visio (a business graphics package) and Project (a business and project management tool) are the major examples.

Within its 388 pages, excluding the Index, the chapters are used to illustrate with text and illustrations (primarily screen images) use of the programs, and using some of the commonly used features. For Word, as an example, it includes navigating a document, spell-checking and grammar, using fonts, colour (if relevant), and finally using tables and columns which may be more applicable to some uses more so than others and probably not much used in correspondence.

The book is not as comprehensive as may be Wiley's own 'Bible' series where a book of similar size or larger may exclusively deal with Word and another with Excel, clearly in much greater detail. However, as a day-to-day Introduction for users, it is more than adequate and may meet all the needs both current and future for most of its readers. Buyers should also note that there are several other rather similar titles within the same series, not necessarily with the same author, but whose contents and intended targets are very different and with which it should not be confused.
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on 8 October 2015
Been very helpful now that Microsoft have done their usual confusing best to obscure and make difficult the common functions I regularly use. Well done ".. for DUMMIES" like the US Calvary you saved the day.
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on 8 June 2013
Rating probably unfair to the author - the program is so vast he can hardly do more than scratch the surface. I have resisted having to use MS Office for years (I am a diehard fan of WordPerfect for word processing, and don't like Word), but have had to switch to Excel. The book hasn't helped as much as I had hoped, but it's not fair to judge it on that basis. I am, in general, a fan of the Dummies books, and still prefer their approach to that of other series.
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on 29 January 2014
Just what I needed to be able to help find my way around the maze that is my new Office package.
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on 19 April 2013
This book is excellent for explaining the intricacies of MS Office and is now a companion which is constantly referred to.
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on 14 November 2013
This is the second book that I have in this series, and it is well worth the money. I use about three different versions of Windows and this particular one is a little more diffucult, due to the familiar things that I have been using are hidden. I would recommend this book. It is well written, easy to follow and good value.
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