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on 15 April 2016
The cable appears well made - time will tell how well it wears after a few months of use / travel.

I'm using it to connect a Sony Xperia Z5 mobile phone to a Chord Mojo USB DAC / headphone amplifier. It works perfectly.

The USB OTG cable is directional - but it doesn't appear to have any markings. However it's easy enough to put a dot of Tippex on one end to remind me which end needs to be connected to the phone and which to the Mojo.
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on 29 August 2015
I purchased this USB OTG Adapter in the hope that my Asus Memo Pad 7 ME173X tablet would connect easily to it. Unfortunately it was not recognised and it would not connect at all. So I did some Youtube research and found out that The Asus Memo Pad 7 does not supply a power output to make any USB OTG work at all. So I researched some more on Youtube and found out a technical trick to make the USB OTG work with the Asus tablet and possibly other Android devices that do not provide enough power to make an OTG Adapter work.
Here are the main two steps.

You must have a ROOTED Android device to make this work. I went into Play store and downloaded the following apps to the tablet. King Root and rooted my Asus tablet with one click. I installed Root Checker and verified my tablet was rooted. Then I installed StickMount which mounts the OTG USB once it's plugged into the tablet and finally ES File Explorer, this program lets you find and access anything connected to the OTG USB.....Phew!, a lot to install, but trust me it worked for me.

I purchased a cheap 4 x USB hub (£1.99) with a short USB cable. I then made a homemade USB male to USB male cable by joining two unused USB cables together which I had lying around (just connect the red and black cables, the green and white are not needed). I plugged one end of the homemade USB cable into my Asus tablet USB/mains charging plug adapter (to provide the power) the other end into any one of the four spare USB connections on the USB hub. I then connected the USB power lead leading out from the USB hub directly into the OTG USB adapter. Then I plugged a USB memory stick with movies,music,photos and a few documents to test out into the USB hub, then plug the OTG USB adapter into the tablet. If you have followed the steps precisely you should get a large symbol flash up in the middle of your tablet screen indicating a connection is made.

Using StickMount, click 'mount', this will mount the OTG Adapter, then go into ES File Explorer and find the following path by selecting SD Card/USB Storage/sdb1/sda1. All being well you should now have access to the contents on your USB memory stick.

I think this setup will work with most tablets and android phones if they don't have enough power to power up a USB OTG Adapter by themself. Earlier versions of some Android phones and tablets may not work though.

I hope this lengthy instruction helps those who have struggled and failed to make the USB OTG Adapter work with their Android device..
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on 17 December 2016
One end fits well the other usb will not fit. Seems to be obstructed and stopping it enter the port. I am not prepared to push it and possibly damage a device. Quality is therefore questionable. I have tried it on three different devices with same result. Would NOT recommend.
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on 9 June 2016
After a few months of use, the cable has developed some fault. Using a USB Audio DAC (Encore mDSD) it keeps disconnecting while in my pocked. By disconnecting I mean the phone loses the connection and the music stops and it happens constantly while I'm walking down the road with my headphones on. The wire is quite thin so with the right-angled connector and the cable in the pocket it probably can't handle normal daily use which isn't very practical since the point of the cable (and it's size) is to be attached to a device in your pocket. Anyway, find a cable which has thicker gauge wire than this cheap cable.
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on 27 April 2017
Purchased this in the hope that I could transfer photos from my digital camera onto my tablet but I kept getting a message saying that there was nothing on my camera, so tried to transfer photos and video from my Nokia Lumia onto the tablet and got the same message. Not sure why I kept getting this message as I made sure I bought the correct cable. Never mind, it could come in handy.
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on 22 February 2018
If you have a smartphone/tablet and want to connect external usb devices such as flash drivers, ssds, hdds, keyboards, mice, audio interface and so on, this is the one for you.

It is larger than an adapter, but having the 2 connectors on a wire instead of a single plastic unit means the risk of damaging your device port is lower.

Star Tech quality, simple and reusable ziplock packaging and very easy to use.
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on 22 March 2015
Delivered promptly and does exactly what it should do. I use it to connect usb drives to my Galaxy Note 3, the drives have to be formatted to fat32 so my Note can see them. I had previously been using an OTG cable which also worked but left the drive trailing when in use, this basicall just sticks out like an extension to the stick and enables the phone to be held and used easier than with a cable.

I have tested it with a PS3 controller and various external hard drives which also powered up and functioned as they should. Some of this functionality/compatibility is phone specific as Samsung do include good support for external devices on OTG so these items may not work on all devices.
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on 10 August 2016
[Quick Review]
- Small and extremely portable
- Solid build quality
- AMAZING customer support from Startech when i contacted them about my issue, written below.

- The connection for the MICRO-USB did not fit all the way into my phone, on a second tablet, this happened again. There was a bit extra of the metal that did not go all the way in, and compared to pictures of the product, it felt like it was supposed to.
- This product (and I'm sure that this was a one off, hence the 4 star review) did not properly work. I tried it with a 64GB Sandisk Extreme Pro USB Stick and on an Android 6.0 Marshmellow Motorola G3 (2015) phone the USB kept connecting and disconnecting.

[Full Review]

I bought this for my Motorola G3 2015 phone, running Marshmellow 6.0. Alongside a SanDisk 64 GB Extreme USB 3.0 Flash Drive up to 245 MB/s FFP - Black

The converter arrived fine and good packaging, easy to open and use. However, I encountered problems where the USB would be recognised, then disconnected and this kept repeating very quickly.

Furthermore, the actual port (metal bit) did not fully go into my phone nor on another micro USB device I tried. I had contacted StarTech support and hence the 4 star rating rather than the 3 star.

The support I was provided was amazing, it's 24 hours, and I contacted them at 10PM. The support is based in Canada and the agent I got, was very friendly.

Here is an exempt from our chat:

"Nathan: Yes I think I understand. With that being said I think it might be better if we went a different route here. While a replacement might resolve the issue I was wondering if you would be interested in a completely different USB OTG adapter? I can provide this for you as a free sample from us, and you are welcome to keep the current adapter that you have."

Even though this device, for me, was not working. I assume because of manufacture error, the lifetime warranty on this item is amazing along with the customer support provided from the company.

StarTech will ship me a free sample of the other OTG cable (the longer one rather than the portable one) to see if that will solve my problem from their UK warehouse.

This personally amazed me, even though this product that I received was slightly flawed the support and the care I received deserve the product more stars.

I believe this is a problem specifically with this adaptor, and not the actual product, hence the 4 star rating. Since everything else was great.
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on 25 February 2018
...you need to get content from an SSD or Memory stick.

The ability to draw power to operate third party items from your tablet is always a plus.

Not much to dislike as a lead is a lead is a lead.

8" may seem a bit short but it's long enough to connect tablet and memory item or phone.

Buy a couple you never know when they might be needed.
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on 4 May 2016
This has made a world of difference to me. Recently purchased a Samsung tablet which doesn't have a USB drive. This little gadget has meant that I don't have to email stuff to myself to save onto the tablet - can just download it of a flashdrive instead. Have tried it with a few documents now, including an excel spreadsheet and it copied across fine. Has made my Samsung much more user friendly as I was really missing the usefulness of a USB port. For those wanting to know the size of the adapter, it fits my htc phone as well (although I haven't tried using it with the phone)
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