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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 28 April 2017
This is absolutely wicked. Firstly I like how it can charge from USB as the Micro Mosquito I owned a decade ago had to be charged from a base station that used a load of batteries. This charges for free although it takes about half an hour for 10 minutes flight.

I find this is trickier to fly than my old Mosquito but that makes it more fun as the mosquito got boring really quick. It has survived a few crashes too so it is a lot tougher than it looks because it does feel very fragile and light in the hand.

It was an amazing bargain with the discount offer that you got when purchasing additional items with it. I got spare blades and 8 duracell batteries all in for the same price as the helicopter on its own.

Glad I got some replacement blades as it has made me wince when I have collided with curtains and stuff as it sounds like everything would have snapped but so far it is in one piece!

Younger children won't be able to fly it and there is a danger that someone could have their eye out or hurt themselves so I'd recommend this for older kids and a decent sized room as a tiny box bedroom will just lead to constant crashes.

All in all I am utterly amazed at how the price of these things has come down in the last 10 years and how much better they are. If I have one criticism is the port where the charging cable plugs into the helicopter. It is a very loose connection and not a solid click in place. You can kind of wiggle it a bit as sometimes it won't be charging.
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on 15 March 2018
Endless fun, still not broken, even after some horrific crashes. I’m quite impressed. With some practice you can really get to control this little thing. Charge time/run time ratios aren’t too bad either
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on 30 October 2017
Great little toy.
I bought this as a bit of distraction from exams. The item is easy to use. Charges reasonable quickly and the controls are simple.
The helicopter is pretty easy to control and with some practice, fine control can be obtained.
Owing to a type of Bernoulli effect, the helicopter tends to draw itself towards walls if you get too close and since i flew inside, many crashes ensued. I believe i have crashed this item about 50 times at least and it has been pretty bullet proof. I have had to replace one rota blade and the fin but replacements are not too hard to come by.
The helicopter can be flown outside but be careful of strong winds since the item is not too heavy and is harder to control in wind. Also the range of antenna is not to large but with an item such as this, you aren't looking to fly it large distances anyway.
I would highly recommend this item. Great fun, good value for money, just make sure that you have nice open spaces inside to avoid too many accidents
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on 6 February 2017
We bought this for our son for his 8th Birthday. I was aware of the recommended age group for this RC toy but based of his ability and my supervision we wanted to try it out and give him his birthday wish.

Overall we really can't complain too much. The price of this toy was under £18 including a pack of spares.

We were a bit sceptical about a few things though. Firstly, it was coming from China and there have been quite a few cases of these toys being reproduced and branded as the same but with inferior components. This was not the case with this toy sent by "Fly Service". Googling told us what to look out for and everything we checked on the toy was legit!

Secondly, we were not sure if our son would be able to control this without too much difficulty. We were quite surprised how quickly he managed to get to grips with it and how to control the toy in the air. It took a little while and there were some crashes along the way but he got to grips quickly enough. This also says a lot about the build quality because there have been no parts that have needed to be replaced after hours of crashing!

The Gyro system (in my opinion) is not that sensitive and the helicopter does tend to drift forward a little on take off. This is elevated with a little pressure on the back control during take off. There is also a little wobble from time to time but that evens out as the "balance blades" (as I can them) stretch into position.

Overall, this is a fab toy for a great price. The set of spares are typically under £2 so it's no massive problem if it does break which, this hasn't yet. It's obviously quite well made for what it is. It's also a lot of fun and mastering it in flight is quite rewarding as we have found out with our son. It's also a great place to start out before moving up to larger scale helicopters with extra control channels. Our son may just stay with this for a while longer yet though (we hope)!
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on 5 January 2018
Bought to keep me amused while indoors over the winter months. First I must say I am an experienced radio control pilot so flying this model is very easy for me. Anyone buying this heli who has had no experience flying models might find it difficult to fly. That said with a little patience there is no reason why it cannot be mastered. Along the learning curve you will have crashes, but this little model is well built and should stand up to some abuse. If you do break it then replacement parts are easily available. Flight times are 6 to 7 minutes and recharging is made easy with the provision of a USB cable which can be plugged into your PC. You can recharge straight from the transmitter, but this will quickly run down your transmitter batteries of which 6 are required to power the unit. For just under £20 including postage and packing you can't go wrong with this model. I have given it 5 stars.
If you really would like to find more info on this model than just search on the web, there are many great reviews, and in some cases whole web sites dedicated to this model. YouTube is a good source of info, where there are loads of video of the heli flying.
I was aware that there could be quite a few fakes of this model on the market, therefore I did some research on the web to identify the genuine models. Obviously you cannot tell if you are buying a fake online, I would not expect Amazon sellers to do so, but it may be wise to examine your model on arrival so that any issues can be taken up with the seller straight away. As a matter of course I am always extremely careful when buying online.
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on 23 December 2016
Nice little helicopter. Quite easy to fly, easy to set the trim and pretty robust. We have one in the office at work (shh, don't tell the boss) and it has survived plenty of crashes with just minor chipping to the blades. New blades are pretty cheap. As it charges through USB you can charge it by computer or by plugging the cable into a phone charger. After many, many charges this doesn't seem to have damaged it or reduced flying time.
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on 7 January 2016
This is an absolutely superb entry into the world of remote controlled helicopters. The copter itself if light weight but has so far proved indestructible. My children, ranging in age from 10 to 13 have all been able to very quickly pick up the controls and perform some basic flight manoeuvres.

I would recommend only flying it indoors as it's very sensitive to air movement - we had a fan on in the dining room and it caused many a crash, but these things just keep on flying. If you do somehow manage to break it then there are plenty of options for spare parts across various amazon sellers.

In flight, once you've adjusted the trim controls, they are capable of very steady and deliberate movements. We particularly enjoy a landing pad challenge where we try and set down on a small coffee table. The only real downside is that a full charge only lasts about five minutes of continuous use. They can be charged from the controller (which requires 6 triple-A batteries and includes up/down, rotation/trim and channel selection), but fortunately there's also a supplied USB charging cable, with a standard USB A size connector one end, special plug for the copter the other. This means that you can charge it using any standard charger and save the controller batteries from extended use at the same time.

I ended up buying two of these, plus a Syma Chinook, and they can all operate on separate channels without interference - a proper mini apocalypse now can now take place in our house!
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on 26 August 2017
This is an absolute bargain RC helicopter for beginners.


- Cheap (mine was £11.49 when I purchase it)
- Extremely easy to fly, yet provides hours of fun if you've never flown an RC helicopter before
- Hardwearing (I crashed it countless times and it still never broke)
- Can fly and easily land on objects indoors


- Fares extremely poorly in the wind
- Battery life felt pretty short
- It will eventually become boring and you will likely start to crave a more advanced helicopter (one that is faster, fares better in the wind, or can go upside down, etc.)
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on 24 October 2016
I'm addicted/obsessed playing with this RC helicopter since I've received it. It's a durable helicopter; I've got it banged and crashed in the kitchen, and still everything is intact and flies. The reason for 3-stars is the battery, it heats up after several charges and flight times. I'm now experiencing the motor stopping at mid flights, thus crashing it heavily on the floor. It was fun to begin with but now I'm getting frustrated of the motor keeps stopping after 5-10 seconds of flight. Would I recommend this to a friend? Possibly, but I'll warn him/her about the battery issue.
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on 17 May 2016
We bought this couple of years ago for my then 7year old son. Unfortunately for him his dad took over convincing him that he didn't know how to control it and he would teach him!

Well my son has only been allowed to use it the last few months and he loves it just as much as his dad. It does take a little time getting used to the controls and you do need to be gentle. Sudden jerks will cause the helicopter to hit the ceiling or straight to the ground.

It takes about 50 minutes to charge and you can play for approximately 12 minutes once it is fully charged. We had tried others but just loved the size and how simple this was to use. It has been crashed many times and still going strong.

The controller requires 6 AA batteries and the helicopter comes with a usb cable, perfect to charge on pc or use with a usb plug.

All in all this has been a very good purchase and we can highly recommend.
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