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Customer reviews

3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars
Platform: PC|Change
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Platform: PC|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've tried various versions of Corel Video Studio Pro (they've dropped the Pro from this version, though) and always found it a bit 'My First Video Editor', however with X6 it may have stepped up a bit.

It's always had a fair stack of features, but customizing them has always been restricted or awkward meaning that anything you produce with it has a bit of an amateurish feel. It's never good using loads of the transitions and overlays included with NLE software, but if you can suitably customize the effects then you can end up with something unique and more understated (read 'professional looking'!).

It's still not massively intuitive when trying to customize things, but I did get further with X6 than I have with previous versions, so there's a definite improvement there.

The inclusion of ProDad Mercali and Boris Graffiti go a long way towards helping you make a professional looking production. These are very good tools and BG particularly, rather than the stock title effects, will really help a production.

New features such as 4K support and the motion tracking titles are interesting. I'm not sure why anyone with kit capable of capturing 4K video would use a budget editor like this right now, but I suppose as 4K kit comes down in price it may make sense to be familiar with a software package - I just don't see the 4K price coming down much very soon.

The motion tracking titles and overlays (and path editing for objects in general) actually works very well and creates some nice effects that are both smooth in appearance and effective. My only issue being that applying these effects is not as intuitive as it could be. Creating a motion tracking path and then replacing that with a title repeatedly resulted in titles that were far smaller than I expected - though they did track very nicely! If you do a search on YouTube you can find some Corel training videos that show a much simpler way of using the motion tracking (create the track without an associated object, then right click on the overlay you want to follow the track and associate that with the appropriate motion track) - tellingly it involves un-checking a default setting every time you create a track.. see what I mean by unintuitive?

I should, though, say that I am absolutely not dismissing the bundled effects. Some of them are very very nice. The clouds effect and the wave effect in particular are very well rendered and the waves effect in particular is very customizable meaning fluttering flags from images etc are very easy to create and very convincing. The simple transitions such as the fades, wipes, peels etc are very well done and genuinely useful.

A lot of reviewers have had stability issues with this version. I'm pleased to say that I didn't have any while testing - and that was a bug surprise to me. I'm a Pinnacle Studio user by choice - another product now owned by Corel - and the latest version of that software (version 16) has proven a nightmare on my hardware so I was expecting bad things here.

[UPDATE: After another few hours of testing this pretty heavily with some 1080p footage, motion tracking, various overlays and transitions I'm happy to say that I still have had no crashing issues whatsoever!]

The only 'stability' issues I did see were to do with plugins. When opening up the settings editor for New Blue effects I was briefly greeted by a screen promoting New Blue's wares, quickly followed by a registration screen. Unfortunately these screens immediately disappeared behind the main Video Studio Pro window BUT kept focus meaning that I couldn't click on the popups to close them, bring them to the front of the screen to interact with them or continue to work in the editor. (the fix was to right click on the task bar icon and select 'Close' which brought the dialogs to the front where I could cancel them. Video Studio pro did not close at this point but after closing the two dialogs I was able to return to the main screen and continue what I was doing!)

In the past I've uninstalled Video Studio Pro and continued using Pinnacle Studio and CyberLink Power Director to achieve everything I've wanted to do. I think X6 will be staying on my machine - not as my primary editing package, but certainly now a useful addition to my video toolbox.

[UPDATE: The extra few hours of testing have really bumped this package up in my opinion. My gut feeling at this point is that Video Studio Ultimate X6 will now replace Power Director as my second line NLE. It will probably actually be the first call for some project from now on.. and that's after more than 10 years of very heavy Pinnacle Studio use!]

[UPDATE June 2013: Well I've now had my first crash - last night on a project I've been working on for a good few weeks now. I was moving an overlay graphic and the application froze completely. I crashed out of it using task manager - a pretty sever way to shut down any application - and on restarting Video Studio offered to recover the project that was open when it crashed. It recovered perfectly and the only changes missing from the recovered project were the ones I was making to the position of the overlay when the application crashed! I hadn't saved the project for a good 20 minutes or so and had made a lot of changes in that time and all of those were recovered perfectly. Yet another big tick from me then - crashes are almost inevitable in complex software like this, for me the measure of good software is how well it recovers and Video Studio Pro did that brilliantly.]
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on 10 May 2013
I bought x5; using the "Do More" tab, I downloaded lots of free extra content - templates, titles etc. I then saw x6, advertised at a "special discount" to upgrade. I was tempted by the new features, so I upgraded. The number of titles available to me dropped from more than 80 to 54. Templates that I had installed - eg "sci fi" were no longer there Yet when I clicked on the "Do More" tab, it told me that sci fi was there, and already installed, so no option to install again.

Then began six-eight weeks of emails with their "support" team. I uninstalled x5, to completely free up x6. Nothing changed. I reinstalled x5 - and there were all 80-plus titles again. No trace in x6. I then uninstalled, as their instructions, both x5 and x6, reinstalled x6 with a new code they gave me - and found that not only was I still down to 54 titles, but I had now lost the Boris plug-in as well.

My last email to them asked, in very plain language, "why can't I get the 80-plus titles in x6, where has Boris gone, and why does it tell me the sci-fi template is installed when it is nowhere to be found." I think those questions are quite straight forward and understandable. The reply? "Please sign this form, return it to us, destroy your disk and we will give you a full refund." That, I am afraid, is NOT my definition of the word "support", that is "we can't find a quick fix to your problem, so we are giving up."

I have one other minor issue with the software: I use such packages to put my family holiday films etc onto DVDs. What I have done in the past, for some fun etc, is devised family logos etc. When I used Pinnacle, the DVD would start, up would come the logo, and THEN you would reach the DVD menu. With Corel, you have no option at all about where the DVD menu goes. If you opt to use the menu, it is automatically inserted at the very start of your DVD, with no option for any title screen, copyright notices or anything else on screen before the menu appears. According to their support team, they think it would be a good idea if you COULD put the menu's elsewhere, and are going to mention this to their technical people. But I wont be holding my breath.

As it is, I am currently flitting between the two versions of the software (using up a nice bit of unnecessary disc pace) depending on how many or which titles and templates I want to use compared to what new features I want to use.

I want to like this software, I like the features (in theory) - I am just very frustrated by the niggles, and the frankly unsupportive "support" from Corel.
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VINE VOICEon 28 April 2013
Platform: PC|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
If you're the kind of filmmaker who shoots in 4K resolution (8.3 megapixels) then you're probably going to be spending money on a lot more sophisticated editing software than this. But I suppose as the technology refines and becomes more commonplace it might become more affordable. Still, it's a nice feature.

As for the software itself - it is a decent package, if hardly revolutionary. Corel lead the market on photo editing software but aren't quite there when it comes to video. With a nice amount of tools such as video stabilization and color-grading (which I am not too keen on) it is worth money. If you've worked with video editing packages before you will be whisking through this one in no time, if not it is still very user-friendly and easy-going with all the usual text options and transitions. You can render your movies in the usual list of formats including MP4, MPEG-4, AVC and WMV. The sound is in Dolby Digital too, btw. Apparently you can link it to your YouTube account for direct uploads but I never initiated this as I feel safer doing it manually.

Any first-timers looking for a video editing package will certainly get their money's worth with VideoStudio X6. It is stable and features enough tools satisfy your basic editing needs - and in 4K resolution too, should you need it.
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on 16 May 2013
Platform: PC|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is the most useful and powerful version of VideoStudio yet. It has a slightly tweaked interface over version 5, but the real changes are the new features. The 'headline' improvement is that you can now process at 4K resolution, four times the resolution of Full HD (1080p). While this is a major increase in resolution, I know of only one consumer camera that outputs at this detail level, so it's going to be useful to hardly any users at the moment. Anyone using a professional 4K system would certainly be using a professional editing package anyway, and so would not be using VideoStudio. Also, 99% of home systems are not going to be able to handle the hardware requirements for editing 4K material. While it might be technically possible, it would be painfully slow.

With that out of the way, the actually useful additions (for me) were the new DSLR functions. I linked my Canon DSLR to the application and you get direct control of the camera on the screen. This can also be done in the standard Canon software of course, but here it is right in your videoediting suite and so it is genuinely useful and timesaving. This allows for highly efficient motion-capture/stop-motion use and I'm sure all other packages will soon have a similar function. All the other usual VS plugins are here in their latest versions, so you get good animation/titling/matte special effects. Output is now available in AVCHD 2.0 and HTML 5, which although I don't use, is futureproofing this product to some degree.

If you have version 4 (or earlier) of this software or an interest in stop-motion DSLR capture, this is a worthwhile upgrade. If you have version 5, I would stick with that and see what version 7 brings.
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VINE VOICEon 16 May 2013
Platform: PC|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
It's aimed at those budding editors/film-makers/animators out there. (It's the equivalent of an Adobe Elements package).

Essentially when I went looking for a film editor, I didn't want to spend too much as I essentially want to mess about in my spare time, not become the next Peter Jackson. In some ways I want the basics, so perhaps I should have bought a more simpler X6 package, but regardless, I bought this "Ultimate" version.

There's loads of features and effects, more than I need, but I've been impressed with what I've achieved so far.
* Stop Motion animation - quite simple to use, allowing you to overlay each frame/step of the movie.
* Motion Tracking - this took me a few attempts to understand it, but you simply define a starting point and the program then tracks it as it moves around. It suffers from not always being accurate, but I can live with it.
* Match-motion - like the motion tracking except you attached text or graphics to what's being tracked, too. (Kind of fun: replace heads for celebrities).

I'm still delving into the package, but it's a solid choice for some movie-entertainment. I'm enjoying dabbling with it at weekends.
If you're an absolute amateur like me, you could probably get away with using the "Pro" version which is £20 cheaper.
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on 23 August 2013
The new Videostudio X6 Pro Ultimate is REALLY IMPROVED!
I am user of several Videostudio versions, since early 2007 (9, X2 Pro and X5).
I had serious problems with the earlier versions (especially many crashes
during several stages of video editing and problems with synchronization).

I tried the new X6 (64 bit) for more than 3 months and i can ensure that this
is the FIRST videostudio i ever tried, without any functional problems.
The X5 was also working properly enough, but sometimes it could not read some
projects (created with X5!!!). That means losing my work!
BUT: When the X6 appeared, the same projects were loadable again (with X6!!!)

As i said, i highly recommend the X6 Version, but i want to emphasize that i
didn't tested the CREATE DISK yet.

Now, the MINUS points are less than in the X5 version:

1. After so many years of improving videostudio, it is ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE
that it's STILL impossible to work precisely with Gamma, Brightness, Saturation etc!!
There is no +- button (or less sensitivity) for increasing/decreasing the values.
We have to PULL the button with the mouse to change the value.
That makes very difficult or even impossible to make small and precise changes,
like +1 or -1, etc.
I's also impossible to copy/paste text into subtitles or to change the size and
other properties in multiple subtitles simultaneously!

2. The "zoom" button has been placed into the right side of the panel.
That makes me to move often the mouse over a long distance: right-left-right-left
and it makes me nervous. I prefer the old location of the X2 version.

I am not sure if i will buy this version or wait for the X7, because i really wish
some functions to be improved and some others to be available (more color/brightness
control) etc, as in CyberLink PowerDirector 11 (which is great but it seems to have
significant problems in stability and also significant speed problems even in the menus).
So, if someone can't wait for the (possible) upgraded X7 version, i ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND
the X6 version.

For all what i wrote above, i evaluate this program with -2 stars.
COREL: It' should be very easy now (and it's time!) to make a "big step" in X7 and get 5 stars!

I hope the next version will be crash-free as well and then.. the only thing left are some
improvements and adds for more control for color AND for Video mixing.
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VINE VOICEon 28 July 2013
Platform: PC|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Not a bad package at all although did take some time to load but then the extra disc has a lot on it...lots of features and perhaps flaws mainly covered by other reviewers and mine hasn't stalled or crashed yet,fingers crossed but I did have some difficulty finding a simple edit function like re-orienting the video upright...lots to learn on but well worth the time and effort if you want to get into arty editing.
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on 27 July 2013
I have a maximum spec Vaio PC, Core i7, Windows 8. Despite this and despite ten hours' efforts and several installs and uninstalls, the software doesn't work at all. The main video editing software crashes as soon as I try to perform any edit and it's impossible to install any of the proDAD plugins. The product is misrepresented as being compatible with Windows 8. It isn't, as a number of users complain on Corel's own forum. Zero usefulness. Total waste of money.
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VINE VOICEon 15 May 2013
Platform: PC|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
What you really want to know
Is it any good? Yes, once you get used to the interface.

Lots of features.
Motion tracking.
Stop Motion capture (see caveat below).
4K ultraHD support.
3D support.
HTML 5 creation.
Subtitle editor detects start of speech.
Lots of extra in this Ultimate version.

Slightly quirky user interface, with a bit of a learning curve.
Stop motion capture only works with canon cameras via USB.
Slow to render the final video.
Only 21 Video tracks and 4 audio tracks possible.
Protexis DRM runs all the time on your PC.

Full Review
To start of with I should point out that the core program in the Ultimate edition is exactly the same as in the Pro version. What you get extra here is the bonus disc of Effects modules, - NewBlue ColorFast, proDAD handscript animation, Boris Graffiti 6, NewBlue Video Essentials, proDAD Mercalli SE, proDAD VitaScene V2 LE, proDAD RotoPen and NewBlue TitleFX.

This package was pretty easy to install if a little time consuming because of the sheer amount provided! Which isn't a bad thing by any means. The software is plit into 3 tabbed areas, Capture, Edit and Share, which are pretty self explanatory. Capture allows you get your video, images or audio into the package and supports lots of input formats. It is also where you will find the Stop Motion capture option, however this is limited to certain models of Canon DSLR cameras only so won't work with a webcam. Edit is where the bulk of the work is done, from arranging clips, adding titles, effects, etc, and motion tracking. You get a wide selection of transitions, video effects, etc. Especially with all the extras on the Bonus disc. The tools for trimming and rearranging clips are powerful and fairly easy to use. Finally, Share is where you are able to save to disc, be it HDD or DVD, and upload to the Net (YouTube). Again there are lots of formats to choose from including 4K UltraHD video and 3D video. The user interface and methodology is a little quirky compared to most other simiar packages and some options/features can be hard to find the first time.

Overall the package is pretty fast at editing and stable (it never crashed once for me) however it takes longer than most other programs to render the final video to disc etc.

One annoyance is it uses a form of always running DRM called Protexis. This does use up system resources and can't be disabled.

Overall it is a good powerful package, the extras in the Ultimate version are worth it IF you need or want them, and it is only let down by it's slow render time and DRM.

System tested on
Windows 8 Pro x64
i7-920 @ 4GHz
Asus P6T Deluxe V2 Motherboard
Sapphire HD 7870 GHz Edition O.C.
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on 30 March 2013
Platform: PC|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have already reviewed Corel VideoStudio Pro X5 Ultimate (PC) so will just say what is new here and what my experiences were.

First, several others have mentioned this program crashing/hanging. I would assume this is because their PCs are not powerful enough or have too little RAM to run the program. My laptop has an i7 quad core processor and 8Gb of RAM and I experienced no crashes. I even ran a PiP video project in real time with no problem. So, check the specification of your PC before using this program, as video editing is one of the most demanding things a PC can do.

The main new feature is tracking. You place a marker on a video clip and run the tracking software. The marker moves about according to what it thinks has happened to the feature under the marker, eg, a face or ball. This then gives you a path, which you can save and/or use to animate an overlay object, eg, another video. It is quite satisfying to see the results of this on-screen, as one video floats above another, tracking the motion of some object in the first. Of course, once a path is saved, it can be used anywhere. A more mundane application is to obscure a number plate or face. The technique is also used in sports videos, to track a player, ball or F1 car.

Otherwise, with a few other changes detailed online, and extensively documented in the downloadable ebook manual, this version has all the good features of the previous version, including an excellent video capture. There are loads of free downloads, too, as usual.

So, as I said, maybe you should check the Task Manager in your PC if this program isn't running correctly, as it is running fine here.
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