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on 7 February 2014
This is my first editor, other than Windows MovieMaker, so I can not compare it with other editors.

The important thing is that the Corel editor yields lovely sharp, smooth results in full 1080. without any of the frustrating degradation that I got with Windows MovieMaker. That significant improvement is worth the few frustrations that Corel have given me.

Obviously there is a learning curve and I am still in that phase but the biggest frustration is that you can not drag clips from place to place if you change your mind. That surely is fundamental! You can drag sounds and titles easily enough, and allow them to over-lap if you wish, but you can't drag pictures or video. To get around this, I have to copy the clip from the timeline back to the storage area (top right default) and then drag it back again into the position I want, finally deleting the clip from the original location.

Everything else is fairly intuitive and flexible. For nearly everything you select, there is an 'options' tab and an 'attributes' tab which allow you to change just about everything. However, I can not find and easy way of fading either music or image in or out slowly. I expect it's possible but I have not worked it out yet and again, that is a fundamental need.

Despite my few problems, I can now produce final results to be proud of without having to apologise for the MovieMaker degradation.
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on 24 June 2013
Corel bought over Ulead some time ago and I would have thought they would have enhanced it quite a lot by now but there are a lot of issues with this software.

For starters the software does not work with TSST Super Writemaster Speed Plus drives. Why? I contacted Corel about this issue and they finally admitted that this was the case. Considering these drives are not new to the market and this issue has been around since X5 it should have been sorted out a long time ago. The drives firmware is up to date, I tried different SATA cables, connections on the motherboard, different brands of DVD (including + and -) re-installing software etc. and still not working. Luckily I have another drive in the system that does work. I suspect it is to do with the lead out process when making DVD's as this is extremely flaky compared with Ulead's Video Studio 9. A lot more work needs to be done with this. I should add that Nero works perfectly with this drive so it is not the drive at fault.

One of the problems encountered with Video Studio 9 was when the video was too big to fit to the DVD and sometimes Video Studio 9 would not get the bitrate correct in order to fit to the DVD. Has this been fixed in Video Studio Pro X6? No! In fact it's worse now because it will merely say that it cannot be certain that it will fit on the DVD and then ask your permission whether you wish to proceed or not. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. However unlike Video Studio 9 where it would say there is not enough space to continue and stop it will attempt to do it anyway and then run out of space creating a Frisbee in the process. This is a step backwards. Come on Corel you should have this sorted out by now. It's a common problem to have video that is too big to fit especially if you have recorded at the best settings possible for editing and then burn to DVD once you are finished.

Likewise the creation of menu's is a dogs dinner. I thought Ulead's attempt at this was bad until I tried this version - none of the menu's make any sense. They are poorly laid out and overall practically impossible to edit. The music that is put on by default is cheesey and sounds like an old 1990's DOS game.

What I would like to see with the menu creation is a much more simplified version. You don't need an overall menu - just your footage. It's completely unnecessary. Firstly - no music. Its annoying. Secondly, choose how many thumbnails you wish to appear in any menu (2,3,4,5,6,8,10,12). Thirdly what frame you prefer around the thumbnails. Fourthly with or without text. Fifthly either a picture from the footage I am using or one of the videos animating (with no sound). Much, much more simpler and effective.

Another problem with the software is to do with interlacing. Most DVD players work well with full frames as opposed to top frame or bottom frame interlacing. Who still requires interlaced video these days? 1080p or progressive is far more common than 1080i or interlaced. The same is true with standard definition TV. So why is it that when I go into preferences and choose frame based (progressive) that it overrides this and puts upper field first? Likewise why is it when you export the video it ignores your choice in the preferences and insists in doing upper field first? This worked with Video Studio 9 so what happened Corel? Fix the bug please. If I want interlacing I will choose interlacing and if I don't want it I don't expect your software to override my choice.

Time-wise the transcoding of video is a lot slower than Nero - what on earth is the software doing? This process needs a complete overhaul. I compared a video being burned to DVD with Nero 12 and Corel Video Studio X6 and while Nero took minutes to do, Corel's Video Studio X6 took over half an hour for the same video. There's something not right there!

Don't get me wrong - I still like this software for editing. It works really well and I find the timeline very useful. I like all the additional filters available (although still no unsharp mask feature which is useful for enhancing camcorder footage). Issues aside, the overall potential for this software to be great is high - it's just not there yet. Its more like a Beta version than a proper release and Corel really ought to get their act together and fix all these problems.
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on 26 February 2014
Looking at the features of this software it seems to have pretty much everything you need to edit your video mareial then copy it to a format of your choice.

Unfortunately I can't give this software five stars because the how to do things instructions are poor. Sadly this is the case despite evidence that Corel has tried hard to make a good user manual. For an absolute beginner like me in editting video the manual is not very helpful at all. The problem is that the manual has clearly been written by experts very familar with the software who jump simple, but critical steps, assuming that it's obvious or that you know things you don't. I couldn't even get started although I loaded the software into my computer myself. I called on a relative who earns their living using this sort of software and it took them two hours to find a small box that looked like a decoration that needed to be clicked in to activate the software. The instruction didn't mention the need to do this and skipped over it by saying activate the software. Now I know, its obvious but it wasn't when I started. The online Instruction manual is like this all the way through. I have found it much easier to learn by Googling the action I want to do. After much sifting of dead ends one usually finds a user forum where the required action is explained in simple precise and clear terms. I am slowly getting to grips with this software and overall I like it. Just a shame the manual is so lacking, I think the software probably deserves five stars but not if you can't use it. I can usually find my way around most software but this is a fairly complex piece of software and deserves a decent manual.
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on 28 July 2013
Corel Video Studio is a good piece of software that makes it simple to do lots of things. It is generally very user friendly and will satisfy the needs of most users.

One or two minor issues with it are 1) You can only modify the pre-loaded set of dvd menus, you can't create new templates 2) There aren't options for some seemingly simple tasks like to change all titles in a project, or to rejoin split videos and one or two other little things that are so easy to include, but are sadly missing. If Corel concentrated on all the little things most people would be likely to need rather than 4k and 3D video support etc that 99% of users won't use!

Overall good, and better than most competitors, but not the best. Not sure what is as all of the competitors have their setbacks.
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on 25 July 2014
I ended up having to download this, because my laptop decided not to play any discs ever again. But the downloaded version is great. There are the odd crashes, but as long as you save the project frequently, you should be ok. You can do a fair amount of stuff, including custom animations for titles etc. The only thing it hasn't got is a way of masking out individual items, such as a wire on someone doing a stunt or similar. But for general use, it's great, and you can customize the colours very well. I've made up my own cinema style colour schemes, which, too, can be adjusted in whichever way you like.
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on 15 October 2013
I use windows 7 64 bit and after trying the installed program "Movie Maker" I found it to be lacking. I have also experienced a number of free film editing programs, which includes - Video Spin, Avideumux, Blender, Wax, Picasa, VSDC Video Editor as well as a paid one "Power Director 9" (which kept crashing or picture files were omitted and I had to restart a project). After much research I came across "Corel Video Studio Pro X6" and decided to purchase it. I have found it to be the best so far for the film producing that I do. It's a bit like AE but much simpler to use. I find it to be very user friendly, everything is clearly marked.There are many "Free" Templates and titles that one can download. The video tutorials are great too. All in all I gave this product 4 stars with what I have so far experienced.
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on 8 April 2014
Love this product I only brought it so I can do my assignment presentation,
and omg the end result was absolutely brilliant. Was a tricky to grasp but it didn't take very one to get a handle of it.
Love everything about it, if I get another presentation to do will definitely be using this Pro X6 then my old version.
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on 22 May 2016
Don't buy this for stop motion it doesn't work. I tried to fix it called them up again and again and they couldn't do anything about it, it is only compatible with Canon and it still doesn't work. The thing I'm basically saying is that the Coral customer support is cancer, and pro x 6 is a scam for stop motion.
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on 20 December 2015
A great editing programme
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on 24 November 2013
Video Studio very easy to use and I love it and will get he latest one very soon I have to try the templates that I downloaded.
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