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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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I bought this DVD in 2006 to be part of my Eastwood collection, and it is really a traditional western in the style as they used to be made with stars such as Gary Cooper or Audie Murphy, before the spaghetti revolution swept all away, and in many ways it feels a bit dated because it actually has a plot and more than one character and spends more time on these than flashy gunfights and moody close-ups.

Most of us now know the general theme of this movie; a classic western plot of someone wrongly accused but then being given a chance to right some wrongs and incidentally achieve a measure of revenge or justice against those who wronged him in the first place. But of course it is not as simple as that and the acting is excellent, drawing us into the characters and the story.

This was made after Eastwood's three 'Dollars' movies, but has a totally different flavour, showing how different ways of making the films can have different results even if the character types might initially appear to be the same. Definitely one for the collection even if it is not in the class of the all time greats.

The DVD is a straight copy of the colour print, optimised for 16:9 with minimal hop and weave, and although there is quite a lot of grain visible at the beginning of the film it improves as the film progresses. The sound is only mono in each of the various languages, and the only extras are scene selections and the original theatrical trailer.
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on 30 July 2015
Just catching up on old films I can't remember watching due to MS in brain, I only remember he was whipped for something by a sherrif looking forward to watching them all this weekend.
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on 13 April 2017
Another good film of Clint Eastwood.
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on 24 April 2017
another clint eastwood classic love it ...
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'Jed Cooper' (Eastwood) is going about his legitimate business driving
a small herd of cattle he'd purchased.
He is stopped by 'Rancher' along with a crooked 'Lawman' and a band
of vigilante's, 'Jed' is accused of rustling the cattle and the murder of
the legal owners of the cattle, they will not listen to what 'Jed' has to say
on the matter, they elect to string up and leave him dangling on the end
of a rope.
They really should have made sure he was dead.
A Marshall happens by and cuts barely alive 'Jed' down, he is taken to
the prison wagon the Marshall is using to carry prisoners to 'Fort Grant'
to stand trial.
'Judge Fenton' of 'Fort Grant' has the reputation as a 'hanging-Judge.
The Judge knows of 'Jed' who was once a lawman, and offers him a job
as a Marshall to help round up criminals bringing them to trial.
'Jed now wears a badge again, he seeks revenge, he intends to hunt down
those that had wronged him.
When one of those present during the incident gives himself up, a list of
names is assembled, now 'Jed' has a warrant to go after them.
In Town Shop-Keeper 'Rachel Warren' checks out all prisoners brought into
'Fort Grant' she seeks vengeance for the killing of her husband some years
'Jed' is instructed by the Judge to bring those who'd strung him up in alive
to face trial.
It's not really what 'Jed' has in mind.
This is an 'Eastwood' Classic-Western, perhaps minus the level of gun-play
we'd seen during 'Clint's' Spaghetti movies, however it's a sound story-line
with some action-sequences with and without gun-play as it leads toward it's
ultimate climax.
(I bought this Blu-ray, a region 'A' some while before it's HD release in the U.K)
Many films of yester-year are because of the way they are filmed are more
difficult to upgrade to a good HD standard, many of course benefit greatly by the
process, the picture quality is O.K maybe not what you'd hope for, however that
doesn't affect ones enjoyment of what is a good western.
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on 7 July 2016
A big disappointment - after buying and enjoying the three Spanish Eastwood westerns, I assumed this would be in the same mold. Big mistake! There was so much wrong with the film, starting with the frankly appalling music - intrusive, loud and inappropriate. The plot was, to say the least, contrived, and the story just - stopped. No resolution, no rounding up the bad guys, no settling the almost-relationship with the woman... the film really did just stop, with Clint riding off into the distance! (Yes, there were cliches to spare...)
Fortunately for your sanity, there were some excellent actors making what could be made from a creaky script, and Clint was as good as he was allowed to be - and looked cool in blue shirt, badge, and impressive victory hat. Otherwise, it was a blue ray waste - no extras - literally, NO extras. Compare this with the rich additions to Fistfull, Few More and G, B and U.

As I said, a big disappointment!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 27 February 2013
The story is set out early on as Eastwood who Plays Jed Cooper, a cattle drover wrongly accused of murder is lynched by a posse who dont believe his protestations of innocence. Jed survives the ordeal and becomes a US marshall before setting off to hunt down the men responsible for doing him wrong. In some respects it's similar in theme to High Plains Drifter and Pale Rider but without any supernatural elements, as such this is a fine enough tale but for me the action lacks the edge of the two later efforts as does the shooting style and overall pace of the story. The sets have a TV feel about them rather than a movie meant for the big screen, that shouldn't matter but the whole thing feels a bit lukewarm really.
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on 13 July 2016
Can't understand some of the reviews I've read....this film was not meant to be anything like the trilogy spaghetti westerns ..this film is brilliant in its own write brilliantly acted by all in this film a great story line and really entertaining...it was clever and moving at times.... different than anything he did before and after....and the music is haunting and building....very good...I love this film for many reasons....love Bruce dern in this and ed begley.. picture quality isn't great but better than vhs ..must have watched this 30 times since I was a kid still grips me and I really enjoy it...buy it.
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on 21 September 2015
A mish-mash taking its cue from the spaghetti series even down to the, at times impressive, and at times loud and annoyingly emphatic score. It's thoughtful in a way and it's nuanced in the sense of sympathy for even the worst of the brutes, so it seems liberal in some respects but then there is the least sympathetic character of the judge, the impressive Pat Hingle, who is actually trying to do what a (law)man has to do and at times gives us the sense of his weariness with his uncompromising legal-killer approach. Ultimately that probably makes it a reactionary piece rooted in a response to perceived US lawlessness of the time (1968) perhaps. As a plot, perhaps the dead-ends and anti-climactic elements and the hangings of the (near) innocents are there as either a warning against liberalism or a statement that liberalism can only prosper when the leviathan of statehood and justice makes the territory safe for it and everyone knows what they get if they step outta line. Any kindness is not necessarily going to bring just deserts and the death of the innocents is justified as they do need to stand up and be counted and be seen to act, not stand-by and let things happen (even if they are young guns and symbolically blond ones) caught in the moral crossfire. Some nice cinematography at times. Some gaudy flock wallpaper. Some neat lines. Not sure you watch it twice, but a decent effort.
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on 9 July 2011
I rarely write reviews but having just seen this awful transfer I felt compelled to put finger to keyboard. This is probably the worst picture quality bluray I have ever seen. I'm not a huge fan of the film but as a Clint Eastwood die-hard this was essential to my collection. I already own a standard def copy and thought this would have been a good upgrade (it came as part of the Clint Eastwood bluray set along with the Dollars trilogy).

Sadly, and even from the opening scene of the film you can see from the grain and the dirt present in abundance that this transfer is left severely lacking. It gets worse - more times than I care to remember motion shots were ruined by colour trails, the whole depth of colour itself often wavers and the picture throughout is permeated by a softness not befitting the medium.

Okay folks it was made in 1968, fair enough. And it does have some good points - close up scenes reveal more detail, and darker indoor scenes show greater contrast and depth of colour palette. BUT, having watched "The Searchers", (1956)on bluray and been bowled over by the latter's virtually flawless transfer quality, I suggest Eastwood fans should in this instance save up their cash for a good upscaling dvd player and buy this film on standard def.
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