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on 3 February 2015
Great game, perfect and fun, great for anyone into strategy games or is a fan of Total War, but it does take a bit of concentration and learning to get good at.
But if you just love watching 20,000 odd guys running at each other with blades it's still awesome + you can buy a blood pack for 99p on Steam if you're into a gorey like play, you can watch guys heads get lopped off.
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on 23 June 2017
graphics are excellent and the game mechanics work well with a few weird things, like the income changes for no apparent reason , (this may be my lack of understanding of the game).
The main problem is the load time of the game and when a battle is being composed or resolved. this is way to long (almost go make a cup of tea) and my computer is a high spec one. somewhat ruins the game play.
Have not played online yet.
overall though great fun
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on 9 September 2017
Very plsd thks
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on 27 May 2015
Mmmm ... Never been able to play as available via Steam only and server has never allowed me to play.
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on 12 May 2014
I am long time fan of the TW series, having played all editions from the original Shogun to Rome 2.
Based on the emotional connection and sheer enjoyment, this installation is the best, of what TW has to offer. Yes, the original Rome was ground breaking, but in Shogun 2 both graphics and gameplay come together. You will be invested in your characters, declare war upon enemies (who now have faces, so you can hate individual generals, daimyos) have super skilled ninjas etc.
Since Rome 2 was a failure of epic proportions, I have reverted back to playing Shogun 2. With the available mods, such as radious or darthmod, the game further improves (significantly! Whatch youtube videos for proof), . If you know the TW series, then you need no explanation. However, to those of you who do not, I highly recommend you start your journey with this piece. It will be worth it.
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on 28 January 2016
I am a big fan of Total War and I have been since the first game I played which was Total War Shogun.
I bought this game well after its release due to not having a computer able to support it but when I got a newer laptop and could play the game it was only on lowest unit sizes and graphics but still the game looked amazing. Which only got better when I built my custom desktop.

The game is set in Medieval Japan during a time known as the Country at War. This was a time when the Japanese major clans were at war with each other and each sought to unify the country and bring peace, although with themselves in power. You are in charge of one of these clans, there are 11 clans to pick and each have their own bonuses, unique units, starting locations, difficulties and colours.
Several of these clans were only available via DLC but are included in this package.

The Gold Edition also includes the add ons which are the Rise of the Samurai and Fall of the Samurai, with all of the extra DLC. These redesign the map each time, give new clans to play as and new units to use.

The game is divided into two separate parts. The main campaign map is where you will build your settlements, units, move agents and armies, set finances and negotiate with other clans. The other part of the game is real time battles where you are able to control your army and fight the battle how you would want it fought by moving the units as you please. Mine has always been a wall of spears with archers behind whilst melee specialists flank the sides and cavalry goes for archers, general and retreating units.

There are a few faults with the game in my opinion but it isn't enough to ruin gameplay or the fun you can have with the game. Currently game is £21 but it has been out a few years now and two other games soon to be three are out so I think it is little too expensive still.
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on 8 March 2013
About a decade ago Shogun: Total War was the masterpiece that launched one of the best Strategy simulation franchises in gaming history. It was a perfectly balanced game that combined turn-based strategic decisions with real time battles in a beautiful interface made in the style of medieval Japanese artworks.
The game was based on the teachings of Sun Tzu, the Chinese strategist, who believed in the indirect approach: search for comparative advantages, use your forces with economy, surprise and deceive, and only fight limited wars. The medieval Japanese setting (relatively small armies made up from a limited number of distinct units fighting on different terrains), served as the perfect substrate to implement these strategies.
I have played every single Total War game since and they were all a joy to experience - yet nothing surpassed to the first Shogun. Until now.

The gameplay has matured, deepened and acquired a number of new features, including some RPG additions. We now have Mastery of Arts, a tech tree branching into Bushido (warfare) and Chi (governance & finances). There are now hero units, inspiring the troops, going after the enemy general or turning the battle at that crucial point.
Generals are upgradable and modifiable, increasing their effectiveness and making them indispensable. The honorable death of a seasoned general will affect many aspects of your overall strategy and may prove the decisive point of the entire campaign. Which is why subterfuge is so important.
There may be no honor in using Ninjas - but now they can assassinate the enemy general or soften up the enemy defenses by sabotaging their production or the integrity of their defensive structures. And because the Ninja knife cuts both ways, make sure to have enough Metsuke units to sniff out the ninjas send by the enemy.
Children serve as hostages to ensure cooperation whereas marriages are arranged to strengthen alliances. And since no army fights on an empty belly, one should make sure to set up complex trade agreements. Ones that will hold through the treacheries of war. Because sooner than later, your task will graduate from impossible to you-gotta-be-kidding-me.

The AI will make your life miserable. Enemy units will try to flank you from every possible direction and they will try to make use of your troops movement in order to achieve this. And then, just when you think you are winning, every single clan and province turns against you...
It is possible to let the AI auto-resolve all battles and play the game as a highly sophisticated turn-based Civilization game - but why miss all the fun?
Unlike the first game, SHOGUN 2 also has sea vessels and battles. While in a sea battle, you either board and take over or burn the enemy vessels. However, the real strategic consideration is this: when attacking a neighboring province, did you leave adequate defenses to prevent, say, the sacking of your own castle? Because the AI does not forgive such oversights.

The graphics and sounds of Shogun 2 are something one has to experience to believe. Even on DirectX 9 (WinXP - which is the OS I am experiencing it at), the strategic map feels like flying over the real Sengoku period Japan whereas the game design goes into unbelievable details. Every ribbon on a set of armor, every blade of grass, every ray of light reflected on raised katanas or refracted through the clouds are just gorgeous.
The game absorbs you into its world and never let's go. In one word: Kan-Zen (Perfection).

I usually deduct a full star from the final rating of any game that comes with any form of DRM that requires online activation or ties your game with digital shackles. Because even the retail version of SHOGUN 2 comes with mandatory STEAM, I did exactly that. However, because I rated the game well...above 5-stars, this could not become apparent and the game still rates a perfect score.
Yes, STEAM is the pheasant festering on the porch someone has to do something about. However, SHOGUN 2 is one of those extremely rare games that are worth their DRM hassle. If STEAM is still a deal-breaker for you, well, now you can make an informed decision either way.

This Gold edition of the game includes all DLCs as well as the two expansions, Fall of the Samurai and Rise of the Samurai. It is finally complete and you can pick it all up for a fair price (at the time I am writing this). Be careful if you own some of them though, unless so advertised, STEAM does not redeem duplicates.

SHOGUN 2 truly embodies The Art of War - and it will stay with you for a very long time.

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on 11 October 2013
They've really cleared up some of my greatest dislikes about Empire and Napoleon with this one. The artwork is rich, beautiful and really helps to build an immersive atmosphere. The units are diverse and interesting, and the gameplay is deep, although with a simple surface. When it comes to graphics, it looks great even on my no-longer-state-of-the-art laptop. I do have a few dislikes, though. The battles are too fast paced and therefore fail to feel realistic, and the diplomacy is as wacked as in the previous titles. However, considering how much content you get for your money with this bundle, I can only recommend buying it.
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on 2 October 2015
The game has everything needed in an RTS game! The AI has come a long way since Rome Total War and is a real challenge. I have never lost so badly on and RTS game, ever! Makes a great change and every battle and campaign are a huge surprise. The expansions are a wonderful addition. Go ninjas!!
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on 26 August 2014
I love the Total War series and I especially enjoy the history of Japan created in the Shogun games, I hope CA do a Shogun 3 in the near future but in the meantime I will enjoy playing this release. Excellent value for money with endless hours of strategy replay.
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