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on 22 September 2013
The last time I owned a PS3 was just after playing GTA 4, it was massive, it was loud and they cancelled the release of The Getaway so I sold it. I got on with life without a games console - being all grown up and sanctimonious about it to friends - 'why don't you read a book?', 'there is more to life then sitting on your arse killing things'.

After playing GTA 5, I'm quite sure there is nothing else I now want to do with my life. Complete relapse. The reasons why the game has made this happen are pretty well documented so...

The PS3 itself, it's bigger than I thought it would be in comparison to previous 'slim' consoles but the original was a beast. It feels and looks well made, someone else mentioned the disc access being reassuringly 90's - it is. Nothing will be irretrievable from that. The 500gigs this model comes with in comparison to the other slim on amazon (which is 100, 120? I forget) bearing in mind you're getting the game as well - makes this the best value for money. Whether or not you need all that space is irrelevant.

It's still noisy though, but in the last four years I've only watched dvd's and listened to cd's so I've forgotten if this is the norm. Any games have been played on a pc or mac. It is a constant, dare I say annoying, disc spinning - stop - disc spin - thud thud - spin - stop - and so on. But as I say this probably the nature of the beast and who really cares, you're playing GTA 5!

No HDMI cable included, no big deal - I'm pretty sure the original didn't have one either. But do order/use one. It's better. Included was a free poster advertising some film on one side and gran turismo on the other, most handy for putting under your shoes while polishing. Oh and the code for the blimp is in the game box.

Downloading some updates for the console, loading the game took around 40 minutes - bearing in mind I've now wasted over 15 hours playing the game it's pretty good going.

In fact, I'm going to play some more now.
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on 19 September 2013
Finally got round to replacing my PS3 Phat, as I knew it would not be able to cope with GTAV (It struggles not to overheat on anything from Uncharted 2 onwards). This is a great deal- the Playstation is almost silent and I find the new way of inserting the discs to be reassuringly 90's. The game itself needs no comment
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on 26 March 2014
Loving every second on it. Playing gtav is so nice and its just amazing and super easy to get started. I played a lot of minecraft and its the only game i every bought in my life and the graphics are not great because its blocks but once i play a full hd amazing game with outstounding graphics and amazing online experience i really was blown away.

sometimes it does freeze but thats very rarely. maybe once or twice a week or so but all you do is turn it off and on. The controller is great too but i have to charge while the ps3 is on and not on stand by. It charges really quickly, in like 1 hour or so and it last a whole 2 days or so. i play it a lot can say its top.

I got it at £200 and I've seen the price go up and up and down and down but its still worth the money.
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on 19 September 2013
I am not a gamer but really enjoy the GTA games. This is my first PS3 and it is superb. All the reviews I read chose the PS3 over the X-Box, mainly for the built-in blu ray player and free online gaming, a few reviews claimed the lid feels flimsy and cheap on the PS3 but I disagree.

The console was easy to set up. As with most computers, on start up it had to update itself which meant connecting to the internet. Wireless connection was simple and the updates didn't take long. The game took longer to install (installs from disc) but it's worth the wait! Everything connected and installed first time (this never happens to me).

The game included the code to fly the Blimp (this was a pre-order bonus offered with the game, not sure if it still applies).

Received the game 'Last of Us' free as a pre order bonus. It was still free with this package in 'PS3 Bundles' section after release day, worth checking if you're buying one! Not played it yet but looks very good.
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on 26 January 2014
The PS3 is quite good. Though it is too noisy. Enough to be distracting during quiet moments in a film and even in a frantic game the disc accessing noises are annoying. Lots to download to make it work properly.

I like the TV apps, 4OD, ITV Player etc all work very well. The You Tube app is pretty good too. These are much like having a computer plugged into your TV, though not quite as good. That's consoles really. Much like computers, but not quite as good. But curiosity got the better of me and now when the nephews come to stay I have a bunch of Sports games bought for peanuts from CEX.

Oh, Grand Theft Auto V... It's much like Grand Theft Auto IV. And playing any game with shooter elements with a pad rather than a mouse and keyboard I will always find frustrating. So I'd wait for the PC version if you have a powerful PC to make up for the lack of optimisation that is likely...

I do wonder though why anyone would buy an Xbox One or PS4 when the older consoles are already so capable as games machines and multi-media devices.
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on 10 May 2014
What can i say , 500GB enough space for anyone , use it blu rays and games got a few games that are not on other consoles as i have a PC for my main games and a xbox 360 so i like to get games that no one else can have unless they have a PS3 of course.

So yeh overall no noise, very small size , HDMI connection , optical cable and with this with my surround sound , it is just the best music/ movie /gaming experience you can have.... Also you get a blu ray player that are better then most so just get it , its very low price now because of the PS4 that i think if you are a PC gamer , its not worth it but thats just me ps3 is where it is at.
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on 3 December 2013
The new unit doesn't boast the shiny good looks of the old 40 Gig play station which stood me in good staid for a long time now. It does take up a lot less room though. This was a replacement for my old faithful which gave up the ghost last week. The thing most noticeable is the disc drive access noises when playing GTA V it is constant and quite loud, whether or not it is just this game or all games I don't know yet as I am on GTA V all the time at the moment and haven't been on any others yet . I wasn't keen on the disc drive sliding lid either but my Grand kids say it is super cool, so you make your own mind up
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on 29 December 2013
I have been wanting to get the slimmer PS3 for a long time and getting basically a free copy of GTAV is simply amazing.

For a great price, it's an amazing investment as there are a few good games for PS3 coming up (and yes, I am poor enough not to get the PS4 for another 5ish years, so... there's that).

Although the packaging of the whole bundle was a bit damaged and it felt like it was opened at some point, it didn't bother me that much.

It's my late Xmas present and I couldn't be happier. Off to play some GTAV and Assassin's Creed IV.
EMO's out.
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on 1 October 2013
Bought this when the offer first came out for £199. Was toying with the idea of investing in a PS3 for a while now since the prices of the games has dropped considerably since the PS3 was first launched, but this offer really swayed me. Considering the price of GTA5 and the PS3 seem to have inflated by quite alot since GTA5s launch day, im glad I purchased this package when I did, but even at the current selling price its still good value for money
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on 25 February 2014
A bit clunky, does quite a lot more whirring than usual, and quite annoying that with this model they've taken away the actual disc slot and made the 'sliding door' on the top instead. But it is more eco-friendly than the previous consoles, and super slim, which is good, and especially when taking into account the weight of the PS3's first release!!!
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