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on 10 August 2016
I may not be a typical Nick Cave fan - Dig Lazarus Dig! left me cold, and I struggle with the heavier rock anthems - but I absolutely love the softer, more orchestral stuff, and Push the Sky oozes quality. Most of it has been said already in the 5 star reviews, better than I could, so I'll just add a few words about the vinyl release. I have it on CD, and the difference is startling - it sounds so much richer, so much more detailed on vinyl - it's one of those albums that really showcases how good vinyl is and why it is better than CD - so, congratulations to the prodction team on the 180 gram vinyl release.
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on 13 March 2013
Album number 15 for the band and nearly five years from the fantastic Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! With the Grinderman side project taking up some time for the members of the Bad Seeds as well as some work on the Lawless soundtrack it is time to get back to the main project.

This album is a years worth or writing by the band with Cave gathering influences form such diverse places as Wikipedia and simply Google searching. The lyrics were written into a notebook that Cave kept. All ideas came from Cave and handing these over to the band the resulting music is made. A simple and effective way to make an album.

Album opener "We No Who 'U 'R" takes you to a comfortable Seeds style. The song title does suggest some darkening moods and it is obvious from the start of the song. Fading out into "Wide Lovely Eyes" there are very little instruments on this track just piano and what seems to be muted guitar or some other stringed instrument. The song reminds me of looking at old photographs and revisiting where they were taken.

Finding some influence from Grinderman in track three "Water's Edge" simply has some viola but the first trace of a melody and minimal you look forward to it so much you miss it. Cave sounds like he has his notebook right there and is taking lyrics at random. Not so much from different songs but in another order. "Jubilee Street" has been heard before by me and it is a great song. But it was a little puzzling back then, now it fits in so well. The music now flows happily with textures taking on a near Swans style. Melody comes back in here and it is repetitive but that is where when first listening you see why it is track four now. Going onto a more epic style of ending it is classic Seeds.

"Mermaids" is the first real acoustic feeling song, containing some odd lyrics it feels like Cave is having some fun. And why not. If you like blues then you have an idea how this song goes. Back to the piano for "We Real Cool" lyrics that question the bands or even the singers age and weather they are cool. They lyric "Wikipedia is heaven, when you don't wanna to remember no more" shows who IS cool and those who take the easy way to get info may have it easy but they may not be cool doing so.

Psychedelic sounding "Higgs Boson Blues" seems quite chaotic in lyrical content but the music takes you back to the 60s. The song is one of the highlights and the longest song here. Again back to the lyrics it is obvious they may not have any real link to each other in the same song but it fits the album perfectly. Historical ramblings and car travels seem placed in a black and white photo.

Ending title track feels like a movie on its own. Dream sequences form the whole film. It is a very slow track that repeats the lyric "keep on pushing". A fitting ending that fades away to the disbelieving that the album is over so quick. Only 42 minutes long but it is one of the finest 42 minutes you may hear this year. And in the 30 years of the Bad Seeds it is a stand out album. Most music is build all around the normal band set up of drums, bass and guitar. This is a refreshing listen that makes the listener want more. Each song is crafted beautifully and shows the skills of the entire band.

To get to this amount of albums and to have given us the quality they have done in the past it is easy just to do it all again. But no I think the side projects have helped and with them doing so well commercially it has got the band on an more even level.

With the side projects and Nick Cave carving out a fantastic writing career I think the band have been given a fantastic chance to create something that no rule book would have let be done. Simply stunning!
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on 23 March 2013
Firstly the package is great . Nick cave out on his own, away from Mute for the first time comes up with a superb ltd edition version ( hard back book a5 size with cd album and dvd featuring needle boy & lightning bolts ..not on the audio disc...better than many of the major label stuff .

the album, more importantly, is a wonderful collection of songs kicking off with we no who ur a very simple introduction with nicks vocals being shadowed by martha skye murphy to great effect over a repetitive beat and warren ellis flute ..very smooth ..waters edge has more of an edge to it with its warning of 'local boys ' whereas its predecessor wide lovely eyes is more a melodic ballad " your dress sighs with your wide lovely stride". Lush strings are peppered throughout this album none more so in the ascending jubilee street.mermaids has one of the most enchanting chorus lines once gain melody is king here . we real cool has martyn caseys rumbling bass with caves vocals recited a top with piano and strings fleshing out the song majestically.finishing jubilee street is a curiosity which is a song about nick finishing the earlier track and a recital about a dream that ensued features barry adamson on bass.Higgs bosun blues is the epic of the pack at 7.51 and utterly delightful every second of it ..the final track is the hauntingly beautiful title. Needle boy is much more abrasive .. at the time of writing there are 50 reviews of this album of which 42 are awarded 4/5 stars.. this is a great album and i dont think im being hysterical ..i just really like it .
Whilst cave remains edgy and deep , its almost like an introduction to nick cave and the bad seeds if you never owned one of his albums. ive played this to friends who've not got nick cave albums and they have loved it
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on 20 February 2013
topping each previous release is already a regular occurrence for nick cave, but this time even my high expectations were blown out the water. this album is as close to perfect as any i have ever heard, a master craftsman at the top of his game backed by a unit whose playing almost defies humanity. the greatest achievement of nick cave, as a songwriter, is his ability to produce music that is completely original, but still 'doffs the cap' to certain influences. i can imagine, for instance, leonard cohen singing 'wide lovely eyes' and 'water's edge'. quality just drips out of every element of this record, and at the moment can't see how he will top it next release (but he probably will). certain self-regardimg 'songwriters' (u no who u r), should be herded together to listen to this, and to do the decent thing - quit. quite simply, masterful.
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on 21 April 2017
This is good being streamed on Tidal but on vinyl - it just blows your mind. Such a pure album with every song achieving the feat of making you stop what you were doing and just listening...whilst watching the hairs on the back of your hands stand on end. This is by far my favourite Nick Cave album and one you just can't get bored with.
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on 17 March 2013
I bought my first Nick Cave CD(Greatest Hits) after hearing Where The Wild Roses Grow with Kylie Minogue, and I wasn't disappointed. I then went on to buy Let Love In, Dig Lazorous Dig and The Lyre of Orpheus, all were good but to me not brillaint. Late last year I bought Murder Ballads, absolutely fantastic, dark but brilliant. Then a few weeks ago I ordered Push The Sky Away, and waited with anticipation, would I like it, would it be as good as some of the reviews, and more importantly would it get played regularly, occassionally or just put in the drawer.

The day of reckoning came, opened it with great expectations, in the cd player and then WHAM!! what an absoutely fantastic collection of music and songs, would I play it again? it hasn't been off yet!

From beginning to end you will not be disappointed, so much so that I have bought a ticket to his October concert after listening to this album alone.

The more I listen to the whole album the better it gets, every song plays its part in this perfect collection, the lyrics are superb, the music hauntingly fantastic, overall by far the BEST CD of this year.
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on 15 April 2017
A real return to form. Some great songs. The simmering rage of the bad seeds underpinning some beautiful emotional moments. Up there with boatmans call, no more shall we part, and murder ballads. Exellent album.
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on 4 March 2015
Great Album, enhanced on Vinyl. I have had this on download since release, but having securing Albery Hall tickets, thought I would get the LP too. I feel it is the best way to hear it, the two sides make perfect sense, and the sound is very nice. Not the best pressing - some surface noise - but the sound - to my ears - is very nice.
I can't get on with the sleeve though - fully dressed man, naked Woman - get back to the 70s please.
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on 18 March 2014
Nick Cave has produced quite possibly the best album of his career.

This is a work of art; a creation of beauty - an exceptional collection of songs written in Cave's typically poetic style, with the most divine and understated accompaniments. it is as if he has produced this album as an antidote to the full-on Grinderman project.


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on 21 December 2013
OK so this must be a mistake. I just bought this, as part of a two CD for £15 deal. On downloading, it turns out I got the whole of Live from KCRW too, although this doesn't show on the listing, well chuffed as the latter is probably the album of the year for Nick Cave fans.

It is beautiful of course, you'd have to be dead not to love this guy.
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