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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 2 July 2013
Title says it all. I agree with all those who say it grows on you. My only advise is: give it time before you reject it.
There's been a tremendous amount of negative press for new Megadeth masterpiece. Don't buy into this before running it 3-4 times, otherwise you might get badly influenced by this negativity. I for one can't stop listening to it since I started to listen to it but it didn't sink in at first. I learned long time ago, that Megadeth albums need time to register and this album is probably their most demanding in this manner. It's deceptively light and "rocky" but believe there is much more to it, than just simple rock tune. Give it time and make your own opinion
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on 4 June 2013
2009's Endgame was critically acclaimed and showed Megadeth is still the world's state of the art speed metal band. Dave Mustaine himself stated multiple times that he believes Endgame is the best record he's ever made and quite likely impossible for him to top. So how do they follow up such a mammoth effort? Well, 2011's Th1rt3en came and seemed to receive a bye from most critics. It was a good collection of songs but played out more like a greatest hits collection than an actual album. There were a good few songs that had been previously released in some form or another and the band did not try to hide the fact that the recording of the album was rushed (mostly due to a busy touring schedule but without a doubt also in order to quickly wrap up their Roadrunner obligations as the label had been somewhat of a disappointment).

Super Collider is finally a proper follow up to Endgame. How do you top that which cannot be topped? Through progress and a different approach. When you've reached the pinnacle of "fast and heavy", it's time to concentrate on songwriting and that's where Super Collider excels. Showcased here is some of their best songwriting yet. What it may lack in breakneck speed, it more than makes up in ingenuity. But that's not to say it's a complete change of direction, Super Collider still features all the trademarks of a Megadeth record. It's almost like a cross-section of the band's whole discography so far - from Killing Is My Business all the way to Th1rt3en (yes, even Risk). You have thrashers like "Kingmaker", "Built For War", "Don't Turn Your Back..." and rockers like "Super Collider", "Burn!", "Forget To Remember". That last one being possibly the stand out track in my opinion. Apparent crowd pleaser "Dance In The Rain" is a perfect balance of heavy and catchy while "Beginning Of Sorrow" is probably the bleakest cut on the record (and so good). There's even a bluegrass inspired song ("The Blackest Crow") which may sound out of place on a Megadeth record at first but damn it, they pull it off in spectacular form. Album closer is a Thin Lizzy cover and it is one of the best cover songs they have recorded. I've always thought "Cold Sweat" would be a fine song for Megadeth to cover and they far exceeded my expectations.

If you shell out some extra bucks, you can get the deluxe version with a 3D cover and two or three bonus tracks depending on your choice of seller. Casual fans will do just fine with the standard edition but for the devotees it's a must. Especially the second studio track "A House Divided" has been getting praise and it is indeed a fine song.

So how does Super Collider fare against their previous output? Very well. It should have something for everyone. Personally, I think it's a fantastic album. You don't always have to go faster, heavier and darker which seems to be the norm in the metal genre. With that said, it's still without a doubt a heavy metal record. It's Megadeth.
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on 8 February 2014
Based on the initial buzz, I thought this would be another just-OK effort like Thirteen.

Couldn't have been more wrong.

The writing, musicianship, social commentary and imagination displayed here are first-rate with Dance In The Rain being a track that can very easily slot into a Top 10 list of all-time great Megadeth tracks.

If you were thinking of giving this a miss, you are seriously missing out.

It's not Rust In Peace 2 but far, far above creative misfires and disappointments like Risk..
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on 22 June 2013
This album has truly blown me away. I haven't listened to anything else over the last two weeks.

I haven't been so excited by an album in the last few years. It actually reminds me of why I got into metal in the first place... It has energy, pounding rhythms, interesting lyrical topics and some awesome melodies. It's a shame that so many modern metal fans seem to be so against a song having an actual catchy melody. I don't see this as a weekness of Dave Mustaine, but an incredible strength that sets him apart from most of his peers.

Every song is a highlight (although I'm still getting used to the more radio friendly title track)but standouts for me include Kingmaker, Dance in the Rain, Forget to Remember, Don't turn your Back and the bonus track A House Divided.

This is an exciting album from Megadeth and helps me to remember the kind of joy I felt listening to metal albums when I first got into metal over 25 years ago. I've caught myself smiling so many times when something on this album has really connected with me. It's that kind of special album.

Well done Dave Mustaine and Megadeth. History will record this album as another classic!
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on 4 June 2013
If you are a thrash fan and have read the reviews for this album; if you have listened to the samples; and if you have heard the singles then you should be aware that this IS NOT A THRASH ALBUM. It really shouldn't be a surprise to you!

Megadeth have a vast catalogue of fourteen albums that encompass a wide range of styles from hard rock to thrash metal. Because of the diversity of previous releases it must be difficult for Dave Mustaine to write an album that will satisfy all sections of the Megadeth fanbase. I guess I'm lucky because I enjoy all the incarnations of Megadeth's sound.

The overall feel of this album is very much hard rock with elements of traditional metal and thrash being present. The musicianship throughout is excellent. Mustaine and Broderick in particular provide some truly great guitar leads. It is the sort of album that benefits from repeat listening. To some extent age has taken its toll on the vocals of Mustaine and wisely he chooses to sing in a lower register rather than trying to achieve the sort of high vocal register that he is probably no longer capable of. Remember the guy also has to try and perform some of these songs live. There are still hints of the idiosyncratic snarl and venom to his vocals that make him such an enjoyable vocalist to listen to despite that fact he may not be the most versatile or naturally gifted. Personally I'd take the character of his voice over a clinical and sterile perfect pitch singer any day.

Opening track Kingmaker is a strong higher tempo metal number that has found its way into the bands live show. Once again Mustaine illustrates his ability to craft catchy melodies which is repeated throughout the album. I know that I stand almost alone in my appreciation of lead single Super Collider which at first I found to be rather disappointing but after several listens it has ingrained itself firmly in my head. Once again the solo work is exemplary. Other notable moments are the use blue grass/banjo in The Blackest Crow. The cover of Thin Lizzy's Cold Sweat is well executed; and the influence of Rock and Metal bands of the past such as Lizzy permeate throughout this work.

Overall, I find Super Collider to be an enjoyable and catchy hard rock album. Perhaps not as good as Rust in Peace and Countdown to Extinction but to be fair how many albums are?
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on 9 July 2013
Let's face it: this was bound to happen... after 4 very good albums, we were going to get one that wasn't going to be that great.

Super Collider isn't super bad, it's just fairly boring overall and a bit unimaginative. It also misses a lot of thrash elements and has a more hard-rock vibe to many songs.

My individual rating of sons:
Kingmaker 4/5: good song, heavy, feels very Megadeth-y. Unfortunately, all the openers from previous four albums (Sudden Death, This Day We Fight, Sleepwalker and Blackmail the Universe) are just a lot better.
Super Collider 5/5: quite melodic, not very heavy, but a really cool song. Probably the best one on the album.
Burn 3/5: not bad, but not very memorable.
Built for War 4/5: good, heavy, and Mustaine's voice suits the vibe quite well.
Off the edge 2/5: tries to much to be heavy and dark, but ends up just being boring.
Dance in the Rain 3/5: Probably the thrashiest song on the album. Quite good, but the songwriting seems a bit too much over the place and it looses "impact" that way.
Begining of Sorrow 2/5: Mustains sings quite nicely here, but the song feels a bit out of place on a Megadeth album. Too much like mainstream hardrock.
The Blackest Crow 4/5: I like it, it has a weird southern rock feel to it.
Forget to Remember 1/5: This song would fit on a different band's record... is this an attempt to get a cheap mainstream radio single. The song is quite pop in a way, sounds a bit like a Risk-reject.
Don't turn your back on Friends 2/5: ... but it's ok to turn it on this song. A cool lead break doesn't make a good song.
Cold Sweat 4/5: Good song, very hardrock, good grove, not very Megadeth... oh wait... this is a Thin Lizzy cover :-)
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on 3 June 2013
I never enjoyed any album by Megadeth as much as So Far So Good So What when I was a long haired head banging teenager that time. I have listened to their not all but most albums. Super Collider is as good as or maybe better than the previous one Th1rt3en. From beginning to end, it hit my head like a sledgehammer and I loved it that way in my headphones all night. I didn't want to skip any single track. Kingmaker, Super Collider, Burn, Built For War, Off The Edge, The Blackest Crow, Don't Turn Your Back are my favourites. That means almost all which means obvious 4 stars. All last week I was heavily engaged in Black Star Riders having nostalgic memory of Thin Lizzy. I was more than happy to hear Cold Sweat at the end. What a coincidence. David Ellefson (bass player and co-founder) returned on the last album and stays until this one. Good thing. Hail Megadeth ! \,,/,

Addendum -
(5 Jun 2013)
I missed the gig at Brixton Academy tonight. Anyway, 3rd day in a row that I am playing this album on my iPod. Maybe over hundred plays. Honestly I am loving this album too much too much too much. I think this album is the smoothest they have and sounds a bit hair metal and/or blues. Even after MP3 download, I thought I must have the physical CD format for my good CD collection and I ended up ordering it. I wouldn't mind twice the cost for good music. Previously given 4 stars is now 5.
Rock 'N' Roll \,,/,
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on 17 June 2013
After the furore that the single created from the wider metal public,and indeed within it's own hardcore fan base,attempts were made to assure the metal community that it was still business as usual within the Megadeth camp. When the album dropped,we would still be getting a "metal" album.
Difficult for me to remain impartial,being a Megadeth fan for over 25 years,and admittedly....they are my favourite band of all time. Still.......because of this i find i can be a bit over critical of them at times,as i can be guilty of expecting more than i'm given.

There are some decent flourishes of quality music on this record. Strong melodies within songs like Beginning of Sorrow,Forget to Remember and the first half of Dance in the Rain. If mid 90's Megadeth was your thing,you should enjoy these.
Kingmaker,Built for War and Don't Turn Your Back try and offer some "grunt" to the proceedings. Small glimmers of hope for those amongst us that like music with an edge. They don't quite achieve it.
Blackest Crow and the title track itself were touted as music slightly off the beaten track for this band. I actually enjoy the former. Super Collider is very much a "marmite" track.

All in all,the album is an enjoyable listen. But Megadeth are so much more than me at least. This lacks urgency. The only real venom on the album is in Dave's trademark snarl.....he hasn't sounded as good in a few years now...he's in fine voice on this outing. Could just do with going back to the drawing board musically next time out.
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on 30 June 2013
It's an odd album from Mustaine, but it's still very good. Some of the tracks are just plain rock, but rock done well. Some are typical complex Megadeth metal, and those were the ones that jumped out for me.
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on 16 July 2013
This is not the best Megadet cd, but much better than Risk which some compares this with.There is some killer tracks, especially Burn, and number 12 (not listed on the track list) + a nice banjo track,so surely an album that is worth buying.
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