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3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on 20 March 2010
Our daughter has asthma and gets a lot of chest infections so this product really helps during the night to keep the room cool and moistens the air to aid her breathing. I would recommend this product , we have tried a few other similar products but found we were always filling them up, cleaning them or couldn't get the right setting. This humidifier has a huge tank which normally lasts around 5 days and the dial allows us to fine tune the air in the room according to humidity/temperature in there as it has a humidity and temp gauge attached. The LED internal light also acts a good night light which gives a soft blue glow in the room. It has a charcoal water filter in built but I always use cooled down boiled water and find that saves a lot of regular cleaning. Would be good for anyone with snuffly babies or people who have a lot of conjestion as it does give a lovely cool mist to the room.
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on 29 April 2014
I spent a long time looking through all the products and then decided to go for this one. I wasn't disappointed as it is pretty well silent, holds water enough for several nights on the low setting and works a treat for my eight month old.

I always have it on the low setting as even on this level it delivers a stream of vapour from the top nozzle, on the high mode it turns the room into a Victorian scene from foggy London! the end result is that my child coughs far less and sleeps more soundly.

The blue LED that turns the water into an inviting Mediterranean sea is quite bright as others have mentioned, but doesn't bother my child. It could easily be covered by tape or similar if it did cause problems. I am very happy with this unit and would definitely buy one again, I've actually been discussing getting another one for our (the parents) bedroom as its so effective and reasonably priced.

If there is a downside to it I would say its the size as its not small, but if it were then you'd be filling it every night so in my view this is pretty well perfect!
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on 19 February 2014
Ultimately, this humidifier does do the job for my little one and quickly and quietly humidifies her room really well. This aspect of it is really great and we have had no problems in relation to its main function. No leakage, and it has been quiet.

However, there are quite a few down points. They don't ruin the product but just make me think 'why would you do that?!'. The instruction manual is laughable. There is one page of instructions which don't tell you anything in any detail. This is my first time using a humidifier for my baby and so as you can imagine, I don't know what the hell I am doing with it, I don't know what the best settings should be, and more importantly I didn't know if I should leave it on all night, whether there are any down points to leaving it on throughout the night, if it was safe to do so etc. When this humidifier is specifically aimed at the baby market, I would expect it to have a lot more detail in the manual than one page telling you how to turn it on. The manual helped me with none of this and I had to find forums online to tell me.

When we switched the humidifier on, the switch was never green like it says it should be in the manual - it has always been orange. To this day, we don't know why and we cant find anything about it online either. As it works, I just don't understand it. As you could guess, there is obviously nothing in the manual about this.

The blue light which is on all the time also started to annoy my little one. She likes the dark so it would be preferable for the light to be off - really I cant understand why you wouldn't have an off switch for the light? It would just make more sense for me.

But overall, this humidifier does do the job - just some weird functions bring it down for me.
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on 3 December 2012
I loved this product when I first got it. It was a great design, was silent, cool mist with a lovely blue glow that my toddler loved. I especially liked the idea that there was a well to add a menthol oil to ease a blocked nose. Although initially apprehensive about using it in the small box room that my daughter sleeps in, I didn't find that if produced excessive moisture on furniture, walls or other surfaces, even when on maximum and the hygometer and thermometer worked well. There was some moisture on the carpet if left on the same spot too long, but it was only on the surface and soon dried. I found the instructions a bit lacking in clarity though.

So it worked brilliantly...until after the 4th night I found a puddle of water underneath the unit, which it hadn't done before and on closer inspection, I saw that the plastic around the oscillator (which vibrates to produce the moisture) had completely cracked and the oscillator had fallen through to the bottom casing allowing water to seep through the electrical part and through the grate on the bottom. I was understandably upset as it could have caused a electical fire in the night, so I returned it to Boots who exchanged it for a new one. After one night of use I see that the same problem is occuring so I am taking it back straight away. I checked the reviews extensively before buying and only came across one person who had the same problem and they had also used oil in the unit, so not sure if that is the problem. The instructions on using oil were very vague.

So, it may just be a faulty batch and if you do decide to buy one of these after all, please check the unit after every use to ensure this problem doesn't happen to you.
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on 25 March 2015
Bought to aid little ones cough. A bit fiddly to refill, instructions were very poor but figured it out in the end. Need to refill every other day. having to boil almost 3 litres is a bit of a pain. I guess it's better to do then to get limescale. The amount of mist produced can be controlled. The Minimum has been sufficient so far. Apparently you can switch it off using dial at the front however it doesn't work so have to switch off at the back. I don't put it on all night as the room gets too cold for little one. Overall good product should have invested in one sooner
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on 11 February 2014
Really silent but effective. Only complaint is that you can't turn the blue light off but otherwise a great product - helped with my little one's cough a great deal.
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on 21 September 2011
I bought one of these about 6 months ago because it says you can use essential oils with it. I used it correctly, in accordance with the instructions, and a few weeks after use, I noticed the water had drained really quickly from the tank. It was also wet around the humidifier and on the carpet. Thinking I must have not set it on the base correctly, I refilled it and the same thing happened. On inspecting the unit I noticed a crack, which meant the water from the tank had been draining into the electrical unit underneath. Assuming I or another memeber of the family must have dropped it, I was annoyed but thought it must be my fault. I was obviously quite distressed as the potential risks from having the water going through the electrics were beyond terrifying. 3 days ago, as my son was again very full of cold, I bought ANOTHER babyway humidifier - and added a few drops of olbas oil to the SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED oil chamber as before. A few hours ago I went into my son's bedroom to a wet carpet - and the same thing has happened. THe base has cracked and the entire water tank has leaked, via the electrical chamber. I know oil/plastic does not mix but this product advertises itself as being able to be used with essential oils, and having used it correctly twice, clearly this is mis-selling at it's most dangerous. For your little one's sake, please do NOT buy this product. I will be seeking legal advice about my situation.
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on 12 November 2013
Bought this due to my son suffering with croup,absolutely does the job it says it does my son never coughed during the night while it was turned on a lovely night light also built in,well worth the money its brilliant,downside is instructions are slightly vague
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on 13 July 2016
Such a disappointment. I was recommended this by a mother's group. However, It leaked everywhere regardless of how little or how much water I put in. Potentially dangerous as its an electrical item. The instruction booklet was next to useless with very little detail on the correct water levels, how long the water lasts (i.e. can you put it on low all night so your little one/s don't need to be disturbed for the duration of their sleep). When you've got a child suffering you want to be 100% sure the will work and deliver on its core benefit. This sadly didn't and I now have to find another product. on a positive note the return policy was swift and satisfactory.
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on 17 February 2010
I was really eager to try this item when it arrived! The whole family has been suffering coughs and colds all winter, and are worse when the radiators come on and dry out the air.
The product is well made and stylish, but neither the gyrometer or the thermometer ever move when on OR off, and the cold steam does not dissipate across the room, rather it just dampens the air (and furniture and floor) immediately around it. I don't think it is as good as the hot steam humidifiers I have had previously, but I accept the cold steam is safer.
There are no instructions for using the medicine-well either, despite it stating on the box there is, and what you don't realise until you read the instructions is you should only use Distilled/Purified water (or use cold boiled water - but whose kettle will boil and cool 5 litres of water easily?).
I really had hoped for wonders with this product - but admittedly am a bit dissapointed. Probably OK for very small rooms only.

Follow up: I have now seen this product being sold at £24.99 in Wilkinson's.....!
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