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Customer Reviews

3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
Size: Printer with Full Set of Inks|Change
Price:£99.95+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on 15 September 2013
The printer is excellent as far as black text printing is concerned. Almost laser quality. Photo printing is as good as it gets, but with a bit less accuracy (blues and greens) compared to my previous MP640 photo printer. Maybe a bias, since it is not a photo printer but rather an office machine? Multifunction process does all it promises. The only grunt is that the software is consumer oriented and IMHO inferior to MP640. Good thing one can download and install Canon Easy Photo Print EX for this printer too.

So far, it would be a 4/5 star purchase. And this is where the main criticism starts.

I was warned about high print cost through reviews. But this refers to continuous print tests. Lets say you are an occasional print user. Try to print 20 pages over a month time and you 'll see your inks dissipate through time consuming and definitely outraging nozzle cleaning process.

With 20-30 pages plain text and about 10 10*15 pictures over two weeks time, inks are down to 40%! I contacted Canon support and they directed me to the local representative. They verified cleaning uses ink from all cartridges and instructed me not to switch off the printer, even when I will not use it for days, since the printer will clean every time it is switched on. In vain, since the printer will clean anyway.

I had pixmas since the very early series and despite the fact the all used to have 1 pl print head, they did not do constant and time consuming cleaning. And they were never clogged. And standard cartridges were 11 to 14 ml, instead of 7ml (pay 50% premium for XL if you want 11ml). All that, up to MP640. Hoped that MP925 was better.

A firmware or a tweak from Canon is necessary. I doubt we 'll have it though, since this waste is good for taxing users.
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on 13 May 2013
Like some other reviewers of this printer, I bought it to replace the excellent Canon Pixma iP4300, which had worked perfectly for several years until it expired suddenly with a full waste-ink reservoir. Although I did not plan to buy an all-in-one, the online reviews of the MX925 indicate that it is ideal for the small office and the price makes it an attractive option. The ability to operate as a stand-alone colour copier with automatic document feed is a bonus and it performs that function well. However, the supplied software is more appropriate to the needs of teenage students than those of a busy small office.

Delivery was up to the usual Amazon Prime standards. It arrived well-packed and undamaged and was soon sitting on its assigned desk. Other reviewers have remarked that it is quite large but it sits where the iP4300 once was. It is the height, rather than the width, that makes it look bulky and because the paper tray is internal, it can be placed closer to the wall than the earlier model. The black plastic case is a magnet for dust and buyers might like to add an "Astonish anti-static dustbuster" to their order. There are numerous packing pieces, plastic separators and adhesive stickers that must be removed before switching on for the first time - take care to ensure that they have all been removed, as some are quite well hidden.

Installation on the office network was a breeze and it popped up within moments of being connected and it also appeared on wi-fi connected laptops.The built-in Fax machine is a plus-point - for what it's worth in these days of online communication - and the copier function works well.

When the supplied cartridges are installed, the machine runs a start-up routine. As is usual these days, the cartridges are "for set-up only" and will run out quite quickly. With this in mind, I put an XXL black cartridge into the Amazon shopping basket, intending to complete the purchase after I had checked out the printer. To my horror, the price increased by £10 shortly afterwards -an unexpected increase that changes my assessment of the running costs of this printer. On balance, the XXL cartridge is still a good idea but buyers should shop around for the best price.

Users will discover that the Canon printer redefines the message "please wait momentarily", which is displayed on the screen and means a delay of 30 seconds or more before printing. It is not a machine for the impatient and speed specifications should be taken with a pinch of salt. More importantly, there is only one A4 paper tray, which means constantly swapping between plain and headed notepaper (and mistaken printing on the wrong stock!) The second paper tray is only for 10x15 and 10x8 cm photo paper and even printing an envelope means removing the lower feed tray.

Paper handling in general is a step backwards from previous designs, with registration between sheets varying by up to 2mm, perhaps because there is no straight-line paper path. Heavier weights of paper are problematical, 250 gsm is probably the maximum it will handle, even though the spec claims 300 gsm. It is certainly not a good idea to select duplex printing (double-sided) at this weight. On the other hand, using 70 gsm paper sometimes means two sheets are picked up at the same time - not good if you are trying to keep correct page order without using duplex. CD printing is good but again, the supplied software is almost useless and I switched back to the CD-Label print application that worked well before.

In use, the MX925 is satisfactory but it does not quite live up to the high standard set by the iP4300, not least because of higher running costs (at the increased price of the black XXL cartridge) and tortuous paper path. Canon should forget the supplied "My Image Garden with HD Movie Print" software or at least make it an optional download, and include a set of small office utilities that would better complement the typical use of this printer.

So four stars for this device. It will never achieve the "best in class" status that I arbitrarily award to its predecessor but if you are looking for an affordable small-office all-in-one, the Canon MX925 is certainly worth a close examination. Together with that anti-static dustbuster...

Thanks to the usual superb Amazon service, I have returned the original printer for a replacement. The first one entered sleep state and could not be woken up over the network - it was necessary to pull the power to get it to restart. Canon support recognised the problem but required me to send the printer back for a firmware upgrade - at my own expense. Amazon offered a 24-hour replacement and was as good as its word.

The print quality of the MX925 is excellent on almost all media, which is why I wanted the same model. Apart from anything else, I had around £100-worth investment in ink cartridges to consider. Ink use is a downside for would-be owners: the MX925 is not an economical machine, even in fast mode. It can sometimes spend more than two minutes "priming" cartridges before the first page comes out, during which time the ink icons can shrink visibly. I recommend original XL and XXL cartridges, at the lowest price you can find. Remember too that the supplied cartridges are marked "setup" and have a very short life.

Paper handling is not good and occasionally some media "skews" as it goes through the path, which can be unacceptable for presentation quality documents. The sheet feeder is also unreliable, sometimes pulling two sheets through at the same time (leading to a missed page on occasion). CD/DVD print quality is excellent, with the proviso above.

So still only four stars and a fervent wish the someone at Canon will one day make a printer that has all of the MX925 features with the reliability and print costs of the iP4300.
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on 27 October 2013
I bought this multi-purpose printer partly for the ADF scanner and partly because I've had an MP910 for several years and found it to be really reliable and reasonably cost-effective.

It's great for ADF scanning, munched through volumes of archives almost without fault - the main limitation being the paper quality of the record.

BUT for printing this is the most infuriating device I've ever possessed. Don't think you'll get a print out of this device quickly - It can take 3 minutes or more to go through its initial cleaning cycle before it even thinks of picking up a piece of paper. And then it does a bit more cleaning after printing. Print quality is great mind you, but it's come close to being hurled out of the window a couple of times - technology hasn't provoked this kind of emotion since trying to run Windows 98 on a 386sx!

I really like Canon printers, but I wouldn't recommend this one to an enemy!
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on 20 May 2015
Mixed feelings on this one:
+ Great print quality, reasonable speed
+ Looks great, well designed
+ Relatively small footprint even when printing
+ Easy to load paper in the two trays
+ Front cover flips open automatically when you start printing
+ Hassle free installation and wifi recognition
- Expensive
- Ridiculously long startup times
- Nozzle is cleaned way too often for no apparent reason, using up inordinate amounts of ink. Actually, this meant my colour cartridges were completely emptied without even printing one colour page, and the blacks after having printed only 5-6 pages. This is because the cartridges that came with it are not the extra capacity ones, and run out really quickly.
- No sleep mode as far as I can tell
- Much less build quality than earlier versions. I had the MX895 and it was much better built, it oozed quality and didn't have such long print cycles.
- Cannot use older cartridges from MX895, model which is replaces. The Canon ones are so ridiculously expensive I got OEM ones which are ok and last longer as they are high capacity.
For all of the negatives above, and after researching online, I've opted to leave the printer on all the time to avoid some of the cleaning long start up cycles, and save some ink, although I'm sure it's not very energy efficient.
Having said all that, if you don't mind long, noisy and extremely frequent cleaning and whirring doing god knows what, but want good looks and great quality printing this is for you. Otherwise avoid.
Also, consider the fact many Canon users have had the same issue I had: the printhead dies for no apparent reason all of a sudden after one or two years, and it's impossible to fix. A replacement is hard to find and costs around £65, and there is no guarantee it will work. So basically you have to throw it away and get a new one. This happened to me with the previous model, and I fear it will happen again with this one.
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on 18 April 2013
Our last printer died and we wanted an all in one printer that could air print from our iPad and iPhone, so we took a chance on this one based on previous reviews. It's exactly what we needed! It was very easy to set up and we were up and running in no time. The air-print is superb, as are all of the other features (including the feature that allows you to print on the front and back of one sheet of paper). Highly recommended! Thank you to all of the others who took the time to review this product - it made for a more informed decision.
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on 26 November 2014
This printer swallows ink like no printer I have ever used before. it costs roughly £40 to replace them each time and prints about 30 pages of full colour per round. Thats more than £1 per page. Disgraceful
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on 4 January 2015
I always buy Canon printers. I don't like their bundled software, so only installed Easy Photo print and the drivers. Quick Menu and My Image Garden are in your face too much and really quite annoying software products, so uninstalled.
Back to the printer in a nutshell, my favourite features: top auto sheet feeder for scan and fax so no need to lift lid; no trays at back so printer sits flush against wall; 250 sheet A4 tray; 25 sheet 4x6/A5 tray; and really great quality printing. This model prints on CDs (CD tray is neatly stored under the paper tray). WiFi means you can print from Apple or Android device directly (Android needs Canon print service app installed from play store); It also means you can put printer anywhere in the house, e.g next to phone line if fax feature is required.
Printer supplied with set of Canon inks (not XL size). I use 3rd party refills (sorry Canon I cannot afford your inks at £60 per set), and they are fine as long as you print quite regularly, but can clog print heads if left to stand for more than a few days.
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on 26 October 2015
Bought to replace a perfect 9 year old Canon MP600R which had its scanner rendered obsolete for a lack of Windows10 drivers.

The MX925 is carrying on the tradition and is another fine device, evidently intended to be an 'always on' small office printer and sits in a stand-by state all of the time with the LCD display turned off and just the Wifi and Menu blue LEDs illuminated.

Set up is easy although the multi-language quick-start sheet isn't exactly intuitive, there are two paper trays, one at the bottom that takes A4 paper and a further upper tray for photo card stock.

The printer is fast and quiet. The scanner even more so, probably the fastest I've ever used - and I work in IT so have seen more than a few. As other reviewers have noted the standard supplied cartridges are piddly small to the point of being mean and upon installing its evident that the carriage will take much wider carts - of the XL variety. I've always used Premier Ink pattern replacements and a full set of 5 XL carts is £19.99, had Canon not scrimped on the standard items I might have coughed up £50 for a genuine set - but there again probably not.

Connectivity is excellent USB, Wireless and wired Ethernet. Mine is Ethernet connected and all the devices on the network see it easily. The 1st one died after a couple of days, with Amazon providing an immediate replacement, excellent service.

Have now installed the free Canon Print app from the Google Playstore onto my Samsung S5 phone and Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 tablet and that's excellent too - by default selecting the correct type of paper, i.e. photo-cards from the upper magazine but over-rideable i.e. print on A4 paper from the lower 'mag.

Still recommended.
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on 31 July 2014
I have had a number of Canon Pixma Printers including MX850 and MX885. They are very good printers. They use a lot of ink in excessive cleaning routines but work well in a small office environment. Canon ink is expensive but compatibles work well. However I do have a major gripe with Canon which meant I it was 50:50 whether or not I purchased another and if this one has the same problems as previous models it will be the last one I shall ever buy.

Canon printers are designed to be used for 2 - 3 years and then scrapped so the Canon can sell you another. First the print head will fail. A replacement will cost 75% of the cost of a new printer! Why I ask, it is a consumable and a very small part of the cost of manufacturing the whole printer. OK you buy a print head and a few months later Error Code "Ink Absorber Nearly Full" appears. A few weeks later the printer shuts down and can't be used. This is on a perfectly good printer which could run for years if the built in software didn't disable it. the worst that could happen is some waste ink might drip onto your desk or print quality might after a very long time pick up some smudges of ink. canon could of course simply install bigger waster ink absorbers into their designs.

Canon will not give out info on how to reset the counter. Nothing on the web for older models seems to work to reset the counter on the newer models. So there are two options pay nearly the cost of a new printer for a Canon Service Centre to reset the counter and change the ink absorber pads or scrap the printer which is what the vast majority of people do. This usually means scrapping not only the printer but also a newish print head and about £50 worth of ink since Canon bring out a new model every few months and just as their built in software starts to turn off every bodies 2-3 year old printers, Canon change all their new models to take a different print head and different ink cartridges.

In the pursuit of higher profits Canon's policy of keep changing models, building in obsolescence, and pricing policies designed to ensure that perfectly good printers ans consumables are regularly scrapped shows a complete disregard for their customers and the environment.

For my part I wasted more than 2 days trying to fix error codes, researching the many different Canon printers to replace the MX885, which to be fair I had been pleased with, and setting up the new printer. If Canon would supply an override to ignore their ink absorber warning I would still happily be using my MX885 and it wouldn't be in a skip and I could have avoided wasting 2 days running my business.

As far as buying and setting up the new printer, it was easier than previous models but still took several hours. What really took the time was lack of information about the printer on Canon's website and manuals which contain hardly any info. Because none of Canon's models are out there for very long then reviews are limited. This printer was to be used with Windows XP 32 bit and Windows 7 64/32 bit operating systems. The info which came with the printer says only that it is compatible with Win8. Canons website has a compatibility list but has no mention of XP. I can confirm that it will work with XP 32. I believe it won't work with XP 64. There are still a lot of XP systems in uses.

We have used 2 paper trays with our previous 2 models, one for A4 one for DL envelopes. I eventually ascertained on the web that there was a second paper tray and assumed that since the this multifunction printer with fax was designed for small offices it would handle DL envelopes in the 2nd tray. It doesn't. Yet there is no mention of this on the Canon website. DL envelopes are used widely by small business so why would Canon remove a feature that was present on earlier models. The only way round this was to modify the 2nd tray, which I have done and it will now print DL envelopes without keep changing the paper over. Something I was reluctant to do since the main paper tray is rather flimsy and less sturdy than on previous models. The designer should be shot for this over sight.

So apart form the lack of instructions which meant contacted Canon support who were helpful set up went reasonably well.

The printer is a little noisier than previous models even on quiet settings but is acceptable. Auto head cleaning takes longer than previous models and contrary to some reviews on the web, Canon insist that this can't be disabled so I will have to live with that.

There are some other minor niggles like when a sending a fax fails an error report is automatically printed and this can't be disabled without disabling the activity report. Canon software has never been user friendly but has improved on this model though I didn't bother to install Easy Web Print, Image Garden or Creative Park. Over all the MX925 at first site seems to be comparable in every respect to the very capable MX850 and MX885.

I would have given this printer at least 4 stars but in view of the hassle and expense that Canon has caused me and their total disregard for sustainability and the environment I have downgraded that score to less than 1 stars.
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on 15 December 2014
Awful printer.
I have got the the pixma mp750. pixma 860 and now this thing. It's dreadful.
Noisy, no separate envelope feed ( marketed as " office all in one") poor quality front extension tray, and small ink tanks. Put the 3 printers alongside each other and i can see (in my opinion) how the quality has declined over the years.
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