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on 24 February 2014
Darryl's approch to fitness is easy to understand, easy to start and most importantly, easy to include in the rest of your life.
Health and fitness depends on movement, Not just 12 weeks on intense programming to 'get ripped' This book will educate you in one of the best ways to achive life long fitness through fun movement and play. Perfect for beginers to fitness, but there is plenty to challange even the most fit and should challange the mindset of people thinking health and fitness is about going to the gym 4 times a week and using machinces and pumping out hours on the cross trainer.

The paleo diet side is not a detailed in it's explainations and science as something specifically focused on diet. But there is everything you need to understand the concepts, and if you need more info there are plenty of good options out there.

And you don't need to follow the paleo diet to benifit from the exercises, you of course should, but it's not essential :)
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on 4 May 2014
I will begin by saying that I am one who has an aversion to exercise, to a typical workout, so I am an expert in the field finding excuses. The only way you will get me to move is through dancing. I met Darryl at Paleo F(X) in April, 2014. I participated in one of his workshops of primal play, we “explored” ways, from animal walks to playing tag, to planks and partner work. Time went by and I found myself sweating and laughing so hard, I really did not feel was “exercising”. I was so happy I met so many incredible people and at the end of the workshop all I could think of was, I can’t believe one could get fit while having so much fun. But it is TRUE! I bought the book and now I take it with me on my business trips.
Darryl suggests that getting strong should be fun and functional. In this great book you can also find the basics of Paleolithic lifestyle. The book is easy to read, and to the point.
I was most excited for the fitness plans that I can adapt to wherever I travel to with minimal or non-existent equipment.
I finally found my “thing”. I am ready to move naturally and effectively! I highly recommend Paleo Fitness.
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on 25 June 2013
I have always had a keen interest in exercise and nutrition, however over the last few years I have found little to inspire and excite me, I fell into excuse mode, I didn't have enough time to exercise, the gym membership was too costly, I didn't have time to cook etc etc. This book has changed that, I have a renewed passion and drive to be 'lean, strong and healthy'. After reading only a few pages I found myself trying out my cat walk, my bear crawl and sharing my knowledge with others, after work work-outs will now be a feature!!!

This book is for all generations, during playtime I made a game of some primal moves with a small group of children...Their enthusiasm and energy was infectious, primal training should be part of every school curriculum. I also find that whenever I have a spare minute I slip off my shoes and wall sit for a while (there can be a lot of waiting around on my job.)

The detailed program effectively removed many of my excuses to beginning a Paleo lifestyle, all that I needed to know was there, recipes, exercises, meal plan...

This book is an education and inspiration to ditch the 'quick fix' 'convenience' culture of diet and exercise and embrace a life of simplicity and strength, a must buy!
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on 6 June 2013
Having been a fitness enthusiast for most of my life from school sports like football, basketball, athletics and gymnastics, I loved them all. As with a lot of people, adult life can be a little bit distracting and you neglect health and fitness. I tried athletics groups and hiking and some jogging but always 'felt' like it was missing something. I never really felt happy with myself however hard I tried.
I started eating a Paleo diet in December 2011 and saw vast improvements in my health, mood and progress in relieving pain from a back injury. It was then I first encountered Darryl Edwards (Author) on an internet forum and began conversing with him and found his knowledge of this way of eating enormous but what was so interesting to me was the fitness aspect as this was my passion in life. I got to meet Darryl on one of his PRIMALity workshops and found the experience great. I learned more about physical capabilities in 2 hours than in my entire searching of literature and internet for 4 years. Actually working out (or 'Playing out' as Darryl calls it) made all the difference as it was this very part of the 'work out', the 'playing' part, that made me feel happy to 'work out'.
The one thing that stood out from meeting with Darryl is you get the impression he has really has researched this from every angle, weighed up the pros and cons and gone with the best optimal solution for human fitness. This first book is just the beginning I hope, and people start to adopt this lifestyle rather than just a quick-fix.
I got a copy of this book and it seems like a fitness book anyone can pick up, read and understand without getting too technical and scientific. But if you want the science and evidence, it has a resources section at the back of the book. It gives an introduction to the Paleo diet and Paleo fitness and just enough facts to not blind you with science. There's an 8 week sample progress report and some really nice simple recipes for eating Paleo. The exercises are great with images as examples and are easy to do. They have instant results whatever your background. The FAQ section is helpful and answers some questions you may have after reading this book. Try it, you'll be surprised what you are capable of.
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on 30 April 2015
There are several very good reasons this book won the award of Best Fitness Orientated Book at the recent Paleo f(x) 2015 Awards Show.
There are many other reviews extolling the virtues and benefits of not only this book but the Paleo lifestyle choice itself and of the author Darryl Edwards. I will only expand on the benefits I have perceived and documented during the completion of the Level 1 workout phase.

To set some context, I am a father of four in my 40's, working consistently long hours in a stressful office environment which singularly tax the average persons ability to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle but when combined, in my instance at least, make it very challenging. I don't have time for lunch time hour long gym sessions. With my early work starts and evening family requirements my time is very limited and so any training I undertake has to be efficient and productive. I was looking for something that could counter my environmental hazard of sitting for long periods as well as the mental fatigue from both stress from work and my personal life. Conventional gym training worked to a point but was not entirely conducive in its ability to counter the negatives from the scenarios I have mentioned.
With this in mind, four weeks ago I undertook the challenge of joining an online group session of like-minded people using the exercise programme in this book as its cohesive property. This four week period covers Level 1 of Darryl's prescribed programme, with a further two four-week levels comprising levels 2 & 3. I have quite simply been blown away by my progress over this initial four week period.
Day 1 on this programme highlighted to me exactly how detrimental the stressful office environment was to my general health and well being as I struggled on activities I presumed I would be able to manage easily - a 30 minute session based on controlled, relaxed movement. This comprised of simply travelling 5m in a crab walks, duck walks & bear crawls (all movements done as a child), 5 jumping pull-ups and 30 seconds of barefoot walking. I only managed 5 rounds in this 30 minutes and was blowing a gasket. My baseline was set.
Four short weeks later after following this programme I was set for the first day of Level 2. My problem was that other commitments made me miss day 1. So I decided to combine day 1 & day 2 the following morning to test myself and see if I had actually improved as much as I thought I had. The numbers and cold, hard facts don't lie. I began with a 1 mile run as a warm up. This time the movements were over 10-15m each, Kangaroo Jumps had been added, Pullups were for 10 reps not 5, back extensions were added. This time I managed nearly 7 rounds of a circuit between two and three times longer. Not only that but I then had enough energy and power to handle a very tough tabata session straight after then run another 1 mile back to my house. My fitness, energy and mental clarity have all increased considerably in just 4 weeks. I look forward to what the remaining 8 weeks in this programme will have in store for me.
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on 27 April 2017
Just not realistic
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on 30 July 2013
Darryl paints an interesting background to his journey, one that compels you to read his book. As you do, you discover a wealth of suggestions on how to structure your diet, fun facts, as well as a wide span of Paleo exercise programmes that build up your pace and are easy to follow. There's a wide variety of exercises for you to master as you move from beginner to advanced, of which many require no additional aids beyond your arms and legs. Finally; ways to measure your progress, a Q&A section and a spread of healthy Paleo meals, explained in a simple to make way and using lots of fresh flavours combined with everyday herbs and spices. This is a fun book, it's simple to follow and well illustrated. Time for me to hone my diet, get with the plan and explore the paleolithic way of feeling great and looking great! After that, I might even brave one of the legendary workshops.
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on 25 April 2014
The book has been very helpful for me to continue on the route of fitness, rather than fatness

I was lucky enough to Meet Darryl last year while in London, and all i can say is here is the real deal. a very clever and experienced fellow while also a gentlemen.

i am 40 today and with the thanks of close friends and this amazing book i am fitter and stronger now than when i was 20. The book is to the point, not trying to sell you DVD's, subscriptions or not expensive, silly equipment really needed and opened my eyes to all the amazing places and stuff around the house and workplace that can help on the road to a stronger body and mind

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on 28 January 2014
Paleo Fitness is a great read and introduces the concept of a Paleo diet and lifestyle in just enough detail so that those new to the movement will not be blinded by science, yet the seasoned ancestral proponent will have more than enough information to keep them happy too (just check out the references!!)

In addition to the science and nutrition aspect, you get an insight into Darryls unique 'PRIMALity' play based workouts. These fun, effective and frankly knackering movements can be incorporated into your weekly exercise regime and are set out clearly and progressively in the book.

If you follow the lifestyle guidelines, stick to the exercise recommendations and brush up your cooking skills with the great recipes at the back, there is no doubt that you will quickly reach optimum health, whilst dropping a few pounds & firming up on the way.

Darryl Edwards really knows his stuff, is passionate about this way of life and is on a quest for global domination - get in there quick so you can say you followed him from the start!
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on 6 May 2015
I have NEVER wrote a review for ANYTHING but felt compelled to share my thoughts and experiences since purchasing it. Having bought it some time ago mainly as a point of reference I found myself longing to try out the 12 week challenge but as a busy mum of 3 under 5 I never imagined it possible. How wrong could I be!! Currently on week 5 of 12 I have not only found the time to do it but have actually made the time to do it involving my 3 youngsters too! The exercises come with an easy to follow description and photographs of how it should be performed - admittingly in the first week or so my techniques left alot to be desired but now they are almost recognisable to what they are meant to be! The book has completely changed my approach to "exercise" and I'm seeing and feeling the benefits. Having followed a paleo lifestyle on and off for 3 years this is a perfect accompaniment whether you are just beginning, revisiting or have been living this life since time began!!
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