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Customer reviews

3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
Edition: Kinect|Change
Price:£289.00+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on 3 November 2014
Was playing the waiting game to purchase a new next(now)gen console to see which offered a more exciting future. Was originally leaning towards the PS4 due to the hype surrounding it. But having now played and experienced both consoles, with enough time to make my finale decision, thanks to a friend(who has both) - I ended-up buying ONE! Playing (games on One where borrowed) Diablo, Shadow of Mordor, Thief, Fifa 15, AC only to see if there was any real noticeable, or obvious game changing/graphical difference between consoles: For me personally I didn't notice any real standout/obvious difference that made me say 'WOW I can really see the graphical difference on this console over the other!". In honesty it was minor at best! Though PS4 looked a bit sharper with AC and SoM. Thief looked a little better on ONE. Diablo and Fifa14 looked almost, if not, the same; Fifa/Thief on One did have the advantage of added Kinect features. In reality when playing I realized that graphically there wasn't a concern or any real graphical differences between the two. Unless you force yourself to notice and start to nitpick on small/minor graphical differences, usually when pausing the game, which most won't even care or even notice the difference! You won't notice as so-far they look, felt, or closely looked the same - It really didn't become a issue that will make you care. ONE was a more enjoyable experience due to the ability of having Kinect features for Fifa, Thief that added a bit of extra fun esp. Fifa shouting orders/formations to your team when playing online. Killzone looked gorgeous on PS4, Ryse looked amazing too on One. This demonstrated that both consoles can have excellent graphics even though Ryse wasn't 1080p, but it still was a very impressive graphical game - I never even noticed it was 900p image on my 50" screen.

Before my purchase I did think about the future for both consoles and which will suite my needs for the long run better as both consoles are at a similar price range. This is where ONE excelled and was decided for me! Using the PS4 seemed a nice system, but nothing really impressive with its okay selection of functions/features and UI(though much improved over PS3). It was when experienced the ONE it actually dawned on me that it was a better console that will serve me better over the years. I also asked myself is the ONE worth the sacrifice with its better(listed below) features for a small graphical improvement of PS4? With ONE now being improved on the graphical end recently this could become even a lesser issue, or not. ONE just felt a far more exciting system that I found missing from the PS4 from my experience with both consoles. It was the below following ONE features the opted me to buy it:

* Control options and choice of control with the ability using voice/gesture/joypad or all 3.
* A much better and fluid integrated UI with better innovation using the UI.
* Much more and better media and apps availability.
* ONE does seem to have a more exciting system evolution prospect with online, cloud use and that's not just for gaming. Cross platform/smartglass/gaming share across mobiles/tablets/pc/friends and family. Kinect, internet, media, new features added..etc.
* Kienct - its functions can be really useful and handy.
* Social sharing/communication/matching players and gaming online events are excellent and simple.
* Ability to stream photos/video/music from NAS drive.
* Much better and stable online gaming and matching.
* Play a game, then leaving the game, then come back at the exact same spot you left it at any time, even when the cosole is switched off or going to other apps.
* Skype people or receive even when playing/using console.
* Do two things at once onscreen.
* Kinect is really useful(though not always perfect) and voice commands can become very handy. Loved switching games, searching Bing for movies/music/games, switching apps, Skyping, rwnd/fwrd/pausing music and movies..etc. Soon will be able to order pizza's too!
* Cloud use for games as seen on Forza/Titan Fall/Forza Horizon 2.
* A HDMI input which works wonderfully with what ever you put into it. I used it for my Satellite feed which is integrated into the console allowing the ability for the console to select/remind/update/inform you on you viewing habits and the ability to switch between gaming and other apps/tv - very handy while waiting for online games to start.
* Ability to switch to any game or app by using voice.
* Order Pizza using Kinect(soon).
* DLNA enable media
* Customize Homescree/Tiles with achievement/you own photos
* Fitness using Kinect which keeps track of your body mass and heart rate.

It's the above that I found ONE very easily surpassed PS4 in innovation. One did give me the impression of a more exciting console evolving future that's both great for gaming and non gaming which I felt was missing on PS4... Before my decision. did ask myself experiencing both consoles 'What really offers a better and more exciting future ?' - Is it PS4 with its minor(at times) better graphics, even though most won't even notice ! Or is it a system that has better online, apps and media, cloud use for gaming nan non gaming, faster better UI, more options with functions and control, Kinect, HDMI input, better social and communication for gaming and non gaming ?.. For me it was my experience with One that seemed a better and more exciting purchase for its worth rather then extra pixels which again I believe most won't even care about, or even notice!
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on 30 April 2016
Had to do an off-line update due to it having the green screen of death as it is called on YouTube when it was delivered also I cannot play rhe game which I also ordered as the disc will not go in and just gets ejected but as I mostly buy games online I have kept the console
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on 7 April 2017
I got the xbox one in December 2013 and there has been a lot of changes and shifts between the consoles. The Xbox's has improved massively since its launch, however kinect integration has been fazed out.
Many people compare the xbox to the ps4 based on graphics and performance. I do not think performance and graphics are overly important in consoles. If you care about pretty looking games running at 60fps, pay a premium and buy a PC. I have a PC and I personally like it more than my xbox, however PCs are not for everyone. PCs are complex and difficult to manage and maintain. Xboxs are more plug and play.

XBOX vs PS4:
The performance differences between the Xbox one and the standard PS4 are negligable. You will not see a difference. The Xbox's UI can be confusing however it has been vastly improved since 2013. Xbox also has some great exclusives like Forza, Halo and Gears of War. With the release of the Xbox One S it is difficult to recommend the original. I also find multitasking features like snap super useful. Being able to watch TV and game at the same time is amazing!
In conclusion, I would only buy the original xbox one if you love exclusives like halo or forza and want to save some cash and don't find the bigger footprint or non 4k compatibility of the original xbox bothering.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to comment below, I will try to answer them. If you found this review helpful in anyway please press the "yes" or "helpful" button.
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on 14 September 2014
I didn't buy my console from Amazon but the sheer amount of lies in the one star ratings is disgusting (anyone reading reviews before deciding should read up on the ridiculous console fanboy war first) . And almost none are verified purchases. So here's an unbiased review.

I bought the console on day one and to be fair it was a bit ropey to start. The build quality of the console is to the same high quality as the 360 (apart from the controller) and every component feels like it's high end. If I had one complaint about the build it would be that it looks rather uninspired in my opinion.

The day one controller broke within a week so had to be replaced. However the next controller felt much better and is still going.

Kinect can be amazing, if you put the time in. It takes time for it to learn how to tell you apart from others (possibly four attempts) but when it does it's flawless. It also has a night vision and thermal camera so will still see you in total darkness. If you take time to calibrate the voice commands to your rooms ambient noise then those are very clever too. However unless you put the time in (about half an hour of messing with it) kinect can be frustrating, loading the wrong profile and not hearing you. However if you're one of the conspiracy lunatics that thinks the government is actually interested in watching you as you watch tv or listening to your conversations about Game of Thrones or are simply plotting to take over the world then a kinectless version is available.

At first the consoles software seemed limited, but almost a year after release and dozens of updates I have to say it's fast becoming a one stop media machine. You can even use it to stream tv to any device with smartglass.

The games play brilliantly, and quality issues aside the Xbox controller is still fantastic. If you keep the console in low power mode then a game will automatically load up where you left off and will be ready to play immediately. Furthermore, when playing CoD you can say "Xbox go to Battlefield 4" and it will switch games (as long as at least one of them is a digital copy) in less than a second. This for me is where next gen is. It's also worth reading up on the Snap function, which lets you watch a football game or whatever on the tv while playing FIFA or any other game.

However it has to be said that the console is far from perfect. Getting party chat to work can be frustrating one day and flawless the next. As someone has mentioned the updates can be annoying but again, in low power mode, it updates while you sleep. And in silence.

Personally I like the Xbox One and am happy with my choice.
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on 27 July 2015
Unmatched media features
Able to evolve cons
Inferior graphics
Confusing UI without Kinect
Poor sharing options
Ugly unit design

Excellent game selection
Great online service
The best controller going
Unmatched media features
Able to evolve constantly

My verdict
Far better than it once was, and destined to keep improving, Xbox One is a truly modern piece of kit. It suffers for its catch-all approach a little, but you won't see some of its tricks on any competitor's machine.
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on 24 February 2014
Love the console! Looks good and stays cool while working for prolonged periods. Not much out that shows it's potential or pushes the machine, but that will come soon. The camera is brilliant and Fifa 14 is very good.

Well worth the price, just make sure you get Xbox live, all worth the price.
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on 20 June 2015
Don't get me wrong I enjoy both Playstation and Xbox without a doubt and I'm sure most people do, but if you asked me which one I would choose out of the two?... It would most definitely have to be Xbox! Xbox, no matter what, continue to impress me. Yes you're paying a bit more for the camera, but it's a nice accessory to have alongside the console and makes it a lot easier when you're buying membership for online. Just hold your voucher up to the camera, the camera scans it and hey you have online activated! However, it can be a nuisance when you are playing as it can pick up the faintest of sounds, which if you're playing online can be a bit of a pain. In saying that, it is definitely a handy accessory to have when you're watching a movie with family and friends!
I find the console runs a lot smoother and the graphics for the games are a lot better. Also, the controller is comfortable and fits in your hands nicely. You also have a wider selection of games that you can choose from. You may say that you're paying £40 a year to have online for your console, but you will happily pay that with all of the great benefits you get from Xbox. An example of one great benefit is two FREE games each month which once you've downloaded, stay downloaded. Even if your membership has run out, the games will still be on the system. Whereas, with Playstation plus when your membership has run out, you cannot play your downloaded games as you have to re-subscribe.

All in all, Xbox One is a 5 star console for me!
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on 17 January 2016
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on 4 January 2016
Got this for xmas, loving it.

Two reasons why I can't give it 5 stars (and one star lost for each point), and both are related to this as a usable product, rather than the quality of the xbox as a games console:

1) Support.

The Dance Central Spotlight game doesn't work - it will inevitably crash within 5 or so mins of play. Searching the support forums, it seems like this is a problem reported by others. However, there's no response. I logged a support issue - no response. So, clearly no support which frankly is unacceptable.

This is just a £7 element of a £300+ purchase, so I'm just going to swallow the loss rather than return the whole lot. But Microsoft - either provide support or don't bundle broken games, or you'll just upset customers and get poor reviews - the rest of the xbox is so good that you should just ditch a broken game like this (or if I'm wrong and its not broken - where's the support?).

2) User Guide.

Maybe I'm old-fashioned, but maybe some people weren't born into the xbox generation and could do with a little help. It took me 3 hours to figure out how to work the basics. Most of it was trial and error and just hitting buttons randomly until something seemed to work. I'm not talking about gameplay, but setting up things like profiles (heck, even figuring out that profiles needed to be set up, etc).

I'm still unsure about this, but it seems to be working. There's almost nothing in the box, and I think I've found something online, but its full of broken links, and I just gave up! So, I know we're in the age of online vs paper, but how about some basic concept/set up guidance in the box, or even a single sheet of paper of where to find it online, and then make sure the website works.

3) Profiles.

I know this is a third issue (and I said there were two above), but I found out that to play on the xbox you need to have a Microsoft-based email account. So, I've had to set these up for my 6-year old and my wife so that they can use the xbox, and as for guests - well they just can't play.

And that sucks.... I get that Microsoft want people to live in their 'bubble', but it should be possible to just play a console game as a guest or local profile. An online profile should be a value-add.

Or maybe its just a case of me not understanding how the whole thing works (see point 2 above!).

Anyway, we're loving the xbox despite the issues, its just a shame that the issues would be easy to fix.
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on 24 November 2013
i purchused the day one edition unfortunatly i was in the 1% with faulty disk drives,but a replacement has been sorted (after all thats what a warrenty is good for )from what iv seen and used though its a great console i managed to play certain installed games all seemed very good
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