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on 29 June 2016
After being an xbox player for six years I switched over to the PS4 the Christmas which it came out. The quality of the console itself and the exclusive games are great as well. The console itself is of a good size and is not noisy when being used. The controller was uncomfortable at first but after multiple uses I had adapted from my old Xbox controller.The apps scalable on the PlayStation are great as it allows me to watch Youtube,BBC and other demand shows. I would highly recommend to anyone interested into gaming, especially at this price as the quality of the PS4 is the same after this long.
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on 19 February 2014
I avoided to buy one of the first generations, and i missed nothing..

all in all it was a "normal" unboxing experience and setting up the Ps4 was as expected easy and painless.. (also i still miss the "normal" audio out.. ) but the heck, i got HDMI TV and this works fine with me..

Ps4 is faster than the ps3 and the way the programs are kept open in the background is okay and contribute to the speed to navigate but somehow quite useless.

From the few games i played, basically "Warframe" and "Killzone", i can state that Grafix are good and the new controller is better than the old one..

... But problem is, there is almost nothing more to say about the Ps4..

i used my Ps3 more and more for the Mediafeatures.. watching movies and play songs.. the youtube connect feature was one of my favourites.. now im down to use payTV and PayAudio that doesnt even exist in my country (norway) so im basically down to use games..

No USB device support, so you cant bring any files to your console, no flashplayer means that you cant play anything on in the browser.. making it quite clear that sony wants me to buy stuff i already possess.. : namely music and videos.. i hope that the ps4 is narrowed down enough that the community feels obligues to crack it open and makes it a fullsize console again.. its not hard to add all those features that the ps4 is lacking, its basically been removed.. and as with the iPhone/Apple community i hope that there will be guys that open the system back to "normal"

as for game experience i can state that the grafics are smooth and the reaction time is great.. the "share" button is utterly useless and the options button is poorly placed. Using the touchpad is sometimes clumsy and doesnt respond fast enough (especially in "warframe" where it is a "normal" specialattack button.. ) and the lifetime with one charge of the controller ist quite poor.. on the other hand, the speaker on the controller is a good idea.. seperating messages for the player from the general sound.

all in all, no need to rush there are basically no games out by now and the ps3 still beats the ps4 by far when it comes to media...
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on 25 November 2015
I bought this console in October this year and out of the box the system itself looks excellent. The clean new look of the console is very appealing and as far as most games consoles go it looks quite unique. The newly designed user interface is a very large improvement over the slow awkward PS3 interface. The menus are quick to navigate with snappy response, however some of the options can be hard to find. Before you start changing things i would recommend watching a video online about all the available functions becuse the info you get with the console is not sufficient in my opinion. The 500GB hard drive contained in this model feels a bit small, with games now having an average install of 25GB to around 40GB-50GB that space will be gone fast. Anyone who has the budget i would recommend getting the 1TB model or buying some aftermarket expansion.

The redesigned controller feels ergonomic in the hand, the longer handles are comfortable. The button and Analog Stick placement is pretty much the same as the previous Playstation 3 System. The only changes are to the former Start and Select buttons which now appear in a slightly different place as the Share and Option buttons. These buttons are a lot smaller and are not really raised out of the main casing so they feel slightly hard to access. The other major change is the inclusion of a touch pad on the controller, this is used extensively in games, it also has a cursor function when using some software. The controller also has the edition of a mood lighting feature on the rear of the device. This is used to positive and negative effect in some games. In some cases it is very effective like showing the color of the team you may be joined to on a multiplayer game or being used to indicate some change in-game to warn you of danger, or of a more passive change such as entering a lit area it will light up to show you are visible to enemies. On the negative side sometimes the light will perform rapidly changing colors or flashing patterns and this is very distracting becuse you can often see it reflected in the TV screen. In the options menu you can turn the light off.

However there are some major problems with the controllers build quality. Just after a few weeks after purchasing the console the controller started to become unresponsive and eventually just ceasing to function, which resulted in me having to return it to get it looked at and a replacement sent. The R2 and L2 trigger buttons are prone to broken hinges and sticking. This is an ongoing problem that has shown up with hundreds of similar stories on the official Playstation website forums. The other problem is the charging cable slot. The console comes packaged with a USB charging cable that slots into the lower rear of the controller. This connection port feels very flimsy and is prone to being bent out of shape or becoming lose if you accidentally sharply tug the cable. I have luckily not encountered this problem but i know two other PS4 owners who have had this happen.

Overall this product met most of my expectations, the interface improvements are welcome, the graphical upgrade is very attractive and the controller is nice to hold and feels comfortable. The game library is building quite nicely now for the system, it feels like it is finally breaking out of the hard launch period most systems have in regards to having games that make you want to buy the system for.

On the more negative side i feel that for what you get the retail price is a bit steep. This feels especially true when you take into consideration the masses of people who have had faulty or just broken controllers in the first few months of purchasing it. It seems to be a hit and miss problem though. I know people who bought the system on launch and their original controller is still fine after hundreds of hours of use.

The other big negative is the PlayStation Plus subscription required to play online. A lot of PS4 games require some sort of online functionality for you to get the whole experience and having to pay an extra £39.99 after buying the whole console for over £200 feels like a betrayal. One of the major selling points of the PS3 was that it has free online. This welcomed a lot of people into the PlayStation community and i feel many people were very displeased at the news the PS4 had a paid subscription.

Anyone wanting to buy at this point i would recommend to wait for the updated version of the PS4 which is likely to come out soon as the console has almost reached its two year mark. For anyone who can't wait then its not a bad buy at all. I would strongly recommend to treat the controller very carefully though.
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on 24 June 2015
Super console. Being the most powerful gaming console on the market, it's packed with lots of features to enhance the experience. Sony has gone for a sleek, slim design that works so well. Powerful, quiet fans to keep it cool. Ergonomic and beautiful, a must for any gamer
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on 29 June 2015
Styling and processing an improvement. Onscreen interface is good. Im doing more things through it e.g. spotify so getting some extra value. Slightly frustrated by Sony's insistance on lack of backward game compatibility although that's not just them.
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on 7 May 2015
i have now had 3 replacement ps4 because of loud fan noise,when playing disc based games the fan would ramp up to full and would not go down till i had finished playing the game this became very annoying,i am very surprised no body else has posted this problem with this console.i had phoned sony who said the fan should not be doing this all the way through the gameplay.i will wait till a revised model comes out.
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on 23 January 2014
Received my PS4 Standard Edition today, it arrived a week late but that was not Amazon's fault and at least it arrived eventually as I thought it was lost. I was a bit apprehensive about receiving a faulty one but I am happy to report there are no problems here. The only issue I had was downloading the 1.52 System Update as it timed out a few times while downloading but that was probably due to my Internet connection and I got the update eventually. Currently playing a Blu-Ray movie to test the Blu-Ray drive and its working perfectly. Really happy and relieved I have no problems!
review image
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on 30 November 2013
absolutely beautiful! sony hav seriously done well here, really put alot of hard work into this and you can tell! everything about this system is stunnin, menu layout (menu music is excellent and appropriate), graphics and power, controls feel modern and comfy (loving these lights on the controllers to), navigating is VERY responsive, just an excellent achievement by sony! i loved my ps3 and now this its big daddy! LOL def 5 stars!! would give more if i could!! worth every penny, its truly for the players.
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on 5 January 2015
Male - mid-30's - veteran gamer - rpg, fps, racing, arcade, general - previous platform xbox360

Love it, very plush, speedy system, games look and sound great, so much detail. Loading screens are few and those that are, are short so your barely ever waiting to play.

Coming from the 360 I love the controller, granted it takes a bit of getting used to as with any new platform, but it works perfectly otherwise. Bit of a needless touchpad, it's too small to use as a touchpad for me so can get in the way, but it doesn't spoil gameplay, controller does everything else as it feels it should. The system and controller have lights on them which are also a bit needless, but they make it look pretty schweeet so that's okay with me :-)
The controller doesn't need batteries which is awesome! You can plug it in to charge or leave it plugged in. Might be annoying if you play from a distance as the lead doesn't reach far, but perfect for me who plays about a metre away from the console/tv. Charge probably lasts ~4 hours or so.

Easy system set up, minimal wires (hoorah!). You can use a usb mic and a pair of headphones rather than having to buy an expensive specialised headset, though it does come with an ear piece and mic which plugs in to the controller and works fine and is very clear.

Good connection and online play.

System doesn't get really hot for me as other people have complained. It's not really noisy either. It's all cooler and quieter than the 2-3 year old xbox slim I was previously using. I think you have to look hard to find fault if all you want is a gaming system rather than trying to prove it's better than the One (or vice-versa). All I found when researching which one to buy was that the ps4 is slightly more powerful graphically and the XboxOne is more of a multimedia machine, otherwise the same, so don't listen to the petty console-war-mongers, make up your own mind on those differences.

I only have 1 issue in that I can't appear offline, which is nice when you don't want to be pestered to play a particular game....not that I currently do, but it will and does happen. But that really is the only thing for me.
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on 6 February 2015
i know that ther ps4 is still pretty new out so i thought id buy preowned for cheaper price and it has been well worth it i was able to buy a game from the money i saved for me its the best console and i'd reccomend over xbox
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