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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 11 February 2016
Have you ever started a book and been transported instantly to a land of make believe by the end of the first sentence? being consumed by each and every letter on the as page time is suspended and reality ceases to exist? Yes? then welcome to the world of Cirque des Immortels.

A debut, this is the first adult novel that Kalher has written introducing us to the world of his colourful characters, vivid colours, magic and mayhem. This is the first novel I have read by Kalher and after finishing that last sentence I purchased Act Two and Act Three and divulged immediately onto the next saga.

My imagination played a very important role as I read through this novel, I had a sense of belonging, feeling I was the living the storyline along with the characters or at the very least watching them on set or as a film. The storyline was magnetic it drew me close and left me hungry for more. This novel was more to me that a storyline, I had ran away to the circus joined the characters and lived in the moment. During reading this series I began to collate a pinterest board of anything carnival theme, simply to visualise the imagery running riot in my mind, always having had an appreciation for the art form of the circus I now put visuals to words whilst reading Kalher's novel which really brought the story to life.

I agree with many reviews that imply this work could sit between a Young Adult / Adult category but to be fair I enjoy YA reads as much as any. The story is very fantasy based with a dark foreboding edge, a dark menace underlining complete with a paranormal hue.

The characters are so varied. Mab, the 'ringmaster' is a fiery creature if ever there was one, she is one to be wary of, playing a very dominant role throughout I imagine she is certainly very young mans ideal dream woman, she portrays the 'dominatrix' persona very efficiently indeed.

The plot of this debut novel revolves around Viviene. We discover about her past and her relationship within the circus, is she simply a pawn in the bigger picture? is she made of stern stuff and destined for bigger things? As the series progresses so does Vivien, she endures an extremely unique journey, most certainly one to behold with twists and turns you do not see coming a mile away.

Of course, there is the loving budding romance, now who doesn't love a good romance, but is this really as it seems? is there an ulterior motive and does Kingston really feel the same way? what about Mab or Melody how do they feel about him?

We must not forget the magic, there is plenty of magic too.

If you love the circus or circus themed stories these are for you, if you want to live in a total fantasy based world for a few hours, step right up, a unique trilogy that keeps you rooted to the page and turning them twice as fast.

Not for everyone, but if you can appreciate the arts, the magic and something a little out of the ordinary give this series a whirl. I can't recommend them enough. In my opinion Kalher has captured this world of magic and mystery perfectly....including murder and love.

I am running off to join the circus....
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on 8 August 2014
I made the mistake of buying all 3 books based on the reviews. I dragged through the first one, and gave up 20% into the 2nd one.
Shallow characters, and a terrible execution of a premise that has so much dark potential. But a total let down. These 3 books will be gathering digital dust in my kindle library
If you are a serious urban fantasy fan and loved series by Jim Butcher, Kim Harrison , Benedict Jacka, Ben Aaronovitch, mike Carey ,anthony ryan, Patrick Rothfuss, Patricia Briggs etc. then be warned: this is a far inferior series.
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on 5 July 2014
I read a lot of indie fiction - but not fantasy; I'm no fan of the genre. So why did I buy all three novels in this series?

Because Kahler the author comes through as an individual - and an immensely likeable one. Maybe he wasn't born with writing talent, but the hard work he put in is obvious on every page. His own background as a circus performer isn't in your face, which creates a greater sense of "being there"; the author isn't constantly telling you how clever he is. I'd put him in the top 5% of Kindle authors: not the "greats" in that 0.3% beyond the third Standard Deviation, but definitely in the third.

Besides, Kahler creates a consistent and believable storyworld. The thought of ancient magic co-existing with punk haircuts and earring'd heavies creates an interesting dissonance, especially since so much of it is set in the circus itself - an otherwordly place to most people anyway. His prose is adjective-laden and a bit stifling, but there are regular flashes of poetry - a drink "tastes like chocolate and wine and sunsets"....

Second, as the story unfolds and you realise the existing european myth it's all riffing on, you get a sense that the world existed before you entered it - solid and involving. While Vivienne is 21st century enough to laugh at "faerie dust" before she gets a sniff of it. The Immortal Circus is an interesting place to spend a few hours.

Faults? Tone and manner are a bit samey. And the characters are hard to identify with since they're not very likeable: a bit self-obsessed and whiney. In the first book, I was all "Yeah, Vivienne, you like him. We get it." In this second book, she's just as self-centred. While the present tense, used throughout, left me a bit short of breath; what brings a sense of immediacy in small doses feels over-egged when used on every page.

But Kahler largely avoids the younger author's common error of head-hopping (writing scenes that don't involve the first-person narrator) which, if made, would've been particularly jarring since we spend so much time inside Viv's head. Read this book not as great literature - it isn't - but as a young author offering you a peek into a world he understands better than you.
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on 6 August 2014
This was the second book in the trilogy. I wasn't sure about the first one until about 5 pages on and then I began to enjoy it. By the time I'd finished it I knew I would have to read the whole trilogy. Yes it's fantasy, so if you can't suspend disbelief then this is probably not your best buy. But for those of us who like to get away from reality by stepping sideways occasionally, then the story becomes quite addictive!
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on 27 February 2014
I was intrigued by the title so dived in, not as long as I expected, a bit repetitive in places but plenty of descriptive text to get the imagination going. The characters are developing, twists and turns you begin to expect as the story unfolds. Hope the second book doesn't just repeat a lot of the first.
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on 1 August 2014
Couldn't wait to read this one & couldn't wait to read last one after. Came as a complete surprise as wouldn't generally be my preference of genre. Think he's a fabulous writer & was thoroughly entertained throughout!
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on 21 October 2013
These books are far too good! I am defiantly pulling my hair out waiting to hear if this story will be continued and when to expect it. But seriously... worth a read this author has a beautiful and captivating writing style, personally I don't havea bad thing to say about this series. =D
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on 29 December 2013
I enjoyed the first book - nothing too serious but a light read for me and something completely different. The second book does not disappoint and reveals more of the character's mysterious past and identity.
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on 10 October 2013
Very dramatic, complicated storyline, wonderful imagination, finished both books in as many days, characters are great, very fast paced and exciting, very fantasy based, not normally a fantasy fan but this is pretty damn good
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on 5 November 2013
Great... mad... wildly otherworldly. I reviewed the original first book and nothing's changed from my glowing review on that one and I'd give much the same treatment to this sequel, which I read pretty soon after finishing the first book such was my captivation. If you've read the first book, you'll know the general nature of what to expect and I'm not going to spoil it by saying anything, but the developing story dives more and more into the bleak expanse of the lands and forms of the Fey, a parallel magical universe you knew nothing about until now... excellent and bonkers. Loved it, again, and I'll just have to wait until book three comes out. Unless it's simply and silently magicked onto my Kindle from somewhere beyond the fringes of reality, obviously...
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