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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
Style Name: PLAYBAR|Change
Price:£547.00+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on 3 January 2016
It's good. If you use the TV as the hub, you can connect almost anything to it. I use it with my PC, Wii and TV recorder and they all work well. You just have to adjust the sound settings on your PC for it to realise. Your TV needs to be about 2007 or later as not many before this time had optical cable ports. That's what this uses. Also check your TV is compatible to use the soundbar to change the TV volume using the remote. Not all are compatible!
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on 5 August 2014
Like the most recent reviews this is pricey but overall well worth it imho. My introduction to Sonos started when I was shown it when looking at bluetooth speakers. I was soon the owner of a couple of Play 1s a few weeks ago. I think the Play 1s in themselves will bring new users to Sonos. Build quality and output it superb. Prior to the Play 1 individual Sonos speakers in rooms were expensive. I purchased one to replace my squeezebox radio (was good but always temperamental). I am now up to 4 Play 1s. Because I liked the Play 1s so much in a stereo pair in my living room, it occurred to me I could ditch my AV system with wires everywhere and have the beauty of streaming content or different content to any part of the house with Sonos's propriety Sononsnet. This is rock solid with no glitches or dropouts and so easy to setup and control from any hand held device etc. Anyway the only way to get rid of my 5:1 AV setup was to purchase the Playbar. Combined with the Play 1's set to surround its pretty good. You need to get the settings right at explained for "ambient" or "full" and adjust treble, bass and loudness, but with the Playbar and Play 1s I think there is plenty of bass and I wouldn't want the sub in my semi detached house. The Playbars single optical input is a pain plus all the issues with inputing 5:1 from you telly even if you have an optical out on it. The simple solution is an optical switch into which you plug in all your inputs SKY, XBOX,Virgin, Blu-Ray, Apple TV etc and then output single optical to the Playbar. Again DTS is not a problem for me but even this can be got round by purchasing a Samsung Blu-Ray that undertakes DTS conversion. I have knocked off a star (would give it 4 and 1/2) for those final points though. For me the Playbar is a keeper with all the added bonus of other Sonos speakers and control around the house. I now need to set about unwiring all my AV equipment and finding a new home for it.
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on 21 April 2013
I find the playbar works great for music and basic TV watching but if you are looking for a home cinema kit this system of the playbar sub and 2 x play 3 (rear surrounds) falls short and please note cannot handle DTS sound only 5.1
Not worth the money in my opinion.....
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on 18 April 2016
Good sound for what it is. There is noticeable surround sound simulation when you watch a dolby digital movie, and at a loud enough volume.

Is it worth the price? Yes it is if you consider the usefulness of integrating this with the rest of the Sonos ecosystem. If you only have this in your house, then perhaps it is worth considering less expensive but also high performance sound bars.
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on 3 December 2013
Bottom line up front: Buy a different sound bar if you want to watch movies.

Just bought a PLAYBAR, and ordered SUB and two PLAY1 as I love my PLAY 5.

First Blu-ray I tried played the intro music (Dolby) but as soon as the film (DTS) started NOTHING! Bit of reading and now hugely disappointed... especially given the premium price!

You can't use it with your TV/Blu-Ray as you can't decide whether a film is encoded in Dolby or DTS.

On the basis that support tickets have been outstanding with SONOS for months and is still not being considered, I'm going to return it. I've just cancelled my order for SUB and PLAY 1s.

Pity given my first introduction to you was so positive. :-(
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on 16 July 2015
I hate technical jargon and did not relish the installation of my new Sonos system. I have 2 x Play 1 the Soundbar and a Play 3 with a Boost.
I cannot believe how easy it turned out. I had the lot installed within about 20 minutes, this included downloading the app onto my iPad and allowing Sonos to update everything. The sound and ease of controlling the listening experience is amazing. I am now going to get the Sub and a couple more Play 3's for upstairs. Brilliant
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on 9 April 2013
I own a couple of Play 5 devices so I'm familiar with Sonos and how they work/interact.

Having turned a bedroom into a TV room I needed a soundbar, didnt want the wires associated with a full surround sound system, and the release of the Sonos Playbar to work alongside the Sub seemed like a good solution, coupled with the fact that it would integrate nicely with what I already have.

Had the product demonstrated for me in Hinchlys Cardiff and was very impressed with the playbar as both a standalone music streaming device, but also as a system for playing the TV sound, as you know the newer TV sound is poor these days due to the thinness of the TV.

It's always difficult to judge exactly how it will sound in your home as showrooms tend to be very large, but having got it home I am extremely impressed with the sound from the playbar, when you couple that with the deep bass tones of the sub it's a really complete system.

I appreciate it's expensive, but it's so simple to setup, it allows me to stream music into another room, and the sound I now get from the TV is truly room shattering.

Out of the box there's some work to do, unpacking being the major part of it, place the kit where you need, connect the playbar to the TV via the optical cable provided, power up, use the sonos controller to add a new component, follow the prompts and within 10 minutes it was all working for me.

If you have a sub to add there's some additional work to get that connected, but if you have previously used Sonos you know it's very simple.

So far I am more than happy at the results for the TV room. Sound when watching blu ray films is just unbelievable, I know it's expensive, I know you can get a full 5/7.1 system for similar money, but I'm sold on the Sonos products, the ease of use, and the sound quality you get.

Are there negatives, well yes, with most things I can always find a fault.

Price, it's probably outside some people's budgets.
Optical cable connection to the TV, can cause problems if your TV cannot send the right sound format through the optical port, older TV's may not even have an optical port.
I cant see how high the volume is without looking at the Sonos controller on my Ipad, minor point but it bugs me.

I recommend the product, I was thinking of buying an additional Play 5, this does the job of the play5 and gives me great sound on the TV. If your not sold on it then go for a demo at a local store, I ended up buying the playbar from the store and the sub from Amazon as they could not get hold of a sub for a few weeks.
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on 3 April 2013
Big Sonos fan... this was my third purchase (after a play 5 and a play 3). Sadly unless you must have a one-box system (e.g. if you want to wall mount and don't have a TV cabinet of any sort) then I really struggle to see the appeal of this product. Yes it sounds 100 times better than built in speakers on any flatscreen TV, and if that's what you're coming from you'll be impressed initially, but next to a proper 2.1 speaker system it's weak and really fails to generate a soundstage (i.e. the sound doesn't fill the room, you can tell it's just coming out of the soundbar in front of you). My Play 5 does an equally good job filling a similarly sized room with sound even though it's in a corner. I don't really get the angling of the speakers and the two orientation setup - whatever it's trying to do it doesn't deliver. Perhaps the sub would help, but then you're talking about high end kit money.

Returned mine after a weekend and replaced it with a Sonos Connect and a Sony 2.1 system (total cost almost exactly the same as the playbar). Very glad I did - massively better sound for music and films, and I still have all the Sonos functionality with only a couple of extra button presses to turn on the amplifier and pick the right input.
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on 6 July 2014
I bought this expensive Sonos Playbar to integrate with my other Sonos speakers and get 5.1 surround sound in my TV room. Initially i was just planning to keep it at home just a week or two to test the sound quality and find out how it works. I read a lot of reviews before i bought it and i realised that it does not support DTS etc. But, it does not seem to be the problem to me as i do not use Blue-ray player or anything related to DTS. It does the job and in my opinion it is a high quality product that deserves more attention and positive reviews. In my opinion, it sounds the best when the setting is changed. I prefer to adjust Bass and Treble to maximum level, Speech Enhancement mode On, Surround On, Surround (Ambient) level to full when watching TV and Surround (Full) level to half when listening to music. It sounds fuller, more powerful, more detailed, clearer and crisper when paired with two Sonos Play 1 speakers. Two things that i don't like about this speaker. First one is it's soft fabric on speaker which is very delicate, hard to clean and attracts a lot of dust. I prefer Playbar to use hard metal grill like on Play 1 and others. Second thing is the price. I am really not sure whether it is worth £600 or not. It costs only $699 in the US which is only around £400. I read many reviews and many people in the US complain about it's price although the price they pay is much cheaper compared to here in the UK which costs $1,030 for a soundbar. If you don't already have any Sonos products and you are looking for a quality soundbar for TV, I'd suggest anyone to have a look at other brands and products as well. Other companies offer both soundbar and also subwoofer within this budget, whereas Sonos subwoofer will cost you additional £599 ($1,030). Also bare in mind that you need a TV that outputs Dolby Digital through digital optical audio cable. Most TVs will only output Stereo or PCM Stereo. So, check your TV is capable of connecting with this Playbar before you spend a lot of money. Hope you'll find my review helpful.
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on 6 November 2015
Its a lot of cash to spend on a sound bar speaker but once you've bought in to Sonos its hard to choose anything else. I own all of their speakers, in multiple numbers. My house is loaded and I am on the Sonos beta test team as an independent tester. *I am not paid to write this review it is totally unbiased*

I would recommend this speaker - it is fantastic. But if you have not bought in to the Sonos range yet then consider other options as there are cheaper alternatives. But if you have comitted to the range then this superb speaker is ideal.

It can link up with speakers around the house to play music or play audio from your TV or TV box.

Ours sits on a TV unit so watch out if you have dogs that jump for audio near the TV like our very own Phoebe - the pug. Who likes to chase off barking dogs on TV and jumps up towards the speaker. The external cover to the speaker is a material and I worry she will cause a tear. Something to consider for those with kids or furry kids.

Not sure why Sonos didnt adopt the same external cover they use on their speakers - with a hard external cover.

Superb speaker - we love it.
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