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on 18 May 2013
Ok so I did my research on docks before settling on this one, and to be completely honest all the searching that I did on this dock I couldn't fins a bad word said about it.

I have an iPhone and an iPad that I am using with this mainly and also DJ with my Laptop and Traktor that I will be hooking up to this as well. So this has all the connections you could possibly need! Even my friends with there non Apple phones can connect to this via Bluetooth. You couldn't really ask for a dock with better connectivity, this has it all and them some. One small issue I have with it is that it can't create its own local WiFi connection so you can use AirPlay without a WiFi network like some other docks can. But that ins't really a problem as it has so many other connectivity options that those others don't.

The sound from this thing is unreal, even at full volume and full bass this does not distort. At low volumes the sound is crystal clear, deep and rich. I was so surprised as just how good this thing actually was.

We have even connected this up to our TV in the bedroom and are using its as s 2.1 sound bar for watching films in bed. Fills the room and sounds amazing, really enhances the film watching experience rather than using the crappy speaker installed in my TV.

So glad I paid the extra and got the 200 as I was going to get the 100 model. The reviews of the 100 is full of people saying they wish they had bought this one, boy they were right.

Fantastic product, don't even think about it BUY IT! You wont be disappointed.

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on 8 May 2013
What can I say about this speaker? It's the first time I've spent anywhere near this amount of money on AV equipment, so I perhaps don't have the same experience or context in which to put it. All I can say is that I spent a lot of time reading up and researching which option to take in the 4-500 pound market and I'm delighted I chose the Minx.

The clarity of the sound is something to marvel at, with crisp vocals, rich instrumentals and deep, but unobtrusive, bass. If you like bands like Lambchop or Arcade Fire or any others which have lots of layers to their music, then you'll hear elements to songs which you didn't even know were there.

Don't get me wrong, this is a lot of money to spend on what is basically just a speaker (at least it was for me!) but to be honest, with iTunes and internet radio, it's the only system your lounge will need. Setup is a joy for even the most techno-phobic user and after that, bliss.

One other thing (and I'm making no judgements here)... IF you decide you want to buy one, you may be interested to know Richer Sounds sell it for the same price as Amazon, but they give 5% of their profits to charity and are UK tax registered. Just saying. In any case, you'll be getting an amazing product.
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on 6 May 2014
This was a significant investment in a music system that I researched against Bose as much as I could before purchasing.

Unfortunately, the Minx Air 200 system cuts out repeatedly when used in conjunction with Virgin Superhub broadband. I switch the power on, it then takes 10-40 seconds for the radio to to come on, then after another 30-60 seconds the music stops again. This goes on for some time and is incredibly frustrating, particularly at the cost of this unit. When it does work the sound is awesome.

After the second unit had the same problem (Richer Sounds found the same problem with the first one and gave me a replacement) I emailed Cambridge Audio customer services after a few months who then told me that it doesn't work with Virgin Superhub. This is the first I have even heard about this in all the research and I therefore asked for a refund as the unit does not work as advertised. What was really disappointing is that the Cambridge Audio customer services then ignored my email request and a subsequent email asking for someone to call me to discuss the issue. I would have expected better from a British company.

Conclusion: Great sound when it's working, cuts out repeatedly using Virgin broadband, disappointing customer service.
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on 14 May 2013
I got this to replace my Amp & CD player in the lounge, which fell victim to my 2year old niece trying to press all the buttons at once. I have had for a couple of weeks now and it sounds great, love the wireless concept (this is my first wireless speaker) no more getting up to swap out CDs or to change playlists having my iPad mini physically plugged into the headphone jack.
Set-up was really simple, fast and straight forward with very clear instructions, one very small issue I had once it was set-up (with solid green light on the back) and connected to my network, I needed to power off my iPad mini and switch back on for the airplay symbol to show in my Music. I was told this can happen when you connect Airplay devices sometimes…….but this just occurred the first time, no issues since.
I like the way Cambridge Audio thought about the mix of devices Apple & Android that many households have these days and that they made a speaker that can connect to both Airplay and Bluetooth easily, much cheaper than needing different wireless speakers/docks for each and very easy to swap between. The internet radio is a nice bonus as well, especially as you can use the Minx Air App to filter on the bit rate (sound quality) of the stations it finds.
I also have my TV plugged into the RCA sockets at the back…movies sound so much better than though the TV speakers, the sound really fills the room.
The last advantage for me at least, is the unit is portable enough that I can easily move up out of the way of questing little fingers when my niece visits, if it becomes necessary.
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on 18 March 2013
After enjoying the Air100 speaker so much I decided the get the 200. Basically its the bigger brother as this has a built in subwoofer for extra bass.

I have put it in the kitchen on top of the fridge/freezer and I've stuck the remote (Velcroed) to the front of the fridge to select radio stations from my presets or airplay my Spotify into the unit.

The sound is amazing, much deeper bass than the smaller 100 - If we ever get a summer I know I'll have the patio doors open with my husband in the garden on the BBQ and I'll have all my favourite songs (yes my songs while he cooks for once) playing and filling the garden.

I have played a bit, linking the 2 Minx Airs through iTunes on my Mac and I can play the same song through both speakers and control the volume on the computer or using the apple remote app, so I have learnt something new too!!

Set-up same as before, very easy.

I'm very happy with my purchase - I now have total control over what and how I listen to my music and it also sounds fantastic
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on 2 May 2014
The first one was replaced because it looked second hand - it had glue on the speaker fabric and it was covered in dust and grit. When it is working the sound is good but it keeps dropping the Airplay connection and I have to go through the reconnection process again, even though the signal strength is excellent in the location I have it. I contacted CA on their website and their answer was to hard wire it, which is a ludicrous suggestion when the title of the product is AIR and WIRELESS. I have also just bought a Dolry HiFi Stone Airplay adapter to convert a Bose Speaker and it is located in the furthest room from my router and works seamlessly. I get the feeling that CA had a name for hifi components but are lacking in the more contemporary requirements, also shown in their lack of Airplay amps, especially with the amount of iproducts out there. It is not expensive or complicated technology as demonstrated by Dolry.
You will also never know if it is on or off as the lights on the switches are useless in anything other than a dark room.
I have kept this one as it is in a room that only has occasional use and the sound once working is OK, but if I was relying on it as a main sound source for my music , it would have gone out of the window by now.
PS if you want to use Airplay, don't touch their own Minx app, as it will totally conflict with your proprietary Airplay setup.
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on 20 June 2013
We decided we needed some form of wireless music player as myself and 2 our daughters play musical instruments, which invariably means we need to play along to some music, and the jumble of leads connecting the various ipod / ipad / phone / mp3 players was getting ridiculous

Within 2 minutes of getting it out of the box my 12 year old daughter had it connected to our wireless network and blasting out music from her ipod (yes note the word blast!)

The remote control works fine BUT the MinxAir App makes controlling the device from almost anywhere in the house really simple, and both the Apple and Android apps work equally well...I had no idea there were so many internet radio stations!

Even the Bluetooth was easy to set up and works first time every time

Did I mention the sound??...WOW! Absolutely great, even at full volume the bass is still clean and round and the voices and high frequencies are still clear...and full volume is pretty LOUD!!! (see "blast" above)

The bottom of the player has a BIG rubber pad, which means you can place it on a shelf (or in our case on top of the piano) without fear of it vibrating itself off the edge.

It's minimalist design blends in to the room which is great if you have a wife that doesn't understand how cool a big fat bass port looks, in this case the designers came up with the great idea of combining the handle on the back with the bass port...wicked!

Overall a super sounding product, simple to set up and easy to use.....Love it!
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on 20 May 2015
I bought this, and an iPad mini, to replace an internet radio that had been rendered near-useless by the BBC's decision to change from a widely used standard for streaming radio content to one originated by Apple. If you can't beat them, join them.

The speaker sounds better than any other I tried, including the Naim Muso which is twice the price and inconveniently bigger. It's not hifi, but it's exciting to listen to and it holds the attention.

The radio presets are a useful feature not commonly found on most wireless speakers, allowing the device to be useful without needing the iPad to be on all the time. When you want to listen to time-shift a broadcast, rather than listen live, the iPlayer's elegant interface allows pretty much anything to picked off the past week's schedule.

The main weakness is that the volume steps are too coarse. It's hard to get between a setting that's too quiet and one that is too loud.

The bass is also more than I want. There are a physical control on the back of the device, and an electronic control on the remote control. For mainly speech listening, I prefer them both wound right down, but there is still some chesty plumminess. I can't imagine who would want the full range of bass emphasis that this thing can produce, for any kind of music.

I couldn't establish a connection to my network with the encryption set to WEP, but it managed it quickly on WPA, leaving me with the mild inconvenience of switching over half a dozen other devices to that security regime.

An iPad app is the only means to changes the presets and choose from several sound contours. It works well enough, but has an unloved air. I fear it will be the first thing to cease working on this device, when Apple launches some update and the manufacturer fails to refresh the software.

I list these negatives so that others may be informed. They would not stop me from buying a Minx 200 again.
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on 26 June 2014

Sound is great
Build quality and materials great
Does not distort at full volume
Great bass

Wish it could go a little bit louder
Power light is so faint
Bluetooth is tricky to use and activate unlike the minx go which is so easy to use
had problems with connect aux input
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on 1 April 2014
I thought this was fantastic when first bought so I ordered a second a few days later from Richer Sounds, that was when the problems started. The android app will not connect anymore and just says searching for devices even after reinstalling. The presets have now started dropping connections after around 15 minutes and the only way to get it to work is to turn it off and back on. Cambridge Audio's support centre is a joke and if you can get through to them they promise to call you back but never do, they don't even get back to you when you post an email to them. It might work fine using an iphone but looking at the Minx Air App feedback on the Play store it seems I'm not the only one having problems.
Looks like they will both be going back for a full refund and I think I will invest in a Sonos, its a shame really as the sound is very good.
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