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on 20 February 2014
Worked straight from the box. Fan is completely silent. Not designed for games, but fine for watching DVDs, web browsing etc. MUCH faster than my previous PC. In my opinion Windows 7 instead of 8 is plus not a minus. There are 6 USB 2.0 ports (4 at back, 2 at front) plus the usual connectors for wired ethernet, audio and monitor. Mine came with a Celeron 1620 processor instead of a 1610, a mouse, basic keyboard, windows 7 recovery disk, and driver installation disk from the motherboard maker. The motherboard is a Gigabyte Technology H61M-DS2 DVI. The 4 GB of RAM is in one slot, so there is 1 free memory slot.

Do check the spec: there is no built-in modem, serial port, parallel port, memory card reader, wireless ethernet or firewire connection. If you don't want any of these, nor to play games, it's great.
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on 22 February 2014
My old windows 7 PC had a burst of 20 BSODs in quick succession, that and the appearance of 8 toolbars on a web page prompted an immediate requirement for a replacement. After considerable research on Amazon and reading the positive comments I purchased this a few days ago, it arrived yesterday and other than putting my basic data in, it has been working since to my complete satisfaction. It is quiet, almost silent, my old PC reminded of a clapped out diesel engine and best of all, Zoostorm is in the UK (Even though it has an 0844 phone number, easily sorted by going to www.saynoto0870 "wonders if amazon will allow this in a review"?) should anyone need help. All in all I am totally satisfied with my purchase and would not hesitate to recommend the company or the model to anyone who is looking for a reliable PC.
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on 24 April 2014
Ordered this as a replacement for a rather elderly 'MESH'computer. It was delivered promptly and was well packaged. The unit took next to no time to set up, and the on board Windows 7 booted up very quickly ( compared to what I was used to) .

As you would expect this unit ( which I use for business, not gaming) was far faster in operation, however what really stood out for me was how light and quiet the machine was in comparison to the unit it was replacing. I have only given this product 4 stars, as it seems to be less substantial in terms of build, and it will need to prove that not only does it work well electronically , but that its also going to be 'reliable' ( like my MESH has been) in long term. All in all I think that this was a great purchase.
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on 10 April 2014
I have had this PC for a couple of months. I had a small budget (£400, including a new monitor which was going to be a Samsung one for £99), and definitely wanted Windows 7, and not Windows 8 or 8.1. This computer fitted the bill, and I am especially happy with Windows 7, which is very easy to move to from Windows XP, When I first set it up, the computer was indeed rather noisy, which others have mentioned, but it has quietened with time. I use it for surfing the net, e-mails and other basic stuff, and have no desire to play games on it, so cannot comment on how it would cope with that, but for what I do it is quick and does everything that you would expect a PC to do. Highly recommended.
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on 13 May 2014
I've bought four of them for clients and they're incredible value.
They mostly have:
Gigabyte motherboard
Western Digital hard disk
FSP (Sparkle) power suppy ('budget' but reliable - nice and weighty)
Lite-on DVD

The case is very subtle and attractive (although the shiny bits are a dust-magnet). It's quiet, has Windows 7 pro and no pre-installed bloatware.
The CPU is a Celeron and it has on-board graphics, so it's not for people who want to play modern 3D games, obviously, although it's got a PCI-E slot if you wanted to upgrade it with a discrete graphics card.
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on 2 March 2014
Arrived very quickly, booted up straight away with simple initialisation process. Buying a 'business' machine for 'home' use means we can have Windows 7 rather than the horrid 8, we do not have all the clutter and rubbish normally added on and we can just install the software we want, most of which we have on disc or can download for free anyway. Seems well-built, without the fan noise that many reviewers complain about with Zoostorm builds.
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on 18 May 2014
A bit slow compaired to my i7 but amazing for my mother 83 she only wants it for typing
letters, photos, browsing web, It comes with mouse/keyboard and a MASSIVE plus a full
copy of Windows 7 pro, Zoostorm factory CDs Im so impressed Im thinking of ordering
one myself, you could not make one for this price, Windows 7 pro alone costs over 100
pounds on DVD, and its very quiet, [Put your ear right upto the case and you hear a very
slight hum. VERY IMPRESSED
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on 28 January 2015
It lasted 13 months before failing completely after very little use. Wouldn't even turn on. Contacted Zoostorm who suggested it might be the power supply but did not seem concerned that their product had failed just outside the guarantee period. I definitely won't be buying anything from them again.
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on 29 December 2013
arrived as ordered. only took a few moments to install. the pc is not at all noisy as described by other buyers. when loading the set up you are asked whether you want to use it for business or home so this is not just a business pc it can be loaded according to which ever you wish to use it.. overall a fast and quiet pc am happy with purchase.. a plus is it is made in GB..
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on 20 May 2015
Have had this computer for a few weeks now and here is what I think of it (having used it for a reasonable amount of time).

What's in the Box:
Computer (with an internal DVD/CD drive and an internal 500 gigabyte hard-drive)
Windows 7 Pro. x64 (Service Pack 1 level) pre-installed
Power cable
Windows 7 Recovery Disk (this is NOT a full install disk for Windows 7 - this is only to repair your system if you run into severe problems)
Motherboard Drivers Disk (Drivers are pre-installed by Zoostorm. You would only need this if you had to fully 'Recover' the system.)
Motherboard Manual/Guide (Technical information that most people could ignore unless they want to alter the machine in some way.)

What I Thought of the Machine:
I would say that this computer is fine for people that want to do the following (for example): surf the net; write documents and other office work; watch YouTube; watch a movie on DVD; watch a movie from files on the hard-disk; use Skype; play non-action games; and so on. If you want to play the latest action games, or you dub a *lot* of movies then you really need to be looking for a computer that has a significantly faster processor and graphics capabilities. (It is possible to add a graphics card to this machine but as you're buying new you would be just as well getting a machine with better graphics capabilities from the start.) If I had got this machine and had no issues with it then I would have awarded it five stars - for what I use a computer for nowadays, basic stuff, it fully fits the bill, I'd give it full marks - though I can't comment on longevity given I've only had it for a few weeks. However, the machine I got had two issues I was concerned about.

Firstly, in normal operation the machine is whisper-quiet in use. I basically can't hear it at all, normally. However, for the first two weeks of use there would come a high-pitched humming sound from the power supply unit (PSU). This would last for a minute or two but was quite uncomfortable to have to listen to. This made me think that maybe I had a 'flaky' PSU. Fortunately this would only be an occasional problem, it didn't happen every day, and when it did it only lasted for a few minutes. That said over the following weeks the sound disappeared and I haven't heard it all since. Assuming that it doesn't happen again then I would rate this computer quite highly but this is one of the reasons for only giving it four stars instead of five - I guess I'll always have a slight doubt over whether the PSU is flaky or not.

My second reason for only giving the machine four instead of five stars is the way the hard-disk partitioning was handled by Zoostorm when they pre-installed the Windows 7. During the install three partitions were created on the hard-drive. The first two partitions are 'hidden' partitions, one for system Recovery, the other for System boot files. The third partition is the one that Windows7 gets installed to. (You can see the way partitions are laid out on the hard-drive if you use the 'Computer Management'\'Disk Management' program that is part of Windows 7.) I was comfortable with the size of the two hidden partitions but I was not comfortable with the size of the 'Windows7' partition. Basically, the size of the Windows7 partition was all of the remainder of the hard-drive after the two hidden partitions were installed. In effect, there were three partitions on the hard-drive with the entire size of the hard-drive being used by them. This means that if, like me, you like to have separate partitions for your documents, your portable programs, a large 'storage' partition and so on then you will have to alter the way the partitioning for the 'Windows7' partition has been managed by Zoostorm. On Win7 this isn't difficult to do as Win7 has the capability to alter partition sizes built into the system (just Google - "Windows 7" "partition resize" - for details on how to do this). In any case, I managed to shrink the size of the Windows7 partition down to 100 GB (don't mess with the hidden partitions) - which is more than enough for the way that most people would run their computers (*as long as they prefered their documents and so on saved onto separate partitions*) - and from there managed to create new partitions in the way that I normally have them on my machine. In all this was a niggle with what Zoostorm is doing as they install the system, but is a niggle that can be got over relatively easily on Win7. (I do intend to contact Zoostorm and suggest that they have a re-think of the size of the Windows7 partition when they do the install of the operating system. Nevertheless, I only give the machine four stars because of this issue and the issue mentioned previously.)

Note for People Used to Using Windows XP:
This is a Windows 7 machine. You might find the way the Start Menu (and some other aspects of the system) is managed on Windows 7 is not much to your liking (it isn't to mine). If you do find it unsatisfactory/difficult then I would strongly recommend Googling "Classic Shell". It's free (though you should donate), download and install it and you can have your Start Menu back to the way it was in Windows XP with only a few minutes of tinkering.

Note on the Recovery Disk Method of Repairing the System:
This is a little bit technical but given that at some point in time most people will have to replace the hard-drive then the information is worth pursuing so that you end up understanding it. You DO NOT get a full install disk for Windows 7 with the computer. What you do get is a Windows 7 Recovery Disk (this is very different from a Windows 7 Install disk). The Recovery disk can be used to re-install/repair the operating system if you run into real problems. However, the Recovery disk relies on a hidden Recovery partition on the hard-disk being in uncorrupted condition. The other hidden partition, the 'System' partition, contains boot files for Windows 7 and the Recovery disk might need access to them too. There are limitations to the capabilities of the Recovery disk - I won't go into them here but would encourage people to look into programs such as "Acronis True Image" or "Terabyte Image for Windows" as a much better way of managing system recovery. Suffice to say that if ever you need to get a new hard-drive for your system then at that time you will need a way of copying over *the hidden partitions and the Windows7 partition* to the new hard-drive and Acronis and Terabyte offer easy ways of doing that. Do consider this as a hard-drive does have a limited lifespan, shorter than that of the computer itself, and it is almost inevitable that at some point in time you will need to replace the hard-drive.
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