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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 3 July 2013
I'm a married, professional, father of two and I want my life back!
I shouldn't have to water my daughters trees because she hasn't got a watering can or have to post presents to my son because he's collecting mario items.
I shouldn't be so far in debt to Tom Nook or spend so much money on a suspension bridge.
I shouldn't have to run errands for pigs or pay house visits to bears or compliment hippos on their wardrobe.
I shouldn't have to spend so much time fishing or collecting or free diving.
I really shouldn't have a compulsion to single handedly stock an entire aquarium whilst my children sell all their fish to gain bells to buy junk.
I shouldn't HAVE to do any of these things. But I DO them!!!
Every day I do them. And I can't stop it.
My wife calls it an addiction, but that's just because she can't bring herself to admit the truth. I'm actually having an affair with a bunch of pixellated animals.
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on 3 December 2013
I was a huge fan of Wild World so bought the New Leaf XL bundle the day it came out - and now, months later, I'm buying a second copy of this game... that should tell you just how much fun this is.

Well, I say "game". I think of it more as a virtual holiday cottage. I'll explain.

Perhaps you want to build the perfect house, full of things that say just who you are - there are literally hundreds of items of collectable furniture. I've unlocked over 500 myself and am still going - and that's not including clothes. Now you've furnished your ideal holiday home, you can swim, dig for dinosaur fossils, fish, catch butterflies, make snowmen in winter, take a boat to a tropical island to play minigames... there is something do do whether you have minutes or hours (and believe me, I've put in the hours).

But the thing about New Leaf - drawback or plus, depending on how you like your gaming - is it's SLOOOOOW. There's lots to do - gardening, minigames, shopping, fishing - but it's real time, and I mean *real* time. You can only make snowmen in winter, and winter is exactly when it is in real life (northern hemisphere, I should point out). Shops are shut at night, although if you're a night owl like me you can tweak the opening hours a bit. I think this just adds to the realism, and gives you a reason to come back to the game - every month brings new bugs and fish to catch, and new game events to collect items from. A lot of the game features take time to unlock, but it makes it feel more like a living, developing community.

And unlike a lot of the "casual" gardening games on Facebook, for example, there are no severe penalties to not playing, other than missing possible items in shops or special events. The worst that can happen if you put it down for a couple of weeks (I had to send my 3DS to Nintendo to have water damage repair, so I had to leave my town to fend for itself for a while) is having to replant your flowerbeds and a bad case of bed hair, which a trip to Shampoodle will soon sort out.

The other big drawback, and the reason I'm buying a cart to go with my download version, is that while you get four "people" in your town, only one gets to be mayor, and you get only one town. I've literally enjoyed it so much I want a second town!

So yes - to sum up, it's not a game as such, and it's not for those who want the "instant fix". If you want to shoot stuff and jump around, other games are for you. But if you've had a hard day at work and have got stuck on the latest level of your latest jumping/shooting game, after a stressful day, you might want to just unwind on the sofa, find the best spot for your new Moai head and then do a little fishing.

P.S. Don't get the official game guide. It's full of misprints, doesn't actually list the purchase prices for items and they aren't in alphabetical order so a pain to find. It's useful in some ways, but you don't need it.
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on 22 July 2013
I decided to buy this game on release day as I was very excited for it after playing the previous DS title "Wild World". I've decided to split the review up to make every aspect of the game easier to read!

When you first start up the game you'll recognise the guy on the tram from the other Animal Crossing titles and you receive a small tutorial on things which is good for new and old players to the game. After getting off of the train you are then confused as mayor of the town and actually made mayor! On the first day you'll set about doing things like talking to Isabelle, getting a place for your house from Tom Nook and doing a ceremony to celebrate your arrival.

You'll start out in a tent and gradually waste millions of bells upgrading your home with Tom Nook. Main Street is very similar to the Wii version that I haven't played much but includes old and new shops. To start off with you'll have the post office, photo booth, museum, nookling juction, able sisters and nook's homes. You gradually unlock more stores which will take some time and bells to unlock. Instead of Nook owning the village store he now owns the home improvement store "Nook's Homes" and the village store is now owned by Tommy and Timmy, Nooks' nephews who sell pretty much everything that's not fashion related. "Nookling Junction" is the only expandable store in the game and usually involves spending a set number of bells in the store to expand. The only shop in the actual town and not on main street is Re-Tail which allows you to sell items and put them up for sale and also customise furniture later on.

You'll be able to do all of the things you are normally able to do in the previous titles such as Fishing, Bug Catching, Talking to neighbours, Shopping and Decorating your house. Of course there is the island which you can go to which you'll unlock after paying your 2nd loan to Tom Nook. Neighbours in the town have different personalities and are now a lot smarter than they previously were. You can have up to 9 neighbours in your town, who all move in pretty quickly.

There are 2 main new things you can do as mayor, the first being Public Works Projects. These are basically projects than can be built in your town for a certain fee. Neighbours and other some shop keepers will suggest certain projects depending on their personality. The projects are optional but they are really awesome to do. The 2nd new thing to do as Mayor are "Ordinances'. These essentially allow you to slightly change your town to your liking and to suit your play style. You have the option for; A wealthy town, a beautiful town, a late-night owl town and a early-bird town. They all have their own benefits.

The game operates in real time which is a very good thing and has been implemented better than ever before. All of your shops will open and close in real time and your neighbours will be awake or asleep at certain times depending on their personalities. Events will also be in town such as the Bug-Off, Fishing Tournament and seasonal events. Crazy Redd and Katrina will also come into town. There are so many things to unlock in this game and you can never really properly finish it! Overall this is a great game and I would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone!
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on 5 March 2015
This is the best game of all time. I can feel the tranquillity of the town flowing through me, I have the best friends it's possible to have, AND they are adorable animals who are happy to wear the One Direction t-shirts I've designed. Even paying my loan is a stress-free endeavour. When I have any anxious or tough moments in my life, I can load up my town and talk to my cranky hamster neighbour, or receive a lamp unexpectedly from a muscular dog, or even just go swimming at the beach. I dunno man, this game is beautiful and everyone in it is so nice to me.
review image
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on 14 June 2013
New Leaf is an excellent followup to the frankly less than impressive Let's go to the city / City folk. First thing you notice on starting up the game: the music. It's the sort of music that just puts a smile on your face, nice melodies appropriate to the time of day really help you chill out which is what most people play Animal Crossing for, so definitely a plus.

The game starts very naturally, conspicuously absent is the frustrating and limiting tutorial of previous games which is a welcome change. You arrive at a new town as per usual, but this time there's a twist. Somehow, you have accidentally become the mayor of the town! You then proceed to go about your daily life as is the meat of the series; fishing, catching bugs, collecting fossils, being conned into buying forged artwork (the usual). Or you can spend your time making as much money as humanly possible to pay for the insane amount of town and home upgrades available, and buy furniture wallpaper and flooring to fill said home.

Somewhat changed from earlier games, and clearly borrowed from the Wii version is main street. Here you have many shops and services such as the Able sisters clothes, Nooks real estate and the Museum. Many more become available as you play and doing certain things upgrades the shops. Getting everything maxed will take months of daily play but it doesn't matter- you're not really bothered about that as you stroll down the beach collecting interesting shells.

Many many quality of life improvements are to be found which seem small but add up to a wonderful playing experience. Then there's the island which will probably take a standard player a week or so to unlock. It's host to minigames to play with your friends (these can be fun, but will not sustain a lot of repeated plays) as well as interesting bugs, fish, and trees. There's also the ability to go swimming and dive which is new to the series. I quite like the island but it seems a bit too easy to make money there if you strip it down to certain trees and farm the most expensive bugs. Then again, there's so much to buy the money you can make is swallowed fast.

I haven't played the multiplayer yet except to test that it works, you cannot play online with people unless you are both on each others friend list, so no worries about children running into people they probably shouldn't if that concerns you. Unlike the game itself, there are no regional restrictions on multiplayer. So playing with people anywhere in the world is possible. Visiting the town of a friend can be great fun, stealing their native fruit and generally being a nuisance with the full knowledge that they'll be doing the same to you soon enough.

All in all New Leaf is an excellent Animal Crossing game and one of the most relaxing things you can do with a 3ds. It's visually charming and significantly smoother than previous entries while going back to the portable system that really fits it's style. I will be playing this game for many months to come.
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on 4 March 2016
I've never played Animal Crossing before, a friend recommended it to me in order to "shut me up". Let me explain; When I get a new game, on any system, I usually play it non stop, day after day, until I've finished it. Then I complain that I've got nothing to play. Lol.
My friend said, "get Animal Crossing, it's impossible to complete". Well, that remains to be seen, but I do get the point they were making.

The first few hours I spent walking around, picking things up, selling them, then picking more things up. Huh. Boring. "Is this it?" I thought. So I turned it off, and left it a few days. I told my friend, and they told me to turn it back on and have another look. "it might be different", they said.

So, begrudgingly, I had another go. There I was again, wandering around the beach collecting shells. Then I noticed that there was a new house. It had just appeared overnight. Suddenly, the penny dropped. This isn't a game in the traditional sense. It's a life-sim. A story being told as you go along. It evolves as you play.

A few weeks later and I am addicted. I've visited other islands to gather exotic fruit, I've sold some shirt designs in the shop, and I've just discovered that you can visit friends' towns/worlds also.

In short, this game is a revelation. It's the perfect tonic to today's fast paced, here today gone tomorrow gaming style.
I'm so glad I bought it, and it's the game I recommend to all my friends when they complain of "nothing to play". Lol

Buy it. You won't regret it.
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on 23 June 2013
This is the best in the series. Very well thought out and totally addictive. There is so much to do in the game - the island is brilliant with over 60 mini-games to play as well as bugs and fish to catch. New fruit is available to bring back to your town, there is a fleamarket, new shops and so many upgrades to unlock as time goes on. With so much in the game this is well worth the money. I love playing this. I look forward to my time with it every day as there is always something new to do or discover. I think this is a must buy for anyone with a DS.
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on 24 November 2013
I've bought a Nintendo 3DS only to play Pokemon X/Y. However I bought this game just so I can play something before the Pokemon game would arrive. Funny enough I've spent more time playing Animal Crossing than Pokemon!
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on 11 August 2014
This game is one of my new classics, I have now spent a number or hours playing on it - I also use it as a stress buster! The graphics look great and the colours are so nice. Basically you are the mayor of a new town and you have to make it pretty and popular. You will be given a small house which you can work in order to earn 'bells' to upgrade it. You can decorate your house too using wallpaper and furniture you can buy too. I have made quite a few friends on this, I often visit their towns and have a little wander whilst I'm there. As you play the game people will move in to your town, it's a good idea to get to know them as they can provide tips to help you along the way. To spend time in the game you can fish, catch bugs or collect fruit and then sell it for money or 'bells'. Gameplay on this is slow, like, very slow. It takes nearly half an hour into the game just to get a house. The game uses real-time in order to work. Basically that means that if it's two PM in our world, it's the same in theirs. Meaning shops will close at 9pm I think, and open at 10am. However, if like me, you want to play this during night time then you can simply change the in-game time by talking to Isabella, she will appear when you first open the game. I recommend that you change it to 10am. It's sunny and the shops open at that time. So, go and buy this. It's a lovely game that I can't get off!

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on 16 June 2016
Like many fans of the DS version I was extremely excited when this game was announced however at the time I had no intentions of changing my old DS for a new 3DS. However, after some persuasion from my friends (they just laughed every time I got my old clunky model out) I finally caved and bought both the game and the consul, and have no regrets.

If you've played Animal Crossing before then this game is a brilliant continuation of the series. If you haven't then you're in for a wonderful surprise including an immersive gaming world and plenty of opportunities to play the game however you want.

You start this game travelling on a train towards a new town being questioned (the answers change your appearance) about an array of different things. Once you arrive in the town you are elected mayor and shown to your new house. From there you have to raise funds, help build up the museums collection, unlock items and interact with the towns folk as well as looking after the town and yourself. This game is as engaging and fun as it's predecessors with a similar feel that's just slightly slicker than the DS version. All your old favourites are there, although there are some new and fun characters and goals.

The additions really do add an extra something to the game and the increased level of gameplay for older players is brilliant. This game is suitable for a range of ages, and can be played for several years and I feel that this is due to the care and consideration of the makers, something I can't help but appreciate. I would happily recommend this game and highly suggest you go into it expecting to spend many many hours playing it!
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