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on 4 October 2015
Very interesting book. It is one of the books that I would recommend to be used as reference book, as it contains lots of examples and quotations about individuals, who woke up to the reality of the Big data and how it could be utilised for the good and, perhaps, the more challenging way of profiling innocent people according to their names, culture, religion, political thoughts etc.

I would also recommend this book to the anyone interested in studying or curious about "the concept machine learning and what role the big data can play." Sometimes, you may wonder how Cortana finds out when it is the time to leave for work or home; or it predicts how the traffic would be, while you are on your way to work or home. If you do wonder about this, then you must read this book.

Author's acknowledgement of the role of "algorithmists" in Big data is also plausible. Imagine the day the nutters become part of the law society. I think this would inject honesty into the "how most lawyers handle cases that they are working on."

You can skip this paragraph: If you ever wondered how Neural Network proponents will ever succeed to teach a basic Times table to algorithm that requires two input numbers, like 8 time 7, then after reading this book, you will note Big Data will may help. Note that when we are young and attending elementary schools, most of us learn the Times table by memorising. As we grow, we simply identify a strategy where we, for example, think 7 Times table goes up by 7 and 8 Times table goes up by 8. Hence, no need to memories. In this instance, Big Data can be used to bridge the gap between the Neural Network and those, like me, who very much believe that we should focusing on mimicking how our neocortext works and complement it with Algorithms that make our machines perform better than our neocortext. In this paradigm, the Big Data will be used for playing the role of the memory and experience, while still we will be able to create strategies that can be serialised into and de-serialised from the Big Data repository.

The author does also go on about privacy and the challenges Big Data faces. I think the question to ask is: if we accepted to use the cloud, have we not sleepwalked into sharing our data with those, who are there to analyse data? Is it the machine that should only have an access to our private data; or also those, who own this smart machines? Would the combination of Big Data and Intelligent machines bring about the creation of all-knowing being that cannot only know our past, but can also predict our future activities. And imagine what impact this would have on currency/stock traders? Do not even think politics here, as this will get more scarier.

If you have ever watched the Movie "Her" and reasoned with the poor man, who fallen for OS that knows him very well, then think about the consequence of intelligent machines, powered by Big Data! And this is another reason to read this book.

However, we should never fear exploring what we are capable of doing for the good of this world and its inhabitants; but should also be prepare to ensure that the all-knowing thing, which we are in the process of creating, is not one dictator, but one that lives and functions within democratic system.
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on 9 December 2014
This is a slightly breathless account of the innovations that use the immense amount of data that is now available and analyseable with cheap computers. Some people seem to find this threatening: I love it. I'd much rather an algorithm got it right than a self-important expert got it wrong. You can see how this is going to transform medicine, transport, packaging, deliveries. All we need now are educated people to ask the right questions of all this information. We could start by asking real questions about learning and education. Perhaps then our schools could become more humane and less insulting to our children's intelligence.
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on 26 February 2014
An excellent, easy to read and thought provoking book, laying out the pros and cons of the currently topical buzz phrase, Big Data. A must read for anyone wanting to know more about where big data concepts came from, are currently at, and may end up in the future with some really good, sometimes light hearted examples. This is not just a book for those practising in this field, but is a book for all regardless of background or experience.
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on 26 August 2015
Bit of a tough read if you're just looking for an overview like I was.
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on 23 July 2014
An interesting read, certainly for someone like me with a general interest in the field. I felt the author tended to meander slightly, but overall it was not bad. I would recommend to anybody with an interest in the concept of big data, but also to anybody who isn't sure whether or not they have such an interest.
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on 30 May 2014
This is a nice intro into various areas of big data and analytical. As someone who works in this area, I would have liked to have seen a bit more technical depth.
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on 20 November 2016
Highly recommended as a high level introduction to this very important topic that will come to shape our future world ever more!
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on 30 March 2014
As someone who's just getting started on all this big data "stuff", I found the book to be both insightful and informative, helping me have a 30,000 foot understanding and enabling me to now drill down into the topics that most interest me,
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on 3 October 2016
A lot of breathless hype, not much insight. Tech journalism at its worst
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on 12 January 2014
Unlike most of the stuff written about big Data this provides a wider perspective about the implications for decision-making, that is both psychological and philosophical - but always grounded in examples. I am hoping they are not right, but I could see how they could be....
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