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on 12 January 2013
A team of navy seals are sent into a facility (Known as Australias area 51) to exterminate a bunch of escaped criminals (or so they think) upon arriving at the facility, they discover that there is more to this place than meets the eye. A game of cat and mouse through the building vents and tunnels then ensues.

I was really looking forward to this one and got to see it last night. The first 20 minutes were really promising and set up the rest of film quite nicely. The problem was, the rest of the film took a totally different direction and got itself in a huge muddle.

Crawlspace isn't a bad film by any means but had it have taken the route that the first 20 minutes set up, it could have been so much better. Instead we are treated to a series of flat and unimaginative plot twists, which at times do tend to make the film drag.

There is plenty of action and a fair amount of gore at least and the film looks and sounds really good, the effects are nicely done and the acting for the most part is decent enough.

*slight spoiler coming up*

I think the biggest disappointment for me was that after viewing the trailer and then the first 20 minutes, we see the team chased through the facilities vents by a large, deranged, mutant gorilla type creature, which looked really cool. But then you expect this to be the basis of the movie and unfortunately, that's the last we see of the creature since the film takes a more "Scanners" type of route.

If you are into sci-fi movies and you enjoyed films like Aliens and Scanners for example, then there are elements here you will no doubt enjoy. Just remember to leave your brain in the bedroom or some other such place as the ridiculous and sometimes laughable plot twists will have you pulling out your hair. Oh, and one last thing, try not to wince at the complete scene rip off of Scanners near the end, it's a wonder David Cronenberg doesn't file a law suit against them.

Worth a watch, but could and perhaps should have been so much better. 6/10
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 9 October 2014
A team of elite commandos are sent into a top secret military base with instructions to rescue the scientists who are apparently under attack from escaped prisoners. What they find is something very strange and different...

Australia has produced some high quality horror in recent times, this sadly - in spite of some sterling efforts - isn't one of them.

Justin Dix's (director/co-producer/co-writer) film is guilty of lifting from a whole bunch of other sci-fi/horror films to the point where the smart ideas in the narrative are practically squashed. Everything from Aliens and Scanners to Event Horizon are greased in to maintain a viable interest factor, a shame because the low budget is never an issue as the debut director shows a keen eye for atmosphere setting.

The facility that the characters find themselves in, as they fight for survival, is splendidly awash with a futuristic metallic sheen. While claustrophobia, as the title suggests, is one of the key character's of the piece. Acting is fine, no ham or cheese here, and in spite of the leanings from elsewhere, pic is never dull. It's not one for genre fans to base their evening in by the fire with, but it's just above average and shows Dix to have some potential behind the camera. 6/10
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 11 March 2013
I won't go into to much detail but basically a armed squad are sent to pine gap research facillity which is a secret base created by the australian & u.s governments in 1966.All contact with the facillity was lost fifteen hours earlier and the squad have orders to kill the research subjects on sight and find out what's gone wrong.Theres one problem when the squad get inside they come across eve who is one of the subjects they should kill but it turns out she's the squad leaders ex wife.The film starts out great for the first thirty minutes or so but the middle tends to drag quite a bit,however if you stick with it it picks up towards the end with some good plot twists.
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on 21 March 2015
Worth watching. OK it might not be to everyone's taste, but it was to mine. Some of the CGI was iffy, but I am prepared to let that go considering the size of the budget (small). Having watched the 'making of' featurette, the attention to detail with the sets is good especially the set dressing/redressing. The cinematography is very good and the lighting of the 'crawlspaces' is believeable (thank goodness for modern cameras). Overall the acting was generally fine but the lead male lacked sufficient emotion at times ... maybe the 'military mindset' could have weakend a bit more than it did (considering what he believed at the time).

One minus point is the lack of subtitles, for me that wasn't a problem as overall the diction was good.
One plus point was the inclusion of the 'making of' featurette, many films with much bigger budgets fail to provide this on the dvd.
Good picture and sound quality

***Spoiler*** I am glad they went with the gorilla (which was very well done) and not the tentacled monster.
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on 24 February 2014
This is an Aussie Indie movie and reminded me a lot of the first time I watched Screamers with Peter Weller. It holds that element of gritty sci-fi rather than loads of explosions and CGI. It's pretty bloody and holds a sense of the unknown. The effects are good and the acting too and it keeps you guessing till the end. I liked it a lot and would recommend it to any sci-fi fans. Just don't expect Alien like effects.
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on 24 August 2016
I love this film. SciFi horror that works extremely well. Many reviewers said it started well then drifted. I loved it from beginning to end. I love the setting, acting, characters, ideology and concept plus horror element. For me its a to buy film, which I have (although oddly in English with French subs) . It will become a cult film
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on 25 September 2016
Watched this on Sky sometime ago, loved it, and wanted the DVD. Couldn't find it (as I had forgot the name quickly), but after searching the 'net, I found the name.
This was the ONLY region 2 DVD everywhere.

It's a good watch, if you like sci-fi horror's.
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on 3 January 2015
A Brilliant film. Creepy, Claustrophobic, this film brings horror to a new level not reached by Hollywood.
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on 29 March 2013
We're told by the writing at the beginning of `Crawlspace' that all contact with a top secret Australian military base has been lost (don't you just hate it when that happens?) and now, the only thing left to do is send in a platoon of gruff, rough-and-ready soldiers (think that squad of `Colonial Marines' from `Aliens') armed with motion trackers (think those `motion trackers' the Colonial Marines used in `Aliens') to see what's gone wrong.

Of course Aliens had about an hour of screen time before the Marines arrived. In that time we were shown who was who and character was developed. In Crawlspace, we're just shown them in a helicopter arriving at the facility. Of course there's the cocky one (think Hudson from Aliens) and the tough female one (think Vasquez from Aliens) and the dependable one (who, in my opinion, was Australia's answer to Jason Statham).

Once inside the base they creep around tunnels and air ducts (think a cross between the air ducts Newt leads Ripley through at the end of Aliens, only with those circular doors that were being closed behind Captain Dallas in Alien) and other sets that look straight out of the colony on LV-426. Then, while doing so, we're treated to some `first person' shots showing our heroes' gun barrels that make you feel like you're playing Doom while some of the lines the characters speak are directly lifted from Aliens (in particular the scene where the Colonial Marines first get attacked under the Cooling Towers and their motion trackers are going crazy).

So, what's waiting for our Aussie Colonial Marines? Well, there's a couple of scares where the base's locals jump around ahead of them (the way Newt did when the Colonial Marines first found her in Aliens) then they meet a Gorillagram, who comes out of a smoky background the way some xenomorphs do in Aliens. But then the whole film turns into something more like Scanners.

There's a couple of nice twists in the tale that you might not see coming. All in all this film is too average to be that memorable, which is a shame, because Australia is gaining quite a nice reputation for coming up with films that are a little bit different to Hollywood's output.

Watch if you really want to (or have scratched your Aliens DVD and can't be bothered to buy a new one just yet).
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VINE VOICEon 12 March 2013
What relevance this dross film has to Pine Gap begs belief. It is a satellite tracking station operated by the US and Australian governments and not anything to do with research. All we have are soldiers chasing whatever in supposedly underground vent systems. It is filmed mostly in a very dim light and shadows. There is certainly no story.
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