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on 10 January 2014
i was tierd of normal wired headset/earphones as they get tangled traped or are a mess to deal with every time i need them so i decied to get myself a bluetooth headset, i decied to get a basic one to see if it was an improvment.

im happy to say that yes the blutooth headset was nice improvment, the sound quality was good its battery life works for a good 5-6hrs active use and probly longer on passive (just on no sound) but i dont leave it on sandby much when im not useing it it sits around my neck so it's always close by if needed and sometimes i forget i have it on.

if you want a no fuss headset i would recomend
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on 28 April 2017
bit naff looking but did the trick
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on 25 August 2017
Excellent, arrived quickly and easy to use
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on 10 March 2013
There are so many blue tooth headphones on the market that it can be somewhat confusing as to which to buy. I got it down to two products, this one and the Henson BTH033. After looking at reviews left by other customers and given the price difference, I chose Sonixx X.
The seller I chose was iHeadphones Ltd. The service given was tremendous with the phones arriving the day after ordering them.
As for the headphones, they are amazing! Never having used BT headphones before I wasn't sure what to expect. Sound quality is very good for such a small device, the bass is incredible, the highs are slightly subdued but that could be the effect of the mp3 rather than the headphones. The headphones paired with my phone (Nokia N8) very quickly and worked instantly. No signal drop out was experienced unless I walked away from the phone and then it started to drop out after about 6 meters with a thick wall in the way, given the range of 10 meters, this is very acceptable.
Construction of the headphones seems to be very good, plastic parts seem to be tough and the components used for adjusting the size are steel. Unlike some BT headphones, you cant collapse these, this could be a good point, collapsibility must create a weak point in the construction.
Pro's = Very good sound quality, Pairing was easy, Good construction, Comfortable to wear for long periods
Con's = Haven't found any yet with the phones but the instruction leaflet needs A1 vision or a magnifying glass!

Sadly I have to amend this review, after using these headphones for a couple of months, they have developed a fault, they will connect and work ok until I try to put them on, they then disconnect and switch off. It seems to be a fault located within the head band. The fault can be made to happen if you pull the ear pieces apart from each other (as if you are going to wear them)the sound then cuts off. Once this happens they can be restarted using the on/off switch, but obviously are unusable. I have now purchased a well known manufacturer set of blue tooth headphones, Sony, so I hope these are longer lasting than these were.
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on 10 June 2013
They worked well the first time ... but broke with only 2 hours use. The buttons are quite flimbsy and stopped working too, like the volume down button got confused.

I was happy to get a full refund, I could have just had a faulty pair.
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on 4 June 2013
Ordered headphones on Friday, arrived Monday and went through some fairly rigorous testing, both active and inactive.

As headphones:

The bass is heavy and the sound rendering certainly compares to other wireless models that are significantly more expensive. Effects and high notes can get lost a little at volume but produce a rich, full sound at just less than full volume. They do a good job of cancelling out road and wind noise. Range is also good, left my bag at the side of the football field and was able to move quite far away before losing range.

As wireless phone headset:

The microphone is fairly quiet. There is a little bit of background noise when your signal isn't strong. Over wifi they perform much better but still fairly quiet (tested on PC and Samsung Galaxy s3, HTC One X)

Battery life:

Easily outlasted all phone batteries. Takes around 45 mins to 1 hour for full charge from almost flat (when 3 beeps go off on headset as you're listening to them) via HTC USB charger and the cable supplied.r

Negative point:

The main issue is that of the rectangular pads that are supplied with headphones, that seem to be a little loose. This was rectified by replacing them but there aren't very many ready replacements out there, another option is to use a tiny amount of glue down the side of the headset, which worked okay but I decided to change them for an after market part from my local hifi store. For this reason and the call quality it loses one star. As far as others in this price range, there's little competition, so I may well order a different pair in an alternative colour.
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on 22 September 2013
I got this product because I wanted a "over ear" headset for use at the gym. Years of playing rugby have left me with cauliflower ears so that in ear headsets just do not work. I received the product and was really pleased: they worked and were easy to use. I went to the gym twice and had no problems, then I had a particularly sweaty session- now my headset does not work. I looked through the operating manual and imagine my surprise to read: "Do not expose the headset to liquid, moisture or humidity to avoid the product's internal circuit being affected". How can this be a sports headset if it cannot be exposed to sweat?
I was mislead. a very poor product. Not a sport's headset at all.
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on 15 July 2014
I bought these last week, so I haven't had them long. In all honesty, I wasn't really expecting much from them, at this price. I thought they'd be good enough to replace the rather poor earbuds I was previously using, but my expectations were low. I couldn't have been more wrong. The audio quality is excellent, with a very good dynamic range, definitely better than any earbuds I've had in the last 10 years, and as good as wired full-ear headphones that have been more than twice the price. They're lighweight, extremely comfortable, feel stable on your head, while sitting nicely over the ear. They're not as noise isolating as modern earbuds, outside noise definitely gets into them a little more, but one of the places I'm using them is at my desk in the office where I work, so that's no bad thing when someone is trying to get my attention :). I've already demoed them to several friends, one of whom is planning to get a set soon.

I can't understand the people who have complained about poor instructions coming with them. There really isn't anything much to say. I've paired them with three phones and two laptops so far, to try them out and show them off, and every time with perfect results.

Caveat : I haven't used them as a hands-free kit on my phone yet, so I can't comment on the microphone.
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on 22 October 2014
In terms of style they look good. The quality of the sound is great and I am really pleased with the range. I can be two rooms away and still pick up the sound. The main drawback is their physical use. They tend to slip if you bend forward and, the reality is that I am wearing them when I am walking from room to room doing housework etc. so bending does come into it. They are adjustable which is good but do feel a little uncomfortable after prolonged use (say an hour). Having said that, I have never found any "over the ear" headphones which are completely comfortable. I would still have bought them despite this minor drawback. They controls on the headphones are a little complex with various combinations of blue and red lights flashing meaning different things but the book does clarify this. It's good that you can adjust the volume - vital in fact as I am often quite a way from the IPAD. Setting up the Bluetooth connection was easy. All in all a good buy.
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on 7 September 2013
I bought this to use when I'm out on my training runs. Not having a cord dangling about (and ultimately snapping somewhere inside, forcing me to buy a new pair) or an earbud constantly falling out of my ear have been liberating to say the least. Good sound coming from them, and so far they've stood both the test of rainy weather and long use. Although, I've had them through the summer, so as winter approaches we'll see how they hold up in multiple rainy runs. They're slightly big on my little flat head, so I angle them back a little bit. Would be great if they were slightly more adjustable. They're also not the prettiest things in the world, so I wouldn't wear them around town or anything.
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