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on 6 January 2015
The second volume of this series absolutely lives up to the first. Harley is back in the fold after running rampant in Gotham and everyone but everyone continues to double-cross each other in the least cohesive team in comic books. Deadshot continues to star, but is well supported by a sterling cast, you have got to love King Shark, not to mention the manipulative and calculating Amanda Waller with a glimpse into her past. Banter between characters is smart and witty, allowing Glass to build and develop these characters further. The artwork gives a really good sense of the frantic action and quirky characters.
I maintain that this title really livens up the New 52 roster and is well worth the money.
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on 10 May 2013
I bought the first volume for deadshot and harley, and loved the whole thing. naturally, i pre-ordered this volume. upon reading it, S.S. has now become my favourite series in comics, topping Daredevil and even Batman.
The battles are insanely well thought out and graphically drawn, the constant sarky and bleak humour of the Squad leads to hilarious clashes of titan egos and each page is full to the brim with anticipation and explosions.
The renewed and dramatically different A.Waller's origins are delved into a bit here, and actually, i think that her character has been vastly improved. There's been so much criticism over DC's sexualisation of all their new52 female characters (of corse they have, just look at harley!), but a fit and able-bodied Waller makes for a super-spy gunslinger who's just as badass as her squad, and i love that.
Deadshot continues to shine for me as a man conflicted between heroism and getting the job done right, and the twist at the end with Black Spider really saves the flaws in the Regulus storyline. Perfect comic!
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on 7 May 2014
I read this collection on Kindle.
In the last collection I noticed on Kindle that some dialogue effects (such as El Diablo’s) were a little indistinct, well I had no such problems with this collection. I am very impressed.
The panel-by-panel reading experience is a joy and if anything actually enhances the reading experience adding a cinematic quality.
This collection flows on from the last wonderfully, picking up well on some sub-plots and seemingly throwaway comments in earlier issues.
The ‘traitor’ plot was probably not as mysterious as the writer intended but it was a sensible development in the plotline and there were other surprises that I didn’t see coming.
Moving on I’d like more on King Shark, who is not the comic-relief monster you’d expect and even more of the links between this title and the defunct Team7 title.
The crossover with Resurrection Man worked well and I have no hesitation recommending those collections. Dare I hope the star may migrate to this team permanently in future?
My clear favourite current title.
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on 3 August 2016
Adam Glass continues his tale on their DC universes worst of the worst. Starts off right where the last volume left off wrapping things up where the last story left off and its smooth but also the art through the book is nice and pretty clean too so that is all just fine. The team go against the Resurrection Man. This guy can't die so you get the point why he is called that name and the squad is after him but it is not that easy as it seems but the battle was done in a way that is kind of predictable. While the fighting was good but it turns out Deadshot lasts longer against Mitch Shelly aka Resurrection Man. I pretty much wanted another character to do some cool stuff in that fight besides Deadshot but the fight was still cool either way. Then the mission to kill Regulas the leader of Basilisk gets intense as he is very brutal and insane psychopath. It all gets heated up from the time Basilisk shows up to the end of the volume. By the way the Resurrection man story with the suicide squad you'll need to catch up on cause its a crossover with the two books. With it being basically bad vs evil its a good suicide squad story.
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on 21 December 2015
I loved volume 1 of The Suicide Squad. So I was hoping that volume 2 would continue to impress. I am glad to say that volume 2 was brilliant. Once again, there was loads of action, a great plot, humour and lots of twists and turns. Which is exactly what you want; in a Suicide Squad comic. The New 52 has produced some good titles, and some bad ones. But Suicide Squad is right up there; with the best new 52 titles. Adam Glass has done a fantastic job, on this title. I cannot wait for volume 3.
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on 30 July 2014
Following on from the very good 1st TP of the New 52 Suicide squad i am glad to say that this issue does not disappoint. The art is strill interesting and innovative, the stories are all beginning to come together with the addition of Basilisk as an organised threat led by powerful mutants. The humour and violence are still all there and pretty biting at times.
Whilst i do not think this lives up to the 1st volume it is a very good book and i look forward to reading the 3rd edition.
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on 12 July 2013
I initially only bought this book after the cliffhanger at the end of the first volume and Im happy i did! The art is still of a very high standard mostly and Im not sure if it was just me but i got a little confused during the story but it sorted itself out and is actually a very good comic.
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on 9 May 2014
Once again another brilliant version, seems a little repitive thought, hopefully something more interesting will happen soon. Still very good.
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on 6 September 2016
Good continuation of the new Suicide Squad arc, I personally prefer the 1st volume but that's not say the 2nd isn't a great read.
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on 3 June 2016
nice thick comic, out of the three i've read so fair though this one was probably my least favorite but its still a great read.
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