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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 2 March 2014
been a fan of True Blood since the first showing of season 1. Bought all the blue ray discs so far which has some fantastic extra content on. Season 6 is a breath of fresh air after the disappointing 5th season, as gory and sexy as the early seasons. Dont want to spoil the plot line but there are many twists and turns that keep you on the edge of your seat and leaving you wanting more at the end of each episode. Buy it!
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A shortage of True Blood has caused vampires to seek the real kind. Enough is enough! Seeking re-election, Louisiana's Governor decrees the closing down of all vamp businesses and a strict curfew at night (the only time vampires had been able to get out and about). Secretly he has authorised an internment centre, with experiments on vampires to determine how best to get rid of them. Giving particular pleasure to those in charge is the sight of vampires exposed to sun, they blazing most dramatically.

Bill is back, his powers increased. His top aim now is to save vampires from extinction. As ever, fans may look forward to much gore, sex and a high body count.

Ten episodes of varying lengths. The creators have set out to simplify, returning to the concepts of Season One. They concede that ever since then supernaturals of many kinds have tended to swamp, leading to some very confusing and involved storylines. This time actual human beings are getting more of a look-in.

Waitress Sookie remains catalyst for much that occurs, she and brother Jason destined to meet their fairy godfather - not to mention the killer of their parents. Werewolves and shapeshifters are mainly the other supernaturals on this occasion.

All is done with style and tongue-in-cheek humour, some sequences almost self-parody - especially whenever Jason is around

Bill's new status impresses. Eric has his moments, especially in Episode 9, which for several reasons is a stunner. It is interesting to be reminded Jessica never featured in the novels, her character built up as the actress so impressed. Again there is relief Lafayette is still around, he not surviving Charlene Harris's first book. A word of praise for Arlene, her work cut out because Sookie so rarely seems at the bar to serve. Husband Terry also deserves special mention, he movingly haunted by his experiences in Iraq.

Five commentaries help to illuminate. Also greatly appreciated are background features on each episode. (Stephen Moyer directs the first one.)

Over the top? You bet! Fans would not have it otherwise. Just one season to go, the series hopefully to end on a high.
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on 15 September 2013
After drinking the blood of Lilith Bill has become powerful and unstoppable than any vampire. Sookie and Jason are on the hunt for Warlow, a mysterious vampire who killed their parents and has been contractually promised to Sookie, helping them is Niall their Fairy-Great-Grandfather, played excellently by Blade Runner's Rutger Hauer. Eric, Pam, Jessica, Tara and all other vampires are in danger, with the Authority destroyed the Louisiana Governor has taken to control with new weapons and vows take down the vampires once and for all.

This is one of the better seasons, while many will disagree but to each their own since everyone ranks the seasons differently. Despite being two episodes shorter, the stakes (no pun intended) are higher as the characters are in danger, especially the vampires this time and characters actually die, won't spoil who but these deaths leave huge impacts on the characters. Also by upping the ante and character's dying, the season succeeds in stripping back the multiple storylines that the finale promises that Season 7 will feel like Season 1 again.

The throwaway subplots are still there but they are sidelined and even merged together so that the three main stories stay in focus. The humans vs. vampires story is great, it feels more like the social commentary from earlier seasons even see the return of the vampire hating Sarah Newlin (Anna Camp) from Season 2. Bill's story was interesting and doesn't just resort him to an evil monster but gives him a real character arc with consequences not just for him but those he cares about. Sookie's story has many twists and turns, we get the revelation of who Warlow is and he is not just the killing monster we're lead to believe but a complex character with revelations that hits a raw nerve with Sookie.

Overall great season! Try not to let negative comments influence you, if love the previous 5 seasons then you'll love this. The show has never been perfect, was never meant be, you just take it for what it is. It has been announced Season 7 will be last and with an interesting cliffhanger the finale left us on the endgame should be a great one.
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on 28 May 2014
This latest season of the HBO hit show has proven to be fairly polarising. Some think the show has now officially jumped the shark, perhaps blaming Alan Ball's exit. Many others like myself think the show has bounced back from a slightly messy fifth season.
I think there are a few things that have helped return the show to form. First off, the reduced number of episodes may sound like a bad thing but actually helps to move things along at a much quicker and satisfying pace. Secondly, there has been a much needed streamlining of stories. I think in the past True Blood has struggled with a bloated cast and while characters should be developed, not every citizen in Bon Temps needs a major life-changing storyline. Most characters this year are involved in the main 'Vamp Camp' storyline which is exciting and feels like its harking back to the shows earlier seasons with an emphasis on the conflict between humans and vampires. It also leads to the return of Anna Camp as Sarah Newlin who steals the show for me!
Finally and most importantly, there is a heightened sense of drama and suspense. This time, you really felt everyone was in danger and a lot of characters met some equally heartbreaking and gruesome ends. This leads to some incredible performances from the cast. The season ends on a big cliffhanger (or two) that will leave you dying to see what happens.
To sum up this was a superb penultimate season that left me really excited for the seventh and final series.
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on 1 January 2014
I think True Blood has strayed too far from the books now to be honest. I still enjoy watching it but I think the storylines in the books were better than the ones on the show even though they wore a bit thin too. I'll watch True Blood through to the end but it's not as good as it once was and I'm glad they are going to finish it off next season. If you're a fan this is worth a watch but don't expect too much. It's just more of the same but lacks some or the original excitement.
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on 15 May 2014
I have love True blood from season 1. I will miss it when it finnishes after season 7 :'( I is a brilliant show.
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on 24 October 2014
Great service from the person who sent it to me, but as a True Blood fan, I must say that it's gone down hill! I did feel it was slipping in Season Five, but Season Six was flat, the dialogue lacking in its usual wit...grasping at story lines, predictable. I guess it's time True Blood met the sun, sadly.
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on 6 July 2014
Only watched one episode. Seeing Sookie run about like a typical scared girlie was too much for me. She's brave and cool in the books and earlier episodes. Hated what they did to Erik, too. So no more for me as I loved the books and the series has moved sooo far away from them.
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on 14 June 2014
For the first time in it’s successful run, Season 5 was a bit of a mess. It left the starting blocks at rocket speed (confusing me along the way), got a bit too political and didn’t seem to flow too well. Thankfully it ended on a cliff hanger to hook us in for Season 6, with Sookie and Eric sprinting off for their lives to escape from 'Billith'...

Season 6 is a return to form, in that you get to the end of an episode and you’re quickly reaching to the remote to press Play for the following episode.

Everything you loved about the previous seasons is all here still and you will drink this season dry before you know it.

Luckily there’s another cliffhanger to keep you wanting for more in (the final) Season 7, soon to première this summer.
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on 13 August 2014
I have been and still am a huge True Blood fan pretty much since the shows beginning back in 2008. I have to say personally I did prefer the earlier series but would by no means discourage someone from buying this. This season is still very good and has the same authentic feel the first season had. After going maybe a little off track in the slightly lower rated fifth season this is a step back in the right direction. If you are a fan of the supernatural then this show is definitely for you. It is a lot more detailed and a lot more creative than the majority of vampire based TV shows and Movies out there. True Blood has gone in directions I definitely would not have predicted and therefore remains gripping and keeps you wanting more. It is ruthless, edgy, sexy, it does not hold back and the characters are certainly visually enjoyable. I am currently awaiting (with great anticipation) the release of the final season which I think is a lot better. I would definitely recommend True Blood. Also the cardboard case that mine came with had a waxy feel to it which I thought was pretty cool!
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