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on 23 August 2013
These screen protectors fit really well and are easy to apply, the cleaning cloth and dust removal stickers help to get a smooth bubble free finish. I did it on the first try which I have never managed before with other protectors.
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on 8 June 2013
I have read the reviews about this product and thought that I should try it. The delivery time was fast.
All the instructions are included and the special cloth to clean the screen, there is a small sticker to pick the dust particles.
I started to put the protector from the top, make sure you pull the film as you move along and don't worry about the bubbles as they can be pushed to the sides.
Once installed just wipe off the bubbles, I did with my finger.
The end result is unbelievable and you would not believe yourself that how clear the protector is and very hard to even tell that something is on the screen.
When I showed the phone to my wife she didn't noticed the screen protector neither any of my friends.
If you put the protector in dust free room and follow the instructions then there will be no issue. I did it in first go.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 29 August 2013
--- Review update after some use ---
After a week of regular use, the screen protector has a tiny scratch on it, but is otherwise unmarked. It hasn't lifted at all and I am delighted with it. The minor frustration at the slightly awkward fitting is forgotten and I am very glad I have my iSmooth fitted. Heartily recommended!

---The product---
This is a premium package. For a start, you get a microfibre lens cloth that is nearly twice the footprint of the Note 2, unlike the postage-stamp sized scrap of rag you normally get. There are three screen protectors in a protective plastic sleeve, some dust removal stickers, an instruction card and some offer I couldn't be bothered with. All in all, pretty good value. As the Samsung Note 2 instructions warn against using a screen protector on the Note 2 as it can cause sensor faults, (despite Samsung having a Note 2 screen protector as an official extra), the iSmooth has a cut out round the front camera and the little light & proximity sensors so there is no risk of them playing up. The ear-speaker is also exposed. There is a slot cut into the bottom of the protector to allow access to the centre button. At first I was disappointed that this was a slot rather than a hole, but this area sees a lot of action and I have seen protectors lift around the button hole, so it's probably a good idea as a slot.

I'm quite a grumpy old guy and somewhat of a perfectionist, so fitting a screen protector to a large touchscreen is always a good opportunity to vent my spleen and have a good old rant. The iSmooth is not a bad screen protector, but it falls short (quite literally) in a couple of areas. Firstly, getting it lined up exactly right is a hit and miss affair. The instructions say you can do it repeatedly, but I can't see how that could be done without adding dust with the swearing and the anger and the phone going out of the window. (The instructions don't say how to use the dust removal stickers but they suggest you watch the installation video. Meh!) My first attempt was pretty good, but was slightly angled and so the slot around the button fouled the button and there was a tiny spec of dust at the top of the protector. So off it came and the second one went on a treat and is almost perfect. It's worth noting that there is a slight curve to the edge of the screen as it meets the bezel, so it's likely that a full-sized screen protector would lift at this curve. So sensibly, iSmooth have made the protector just cover the display portion of the screen, living a little ribbon of unprotected gorilla glass around the edge. At first sight you think it's too small, but I reckon they have got the size right. You also have to get the fitting just right between the underside of the top speaker, and the top of the bottom button. Get it wrong and you'll get a weak contact point and the protector will lift.

Getting it lined up exactly is not a job for clumsy or impatient people, so be warned about potential frustration. That said, it's easy to get a pretty good result, but hard to get it perfect.

There is also a little trap for the unwary. The top film (2), which must be removed after the protector is fitted and air bubbles smoothed out, is just a little too well adhered to the protector. On both fitting attempts I found it lifted the protector from the screen slightly and introduced air pockets below. The second time I was ready for it, but when it happened at the first fitting, it provoked a little strong language.

---The result---
Well a little use with the protector shows that it attracts fingermarks very impressively indeed but the feel is good. After the less than successful first fitting, I am leaving the phone for a good few hours without use for the screen protector to bond nicely (I hope), and I will have a good play with it tomorrow. Looking at it in place now, it looks pretty good to me. I'd happily get another at this moment, but time will tell if this protector has real staying power.
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on 19 February 2014
Bit fiddly to fit but I liked the extras like the dust gatherer. Good instructions. Lasts well, protects well & virtually undetectable in use. I have only fitted cheap protectors before & I took care fitting this one as I knew I would be using my new phone a lot. There was a bit of muttering & a few expletives but once done I was very pleased. I went into town the next day & popped in the phone shop to look at covers & was so chuffed when the man in the shop told me I should get a screen protector for my phone, I told him there was one on there & he had to tilt the phone into the light to be able to see it. So I must have done a good job & the protector must be as good as it gets or he would have spotted it a mile off, I usually can with the cheap ones. If this one finally gets worn out or I get a new phone I would defo buy this screen protector again
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on 5 October 2013
This is a great mid priced screen protector. I really don't understand the few negative reviews. I purchased cheaper ones for my galaxy note 2 and went through 3 in a week as no sooner had I applied them they had scratches and marks within hours. One even developed a black mark because of my trouser pocket as the screen rubbed on a seam!!

I normally buy Martin Fields screen protectors, which are, in my opinion, the best that you can buy, but also the most expensive (around £15 for 1). The problem with these though is that they cover the whole of the screen and therefore kept coming up at the edges with my otter box commuter case.

Then I came across iSmooth. First off it was very easy to apply, by far the easiest screen protector. Maybe it was luck, I don't know, but first time I applied it it was a perfect fit. I find having a can of compressed air helps to blow away dust particles before you apply, as well the very generously sized lint free cloth.
Once the screen protector was on I had one dust bubble which was sorted using the dust stickers (excellent idea). it's been on just under a week now and it has no marks, scratches or anything and I've still have 2 spare. I don't think it will last as long as the martin fields as I used one of those for 3 years without changing it but I'm pretty sure the iSmooth will last months and you do get 3 of them!!

All in all a fantastic purchase and good quality screen protector. Also its obvious reading other reviews that the company care about their product and support their customer base. Very happy.

Update 14/01/14 Just a quick update on these brilliant screen protectors. It's been on my note 2 now for 3 months and it doesn't have a mark on it. Still looks like new. I highly recommend these. You seriously cannot buy better for price and performance. I would even go as far to say that I would buy these over the Martin Fields ones in the future and that's saying something!
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on 7 May 2014
I've never had such a clear smooth screen protector

I have had many screen protectors in the past and applied hundreds if not more to other people's phones and without bragging I am quite good at applying them. However this screen protector does apply itself virtually also I have taken it off and re-applied a number of times like when I send my phone off for repair or even accidentally peeled it off messing around etc..... And everytime they have gone back on like new.... you just have to remove a few more the dust specs of it. I'm down to my last one of the three and I would definitely recommend these than other any other screen protector even the temperature last ones.
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on 19 January 2015
Easy to put onto phone does protect the screen therefore would recommend people use this. I have dropped my phone so many times and still does not have a scratch on thanks to this handy product. Very quick delivery.
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on 29 January 2014
These screen protectors are the easiest to apply I have ever used, they are very hard wearing too. With other makes I have been used to putting a fresh one on every month or so due to the surface becoming scratched or starting to peel at the corners. But I haven't had to with these - it's still on the first one after 6 months and showing no signs of needing replacing
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on 12 January 2014
These are simply the best i've ever tried, unlike the ones on ebay. These only look great if you fit them without getting dust under the film, so here's a little tip on applying these perfectly to your hand set if you don't want to use the sticky cloth procedure... Firstly, polish the screeen on your device. Now get your vacuum cleaner out.... yes that's right.... Put your brush attachment on the end & first vac your hand set then vac the new protector & your hands to remove dust from packaging etc. Ensure you're in a dust free room (no carpeted rooms) & the vavuum cleaner is venting in another room (after all, we don't want to stir up more dust)
Now you can simply peel & fit by following the instructions on the protector.
I've had mine for 3 days now & there is not a single mark on this protector, it has a high gloss finish & no matter how many times you rub the film, it stays like new.
Very highly recommended!!!!
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on 31 December 2013
I usually buy quite expensive screen protectors (martin fields) but for a change, and because they are a quarter of the price, I though I'd try this brand. They arrived nicely packaged and come with good instructions and a youtube video with hints about putting them on. They were easy to apply and I like the sticky pads they supply to get rid of dust. Protection wise they are doing a good job after two weeks, with no signs of lifting or scratches. I'd definitely buy this brand again.
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