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3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on 17 November 2014
And conversely, this negative review may not apply to the product you're looking at right now.

Amazon reuses reviews across products with the same product number, and so it may display this review with "EB-F1A2GBU" batteries that are indeed authentic. But beware before you accept a number of good reviews as "proof" that the cheap battery you're looking at is indeed authentic.

My battery was bought from HIY Tech in August 2013, in order to replace a broken original one in my GS2. It cost £6.69. Which isn't even THAT cheap.

I used it for a short while, but it proved to not help with my abysmal daily battery life, so I eventually concluded that it was phone that was broken and decided to buy the Note 3.

My conclusion was wrong.

Today I decided to use the phone as a test device for development and was immensely surprised to see that it was actually losing juice while being plugged in to my USB port allthewhile claiming to be charging. So I started investigating, and eventually started to more closely examine the authenticity of the battery. And by more closely I mean even more closely than what I did when I received the battery last year. Back then I scrutinized it against the one already in my phone and deemed them to be a match. It also looked exactly like the product pictures here.

I read about different tips on how to detect a fraudulent product, and while quite a few are nonsensical and/or just plain misinformation, some of them are not.

I believe I may not link to other sites, but if you google "How to Identify the Original and Fake Cellphone Battery" (quotation marks included) you should be able to find an article that suggests that you try tearing off the wrapping label at the back of the battery to see what's underneath. The three examples in that article shows the original battery which has an NFC chip covered entirely by clean black plastic, a fake one with an improperly exposed chip, and another fake one which doesn't have an NFC chip but exposes a glued-up metal sheet instead.

My battery is of the third kind.

Removing all doubt, the metal sheet has been printed in ink with:


Two things to note there, first of all the glaring "1500 mAh" which kind of disagrees with the "1650 mAh" printed on the Samsung label I just peeled off from it.

Second of all, the date. The label states, "2013.04.10" (they probably just print a big batch of fake labels and use them for some months) whereas this metal sheet's printing states a date AFTER that, namely 2013-06-05. That is, this battery was seemingly wrapped two months before being manufactured. (I believe it fair to assume that 13/06/05 is a date in short ISO format. It can't be American style, because that would mean the 13th month. Can't be European style because then it would've been produced many years before the phone model existed. Either way, if you disagree and don't think that that's a date, we're still looking at a 1500 mAh battery wrapped in a 1650 mAh Samsung label.)

Long story short: Don't assume a cheap battery (or even an expensive one if the seller sees an opportunite to fraudulently make even more money!) is in fact an authentic one. Don't assume either that you can necessarily identify it as a fake one when you receive it. It took me over a year to stumble across this fact after having been what I thought was "vigilant" when I received it, and I got "lucky" with such glaring contradictions revealed once I removed the label.

At the very least, strip off the label when you get it, be scrutinous, and if you discover a fake battery, report that dirty merchant to anyone who'll listen. I can't report my merchant, as it somehow disappeared. I wonder why...

EDIT: After having bought an official Samsung battery from a certified store, my battery life is tremendous -- I can get close to two days on this phone with very light use. With the fake battery I bought, I got a maximum of 8 hours.
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on 15 September 2013
I would challenge the statement that this is a genuine Samsung battery. The battery life is even worse than the old battery being replaced and I have on several occasions now seen the phone "crash" straight to 0% from what appeared to be 20%. I am now having to keep the phone turned off for several hours during the day and can only reasonably get 2-3 hours "active" use out of it.

To be honest I should have realized the consequences of buying a £3 battery - you get what you pay for.
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on 16 September 2013
I ordered 2 batteries this one and an anker one. this one is very poor it will last half a day or so. whats annoying is there selling it as an GENUINE ORIGINAL SAMSUNG which it clearly isn't.
the anker one does seem to be good so far had it about 3 weeks now and it lasts all day and usually has around 50% left when I go to bed. if your going to get one go for the anker.
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on 29 May 2013
With the original battery in my Samsung Galaxy S2 I went two days or so between charges. This so-called 'genuine Samsung battery' won't go one day. In fact, it struggles to go half a day. I'd have bought the genuine 'genuine' article, but the Samsung shop is out of stock of it - and has been for some time. I've been forced to buy an Anker battery from Amazon and I can only hope that will be better. In my opinion, no-one should buy this product and Amazon would do well to remove it from its site.
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on 16 October 2014
Had battery 6 months. Not a heavy user. Does not hold charge. Dies within 20 minutes of charging. Battery has a soft feel and look like it's about to explode! Sent email asking if some form of guarantee..... Deafened by the silence.
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on 9 March 2014
came within 48hrs. Now 1st time charging I charged the battery til it was full.left the phone on standby and dident use it at all and the battery dident last any longer than 2hours. Day 2 let the battery drain flat then charged it full to 100 % made 10 calls lastin 5mins each text at least 50 texts using normal txt service and watsapp service also used Hotmail faceook and messenger after 8hours the battery was just slightly under half day 3.battery charged calls made 3hrs in total txts 10 watsapp over 30 including audio recordings photos and video facebook messenger and Hotmail usage and I still have 50% long story short don't blow a fuse on 1st day.give the battery a chance as ive done.battery fits excellent and dosent overheat when charging or using.overall 100% happy
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on 14 January 2014
It was 28% before I switched off my phone and went to bed. When I plugged in the charger the next morning, it was 1%. My phone wasn't even on the whole night.
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on 27 May 2014
reading all the negative reviews about this battery makes me laugh becouse these stupid people have know idea what they are talking about??? they must have a problem with there phone like screen brightness too high or to many back ground apps that are draining there battery and they are blaming the new battery lol haa haa.
this battery is fantasctic i have tested the battery with my tester and it is as advertised and will last just as long as a genuine samsung battery. i was so so impressed i have just ordered another 2 for my friends.
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on 5 January 2015
HDon't listen to the bad reviews. There's nothing wrong with this battery. There's more to a phone than the battery, people so use your common sense and use your search engine to look up common problems with the Samsung Galaxy S2. What the problem is that you're more than likely experiencing is the phones connection. If two batteries don't work, then that's more than enough proof it isn't the battery. So how do I know for certain it isn't the battery? I bought an external battery charging pack and charged one of the batteries to full and placed it into my phone and it works. In saying that, your problem might be simpler. Use another cable to make sure it isn't caused by a faulty one. If still not working, use a different plug. If still not working you can always take it to any phone shop such as EE and get it checked. They'd be more than happy to test it out for you and confirm it is the charging point on your mobile. For all of you who bought the battery and thought it was rubbish, don't thphrow it out! Now that you have 2 batteries, you can charge one using the external charging kit while the other's in your phone and swap them when you need to. I hope this review helps and also hope that people will learn to do their research next time.
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on 5 September 2013
Arrived only 2-3 days after i purchased was very quick, and my phone works perfectly now it has lasted for 2 days so far without needing charge and has still got half battery remaining, extremely impressed and would definitely by again.
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