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on 4 March 2013
I have now had my W700 for 4 days and can honestly say I have hardly put it down since it arrived. Being an IT Professional I have owned or had in my possession many bits of IT kit, but nothing has impressed me quite like this. I honestly think that devices like this are a game changer.

I have been sceptical of Windows 8 since it was announced, and having only used it on traditional laptop devices found it to be a chore to use. Using it on a touchscreen device though really brings out the best in it, and once you learn some of the little nuances (such as getting a proper on screen keyboard)it really is good.

So, to the device itself.

+ Boot up is extremely fast, usual boot time from shutdown is around 2.5 seconds, from sleep around 1.5 second. Even following a reboot following a pretty hefty Windows Update session it only took around 55 seconds to boot.

+ The blurb promises a 7 hour battery life, and it delivers it. Despite me not being able to put it down I have only had to charge it a couple of times since I got it.

+ The screen is amazing. Crisp, clear and bright. Responsiveness is just as impressive, click on the screen and it responds immediately and accurately. The screen makes HD movies come alive, full 1080p content looks amazing. SD content looks good too.

+ The case it is delivered with is good and sturdy. The inbuilt keyboard is comfortable to use, however my left shift key seems to have an issue, but I am pretty sure that this is more than likely an isolated issue that I will take up with Acer.

+ Having owned an iPad and a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 you can't underestimate the advantage of having the power of a full computer in a portable tablet format.


- When compared to the iPad and similar devices, this is a bit more heavy.

- There is a slight (and I mean slight) fan noise when the device is under a workload, which for me is not a problem, but it may be for others

- The keys on the keyboard could do with a little more travel

- The 128Gb disk is not really enough, I am just waiting for a nano sized 128Gb pen drive to appear on the market. Having installed Windows and Office 2013 there is around 87Gb left.

All in all it's an amazing package, for a very reasonable price (£654 at the time of purchase), when compared with the 128Gb iPad it seems a steal! Even the Microsoft Surface Pro, with a projected cost of £8-900 would have a hard time competing against this fantastic little device.

Highly Recommended!
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on 29 March 2013
I've used the tablet for couple of days and it works like it should. Windows 8 is nice OS if you just bother to learn how to use it. I own two android tablets and they are nice for casual use but mobile oriented operating systems just are restrictive. That was before now because W8 is nice hybrid OS for mobile use and for office use. This tablet has the new 3370 1,8Ghz processor or at least mine had + keyboard case. I like the case - keyboard is responsive and it doesn't feel too cramped. Battery life is good. I think it last about 6 hrs when using intensive programs and in casual use it lasts longer.
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on 16 March 2013
I first must confess to be a complete gadget geek, if its new and techie, I will buy it first and think of a use after. That said I bought this to replace the Microsoft Surface which I bought and quickly decided I didn't like, don't get me wrong it was a great device with a great screen, but I wanted full access to Windows 8, not the cut down RT version.

I did a lot of research of Window 8 tablets and went for this one based on price and quality. All reviews I read stated that the i3 version was underpowered, so I went for the i5 version which included a 128gb SSD and a case with a built in Bluetooth keyboard (this version does not come with the plastic docking station).

I love it, and am very pleased with my purchase, I can sit on the sofa updating my Office documents without having to get out a full laptop.

As a pure tablet, it is not as a smooth as the Ipad or my Galaxy Note 10.1 for that matter, but as a device with all around flexibility it is fantastic.

The keyboard is brilliant, some have criticised the lack of a touchpad mouse, but I have found I don't need this with the touch screen. I have found battery life to be around the 8 hours quoted.

Almost instant boot up
Great battery life
Full windows 8
Powerful enough for most use
Extremely portable for something which is a laptop and tablet.

Heavy compared to an Ipod
Touch User interface not as good as Galaxy tab or Ipad
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on 4 January 2014
Ordered the i3 Acer Iconia W700 on Friday paid only £3 for next day delivery came 2 o'clock next day. Now having read the reviews I was worried about the wifi. No problems for me my router is downstairs at the front of the house and it connects no problem upstairs at the back of the house. Build quality is superb cold upon unboxing then gets warm when in use, but certainly not hot or uncomfortable. Fans are not loud enough to hear. As mentioned the i3 model now comes with a keyboard case which for me was of more use than the dock. Screen is superb amazing viewing angles. i3 model is powerful enough for my uses mainly Web browsing and netflix streaming. Sound from the speakers is also good. Only slight downside is download speeds seem to be about half of what I can get with my laptop and mobile phone. Memory could be an issue mine had 29gb available but usb sticks are cheap enough. Overall for me 4.5 out of 5
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on 13 September 2013
Fast, easy to use, worked right out of the box and even the battery life is nearly as good as advertised, what is there not to like, well apart from having to get used to Windows 8.
It is a shame the camera cannot be used from within the case, but I can live with that as I didn't buy it for the camera, that was just an added bonus in my eyes. Using it for things like Skype it is fantastic, the biggest problem is my wife keeps using it so I get less use than I would like from it.
I bought it to run photoshop and Lightroom and it copes very well with either program and I can even use it as a remote for my DSLR through lightroom so it has added benefits when I am out taking pictures.
I would definitely recommend this to my friends and family.
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on 15 February 2013
I've had my W700 for about a month and I'm loving it! It's perfect for what I want. The 1080p display is probably it's biggest asset. It's super clear and the viewing angles are superb. The keyboard that come with it is really nice too, a lot like a mac keyboard. I've also bought a blue tooth mouse to go with it which instantly connected with ease. Another point to mention is that the tablet comes with a nice case/stand for on the go which allows it to be super portable. It does come with a dock thing as well, but I haven't used that as the case is just better.

I use the tablet primarily to do coding on the go. Those who say Windows 8 is bad for developing on are wrong. Though I've only been coding in Java and Perl so far. Eclipse runs perfectly and so does git. What else do I need?

Games run quite well turned down to lower settings. Steam runs nicely however to play games you need to tweak the configuration settings to allow for the high DPI screen on the games .exe file in the common folder. This only needs to be done once for each new game, but it's not much effort. The rule is, if it doesn't run, change to high DPI settings. This can include installers if you use a USB disc drive. Red Alert 2!

I think that's all.

Hopefully this intel helps!
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on 17 March 2013
I reviewed numerous choices (Sony Vaio Duo and Lenovo Yoga, HP Envy2 and touchscreen laptops) before selecting this offering from Acer. Beautifully built and the bluetooth keyboard/cover/stand is excellent. Pairs up and works well. Good touchscreen and very fast with i5 and SSD.
Only downside is a Windows 8 thing as I installed a copy of Office 2007 and its not great as a touchscreen so you do need a bluetooth mouse or pad. So its gets 4 stars not 5 for missing out a mouse or touchpad in the bundle.
I am learning how to get the best from Windows8 but the Acer desktop s provided if you prefer the old fashioned desktop.
For similar money to an iPad this has loads more functionality, is very pretty, great HD screen and superfast processor.
I recommend highly.
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on 8 May 2013
I was skeptical as I am a bit of a snob, but for the price, this is superb. Genuine full fat Core i5 with SSD for ipad money. Really capable machine for work and browsing.

It's quiet too. Not silent, of course, it needs fans for that processor, but much quieter than I was expecting and so very much quieter than my laptops.

The build quality is also much better than I was expecting, better even than my HP Elitebook.

The HD screen is also more vibrant than I expected. It's got nice wide viewing angles too.

It's in daily use for 2 months now and no crashes or problems at all.
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on 28 November 2013
It looks great and does the basics fine. I'm not going to blame ACER for Win8 drawbacks, but there is a serious issue accessing the USB port at high speed when the processor is under load. I have a wireless USB keyboard mouse and there is serious lag. It makes simple navigation with an external mouse rather fiddly, but its not a show stopper.

The keyboard shipped with it is terrible, but the case/stand is great. The screen is also beautiful, and I have had no problems with battery life. Honestly though, for value for money I wish I had bought an Ultrabook as I hardly ever use the touch screen unless I travel. And then I could easily have used a touchpad mouse on an ultrabook to select movies/internet etc!
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on 5 May 2014
Its not a tablet but its not a laptop. All the benefits of a tablet, small, instant start, touchscreen, but with a laptop sized CPU and SSD. Its a little heavy if you compare it to an Ipad or other tablet, but it runs full fat Windows 8 (not my favourite) and as such you can load anything you want onto it. Add to that a full sized USB 3 port and you can add a multitude of devices. I have added a USB hub to it and am running a USB/Network cable and USB/serial port off it with no problems.
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