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on 8 October 2014
Let me start off by saying that these earphones have brilliant sound quality however I'll tell you why I'm still sending them back to amazon.

When I received these headphones I was impressed by the quality of the box, accessories and the overall build quality of the headphones. However after a weeks worth of usage I had to send them back due to several reasons: There are problems with the design of these headphones, one being that the earphone's buds are too large for my ears (though I do have ears on the small side and this problem may not effect all users)

The second problem was that these earphone are shaped like the original apple earphones that came with Iphones/iPods etc. therefore you have to place the entirety of the bud in your ear, coupling this with the traditional design of in earphones didn't bode well with sound isolation and comfort as they were too large and popped out really easily as they were unable to get far enough down the ear canal.
and the third problem with the design that I found to be the final nail that would lead me to sending these back was the open back design of the headphones. This ultimately sacrificed sound isolation of these headphones with the benefit of tighter bass response. Due to this, you could not hear the full dynamic range of a song when taking public transport or during gym activities as external sounds could still be heard well which doesn't usually apply to even the cheapest of headphones.
To try to alleviate the problem with the ear buds not fitting I used the comply foam tips and these did provide slightly better sound isolation and snugger fit, however, this was at the cost of sound quality. The quality drastically changed once I tried these buds as opposed to the original silicone ones.

Now I was going to give these headphones 2 stars, however, I felt that they deserved 3 as the Bass response was very impressive as with the rest of the sound quality and I believe these headphones may be suitable for others with larger ears than me and also aren't likely to use public transport on a regular basis.

- Excellent tight Bass response
- Good sound quality
- 4 pairs of buds to fit a variety of ears
- Great build quality
- Sleek look
- Integrated Pause/Play button

- Poor bud design
- Open back design that compromises isolation
- lack of sound isolation which I'm not usually fussed about until I came across these headphones
- Right angle jack (may be a pro for some)
- Wire less likely to tangle than some but twists a lot due to flat design

Overall I recommend these headphones for home use only.
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on 23 August 2013
Really good sound quality, but found it frustrating that the band round the earpieces fall off too easily, not ideal considering the cost of the product.
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on 17 January 2015
Great quality headphones. The quality is clear and each tone is clear. They are also really durable!!
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on 14 March 2014
Amazingly clear accurate sound, and super bass from such small in ear headphones, without being uneccessarily booming. Soundwise, this is the real thing
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on 26 June 2013
I used to buy etymotic hf headphones but they got a little too expensive for me. This product was recommended to me by a friend and I am so happy I gave it a try. These are great headphones that are perfect for my daily commute. The sounds quality is not as good as the etymotic hf line but the price is far less and they are great for use on a train.
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on 17 March 2014
Present for daughter - she loves them. Great sound. Perfect for her iphone. Would recommend to anyone wanting small powerful earbuds.
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on 30 October 2013
I bought these earphones because the £35 Sennheisers CX300s I usually use would die after around 18 months. They don't sound a whole lot better than the Sennheisers I would use however they do seem to cope a bit better with highs and lows at the same time where cheaper earphones might drown out the highs.

Unfortunately, I'm now on my second pair of these earphones in 2 and a half months. The first pair lasted just under two months and this pair barely two weeks, In the first, the right earphone went almost silent. In this pair all the power has gone from the left earphone, it still produces sound and it's not so quiet that you can't hear it, but there's no bass in that earphone and it sounds very weak which makes listening music on them a little disappointing.

I am giving up with them. I am returning them for a refund and I am going to go back to the Sennheisers since it is less hassle, and these earphones aren't much better considering they are double the price.
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on 4 May 2015
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For a start I'm no expert, so when I say I noticed little difference in sound quality between the Philips S1/00 Fidelio S1 High Fidelity In Ear Headphones and the Sony Ericsson MH-610 Stereo Handsfree headphones I normally use then that really doesn't mean much.

The sound quality is good and the ear buds work fine for me, although I did notice a lot of noise escaping and disturbing others while sitting on the bus so that was a major downpoint for me. Something else I wasn't too keen on the flat red/black wires, to me these were ugly and I'm also not a fan of headphones that lack any way of attaching to clothing or hooking over your neck. I do appreciate the in- line remote and microphone though. The packing was really nice, a little scuffed by the time it got to me but otherwise nice packing and they also come with a sturdy storage pouch.

I really can't say these were any more than just okay.
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on 31 May 2015
I am listening a lot with audiophile gear about 10x more expensive than these earphones. However, I am happy using these on the go. Their sound quality is really amazing for the price, with deep but not overwhelming bass, a clear, slightly warm middle and crisp treble. They are punching much above theire price tag! What I appreciate as well are the robust case they are coming with and the flat cables. These cables may look a bit unusual, however the design keeps them away from tangling together and makes them almost completely free from cable noise whilst moving. Well done Philips!

I am using these earphones with custom made Comply Premium ear plugs. They cost a few pounds extra but are worth the money by better isolation against noise and a tighter and more comfortable grip in the ear.
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on 8 April 2015
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Without having to pay hundreds of pounds for top of the range headphones/earphones, these Philips earphones do deliver a very good sound quality for the price but I am still giving it only 3 stars because the design is simply awful. The only positive in the design is the flat wires that stop you from having to untangle meters and meters of the usual thin wires that normally come with most earphones. However, even that's not great as I think the flat wire on these earphones is just too thick, which makes it almost unsightly.

The ear piece is so awkwardly designed that these earphones keep falling out of my ears no matter how well I try to position them. Yes, one could argue that it's my ears that are awkward but I'd like to say that I don't have this issue with any other earphones I owned or still own, and I've had quite a few of them.

If Philips re-visits the design of these earphones, then I'd say they would be well worth the price but as it stands, you really are better off spending your money elsewhere unfortunately.
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