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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
The World Is Yours
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VINE VOICEon 19 August 2013
Now, I've liked the work of Messrs Shoulder and Morley in the guise of The Union - certainly for the maiden and follow up albums - but this, their third effort, is a little more self-indulgent and not quite what I was expecting from their respective pens.
Yes, the rock that we know and love 'em for is still there but intermingled with maybe just too many acoustic numbers that can drone on a little, which really became noticeable on a long motorway journey when "The World Is Yours" was left sitting in the player and, by the time it was going around for a third play, I found myself pushing the skip button on more than one occasion - not what I have come to expect from the boys!
Don't get me wrong, this IS a good album full of excellent lyrics and more than the odd ear-worm riff to enjoy but, it seems to me that in giving the punter 16 tracks it may be that reflective acoustic numbers appear to outweigh the rockier tunes, therefore it's really only a little bit of a tweak to get a better balance that would have got me getting out the five stars!
I look forward to seeing them on tour again and moreover, the next album.
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on 11 February 2013
When a band is cranking out their 3rd album in so many years, they're either on a creative roll or beginning to out stay their welcome. Like Joe Bonamassa of late, The Union are very much the former and seem to have hit their stride and are reaping the rewards. The World is Yours follows the same philosophy as the band's first two albums - diversity. Beautiful acoustic numbers are intermingled with elements of the blues, jazz, bluegrass, punk and straight ahead rock and roll. Constant throughout however, is Peter Shoulder's amazing vocal talents. The boy can't half sing, with a rare ability to cover all the demands of the varying musical styles the album throws at him. One minute he's lamenting lost love (Fading Out of Love) and the next he's screaming his head off (Wreck My Scene - Think the bastard love child of Bridge Burning and White Limo from the last Foo Fighters album. Chris Childs and Dave McCluskey on bass and drums respectively, go wonderfully mental). Luke Morley is also on fine form given the freedom to let loose a little and write in such a flourishing partnership. You Can Share My Dreams is a beautiful love song which fades into the final acoustic meanderings of Sawtooth Mountain Ride with ease and grace. Stand out tracks are hard to pinpoint but special mentions have to go to the title track which is brooding, dark and pure evil and Marie Celeste, a banjo - rich, ahoy - there tale of shipping misfortune complete with artistic chain dropping, anvil clanking and pouring rain. Nothing damp about this new one from The Union though - it's fab, go out and buy it. Album of the year?
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 21 March 2013
The World is Yours is the strongest release to date from the band that features guitarist Luke Morley and singer Pete Shoulder, but it's also their least immediate.

But The World is Yours carries as much edge as it does melody, stretches further than the band's initial brace of releases and gets stronger on every listen.

`Sawtooth Mountain Ride,' the short acoustic intro that leads into the raw and roll blues rock of `You're My Jesus,' may indicate business as usual for The Union but as you delve further in to the band's third offering you realise this is an album that's smarter than the average blues-rock bear.
It's built from the same template as the first two albums, with blues-edged riffing and melodic harmonies forming the framework, but this time around The Union have added a lot more colour to that template - both light and dark

'Tonight I'm Alive' is a nice slice of melodic hard-pop that carries just a touch of Terraplane, the melodic rock and hard pop band that featured Luke Morley prior to his forming of Thunder with fellow ex-Terraplaners' Danny Bowes and Harry James.

By contrast the Zeppelin-esque vibe of the title track carries both a dark tone and brooding edge, while `What Doesn't Kill You' employs big beat and big riff sections (complete with Robert Plant-like wails) that also hearkens back to the days of Led-lined rock Gods striding the musical world.

There are also some solid, to be expected staples on The World is Yours.
'The Perfect Crime' is a chunky, funky slice of blues rock, countered by lighter numbers such as the acoustic-led ballad `Lost to the Wind.'
`Fading Out of Love' features a fine blues vocal from Pete Shoulder as does the slow, balladeering rock `n' blues number `Tangled Up in You.'

The Union are confident enough to end on a lighter note or three, starting with the charming `You Can Share My Dreams,' one of the quietest moments of the album.
`Sawtooth Mountain Ride' is then revisited and extended before the acoustic `Let the River Rise' closes out an excellent blues-rock album.

The Union would also seem to be just what the name suggests - a union comfortable and assured in the musical chemistry and song writing partnership of Pete Shoulder and Luke Morley, almost guaranteeing a healthy musical future.
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on 11 February 2013
Third offering from The Union and these boys just get better and better.
There's soulful blues, heavy guitar and very unique tunes like Marie Celeste all belted out by the most diverse singer going.
What more could you ask for.....

.....apart from some more consistent pricing. Come on Amazon, don't deprive music fans of this utter gem by charging such sky high prices, please.
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on 11 February 2013
Love The Union and love this album, a bit more variation than the previous two but still a well balanced fusion of rock and blues. This album is more acoustic lead than previously with the introduction of a Banjo in the "Marie Celeste" and some delicate picking in "You Can Share My Dreams" which also showcase Peter's voice. These are interspersed with some great rockers such as "Sawtooth Mountain Ride/You're My Jesus" and "Wreck My Scene" to prove they have not lost their mojo! Gets better with every listen, but the CD price on Amazon started at £16 went down to £10 and now is over £20 which also seems to confuse the band. At least the MP3 download is more reasonable but this album does not deserve to be missed due to pricing errors.
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on 2 March 2013
It's a brillient album and I thoroughly recommend it, in fact all 3 of their album are great... go buy them but do yourself a favour and buy them somewhere else until Amazon sorts themselves & their crazy pricing out.

Been watching this CD on here since well before it was released and it has changed price every day. I've seen it as high as £16.50 but it's yet to reach what I paid for it at a Union gig merch stand (a tenner) and even though I have had it a while, I'm still checking daily just for the hell of it to see how long it takes them to see sense.

Sort yourselves out Amazon.... I've stopped buying from you, how many others are doing the same. Don't assume just because HMV is in trouble you have no competition so can rip us all off.... it won't work, there's plenty more places to get CD's from (and I'm still buying plenty of them, but not from you)

You should be ashamed, is it not enough to avoid paying UK taxes, but you want to fleece your UK customers as well? good luck with that then!!
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on 18 February 2013
3rd album and truely The Union just get better. A combination of melodic & rocktastic tunes Pete is an awesome vocalist & Luke brings untold skills on guitar.
The first track You're my Jesus kicks off the album brilliantly & then you power through each track, Favourite track Wreck my Scene heralds the last few songs & before you know it you are fading away into Sawtooth pt2.
Time to play it again!The World Is Yours
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on 14 March 2013
Only mid March but I know I have come across one of the albums of 2013. The World is Yours is The Union's third album and it has built on the solid foundations of their earlier offerings. This is an album of wonderful songs and musicianship and a very intelligent album.

The name of the band is totally apt because Luke Morley and Pete Shoulder together really is a union of wonderful talents, from Morley's superb guitar tones, from full on rock to acoustic sensitivity. Then young Mr Shoulder, who simply has a stunning, unique voice that seems equally at ease with ballads and rockers. The World is Yours is primarily a rock album but there is enough here to suit most palettes. In addition to aforementioned rock and balladry there are elements of Blues and splashes of Country/Bluegrass.

Praise to Morley and Shoulder too for the thought that clearly went into the arrangements and running order of the album. It has a wonderful flow dovetailing the different styles to such an extent that there is a natural pace to the album and the listener is led from track to track in a way that encourages deep listening.

The title track is majestic, opening with delicate acoustic riffs that soon develop into hammer blow rock riffs underpinning a brooding melody and vocal from Shoulder. Here the attention to detail is apparent as the next track, The Perfect Crime is a beautiful acoustic lament. What Doesn't Kill You is in itself a killer track rammed full of heavy riffs that pull Shoulders vocals into Coverdale/ Plant territory. The album then closes with a simply wonderful ballad, You Can Share My Dream, haunting, heartfelt then sliding into an instrumental outro.

Morley has a well earned reputation as a great songwriter able to create stories within any song structure and Pete Shoulder is clearly of the same ilk. The Union have created a really strong musical bond that is out of the top draw.
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on 16 February 2013
Won tickets to watch next week, already had 1st and 2nd albums. Downloaded on first day of release and the band continues to grow. looking forward to 19/3/13 to meet and greet the boys.
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on 18 April 2013
This a great album, not a classic but well worthy of a purchase.
The production is excellent, with both acoustic guitars and vocals arriving in a uncluttered sound.
If you are put off by the Rock categorization, don't be, this is no heavy metal album, yes it has some
great rock tracks but is remains musical and melodic throughout.
As a 3rd album it maintains a great standard from the Union, please also check them out Live,
you will not disappointed !
Hats off to Pete and Luke, fast becoming a staple diet of the British Music scene :-)
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